As I’ve said before, I’ve technically had my familiar, Rider, for about five years. It’s was only this year when I actually started really learning tarot. From the start, he was always the kind of deck to give tough advice that I didn’t always want to hear. As he warmed up to me though, he began to give me cards in readings that would be very dramatic given the situation, and I would almost hear a hint of sarcasm in my head. He’s snarky, and has a very dry sense of humor. 

Once he started appearing to me in human form, I began to notice that he is basically a big, lanky cat. He’s dramatic, stubborn, and has an almost languid air about him- like a spoiled prince. He loves to lay in my bed, especially when I’m in it. I’ve taken him out a couple times before, but he seems to like my house better than anywhere else. He’s gotten to be very physically affectionate with me, and I can sometimes almost feel him leaning against me, and he likes it when I sleep with him under my pillow.

What really impresses me the most about Rider is how visible he is to me. He very quickly went from a ball of gold light to a tall, thin young man with blonde hair. He dresses like he’s Victorian, in blue waistcoats- always blue. His hands always stand out to me, they’re thin with long, graceful fingers. And he’s almost always sitting when I first see him, he’s lazy like that. It feels strange to say that I see him cuz like, I know he’s not physically there like me and other humans are, but it’s almost like… Well, like my imagination overlaps with what I’m actually seeing, like it sometimes does when I’m acting.

He’s real. Very, very real.


there is a cat on my bed (my cat)

there is a cat outside my window (not my cat)

the cat outside my window has appeared after fleeing the kitchen 

my kitchen

my cats’ kitchen

not just any kitchen for any cat to wander into

there are two fluffy black cats that like yowling at stupid o’clock in the morning

there is a ginger cat that skulks behind me when i get back home

there is a small cat that like eating my ears (my cat)

there is a slightly bigger cat that likes kissing my knees (not my cat)

and a similarly sized cat that sleeps on my face (thankfully my cat)

and a constantly pregnant cat that lives a few doors down that jumps at people when they look outside the window





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1, 7, 8, 9, 19 :*

thank u anon :D

  • 1: What do you like to wear to bed?- usually an oversized shirt and comfy shorts
  • 7: What shoes do you usually wear?- i have so many pairs of shoes uuuumm but yeah usually my converse or cat print boots
  • 8: If you could change anything about your appearance would you? And what?- yeah but only tiny changes like my eyes are little wonky and my spine pokes out a bit i look like a stegosaurus 
  • 9: What is something you find really cute on a potential romantic/sexual partner? If both genders, say one for each or something that applies to both- freckles!!!!! and compassion is good and important too
  • 19: Favorite type of weather?- sunny and warm but with a breeze none of this muggy shit
These are a few of my favourite things

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Colour: Crimson, navy blue, beige

Food: I’ll be patriotic and say sautéed reindeer and mashed potatoes

Smell: NEW BOOK SMELL, a forest when it has just rained, the parfume my mom wears

Movie: Eeeeeh too many

Genre of Music: All sorts but I’ll say indie rock

Texture: My cat’s fur and babies’ hair omg

Time of day: Just before going to bed because you usually feel so exhausted and sleeping seems like the most heavenly thing in the world at that point. You can just drop every important thought and finally relax. On the other hand, if there’s something eating you up then it’s probably pretty hard to sleep… but I’m good at ignoring any bad thoughts like that :D

Time of week: Fridays!

Celebrity: Oooh boy, just go to my tag page and see what’s in there

Drink: Skim milk, red wine, beer, coke

Precious stone: Emerald

Flower: Garden roses?

Font: Intro

Video game: idk I used to play Call of Duty games sometimes and though I very much enjoy playing all sorts of games I’m glad I’m not doing it very often bc I know that I would get totally obsessed and it would consume all my time

Sound: Thunder, not when it’s like a huge storm but this gentle rumbling instead


Vegetable: Ummmm tomatoes? Even though you might call them fruit

Shop: Carlings! They have the kind of clothes I’d like to wear

Fashion or style: Hmmmmm skip

Workout: Cycling

Boy and Girl names: Haven’t really thought about boy names but I’ve always loved Claire/Clare and Dana! 

Potato chip flavour: Chili and nacho cheese

Meal of the day: Breakfast. I love those mornings when I have plenty of time to just chill around before having to be somewhere so I like making a good breakfast :)

Ice cream flavour: Banana chocolate, liquorice and aaaalll the Ben&Jerry’s really

Soda: Mountain Dew?

Popcorn: Good ol’ buttery

Season: Spring bc it’s great to see more and more sun after a long winter but it’s still not too hot like in the summer. Also, there’s stuff like graduation and most of my friends and I have birthdays etc

Month: December bc everything feels so tranquil during Christmas time despite all the holiday fuss and I love it

Word: noooo idea

Disney Princess: Pocahontas 4evah

Eye colour: Green

Dessert: ?????everything??just gimme some

Restaurant: Steak houses man

Language: I really wanna know French!!

I tag: vivinicorn :D

Well Im off to bed I just have one question thou

It appears i have a mouse running around. I can’t use a mouse trap becauce of my cat so so how do i go about capturing it because my cat sure won’t and i dont want to kill it. from its size id say its just a baby If you have any ideas as to capturing it non-lethally please let me know   

The Struggle
  • Me:All right. Time for some crunches.
  • *gets on floor and suddenly the secretary appears from under the bed*
  • Me:Oh, hello. Are you joining me?
  • Secretary:Purrrrrrrrrrr *plops down next to my head and begins to sniff me*
  • Me:Well, I guess if we're both on the floor...*curls up for a snuggle*
  • (A few minutes later)
  • Me:Wait, why was I down here again?
  • Secretary:Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
  • Me:Oh yeah.
  • *snuzzle*
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Birding by Mark Littlejohn
Via Flickr:
Up for three dawns in a row with a total of 9 hours in bed spread across three nights. Gives you some idea of the luck I’ve had when I’m putting up a picture of my cat. This is Reggie looking at the birds on the back wall. Its the first one of Reggie I’m truly happy with. Ronnie is far easier to catch as he appears to be comatose most of the time. No flashy invites and no graphics please. The new Flickr is nice to look at but takes an age to load even without that sort of thing. Graphics will be deleted.

About Me

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Nickname: I don’t really have one, I’m just Megan
Birthday: February 13th
Star Sign: Aquarius~
Gender: female
Height: 5′3″

Sexual Orientation: Straight?
Favorite Colors: purple, white, autumn orange
Jobs: Cashier, hopefully soon to be teller at a bank

Average Sleep: not enough
Lucky Numbers: 13

Fears: being alone, D E A T H of my loved ones or me, losing my cats, not being financially secure
Interesting Scars: I have a small one on my knee its a tiny circle, i also have a line above my elbow that just sort of appeared

Happy Place: in bed with my kitties at home with my parents downstairs and me wrapped in my covers watching the snow fall out the window and the christmas lights on above my bed with vince beside me 

I tag anyone who wants to do this :)

anonymous asked:

do you always feel pretty and confident? any tips how?

woah I don’t always feel pretty and confident! I do love myself and I have days where I feel amazing but I get really really really down about my appearance at times. I like to think that because I’m really active it helps me be a more positive person but I’m not really sure. when I’m really bummed out I take care of myself like shower, shave, put clean sheets on my bed pet my cat etc..


I had a dream where I was at home with somebody. My bed was suddenly two stored, but i had a weird tube around it. My cat was in there. I jumped in to help my cat get out. There was scribling around and my cat fell down even more. I heard more sound and then my cat was taken away by somebody. I ran to my mom and told her, what happened. She told me to stop inventing weird stuff. Suddenly a ravine appeared next to us. It was in our room. Suddenly somebody knocked us out and kidnapped us. We both woke up in a small room, square room. There were turrets all around us. We both were tied together. Somebody came and put tnt in front of us, laughing evily. The said man left, while we struggled to get out. We knew we would die if we wouldn’t get out. Somehow we got free. Turret killed one of their own. A broken one. We heard shooting and we ran. Me and my mom split. I ran and got to a dead end, but there were boxes. Some were with bottles and stuff. I jumped on top of them and got on the other side, where a door was. I heard my mom and she ran to me. We opened the door and ran out. We were now in school grounds. This part i don’t remember so well. We saw people outside. I knew some girl from the group. We opened the door and yelled for them. Asking for help. She came closer, but not too close as there was a ravine. She couldn’t get close. While my mom explained the situation, I ran to a closer window and opened it. Another friend was standing on the left side. I explained to her what happened and asked what to do. She told us to get out. That there was a door to exit. Then I woke up.

Enter Tasha. Approaches, is petted.
Enter Poppet. Notices activity, launches self onto my shoulder.
Cue cats competing for affection.
Tasha: (nonchalantly wanders toward door.)
Poppet: (wants, more than anything, priority access to said door.)
Poppet: (stares.)
Tasha: (stares.)
Poppet: (hisses, hurls self through door, attempts claw sharpening on bed.)
Me: (shuts that shit down.)
Tasha: (appears deeply satisfied.)
Tasha: (attempts claw sharpening in same spot.)
Me: (neither hesitates nor discriminates in shutting this down.)
Tasha: (is irreparably crushed forever.)

Seriously why am I blogging this I’m not even a cat person.