I've cracked the dress code.

First things first, it’san optical illusion.

NOT dysfunctional rods/cones in different people

NOT settled by color sampling in photoshop

NOT even a matter of “seeing better in a dark/light environment”

Seeing the infamous dress as either “white and gold" or "blue and black" is dependent on WHAT TYPE OF LIGHTING YOUR BRAIN INTERPRETS IN THE PHOTO ITSELF.  

Which is also why it can appear both ways to the same viewer.  Just like that picture with the old hag + young lady, or the two-faces/one vase illustration; whichever interpretation you happen to fixate on will be how you see it, until you can trick your brain into seeing it differently.


IF: your brain assumes the lighting in the photo to be point blank: fully illuminating the dress

then it will appear to be blue and black, complete with a sheen of reflected light (the area of “highlight” along the left-center axis)


IF: your brain assumes that the only lighting in the photo is behind the dress: fully illuminating the background, while the foreground remains HEAVILY SHADOWED…

Then the dress itself will appear to be a heavily shadowed white and gold. So shadowed; that without a computer/phone screen displaying the image, it would be difficult to make out against the bright light in the far background.

AND FOR THOSE WHO DOUBT: Imagine a plain white shirt, sitting out in the sun.  Now imagine it at the back of a dark garage.  Your mind would account for the change in lighting, and know that it is indeed the same shirt.  But, if you took a picture that failed to clearly portray the location and lighting of the shirt: then it would appear to be an entirely different color, depending on what location/lighting your brain assumed it to be.

So, in essence, if you concentrate very closely on the perceived lighting of the picture, you may be able to see it both ways.

(However, it is very likely that, because the background lighting in the picture is so bright and therefore clearly understood as a light source, the dress itself is “white and gold”. But no promises until a picture with a wider frame can be found.)




Banksy’s Gaza Kitten Is Shaming Your Internet Habits

No one throws a guilt trip quite like Banksy. Case in point: The street artist just released a two-minute video that shows him sneaking into Gaza to embellish the area’s bombed-out ruins. The video satirizes travel ads in typical heavy-handed Banksy style. It also features three new pieces: a man knelt in grief, children using an Israeli guard tower as an amusement-park ride, and a kitten with an enormous pink bow. “A local man came up and said ‘Please — what does this mean?’” Banksy writes in the kitten’s caption. “I explained I wanted to highlight the destruction in Gaza by posting photos on my website —but on the internet people only look at pictures of kittens.” He isn’t subtle, but he gets his point across.


The Carmilla Cast head to #AcademySOCIAL Tonight

Hey Creampuffs! 

Tonight at 8pm EST the cast of Carmilla will be heading out the Canadian Screen Award’s #AcademySOCIAL event to celebrate Canada’s most notable social moments of 2014!

Our production company, Smokebomb Entertainment, will be celebrating the event by highlighting just how important we think fandom is. Keep your eyes open for pictures from the Smokebomb photo wall that will feature some awesome cosplayers (including a Carmilla!!) and the hashtag #FandomFirst.

If you’d like to get involved in the fun, feel free to include @Smokebomb_Ent, #FandomFirst and #AcademySOCIAL in your tweets tonight!  

notsowoolly asked:

great korra/kuvira analysis. based on what you said (and your thoughts on korrasami), what do you think korra's relationship with kuvira would be post-finale/during her sentencing? and how would asami feel about it, considering kuvira killed her dad?

Well, I was kind of getting at it in my last paragraph (plus saw the opportunity to use Sondheim’s lyrics), but I don’t personally see Korra and Kuvira having that much of a relationship. I’m not saying Kuvira’s beyond redemption at all, but I think any sort of redemptive arc will require Suyin to be taking a more active role. This analysis by scottpaladin brilliantly highlights just how deeply personal Kuvira’s motivations were, which is quite separate from anything to do with Korra.

For Korra’s part, we saw her ability to empathize with both Kuvira and Zaheer, and that’s important. But it’s not like that erases their negative impacts. Korra still saw Kuvira destroy the city. We saw how Korra reacted to Hiroshi’s death too: she looked upset for Asami and then fiercely determined to take Kuvira down. That’s not something she’s just going to forget, and given that she’s supporting her grieving girlfriend, it’s not like establishing a relationship with Kuvira would be something she’d do flippantly.

Because Korra “sees a lot of herself” in Kuvira, I guess it’s possible she’d want to help her out, but keep in mind Kuvira doesn’t really need to “heal” or anything (unless you want to say she has to recover from a bout of meglomania, which is a bit woolly). I think any “redemption” would be more about Kuvira coming to a point of full remorse, sort of what I think they tried to show with Hiroshi.

Actually interestingly both Hiroshi and Kuvira only apologized for that which was very personal to them…Hiroshi was sorry for hurting Asami specifically, but never actually indicated any remorse for buying into Amon’s cause (maybe that was off-“camera” or implied??). Kuvira apologized to Suyin for the “anguish” she caused the Beifongs, but never really admits wrongdoing for like, the destruction and oppression. Just that she’ll “accept” the punishment because The Avatar has greater power than she could ever “hope to achieve.” I think it’s clear Kuvira understood she went to far and was acting out of an insecurity, but I’m not sure it’s clear that she knows where she crossed the line or at what point her goals became muddied by her personal agenda. Frankly that’s something that still alludes us.

Annnyyyway, if Kuvira does come around on that last point, Suyin’s likely going to play a crucial role. If it so happens that Korra wants to help her (maybe even at Suyin’s behest), which is far from a certain thing, you can bet your ass she’d talk to Asami beforehand. I don’t see anything like that coming between them. Also Hiroshi’s murder, though personally affecting to Asami, wasn’t a personal act against him by Kuvira. To Kuvira, it was an enemy killed in the battlefield. It’s a small and maybe meaningless distinction, but I don’t see Asami harboring an excessive grudge against Kuvira for that reason. She’s not going to be Kuvira’s fan obviously—but who is, really? Look at Republic City. IMO she and Korra might have a very similar view on Kuvira, especially assuming Korra told her about their Spirit World conversation. One thing that’s clear about Korrasami is that they go to great lengths to understand each other’s emotions and viewpoints. I don’t think Kuvira is any exception.

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but it still doesn't make sense to me because i showed people the same picture on the same screen and they all had different answers. if it were just because of the filter, wouldn't we /all/ see the wrong coloring? idk

(this is all just speculation on my part, but I think it makes sense)

The people who saw the white/cream dress (such as myself) were probably interpreting the color based on the photo’s highlights. Because of the filtering, the highlights were much warmer and brighter than normal. So the person sees the highlights and they think, “oh, those are the highlights of something that is cream colored or white,” and so that’s their interpretation of the color.

The people that see the blue/black dress, on the other hand, are probably interpreting the color based on the shadows and lowlights, which are obviously blue tinted and, on the lace, quite dark. Thus, their brain thinks, “Oh, this is a black and blue dress,” and that’s their brain’s interpretation. This interpretation happens to be right.

Basically, everyone is seeing the same thing, but their brains are interpreting things differently. Not to mention that this is an electronic image; the tilt of a screen or the settings of a monitor can have a really heavy impact on color. Any artist that has transferred art from one computer to another could tell you that.

tl;dr your retinas aren’t broken, the human brain is really weird, and computers can’t be trusted

Okay, guys

Can we talk about Greg and Amethyst in this episode? Just the sheer character development between the two is amazing. The Crew really did a good job on this. 

In this episode we learn that Amethyst and Greg use to be friends at one point. Bonding over their favorite sitcom ‘Lil Butler. We can see how engrossed they were in this show by Pearl and Garnet’s reaction to the revelation. 

"Ugh, they better not be watching that stupid show." -Garnet 

Now what makes the highlight of this episode is toward the end where we see the two fight. Greg comments how he got so involved in the show he forgot to see the fireworks with Steven. Amethyst tries to distract him saying its not a big deal and in turn shifts into Steven playing out how he would ‘react’. Here we can see that Greg is beginning to become uncomfortable with the purple gem and we see why in a moment. In the heat of the growing argument we have Greg yelling out how he needs to be there for his son and something inside Amethyst snaps. 

She retorts about who was there for her? That ever since Rose passed she has been ALONE. Think about guys, it was probably Rose who took in Amethyst at the Kindergarden. Rose’s love for life made her look past Amethyst’s purpose for war (That we still know nothing about). Rose was the one that was there for her and when Greg came into the picture…Amethyst felt like she was replaced, that she wasn’t needed anymore.


You stood in the way and eclipsed the dawn.
Umbra | Aurora | Photo

Child of Light cosplay complete! I am absolutely SCREAMING in happiness at how these photos turned out. You can see my sequins! You can see the resin waterdrops on my dress! You can see the interference paint on the feathers and crown!

While Umbra’s very monotone in the (one) piece of art she has, I knew it would be too flat in person - so I worked hard to put colours into areas that would reflect/highlight/shine in a sensible way - especially the feathers and crown. I went with velvet for the dress after a few other fabric attempts because I did want that deep black, especially in photos, and the resin water on the skirt ties the whole watercolour aspect of the design together. You can see the WIP work of the costume here.

The bolero is wonderflex, worbla, and foam. The crown is worbla, the tiki torch thing is painted decorative grass, fun foam, wire, and feathers made of chiffon, netting, tulle and organza.

My lovely daughter, Aurora, who was SO kind to join me for photos Sunday so I could attempt to murder her glare in her general direction is the amazing saccharinesylph and photo credit goes to the totally awesome Jade of Kaze to Mizu photography.

(Plug: If you need a photog in the midwest, check if Jade’s working an event. She’s a sweetie and I am REALLY loving both her available light work, her post processing, and turn around time! She’s doing DragonCon too. XD)

calling steroline “sterocest” just highlights the desperation of the haters. they can’t come up with legitimate reasons to trash the couple so they invent illogical ones.


The International Studies Association Annual Convention was held in the Big Easy last week and we got a chance to catch up with our amazing authors.

Were you in attendance? What were your highlights?

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How do you make your eyes so sparkly like that?

Alright this will be a lttle long but i did intend on making a tutorial eventually

this is for paint tool sai, since thats what i use

first you get your lineart ready obviously, set it to selection source,

make a new layer underneath the lineart and use the fill tool, or your pen it doesnt matter to fill it with color set your color layer to preserve opacity

take the airbrush tool and a darker color, and make a gradient like so

with the water color tool, make a pupil with the darker color, then make another circle on top with the base color, i dont know why i do this i just do

with an even lighter color, take that water color tool and paint highlights at the bottom like so

next, make a new layer on top of the color layer, set that layer to clipping group, this makes it so you only color in the spaces that were already drawn on the layer underneath

take the airbrush tool and a light color, and make a highlight in the corner, set this to luminosity and adjust the opacity as you see fit

next on a new layer, make sure its also on clipping group, draw another shine in white with the pen tool, this makes it look i guess like its glowing

make ANOTHER layer, again, make sure its on clipping group, using a light color draw more shinies, set it to luminosity and lower the opacity as you see fit

you’re probably sick of making new layers and so am i, make yet another new layer, make sure its set to clipping group, and draw a large circle in the middle, set it to luminosity, adjust the opacity as you see fit 

youre just about done, make one last new layer, set it to clipping group, leave the layer mode at normal.  this time just go wild and put some shinies and other little details you can add as much or as little as you like

to change the color of the eyelashes, go back to the lineart layer, make sure you set the layer to preserve opacity, and then you can color on the lineart and change it however you like, 

and you’re done! have fun with your sparkly ass anime eyes

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Okay so I'm a new lifter. I've lifted small things. My friend is more experience and she wants to take me lifting. I need tips im so nervous. I'm looking to get panties and maybe other I tagged things from VS, shirts and a wallet from hottopic, and maybe if Zumiez has stuff untagged. And Bath and body works. Any tips?

Just be chill and do not, i repeat, DO NOT cling to your friend and keep giving her looks and asking her questions in the store and whatnot. I don’t know if you would do that or not but i have to say don’t do it. I’ve taken a few people lifting with me before and whenever I didn’t reiterate not to look right at me for everything it was almost a trainwreck. Like one time in sephora my friend wanted this highlighter and she just walked up to me with it and held it out and was like what should i do and i was like !!!!!!! Your friend will probably go over some things with you but make sure to be chill. Go over what you’re going to do BEFORE you go in the store because I guarantee your friend will be annoyed if you ask her what to do in the middle of the store because you can’t just explain it while you’re in the store. Bring a structured bag with you for concealing if you have one, or at least one that you can put things in with little hassle. 

Panties from VS is easy. I conceal those on the floor but if you’re really nervous about it just get a shopping tote, put them on the bottom, cover them up with bras and apparel and things, and go in the fitting room and put them in your bag (but spend a lil bit more time in there to not be suspicious).

bath and body works is a buffet no tags or towers or cameras. as long as no one’s watching you you’re good to get whatever. 

I’ve heard hot topic doesn’t have cameras (i’ve only ever been there a few times in my life) but they do have a lot of things tagged. I don’t know if there’s any truth to that but a lot of people have hot topic stuff in their hauls on here so it can’t be a death trap.

Zumiez should be easy as well. No cameras. (again from what i’ve heard. i haven’t ever even been to a zumiez)


Melissa: Its about time I use my Sonic Wii-mote, I made it myself.

Kim: You took it from the Doctor didn’t you?

Melissa: Uh…. noooo… maybe?


Featuring: Highlight thegothmod, Rainbow Feather rainbowfeatherreplies,  and Twilight and Rainbow Dash who just left…. darn you.



The thirst is real

I also played/screencapped this before the site went down again so ye. I’ll be tagging it as “hungergamesMOU”!

The photograph of the dress is undoubtedly dark brown and blue. Because dark brown is seen as a ‘highlight color’ for black, and blue is common used as a shadowing color, or otherwise is a color very commonly used to tint or is absorbed into white, it can be interpreted as both a very dark white with a shadow cast on it, or as a light blue. The brown can be interpreted as a faded black or as a creamy brown. Both of the colors are in a sort of color-interpretation grey zone. Which means that it’s really honestly both brown and black, and white and blue. It’s just ~in the center~. Not to mention monitors display colors differently. Lighter screens can make people see it as lighter, therefore white and brown. Darker screens will do the opposite and make it seem like it’s blue and black. Everyone is right because it’s in the center of those colors. The dress is ambiguous.

Empire Episode 1x08: "The Lyon's Roar" Random Thoughts

So this reaction post is a little late going up because I fucked my back up and I am on some meds that keep be zonked out like 85% of the day and between sleeping, eating, and pill popping I just now got to watch the episode. 

I am not going to do the play by play because to be frank I am tired and still a little out of it from these pain pills and the muscle relaxers they got me on so I will just discuss some of the highlights.

This episode is one of my favorites so far. I loved some of the family moments we got. I LOVE that Cookie made some progress with Hakeem. I LOVE  that Jamal bonded with Lola. I LOVE that Hakeem and Jamal are back on track as brothers. But I need someone to give a shit about Andre. 

I think his isolation and neglect is the reason he can harm his family so easily and the reason he only thinks of himself. Even from an outsiders perspective it seems like he is the only one who does care about himself outside of Rhonda so for him it has to bee worse. He and Cookie haven’t had a moment since she came home and I need her to try with him the same way she is with Hakeem. 

That being said I loved the insight and the development Andre got with this episode. He is supremely flawed and fucked up but I can officially say I love the fuck out him in my own way because I can understand his motivations and put a name to his feelings now. The moment at the end of the episode with the gun fucked me up. And that scream gave me chills. Damn Trai Byers can act!

Andre’s marriage to Rhonda makes more sense to me now too. Some holes were filled in in terms of their actions and I have to say I am glad she took a stand for herself even if he took it as a personal slight. I feel like their marriage isn’t going to last which saddens me because I feel like if it was built on healthier foundation it would have the potential to be one of the best relationships on the show. 

But can we be surprised about the failure of Andre’s treatment of women when he had Lucious as an example. Lucious’s punk ass had some damn nerve calling his family a disgrace when he is a him. 

Like I had to pause the Hulu stream when this fool said that and blink a few times. For real Lucious? Your family is a disgrace? Let’s rehash some facts here partner. You killed Cookie’s cousin then fucked her and then screwed her over. You proposed to Anika on your wedding anniversary with Cookie and then gave Cookie a rose the same night and then fucked Cookie the moment Anika went out of town then blamed Cookie for it. You threw one son in the trash can and abused him and blackmailed him and denied him his identity, you berate yet another son at every turn to the point where he feels like he isn’t good enough and wants to kills himself and neglects his mental health when you are the one who ain’t shit, and the last one you let get away with whatever he wants and he is a spoiled entitled brat which is why I am glad he is spending some time with Cookie and Jamal who actually give a fuck about him and are not trying to farm him out to the public as a Mini Me so that they can make money off of him and be immortalized through him like your dumb ass. 

Not to mention the fact that Lucious had Anika’s dad commit fraud, beat the shit out of someone’s manager, pinned the murder he committed on someone else, strong armed Titan into signing with him, wore white to Bunky’s funeral and gave a eulogy where he praised himself and bashed the man when he is the one who put him in the damn casket. Lucious is Lucifer and he wants to call someone a disgrace. Lucious if you don’t miss me with that shit and gone somewhere and wither away and die all fucking ready. Excuse me…rant over.

Still not here for Boo Boo Kitty. But Anika is coming for Lucious and I am so fucking ready for it! She better not go after Cookie in the process. Lucious is the one who lied to her. No Cookie shouldn’t have slept with him knowing they were together but Cookie is not Anika’s man and I understand why she did it. Lucious is the one who caught Cookie in a weak moment even though he tried to play the damn victim.  I still don’t care about Anika’s feelings cause I am not over what she did to Elle but if she is coming for Lucious she has fair weather fan in me for that one. 

Now on to the most important moments of the episode. Cookie and Camilla’s scenes gave me life. She read that woman to filth on sight. I cackled. I been telling ya’ll about Oedipus and his complex for weeks and Cookie basically called him out on it and I screamed! Watching Taraji and Naomi play off each other was like the greatest thing ever seen on television. I need more scenes with them. Give me all the scenes! Also can we thank all  that is good and holy that Hakeem said he ain’t trying to have Camilla be his fake mother no more? I ain’t here for her being his “queen” neither though. I feel like he saw some truth in what Cookie was saying because  that woman is trying to run him and at the end with Jamal he mentioned that Camilla had hyped his head up so the boy has some brains after all.

Hakeem is starting to grow up a little and I am here for it. He finally got his issues out on the table with Cookie. He squashed the beef with Jamal and actually came to see him as a brother out of support and pride and not about business and to use him. That is character growth and I hope it continues.

Now even more important JAMALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIVE!!!!!!!!!!! My baby came out and it was EPIC and I hollered!!!!! I am so happy that Jamal was able to fight his fear and live his truth. Also I feel like Ryan fell a little bit in love with him at that moment like did ya’ll see his face? But who wouldn’t have. I did and I thought I could love Jamal more.  I miss Michael but I love Eka and him being on the show is a gift.

Anyway I am so happy that Jamal came out and that he did it on his terms. Like everyone was so hype and Cookie was so proud I cried. Hell even Vernon looked proud. Lucious was pissed and I cackled cause fuck him that’s why and because I live for Lucious’s misery and discomfort. I feed myself on Lucious’s man pain and Jamal and Cookie’s joy! HA!

I feel like without this hanging over his head and with him taking the steps to accept himself and be who he is as a person and an artist Jamal is about to do some big things. Especially with Cookie and Hakeem’s support.

Speaking of Cookie! Just….every episode has me stanning for her more. Like how? Cookie my sun and stars! Gah! Watching her say goodbye in that flashback broke my heart. I understand why she is clinging to this idea of family that she lost so hard but Lucious is not worth it and I am happy Jamal was looking out for her this episode because she made her see some hard truths.  I loved that she realized the only real love she has got since she got out is from her kids and that is what she needs to focus on. Not Lucious. Let that asshole die trembling shaking and lying to himself and blaming the world. 

The only one qualified to run Empire at this point is Cookie but I want better for her. The funny thing is the Legacy album would have been hot just like every other idea Cookie has came up with since she came out of the joint. She has been out of touched and locked up for seventeen years and all these fools have more experiences and she stays killing the game. That is why she needs to be the one running things and not just acting like she is as everyone was saying. But I don’t want her running Empire. I want her to have her own shit. I want her to have her own company and her own man and take her kids with her and I want Lucious to stew in it and realize he lost everything and then die! Cause lets be real if Cookie hooks up with someone else *coughMalcolmcoough* Lucious is going to flip shit, if she leaves Empire and starts her own company he will try and fail to take her down, and if she takes his kids he will be crying and cursing his “disgrace” of a family from his hospital bed and he will work himself into a sweaty frenzy and hopefully go into cardiac arrest so we don’t have to be bothered with his ass no more. Though in truth as much as I rag on him he is one of those characters I love to have. He still ain’t shit though.

 That being said I am hoping Cookie can really let go of Lucious and the past and move forward and focus on her career and her children like she said. With the prison flashback and her staring at the picture I am not so sure though…sigh. Either way I love her and she is forever the heart of this damn show.

I am too excited for next week as usual! I swear this show will kill me!