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True. But the key words there are ALMOST and BEATEN UP. XD Not defeated. Error Sans is quite powerful and exists between dimensions. He is basically Ink's counterpart, and Ink is the Sans who creates and manages all the AU's. Making him essentially God. And if Ink's god, that makes Error Satan. XD


But still

He got beaten up by a au paps xD



I’m not the protagonist of a novel or anything.
I’m a college student who likes to read, like you could find anywhere…

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After kidnapping his brother. XD And Underswap Papyrus is fucking powerful. So, still. I think Error could take Epic Sans and Epic chara. Probably not at the same time, tho I wouldn't put it past him to have something sneaky for that kinda situation.


Thats ur opinion

And again

I cant argue with dat xD


I started watching TTGL some days ago, and then Back To The Barn happened B)

squad assemble or something

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Why doesn’t Dallon get appreciated? He’s a precious tall flower and his bass lines are the raddest shit I’ve ever heard. Yet, Zack and Brendon treat him like he’s a touring member only. Wikipedia and Facebook still say he’s official. What does that mean? Does it mean that Zack doesn’t know shit and Brendon wants to be the center of attention? Or that Dallon got demoted and we don’t know about it? Why wasn’t he on the red carpet at the APMAs? Is this a sign that he’s not official anymore? Apparently he’s not writing songs for the upcoming P!ATD album either. Dallon’s twitter bio was changed from “member of @ panicatthedisco” to “bass for @ panicatthedisco” and he called P!ATD “Brendon’s band”. Does this mean anything?? Does Dallon really think he’s unimportant? Because that’s so not true and it breaks my heart that a wonderful person like Dallon would think that low of himself. Who is he shading on Twitter lately? Who hurt Dallon and made him that salty? Have Brendon or Zack something to do with this? B & Z always make fun of Dallon and I don’t like it at all. Leave D alone. “haha fans don’t want to have Kenny or Dallon in their picture with Brendon :D” you’re so funny Zack!!! Why don’t more people aknowledge that Dallon is an important part of P!ATD?? Would a demotion mean he’d get paid less? We already know he had to have several side jobs in the past although he already was an official member of Panic! at the Disco. I’m worried. “What if he doesn’t want be be in the spotlight?” He stated that he prefers to be in front of the camera and not behind on Twitter and he also could’ve helped writing songs for the upcoming P!ATD album if he really prefers to be “behind the camera”. It looks like Brendon wants to do everything on his own for the new album instead of doing a solo project. He confirmed the upcoming album is kind of a Brendon solo thing. Was he serious about that?? Update: 8/22/15 periscope: Someone asked about a possible Panic! split and Brendon laughed and replied that he can’t split himself in half. So…..P!ATD is a Brendon solo thing now?? What happened to the *band* P!ATD?? Why the fuck is P!ATD still labeled as a “band”???? I’m happy if Dallon’s happy but….. Dallon aka the tall sunflower deserves better.


WELP! HERE’S THE END! Sorry if it seemed rushed…I know…and I mentioned it before and hhhnng I’m just gonna stop talking here.



(Yes, I know there would like 4 parts but part 3 was too short so I merged it ._.)

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