Can we take a minute and talk about how much love and support he has and how amazing that is?  How many people have reached out publicly that actually know him, the fact that the Paynes will likely be in the audience, all of the fans here on tumblr screaming about how much we love him, all of the fans elsewhere probably doing the same thing, all of us buying and listening to this song and gifting it to those who can’t and streaming it to get the numbers up.  He has SO MUCH LOVE AND SUPPORT.  And do you know why that is?  Because he’s an amazing human deserving of it.  He’s touched so many lives, he’s made so many people happy, he’s done so much for others that everyone is here to give BACK to him.  

[Illustrated GIF of a girl in a wheelchair giving the middle finger, while inside an elevator, as the doors slowly close in front of her. The girl has a half up-half down ponytail hair style, with a sweater and choker necklace. She is smirking with her eyes closed while holding up the middle finger.]

To all those who don’t let disabled people enter elevators first… kindly stop doing that. Thanks!

the-printers-jammed  asked:


It had been a week. An entire week since her world had been destroyed and she had been stranded out here in the empty between-space. It seemed like an eternity.

Of course, Euphie had been able to find shelter in the other universes scattered around; the Innkeepers usually let her work odd jobs for a night in a room. She was even starting to know her way around the multivoid, finding certain worlds without markers. But she still felt displaced. This void space was just so oppressively empty, and as nice as the people in other worlds were - they were strangers.

Now she found herself, as she had every day for the last week, wandering back toward the pile of rubble that used to be her world. Her soul was filled with the same conflicting feelings as they were every time. Seeing the broken painting on the ground was heart-shattering, no matter how often she looked at it, and yet she still clung to the impossible hope that, this time, it would be fixed.

Her eyes strained against the white space as she approached the spot, trying to pick out the painting on the invisible wall, feeling the anxious turmoil in her soul. She stopped. The wall was blank. Her soul sank. Of course it was.

But, just as soon as she thought of turning around, she caught something in the corner of her eye. Something was different this time.

Someone was there.

they’re tears of joy professor gimme a break

Updated! Chapter 01


summary:  A failed exploration mission leaves Garrison Cadets Lance and Hunk stranded on the outskirts of Galra controlled space. Forced to find new careers to survive, Lance takes up bounty hunting to make ends meet. Three years, a flawless record, and still not enough coin to speak of makes the newest bounty mission impossible to turn down. A one-way ticket back to Earth is nearly too good to be true. Lance can’t say no.

Apprehend fugitive 117-9875.

How hard can that be?


“What can I do for you today, officer?”

“We have been ordered to search your vessel in the name of Emperor Zarkon. Open your doors immediately and prepare to be boarded.”

Lance leaned against the door, head tilted as he flicked the safety off the gun in his thigh holster. “See, you definitely need to buy me dinner first before any ‘boarding’ can happen.”

“Response unrecognized. Open the doors immediately.”

“Well, if you insist.” 

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