Six of us are… dead.

I guess you could say I killed them.

Still one more year until the game is out and i am already suffering in hell


Jongdae’s freestyle dance, quickly joined by Minseok but almost as quickly rejected by Chanyeol too

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But how can you be so happy? Yes, we got Murder Husbands but they might be dead? And we might never get a Season 4 where we can enjoy Murder Husbands longer than the 5 seconds we got.

Harshing my buzz, baby.

Those two empty seats at the table with Bedelia (who is shaking and terrified)? It’s a 20ft neon sign telling us they’re alive. Murder Husbands live.

Be happy. Embrace the beautiful scene we got of Will telling Hannibal what they did was beautiful.


Not ugly. Not wrong. Not something to be rejected and ignored and forgotten.

Beautiful. Will called the very center of who Hannibal is and what he does, beautiful.

And damnit. That is a happy ending.

when you’re lowkey really worried about dan

We Built a Second Home Chapter 3

It’s still quiet at the Mystery Shack when Stan pulls into the driveway, glancing up at the windows that lead into the twin’s room.

“The things you left out for them…” Ford finally managed to ask, grabbing his brother by the hand and pressing a kiss to the back of it. “You should give them to the kids in person. I know that Mabel would be giddy to receive any gift from you, and Dipper would likely benefit from a little bit of a connection to you.”

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