I miss you
I’m sorry I haven’t answered or even tried to reach out
I know it’s been two years
We’ve all changed and that’s okay
And I’ve changed for the worse, so don’t even worry about yourself
It’s not like you ever did to begin with
That’s why we were so perfect together
You, me, and her
But she is gone now
When you left town she left me
She checks in every now and again, but I’m not sure what to tell her
Because I’m not okay
And I miss her
Maybe even more than I miss you
That’s hard to do
Don’t take my lack of response as a sign that I don’t care
It’s hard to respond when you want to say everything in the world
But know you can’t say anything at all or your heart will break
So I respect your decision if you can’t respond to this
I couldn’t bring myself to after all this time
The only thing keeping me writing this are my own lost thoughts at 1:30 in the morning
I hope your life has been amazing these past few years
Maybe I’ll see you again someday
I miss you

I stared at this on your message screen for so long
Too long
But I couldn’t hit send
So I’ll send it to others
And it it’s destined
You’ll find it one day


Yin and Yang

To support the Yin and Yang theory, here’s the thing: 

 Kylo convinced himself that he is completely engulfed in the dark side. But he can’t shake off the pull to the light. He is the black half with the white dot.


 Rey seems to be the embodiment of the light. BUT, in the snow fight, she only begins to fully use her abilities when she is furious or scared. Anger and Fear are the main fuels to the dark side of the Force. So she only has the full power when she is connected to those emotions. She is the white half with the black dot.


 They’re the complete opposite of each other. And who hasn’t heard of “opposites attract”? 

 Yin and Yang were two gods that represented the perfect opposites of the nature. And, only when they were together, the world was in perfect harmony and peace.

 In Balance.

 And what does the galaxy need? What does the Force need? 


 And it can’t be brought by just on person. Anakin is the proof. It is needed two opposites. 

Kylo and Rey.

 Yin and Yang.

BTS REACTION: To you being a sarcastic asshole in a funny way

Rap Monster: You two would be great together, would play around and complete each other.

Jin: He’d try to follow your rhythm.

Suga: He’d always respond you and sometime would join you.

J-Hope: He’d play around with you and who don’t know (even who knows) would find you two very stange.

Jimin: I imagine him laughing to everything you do, but it could be a problem when you were serious.

V: you two would be the perfect couple ever, playing around and smiling all the time.

Jungkook: He’d take a while to get used to your way, but when it happened he’d have fun with you.

~ADM Cherry~

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Ngl when i first started opm i legit thought genos and sai were gonna have those cliche love/hate relationships but nope genos is the perfect cyborg wife and hates everyone BUT saitama and thats honestly so much better

It really is!! Im so glad to just see two people genuinely LIKE eachother and treat eachother well. Anime is so full of love/hate and over the top relationships, seeing Saiama and Genos being happy just being together is so wholesome T^T

Saitama deserves to be loved by everyone but instead he gets one person who loves him  enough to make up for everyone!

my two most precious friends @nectar-imperial and @ignite-terror got married today, and they absolutely adore roseali (as do i), so this was a perfect time to both celebrate & draw roseali for the first time ;w;

i am so happy for you both. you two are honestly the most beautiful (and i mean that both inside and out), radiant and positive people i have ever had the pleasure of meeting and befriending. and put together you are like, happiness personified LMAO. god i can’t believe you guys knew each other since you were kids and now you’re fucking married that’s like. mindblowing to me. YOUR SHOUJO-ASS ROMANCE LMAO ;~~; you two sincerely give me hope for me & shan too someday in so many ways. i hope you know that. i love you both from the bottom of my heart and i pray for your happiness from now to years to come. 

Babes, is a new queer web series that features a non-binary person. The series is set in a small Canadian town, that tells the story about two people who are radically different and yet totally perfect for one another.

AJ and Sybil don’t want to (and don’t know how to) go with the flow or to conform to the traditional expectations of society. Babes tells the story of how these two friends navigate small-town life together. 

Click here to watch the first episode of the series 

Social Media Links: 

YouTube Channel *New Episode Every Friday* – click here to watch this week’s new episode! 



Instagram: @babeswebseries

Tumblr: @babeswebseries

Some quick facts about Babes:

  • In order to ensure that people’s gender identities were respected on-set, the cast and crew wore “pronoun pins” - this helped the team to create an inclusive environment from day one.
  • From the get-go, a key priority was to ensure that the character AJ was played by a trans person. While this initially seemed like a challenge, it wasn’t long until we first saw T, who was in a number of films playing at the local Silver Wave Film Festival. We knew right away he was the perfect fit for AJ.
  • We got a lot of support from our community and during pre-production there were many queer people who came to us saying that this was a project they wanted to be part of. We were able to build an experienced crew that was largely made up of queer-identified people and women. This was important to us because we wanted to have a team that felt like their own stories were being told.

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Pls write something with possessive territorial Claude over the reader


The tales were always speaking about beautiful yet humble princesses and their knights in shining armours, riding on white horses to rescue them from the danger and eventually live happily together for the rest of their lifes. It was an interesting scenario, indeed, the one almost every young girl dreams about and when you finally met a man who could be your perfect lover, you didn’t mind that he was anything but good, no matter how courteously he acted. There was only one thing you couldn’t know about and nobody would thought about it after seeing how suitable you two were for each other – the fact, that your prince charming is also the wild beast, the one who he was supposed to protect you from.

Claude Faustus was dark and mysterious, like a secret dressed in the night. He was the one by your side when you thought that nobody else cares, who patiently handled your worse times and was still ready to give you the stars, as if your disadvantages didn’t matter for him because he admired you way too deeply to mind such a trivial things. What he couldn’t ever stand, however, was the presence of the others around you, especially when they dared to touch you, be it an embrace with a friend or a kiss placed at the top of your hand as a greeting. You didn’t see the anger sparkling in his mesmerizing eyes whenever you were interacting with somebody, you didn’t know about all the furnitures he damaged in an act of mute fury while tearing the hard wood to shreds when nobody was looking, you weren’t aware of the burning feeling consuming his insides with jealousy and, most importantly, you never thought that those bloody threats of his were supposed to come to life one day.

“I am going to snap every single one of your fingers if you lay a hand on her one more time,” Claude stated easily, as if he was talking about the weather.

The young man you were conversating with at that moment, looked at him with an amused smile on the lips but eventually took his hand off your shoulder. He probably thought it was some kind of joke, the sick and disturbing one, but nevertheless still a joke and so assumed you. You changed your mind few days later when you got a letter from said friend, full of clumsy writing, clearly not belonging to him, informating you about an accident he had in a way home which resulted in completely crushed arms.

Terrifying coincidence, wasn’t it?

You began to listen to Claude more carefully when he talked with the others and keep in mind to not look too fond of anyone, not wanting to give him any reasons to be jealous. You weren’t suspecting him for your friend’s accident, Claude was way too calm and collected to do something like that, but still it didn’t hurt to be more aware of your surroundings.

The next months passed peacefully, even the party you were both invited to didn’t end up wrong. You were having a lot of fun, tasting delicious meals along few sips of Chardonnay, dancing and talking, admiring the creations of the other guests until it was time to take some rest. That night you had a lot of sweet dreams, spinning around the ballroom in Claude’s arms, almost flying above the ground, your dress like a waves of the rough sea and sweet music echoing in your head, drowning out the sounds of broken bones, ripped flesh and gushing blood of the people who stared at you for a little too long.

You were walking down the street, an umbrella in your hand protecting you from the summer sun. It was supposed to be just a stroll, some time only for yourself and your thoughts, and you would never expect it to turn out this way. The group of teenage thiefs, some of them even younger than you, didn’t look too dangerous with those short knifes but their shouting stopped you in a middle of the step and made you turn around to face them. The stress didn’t allow you to understand the first few sentences they said in a broken English, however, when they threatened to harm you if you didn’t give them all the money and other wealth you had with yourself, you decided to give up. You didn’t believe that they could truly hurt you and with this thought in mind you handled your jewerly to one of them, only to have it thrown away to the others and got roughly grabbed, then pushed on the wall in an alley. The back of your head pulsed painfully after a hit on the brickwork and therefore slowed you down in an attempt to push the boy away while one of his hands quickly wandered under your dress. Your scream was muffled by him, not caring about your struggles, inhaling the scent of your body and perfume with highest pleasure but just when he was about to tear your corset apart, the weight of his body was suddenly threw back from you, leaving you shaking uncontrollably, desperately trying to fix your clothes and pride.

You knew it was him before you even saw him from the corner of the eye. Claude was faster than you could ever imagine, stronger than you thought and surprisingly it didn’t shock you that much as one would believe, as if somewhere deep inside you knew he was more, much more. You were staring blankly somewhere else when the boys’ death took it’s place, quick but painful when the demon crashed their skulls, tear out the tongues and ripped off the spine of the one who dared to touch you in such a disgusting way. Their bones cracked under the pressure of his steps, perfectly polished leather shoes now stained with so much blood and while approaching you, he took a handkerchief to wipe his lips, half of the face still splashed with crimson red.

His kiss was as soft as the feathers of the colourful birds he was so fond of and it tasted like death but hell, it was making you feel so alive.

Bambam Imagine - First (Smut)

A/N - Thanks to the anon for requesting a Bambam smut! I hope you enjoy it and keep sending in your requests everyone~

You and Bambam had been officially dating for a few months now and you loved every minute of it. The two of you just worked. You shared so many hobbies and your personalities matched really well. Whenever someone saw the two of you together they could see how well suited you were and how in love you both were. However, despite how perfect the two of you are, you hadn’t done anything more than kissing. People often assumed that since you guys are so close, you had been intimate with each other when alone but in reality, you were yet to experience it. This was because you were a virgin and hadn’t known if you were ready yet or not. When you had told Bambam, he had just said “That’s okay, I can wait until you’re sure you’re ready.” But now you were sure he was the one and you felt it was time to do this. You had called him earlier, asking if he wanted to come over to watch a movie, a typical date night for the two of you. Everything was in place and ready but you were nervous. So many questions ran through your head: Would it hurt? Will I be good at it? Will Bambam still love me even if I’m not good?

Your questions were interrupted by the doorbell to your house ringing. You had made sure that your roommate wouldn’t be home so you and Bambam could be as loud as you wanted without worrying about bothering them. As you opened the door and saw him, your nerves settled a little. His presence always seemed to put you at ease whenever you panicked.
“Hey, Bam,” you said as you hugged him and felt his lips kiss your cheek.
“Hi, I brought those movies we talked about last time. And I’ve got some popcorn so we can have a nice snack for our marathon.”
“Great, but first I do want to talk to you about something.” He followed you into your living room, falling down onto his usual spot on the sofa.
“Okay, what’s up, babe?”
“Well, I’ve been thinking recently about us and…I’m ready to take it a little step further.”
“Are you sure?” He sat up and held your hands, looking into your eyes.
“Yes, I’m sure,” you let go of his hands to place them on his neck, “I have never been more sure about anything in my life.” Bambam didn’t say anything and instead leaned in to kiss you, his lips urgent and needy, as though he had been holding back all this time. Your lips moved in sync and his hands held your waist, thumbs gently massaging you. You broke the kiss to catch your breath and say, “Shall we take this upstairs?”
“I thought you’d never ask,” Bambam said, quickly scooping you into his arms and carrying you up the stairs. He gently placed you on the bed and joined you, his lips finding yours again. He slowly began to grind his hips over yours, making you wonder why you were both still fully clothed.

As you kissed, tongues colliding, you slipped your hands to the bottom of Bambam’s shirt and tugged lightly so he knew how desperate you were to feel him skin-to-skin. He broke the kiss to allow you to pull off his shirt and also took the opportunity to remove your dress, leaving you in your underwear. He looked you and down and murmured to himself, “How did I get so damn lucky to have you?” You just smirked in response and let your hands explore his bare chest, reveling in the closeness. As the two of you continued to kiss, you felt yourself wanting him more. A burning desire had risen in you that could only be satisfied by Bambam.
“Bam, I need you,” you said, moaning into the kiss.
“Are you sure you’re ready, baby?” He asked as he looked you in the eyes to make sure you were certain. You nodded and replied with a “yes”, sparking something in your boyfriend.

All of a sudden his kisses became even more passionate as his hands traveled down your stomach, his fingers lightly dancing on your skin. the delicate touches sent a shiver down your spine and you shuddered. Bambam chuckled into the kiss at the effect he had on you when he had barely done anything to you yet. His fingers massaged your inner thigh, inching closer to where you needed him most. He made little circular motions, driving you crazy. Your hands were now on his back, nails scratching him from the pleasure he was giving you already. Bambam slid your underwear down your legs and moved a finger inside you. Your eyes closed and you bit your lip at the sensations it gave you. Before you knew it, he added another finger as he began to trail kisses down your neck and to your collarbone. He nipped at the skin, making sure to leave a few bruises on you. As you felt his fingers moving inside of you, your moans got more rapid as you began to reach your climax. Before you could release, Bambam slid his fingers out of you and quickly unzipped his jeans. You gave him an annoyed look for ruining your fun so quickly. He laughed and simply kissed you again, grinding his hips against yours once more.

He removed his boxers and discarded them on the floor with the rest of your clothes. He moved slowly into you, allowing you to adjust to his size. Once you were comfortable with the feeling of him inside you, he began to pick up the pace. The sensation was something you had never experienced before and you couldn’t believe what you had been missing out on through your relationship with Bambam. Moans spilled out of both of you as your hips moved in sync with Bambam’s, creating even more pleasure for the two of you. Your legs wrapped around him so he had better access to you. The new angle was even better and you could feel yourself begin to tighten around him.
“Bam,” you said between breathy moans, “I’m close.”
“Me too, baby,” he responded, sweat glistening on his forehead. He pounded even harder into you, making you reach your climax. Your head tilted back from the sensation as Bambam continued to thrust into you. His moans became short and quick as he released, experiencing your euphoria.

The only sound in the room was yours and Bambam’s heavy breaths. He pulled out of you and lay beside you on the bed. His arm came around your shoulder, pulling you in to cuddle his chest. You could feel the heat radiate off him as you finally caught your breath back.
“(Y/N), are you sure you’ve never done that before? Because damn that was amazing.” You blushed and snuggled further into his chest, embarrassed by the comment. He laughed and kissed your head, “I love you so much, (Y/N). Don’t forget that.”
“I love you too, Bam,” the two of you lay there for a few minutes until you said, “any chance we could go for round two?”


Me and my boyfriend went to Kraków on Thursday (14.07) and so was cichypit. We had tickets for the matches: USA vs Italy and Poland vs Serbia. We were very very excited because these four teams are our favourites. We met cichypit and went together to the arena. Also we wanted to take some photos before but it was difficult because of the strong wind.

Our seats were in higher sector but there were a lot of available seats close to the court so we decided to sit there. The view was perfect and we could see everything very closely, especially a place where the subs were standing. That was very interesting, sometimes more interesting than the match.

Who was the funniest? Two words. MURPHY TROY. (Yees, not me and not cichypit)
He was doing crazy things all the time, running, screaming (“C'mon baby!”), doing push-ups etc. We were laughing at him during the whole match. Just look at him:

After the first match, we wanted to take pics with the players but no one came to us. BUT we saw a funny situation. There were two girls standing next to my boyfriend. They had italian flag so Rossini came up to them. They gave him a little gift for his birthday and that was really cute. They were talking and Rossini asked them: “See you tomorrow?” and the girls answered: “But you’re not playing tomorrow”. Rossini looked at my boyfriend and started laughing. Cute. After that he took just a few photos with the fans. We were sad because when we wanted to ask him for a photo he had gone away.

When Italy and USA disappeared, Serbia and Poland ran on the court. We watched their warm up and sat on “our” seats.

After these two matches we weren’t very excited about the results, Poland and the USA lost. (I mean, we were also happy for Italy and Serbia).  But there were positive sides too. After second match I managed to take a photo with World League’s MVP Marko Ivović <3

During the next 2 days we were just cruising around Kraków, watching matches in pubs, drinking beer and obviously taking photos together.

On Sunday I met cichypit at 4pm and we went to the arena together. My boyfriend didn’t go then so we were alone. I checked our thursday’s seats in the internet and were still available. We wanted to sit there but a women from security who was standing near the door didn’t allow us. We were sad and angry because we knew that nobody was going to sit there. We had to sit in our sector. Look at this crowd…

After two sets of saddness we saw that a lot of people had walked into those sectors close to the court. Cichypit said: “Come on, maybe we will manage to do that now”. I wasn’t very convinced of this but finally I agreed to check the situation. We left our sector, went downstairs, entered one of the lowest sector and sat on “our” seats. We were soooo happy then haha.

Unfortunately Italian NT lost their bronze match :( After few minutes we saw a lot of Italians who were leaving the court. We were even more angry when we saw Ivan and Simone (Gianelli) who stopped on the other side of the court and took some photos with fans. But then we saw Rossini who went to take pics too, so we decided to go there and take one. He was so so nice, really! He’s very positive even if he lose his match. What is more, he stayed maybe for 30 minutes and took a photo with EVERYONE who asked him. I like him more now!!! (also as you can see in the background there was Kevin Le Roux too but we missed him, I don’t know why haha)

Another Italian who came to us was Simone Buti. The funniest thing was that beside taking photos he was stretching haha.

When we took a photo with him, Piano and Lanza were still on the court. Finally they came to his italian fans and also took pics. We have a photo with Lanza…

… but with Piano not. It’s because he was missing us all the time, we were so angry… (maybe cichypit will tell you more about this situation XD)

After that we were waiting for the second, GOLD match of the World League. When Serbia and Brazil ran on the court we sat on our seats. Then I saw Murilo who was taking pics and I decided to go there and take one too. Unfortunately after few photos he had to go… Now I’m more sad because probably I won’t have another opportunity to meet him :(

I came back to cichypit and the gold match started. The majority of people was cheering for Brazil but we were cheering for Serbia. They played so amazing and we were so proud of them. And they won!!! Beautiful serbian children. We were so so so excited. After the match we were waiting for the award ceremony. Also I remember that cichypit said: “Oh I will check tumblr, maybe Maja wrote something”. After one minute she added: “Well, maybe she is too excited because I don’t see anything about Serbia on tumblr”.

The award ceremony was awesome, especially team France and their t-shirts, making their country’s flag. Also there was a moment which left me tears. I’m talking about Neven Majstorović wearing Atansijević’s shirt, ahh.

To sum up, we spent amaaaaazing time together, it was great to see cichypit again, love this girl <3

I hope she will add something to my story because I could miss something haha.

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Out of curiosity, where did the Dean/Donna ship sprout up from? I don't want it to sound like I'm bashing the ship or like I'm against it- because I definitely am not- but (to me) it just seems like it sprung up out of seemingly nowhere and I'm trying to think back to the episodes Donna was in but I guess any potential Dean/Donna moments there were are slipping my mind? I feel like I might've missed something? But by all means, full sail ahead with the ship! Your writing of the two is perfect.

Dean and Donna came from the same place as any and all ships in any fandom come from.

I ship it because of stuff like this:

Originally posted by ackleholics

(note the wink^^^^^^) 

Originally posted by winchesteruniversityofmanhugs

(bonding over donuts^^^)

He looks at her like he appreciates the fact that a woman isn’t “afraid” to eat in front of him, you know? She laughs at his corny, pun-y jokes, they’re adorable together AND most importantly, Briana ships it (see Pudding and Donuts and where the inspiration for that came from). Briana ships, so do I.

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Why did Dylan and Eric need each other to carry out NBK? Couldn't they have done it by themselves?

Because the two encouraged and reinforced one another. Alone, they just fantasized about a spree but in uniting they had momentum and inertia and were able to turn their fantasies into a reality..The formula of homicidal-suicidal coming together with the suicidal-homicidal was the perfect storm as that ‘two man war waged against everyone else’.

The fear has gripped me but here I go

read it on the AO3 at

by ElisAttack

“Why are you with me?” Stiles asks one day when they’re sitting together on the couch, just the two of them, hanging out. “Like, why did you agree to this.” He gestures between them.

“I love you.” Derek says simply, flipping to the next page in his book, not bothering to look up from the page, that’s how sure he sounds. He doesn’t notice the stricken expression on Stiles’ face.

Or the one where Stiles never claimed they were perfect for each other.

Words: 3562, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
Ponyboy Curtis Imagine

Requested: anon

64. Wanna Dance?

Character: Ponyboy Curtis

It was the night of our school’s spring dance. I was in the perfect, pink dress. My hair looked amazing and my makeup was flawless. I was so excited. My friends and I entered the gym. It was decorated beautifully. It was hard to tell we had just played floor hockey a few hours ago in the same place.

We went to get some drinks and such. I scanned the room. I saw one cute boy, Ponyboy. We had a class together and I had always thought he was cute, but I never had the nerve to talk to him. His friends were all talking, but he was quieter. His two good friends, Steve Randle and Two-Bit Matthews, seemed like they were teasing and giving him a hard time. I giggled softly.

“Oh c’mon Y/N! You know you like him!” my best friend, Laura, said behind me. “Hey! How’d you know?!” I said. “C’mon, I know you so well. Besides I always catch staring at him in class.” Laura said and pushed me in his direction. I blushed and looked back before walking on. 

I walked up to Ponyboy. “Wanna dance?” I extended my hand to him as a slow song came on. His ears turned pink and he gave me a small smile, “Sure.” I smiled and we walked onto the dance floor. “Oh I’m-” he cut in, “Y/N. Yeah we have geometry together.” Ponyboy said. “Yeah.” I smiled. He smiled back as we swayed to the music.

100 Ways To Say ‘ I Love You’  
∟  ”Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

Yoongi worked a lot, you knew that even before he asked you to date him.

He would spend nights at his studio producing tracks and writing, he would have practice with the boys every once in a while, rehearsals, shows…His work was something you stopped questioning, it was his life after all and you knew this. So you learned to cherish other moments the most; all the morning snuggles in bed in his free days, warm hands linked under the covers while you two watched a movie on the couch, his soft eyes looking at you, and only you, his smiles and laughs when you two were together…

Min Yoongi wasn’t the perfect boyfriend or anything like that but he was enough; enough to make you happy in the little ways he could. And you did your best to show him that whenever you had the chance, even if sometimes he didn’t feel too fond of you caring so much about his well being and health.

That night you two were going to a date. Somehow between all the work he still found time to not miss your anniversary and take you somewhere special. You would be pretty happy if it was another situation but now this only felt more wrong as the seconds passed.

You took your eyes away from the city lights and looked at the driver’s seat just to caught Yoongi yawning before shaking his head, trying to brush his exhaustion away.

You sighed. His eyes were rimmed with dark circles and his body language only showed how tired he was. He looked terrible but had insisted that you two should go on this date since he wanted to do something special for you. But special or not, you were starting to regret agreeing with this.

“Yoongi?” you asked as the car approached the red traffic light.


Pull over. Let me drive for a while. We’re going home.”

He sighed and rested his head against the seat.

“Jagi, we’ve talked about this, I’m fine…”

“You’ve been up for too long, working non-stop all day. You’re exhausted. It’s not okay and I want to go home.”

“But jagi, this-”

“Yoongi, please.”

He groaned and sighed again. You knew very well he wasn’t in the mood to argue right now which often made him more willing to accept things if that would take him out of situations (and also because he could hear the worry in your voice). Maybe it was a low move but you were worried about him, that date could wait - you two wouldn’t enjoy it anyway.

“Okay then.” he said, unbuckling his belt.

You switched places with him and few seconds later the traffic light turned green. Yoongi made himself comfortable in the passenger seat. resting is head against the window and closing his eyes. The rest of the way home was silent and you were sure that at some point Yoongi had fallen asleep. Deep inside he knew you were doing this because of him, that you cared more about his health than a stupid date, that you would prefer a thousand times sleeping by his side in bed so he could rest than to sit in a restaurant with him being in the state he was.

And he loved you for caring about him so much.

Honestly Sakura & Chiyo vs Sassori is the best anime fight of all time. The fight constantly went from bad to worse for the protagonists. The two they chose for the fight were very important for the bad to worse dynamic because anyone not named Sasuke or Naruto had a relative chance of dying throughout the series. Sakura and Chiyo weree such perfect choices as well because neither had particularly powerful jutsu so they constantly had to use their wits and guts to overcome every trick Sassori had planned. And they did it together which caused even more creativity to be used throughout the fight and made it more plausible that they were able to defeat such a powerful fighter who had the use of the most powerful Kazukage. And lts not forget the ironic and powerful imagery of the ending.

Heart-Fluttering Moments with Tiffany Hwang

Originally posted by yoonsics

Tiffany asking you to move in with her. She had wanted it for a long time but it was hard to find the perfect moment to ask you. Until you two were laying in bed talking, when Tiffany mentions the possible idea of living together. As she rambled about the good things, you felt that familiar fluttering in your heart thinking of future with her.

Jamming in the car late at night. Tiffany was driving you home after date night when she happened to hit Seoul traffic landing you two at a stand-still. The atmosphere felt gloomy until she decided to put on one of her playlists, soon the both of you were laughing and making weird hand movements in the car. Something in the moment shocked you, she looked beautiful, serene even, with messy hair and a too loud laugh.

Tiffany telling you she wishes you could have met her mom. You knew that there isn’t a day that goes by that Tiff doesn’t think about her mother and you too secretly wish you could have met the amazing woman who made Tiffany who she is. It was surprising when she confided that emotional thought to you, and the sincerity of her voice made your heart both break and flutter.


Fond Memories [ME3 Tarot Wall Art]

Link: OneDrive | SFS       

Much Gratitude to the amazing original artist, Alteya, whose gallery is found HERE  at DeviantArt.

I made these as a ‘gift’ of appreciation for one of my Favorite simblrs, @xldsims. While I am not usually much of a fan of turning one game into another completely different game, he has, to me, struck a perfect balance between the two with bringing the much Beloved Mass Effect characters to life within the confines of Sims 4. While playing ME3, when it came to the cafe scene where Kaidan and Sheppard were sitting down to discuss matters of their lives, and the conversation turned towards the fact of how good they were when they were together, and they were destined to be together, finally getting to the point of admission of that fact, I had never ever been so moved to tears by any previous video game.

FINALLY, someone actually 'got it’ about same sex romance, and it couldn’t have been delivered to us in any better fashion. Here were two of my most cherished video game characters, with whom I had spent some 200 hours, discovering how Destiny had brought them together to be as one. No awkwardness, no over-the-top personification of what people thought that gay men should act like of look like. Just Love at its Best. Someone understood what my thoughts of Love was like, and took the time and effort to put it into video game format. Words kind of fail me at being able to really describe what that one moment was for me. I am Grateful to xalder for continuing my most cherished video game love story. [I am not going to extrapolate on anything about how much the ending devastated me, leaving me emotionally empty for two weeks afterwards. I now do what he does when I re-play ME3 in playing up to the last battle]

About the CC: New mesh, this has a 'floating frame’ and I carefully replaced the original text with Simlish, because I am a 'Strictly Simlish’ kind of person. Cloned from the BG 'Jazz’ painting, 20 swatches as pictured above (Alteya has since released further tarot art since I made this, and when they have released all of them, I might revisit this to include the new art). Found under Decor | Wall, Price 985

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I just watched the new Zoo episode and if you haven’t been able to tell by the two or three photosets/gif sets that I just reblogged and was screaming about in the tags

my babies are back together at long, long last. Jamie and Mitch found each other and ugh it was perfect. She saw him first and the “oh my god” and she ran straight towards him before he even saw her but when he did see her oh god his face

He was so relieved and she said “what took you so long?” and they just hugged and they were both looking at each other like they couldn’t believe the other was actually there and that this wasn’t a cruel dream where when they wake up, the other is gone and they’re just left with that empty feeling in their chest because the one they love isn’t there with him and for god’s sake that isn’t right

they’re finally back together. and nothing will come between them again. not the animals, not Allison (even though she’s only Mitch’s stepmom), not Logan, not anything ever again.