That was strange. I was awake but dreaming. I was here but- but not here…

Sansy (from Undertale) •Lazy •Always Hungry •Loves to Nap •Always Funny

Punny (Pastel Bunny- from my icon) ◘Adorable ◘Likes to Chew Stuff ◘Wants Cuddles

Edgy (mini Edge) ♠Will Bite ♠Will Wreck Your Stuff ♠Jealous ♠Will Fight Other Sans ♠Actually Loves You A LOT

Baby Blue (Mini Blueberry) ♦Cute ♦Helpful ♦Energetic ♦Loving 

Runt (Cherry) ♣Emotional ♣Anxious ♣Cries A Lot ♣Needy ♣Don’t Hold Him Tight ♣Let Him Sleep in Your Bed (Don’t squish him)

Soft Bones ♥Sleeps A Lot ♥Smells Really Nice ♥V Cute ♥Loves You A Lot ♥Don’t Lose Him

Adoption limit is 3

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Before We Go Movie Online (2014) HD

Comedy, Drama, Romance
21 July 2015 (USA)
Two strangers stuck in Manhattan for the night grow into each other’s most trusted confidants when an evening of unexpected adventure forces them to confront their fears and take control of their lives.

  • Director: Chris Evans
  • Writers: Ronald Bass (screenplay) (as Ron Bass), Jen Smolka (screenplay)
  • Stars: Chris Evans, Alice Eve, Emma Fitzpatrick


I just ordered $70 worth of pizza and I’m not even ashamed. Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

The Octopus and The Lizard (closed with Random-trolls)

Cestus was bored. Lately his lusus had been slow in his moving, and it felt like they had been in the same place forever. He sighed, sitting up and groaning loudly. His lusus, not really hearing him, but knowing the movement meant something, brought up a tentacle to comfort the smaller.

Cestus grabbed it, hugging it close, and looking out over the horizon. When looking over to his left, he saw an island. Normally he wouldn’t bother with any old island, but this one had a dock and a boat. He smiled, surely there was someone on it!

He tugged KrakenDads tentacle, wanting him to head over. His lusus obliged swimming over. He was placed on the dock, and he stumbled slightly, not used to being on land. He brushed off his sweater, smiling lazily, and started wandering onto the island.

( @random-trolls )

I have so many anons going crazy over the shady anon I believe @lads-laddylads (correct me if I’m wrong) received yesterday about AIMH tweet getting deleted and sure she got one anon out of a shit ton to actually be true BUT think about this:

1. Anti’s are mad that we aren’t completely flipping our shit over the fact that RBB’s Twitter was deleted so whose to say it’s not one of them? Funny how it happened on the same day after we were freaking out that ONE anon was right. And it just so happens it was right about ONE of our big “receipts” going away?!? Hmm what the next important “receipt” we have?
2. They are also mad that we are still here and that they haven’t “won” (which okay but since when has someone else’s love life been a competition for people NOT at all involved? You can root for them and have differing opinions on it but you are NOT going to win anything in the end like what the fuck is wrong with you? This isn’t a game!!)
3. A lot of shady anons out there are wanting to see us (the larries) freak out on falsified information. It’s like a sick twisted little game for most of them and I would place money on it that they wanted to hit us where it hurts most and AIMH is it. How many times this month alone have I or and other Larry blog reblogged asking for people to retweet AIMH to get it to 2mil? Personally I’ve lost count.
4. Even though she got one anon to be true but still shady as hell we should still should take EVERYTHING said on anon at face value, meaning side-eye that shit and move on. If it’s true it’s true but until it’s proven to be truthful take it with a grain of salt.
5. Let’s just add that we are getting Twitter tech updates that I know I haven’t heard of. I’ve heard the TL’s will be what Twitter thinks is more important to you to show you first instead of being by time of being tweeted like it’s always been BUT I have yet to see any of this about your top retweeted tweet to be your first tweet seen…like okay calm down.

And if by some strange set of coincidences that Em gets another truth telling shady anon and it does get deleted

•They can not change history. It’s has been the 2nd most retweeted tweet for months upon months. Everyone on the Internet no matter what social media site has seen it. My grandmother ffs has asked me about it and she only has Facebook. Everyone and their mothers have a picture of said tweet. But also THERE IS NO UNDO BUTTON ON THE INTERNET ONCE ITS OUT THERE IT WILL FOREVER BE ONLINE. Not to mention there have been media articles written about this said tweet. People in the GP have seen it around, it’s not just going to go away with a click of a button. They know it will never be completely gone.
•And some are saying they are doing it to break the Larries and or to watch us squirm…okay but as someone who as been in the fandom since 2011 IVE DONE NOTHING BUT SQUIRM FOR THE PAST 4 YEARS so that’s not a big deal for me and if they think by them deleting that tweet will break me they have another thing coming because I know the truth. I can’t be force feed lies and believe them to be true. It’s not in my DNA. I have an urge to dig deeper on any subject matter (the reason I fell down the rabbit hole). So by them deleting one tweet isn’t going to magically make me forget every thing I’ve seen and the mistakes they’ve made just because.

Pretty much what I’m trying to say is this shady ass anon doesn’t change anything for me it’s just another shady ass anon until proven otherwise.

A Strange Magic Month Challenge

Draw Roland

Draw him being punched, slammed by doors

Draw him twirling his hair, checking himself out in the mirror

Draw him in the morning with curlers in his hair as he does his daily beauty regime

Draw him in different AUs

Draw him getting his tail kicked in every possible universe

Just draw this scumbag.

(Or write him!)

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turn off all the lights - siete

Pip is a hurricane of fake tan, underwear, and shrill demands for Kaya to “turn off the fucking music, you’re driving me insane!” (which only makes her turn it up louder) as the clock ticks down to her long-awaited dinner party. It’s to a soundtrack of Kendrick Lamar that Pip discovers she’s burnt her roast, and promptly crumples to a heap of limbs on the kitchen floor.

From her spot on the kitchen table, Mel registers Pip’s sudden disappearance over the counter belatedly. She’s busy picking at her cuticles until they bleed, letting her mind stagnant on stupid boy’s and their tattoos, and her radio-silent sister, and her mother who’s getting easier and easier to forget in a house where nobody knows her. When she does realise, she’s by her side in an instant, grabbing her clammy hand and asking where the pain is.

Pip laughs dryly and says, “Everything is going wrong.”

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Homurahara Cultural Festival! BEGIN!

Welcome and thank you for coming to our school today! Here’s the brochure and schedule for all the events that are happening today.

*Picture may or may not be the real thing

  1. The Lovebirds of Homurahara! Watch out for Miss Mitsuzuri Ayako and Mister Ryuudou Issei as they perform a play in the assembly hall! Don’t miss it! It begins at 2pm!
  2. Ryuunosuke’s Haunted House! Love the thrill?! Ryuunosuke has you covered! Self proclaimed legendary artist Ryuunosuke has prepared a haunted house at the Archery dojo!
  3. Faker Kuzuki (He will offer you unlimited advice!) Check the teacher’s staffrooms
  4. Wish and Knife granting service! Have a thing for knives? Want a particular thing to happen?! Someone you hate perhaps? Our lovely Seihai-kun is here just left of the front entrance!
  5. Karaoke with Nero! Sing your hearts out and ears deaf at class 2-A!
  6. Do you want to turn into a magical girl? Starring Ruby and Sapphire, our resident Kaleidosticks! Transform at the front entrance! Show everyone your powers!
  8. The return of the Mother of Mifune, have a crush you want to know about? Worried about a test perhaps? Find this charming lady just left of the front entrance to have your fortune told!
  9. A cooking booth! Do you love curry? Our lovely Ciel-senpai is hosting her very own cooking booth, showcasing her wonderful curry! It has been rumoured that there would be a cooking competition. Eat as much as you want in class 3-C!
  10. The photosin booth! Do you want to cringe? The mod of Arjuna has you covered! He will in the computer room on the first level!
  11. The artists booth! Please contact Natalia or Ayako, the Twin Kaleidosticks, and Arjuna with your art requests! Feel free to send in reference pictures and such! Any artists can request to join in and be added to this list! Yes you reading this brochure, we need you!