I’m going out of town tomorrow for a few days. I have a chapter of Heretic that just needs to be beta’d. So I’m hoping to post that late tonight or early in the morning before I leave.

I’m going to try to work on Dark Side and maybe Fortune while I’m gone.

Tampermonkey Unfollower Tracker! (Note: This only works on Google Chrome haha)

Here’s how you get it:

  1. Go to the Chrome store & download the extension that says Tampermonkey (Not Tampermonkey BETA, just Tampermonkey =D)
  2. Next when the extension finishes downloading, click it on the top right
  3. When you click & you see “No script is running”, underneath it where it says “Add new script”, click it
  4. Then when you click it, there will be a search place that says “Script Search”. Type in “Dashplus - Follow Back” & enter
  5. Then click where it says it Dashplus - Follow Back & click install & then this thing will pop up that’s ask if you wanna continue & just agree to it (Like if it says continue)
  6. Then go back on Tumblr, check who you’re following, & whoever has checkmarks next to their name are the ones who are following you back =)

If you have any troubles or confusions, message me off anon =)  Please reblog this post so others can see =D