You have just let loose a string of vulgarities so potent that the patron saint of cursing has decided to personally pay you a visit to tell you to calm down.

I can’t even begin to describe how emotional Jen made me with that panel, from the way she was nervous yet excited to talk about her new projects, to her carefree laughs at Zac’s jokes, to her thoughtful inspirational speeches about being a woman and letting yourself be vulnerable

As a young woman who is very career-driven at the moment, so much so that I feel like breaking down half of the time, it means so much to me and to my struggles to know that another woman not only gets it but is also proof that you can make things happen and succeed if you try hard enough

I never could have hoped for a better role model and I am so glad that I, along with many people out there, have her to look up to

And seriously the worst part about all of this is that Namjoon and Jimin are going to blame themselves for this. They’re going to apologize for not taking better care of themselves and for “letting the fans down” because they’ve all said it before and feel terrible for it.

Please don’t, everyone gets exhausted, everyone gets tired, and everyone needs rest. If you really want to make it up to the fans, just please rest and use this chance to take a break. Please don’t worry about the concert or anything, just rest.

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Stiles’ Letter to Lydia:

Dear Lydia, 

There’s not much time. If you’re reading this then I’m already gone, and chances are you have no idea who I am. Honestly, just the thought stirs up some kind of ache in me that I’m not creative enough to put into words. That’s more your area. The only way I can even think of describing it, is that it’s a kind of pain that makes me want to lie down and never get back up again. But don’t worry, I know I can’t do that. Because I know if I give up, I’ll never see any of you again. I’ll never see you again. And it’s the thought of you that keeps me going…keeps me hoping. It’s the thought of your face, and the image of your smile, and the reminder of your green eyes that keeps me holding on. So let me explain everything: 

My name is Stiles Stilinski. 

My dad is the Sheriff of Beacon Hills and I’m begging you not to tell him about any of this. As long as he doesn’t remember, he’s safe and he’s happy. He doesn’t need to lose anyone else he loves. Not again. 

Scott McCall has been my best friend for my entire life. He was bitten our sophomore year of high school and Beacon Hills has never been the same since. Scott always puts the needs of others over the needs of himself, even little bastards who can’t be trusted. I need you to remind him that sometimes it’s okay to put yourself first. 

Malia Tate is…I don’t really know what she is. She’s my friend, I think. I hope. Funny enough that despite being a coyote for most of her life, she’s the one who taught me what it truly means to be human. 

And then there’s you Lydia. I love I’m going to wait to tell you how I feel until we see each other again because we will. Smart and beautiful don’t even begin to describe you. How I feel about you goes so beyond looks and intelligence that I don’t even know how to get you to understand it. I sure don’t. I know you’ll find me, there’s not a doubt in my mind that you’ll come. I want to believe that what we have is impossible to erase. If what you feel for me is even a fraction of what I feel for you, there’s nothing that could ever keep us apart. Any of us. The day after Kira left…I told you that it doesn’t matter where we are or where we’re going. We always find each other. So this isn’t a goodbye, this is a “I’ll see you soon,” because I know I will. 

I’ll see you soon Lydia, 


Like the Back of my hand

Solangelo Soulmate AU

based on @let-gavin-free‘s au: Soulmate au where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker/whatever the hell you want, it shows up on your soul mates skin as well.

Word count: 1,555

tags: #solangelo, #will solace, #nico di Angelo, #soulmate au, #pjo, #katealot

Sample: Will felt that tingling sensation on his forearm that he knew so well. He glanced down and grinned when he saw the intricate pattern of a sunflower appearing in black ink on his skin. Lately his soulmate has been really into flowers. Not that he was complaining or anything…

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BTS dates

His dates would always involve eating obviously whether it be going to a small little restaurant that is always empty and it was like your second home or he would love to stay home and you guys would make dinner together and being the cliche couples on tv and making so many puns 

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His dates are always so nice like he wants to treat you like the princess you are he would like to take you to super expensive 5 star restaurants where you had to get dressed up (he’d buy you the dress of course) and I can see him wanting to go shopping with you and just going store to store letting you pick out whatever you wanted and then you’d help him pick out clothes too 

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Yoongi would love coffee shop dates or going to dog cafes he’d really like going to dog cafes just to watch your face light up when your playing with cute little puppys and he’d love just sitting down and drinking coffee and just talking to you having some good ass conversation 

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He’d like just taking a stroll downtown at night and looking at all the pretty lights and you guys would just be walking hand in hand and he’d swing your arms back and forth and probably try to skip with you and then you guys would see a little ice cream shop and you guys would stop and eat ice cream and giggle with each other the whole time

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His dates would be so cheesy but in the best way possible like he’d want to go dancing or rollerskating but he’d love karaoke too like you guys singing duets and belting out lyrics and you guys just giggling and you guys would sing a duet from like grease or something and you guys would switch so you had the male part and he had the girl part and basically you guys would be sore from laughing 

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Hobi would love going to parks and just running around having fun and jumping on the equipment and he’d bring a lil picnic and you guys sit on a blanket and he would some shit like chocolate covered strawberries and try to feed them to you in a romantic way but it just ended in you almost choking and then you guys would sit on the swings and hold hands while watching the sunset and he’d get so smily bc you guys were being tumblr AF

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He would love any date that was physically and competitive like laser tag or he would love taking you to an amusement park or a fair and take you on all the giant rollercoasters just so you can cling on to him and he would just walk by a booth and just be like “hey jagi you want that stuffed bear” and he’d literally win it in the first try but if he didn’t he probably would’ve went bankrupt trying to win that stupid game but then you guys would make it a competition to see who could win the most stuffed animals and Jungkook would beat you by like a hundred but it was okay bc you got to keep the all

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I'm kinda dissapointed how easily touka went down I was hoping she got extremely powerful and there were some theories about her having a kakuja man

Omg no, she didn’t go down easy at all. Don’t let the fact that she fell to her knees exhausted fool you!

It’s because she’s an Ukaku ghoul and she’s been firing off lightning. Ukakus are specialised for finishing fights quickly. They’re the highest energy kagune because of their more fluid structure (the bonds form and break very quickly between RC cells) so Ukakus aren’t known for Stamina. It’s incredible that she lasted that long and Kiyoko and Mougan even comment on how strong she is.

Not only did Touka hold off 2 Special Class by herself for quite some time, she was also firing lightning. Yomo a few chapters back fell to his knees from exhaustion after firing a bolt of lightning so I think it’s fair to say that’s a huge energy drain. 

I also can’t see Touka being a kakuja tbh. Anytime I try to picture her cannibalising other ghouls, all I can see is her spitting it back out saying “I’m not eating this shit” :’D

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You endorse Joshaya? What the fuck. He’s predatory, taking advantage of a minor, it is literally illegal and glorifying that to the young audience, and sidelining Maya – why can’t she get a guy her own age? Unfollowed.

ok lets break this down bc i do see these arguments a lot

“He’s predatory, taking advantage of a minor, it is literally illegal”

maya is 15. josh is 18. 

its only illegal for an adult to have sex with a minor, and in GMW the characters don’t even kiss. BUT EVEN THEN, maya is not considered a minor by new york laws, so the argument doesnt stand:

“ In New York State, a person who is under age 16 but older than 13 years old can consent to sex with a person who is no more than 4 years older; the crime of the 3rd degree rape only happens when a person over the age of 21 has sex with a person who is under seventeen years old or younger  “

so your argument, calling him predatory and her a minor, doesnt stand, bc even if they did have the sexy times its still legal. 

and josh has literally rejected her so many times on the age grounds so i dont see how he’s being predatory, and he’s finally coming to terms with how he cant see her like a little kid anymore

“Glorifying that to the young audience”

ok honestly, i would rather young girls learning that you should be with someone who knows you and understands you and will wait for you and respect you, exhibit a:

“What I observed about you is that you are the best friend anyone could ever have. Maybe it’s because your dad left. Maybe it’s because you’ve never felt that love. But it gave you the greatest capacity for love that I’ve ever seen.”

instead of being someone who treats you like an option, like lucas always has. i mean honestly i am so anti-lucas who shames her and puts her down for being a little rebellious and literally said in regards to deciding WHO HE WANTED TO BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH that it should be a “group decision” like what the fuck?? thats not how this shit works. he has strung both girls along by refusing to make a decision and literally reducing them both to two options who can take his precious damn time to choose between. like no. i dont want young girls who watch this show thinking that that is acceptable. 

also, theres nothing wrong with a girl dating someone a few years older, which brings me to my next point:

“why can’t she get a guy her own age?”

personally, i was brought up encouraged to date above my age group. there is literally NOTHING wrong with dating a few years ahead, especially when the girl is younger. its scientific knowledge that the female brain is fully matured by 21 while the male brain is not until they are 35. girls are leaps and bounds ahead of their male counterparts and obviously certain lines should be drawn at a certain point, but 15 and 18 is literally a perfect age gap. why can’t she get a guy her own age? she totally can. but she can do so much better than some immature pimply 15-year-old fuckboi. 


bye hoe, you probs shouldnt be following me if you’re 12 anyway 

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Namjoon got a heat stroke, thats not because he's over worked. Let's not jump on the Bighit hate train when they are not responsible. Also jimin did NOT collapse or faint he knelt down really quickly and Jin checked on him. Bighit is seriously the only company that actually gives a damn about their idols so let's not demonize them especially when they did everything right by not letting Namjoon continue when he wanted to

Why are you applauding a fish for swimming? Not allowing the artist to keep performing is basic protocol and it’s sickening that just doing the basic minimum is seen as amazing and caring when that’s just the norm to do in a situation like this. I’m not demonizing them at all, because they are in fact one of the better companies that do look out for the idols because a huge amount of companies would’ve let/made the idol perform, but at the same time, they can do quite a few things better.

They’re booking their schedules to insane proportions. And yeah I get it, it’s great they’re wanted everywhere, it’s amazing that they’re so in demand and at the top of their game right now, but if this keeps up, they’re going to be these lifeless boys that are just flown place to place completely exhausted everywhere they go.

Yeah I’m exaggerating a little bit, but that’s because I’ve seen it happen to other groups. It happens and you can see what it does to these boys.

The way I see it, BigHit is taking the ropes for the first time, that a boy group from such a small and practically unknown company has such a big impact and are gaining the attention they have. BigHit is trying to make as much of them as they can, which is understandable. And they want to have BTS in the spotlight while they’re still relevant because there’s so many rookie groups out now that it makes sense that they want to keep their momentum.

That’s exactly what bts did, they were these rookies that came out of nowhere and now they’re headlining KCON, doing tours left and right, breaking records all over the place, it’s a lot for BigHit to handle.

But really, I applaud them for taking this fame really well. But of course Namjoon would want to continue performing. It’s already happened before where he couldn’t be there with them, and he doesn’t want it to happen again. Taehyung and Yoongi almost fainting, Namjoon hurting his hand a few times, Jin doing the same, Jimin fainting in Japan a while ago, Jungkook getting sick and missing a show, they want to perform together as 7 members. And they want to do everything they can to stay like that, but things happen.

Joker Log

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First Lieutenant Sakuma and the Merry Spies

Disclaimer: Again, please DO NOT upload the artist’s comic. If you do, you will be disrespecting her wishes. I’m only translating this because it’s really funny and entertaining. If anyone sees someone uploading ハル’s work online, please ask them to take it down. That is all, thank you.  

Page 3

[Fight between Hatano Aniki, who would stand his ground no matter what his opponent does to him, and Jitsui Senpai, who holds nothing back for his opponent!!]

Jitsui: If you let your guard down, you’ll get injured you know.

Hatano: Looks like it! (Jojutsu*!?)

162 cm vs 165 cm

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Hey queen love ya ur killing this school thing and every time a Drabble of urs (specifically hoe prince) pops up on my dash I do a lil happy dance

Summer classes are interesting because they’re fast but I think this one got really watered down….
Thank you! He’s a…well, he’s something else to write!

It was the absence of another body that roused her in the morning. She was…back in her own bed. Alone. Without the warm arms she was certain she’d fallen asleep in. Gods…was she ever going to get up the courage to tell him, or would she just flounder for the rest of time? Flip flop until he fell in love with someone else and she moved on to another job?

With a sigh, she threw the covers off and let her feet hit the cold floor. Another day, another long struggle the same as yesterday. Made worse now since she’d dreamed about kissing him instead of just letting daydreams float by on occasion.

When she was dressed, she went to rouse him, a certain grace lost in her step. He was semi-awake when she entered the bedroom, heart sinking at the red marks on his neck. They were fresh, but he was alone. His hair stuck out in every which way, and he sat up when she approached.

He extended a hand to her and she took it cautiously, expected he demand to pull him up—only he yanked her down and she, unsuspecting, tumbled into the sheets.

“You’re sneakier than I thought you’d be, disappearing in the middle of the night,” he teased. “Afraid that waking up in the wrong bed makes it all come true?”

“I’m afraid I don’t—”

“Thanks for the lovebites, by the way. My mother is going to love those.”

“I—” She stopped. “You always have them!”

“Yeah, below the collar, or on the sides of my neck, never on the front of my throat.” He moved to hover over her on his forearms, bare chest over her clothed one. His eyes were bright as they searched her face. “You really don’t remember?”

“I…I was dreaming though.”

“Clearly you weren’t.” His lips were quick against her cheek. “You’re something else, honeybee.”

The heat of his mouth traveled across her face and down her neck, stopping when met with the barrier of her vest’s collar. Cautiously, she brought a hand to lace into his hair, relishing the softness through the bedhead. He chuckled and she could feel the sound resonate in her ribs.

When she tugged lightly, he followed, cupping her jaw before leaning in to kiss her. Even in the morning he was sweet, the sensation of his lips sending little hot shivers down her limbs. It brewed a heat in her stomach, pleasant and warm.

She wasn’t dreaming. She was actually kissing him. The wild, selfish prince had settled upon her. He rolled her onto her side for a better angle and her common sense lost an uphill battle as she snuggled into him, a hand drifting to his neck.

“I want you to share my bed tonight.” It was muffled against her skin, his lips never leaving as he continued to nip and kiss. “Please, Rey? I can’t think of the last time I…I was this happy.”

“…I make you happy?”

“Well, yeah.” He pecked her forehead and squeezed her closer. “You’re important to me.”

“I’ll get to sleep in?”

Obviously.” He untangled himself from her and sat up, fingers struggling to leave her cheek. “I want to check on the flowers now, though. C’mon, we can kiss a little more between the petals.”

Ballsy:  I love it when a new pap pic site comes to light, I go rummaging thru for pics we might have missed.  And looky what I found.  Finally a side pic of So-Fail arriving at Heathrow on the 8th March 2015.  Let’s compare with a similarly angled pic from BoraBora taken the week prior.  How does a pregnant belly, a naked pregnant belly go DOWN that much in size in a week?  Airport security must be super stringent, you have to shrink your unborn baby to get thru.  Gosh!

I’m not even going to bother drawing yellow lines/outlines for this one, pretty obvious without them.

Funny thing too - for some reason the pap pic site actually put up a zoomed in shot of her belly - I cropped the one above, but they included their own cropped version.  Hmmmm.

Fire Meet Gasoline

Author: castielohcastiel

Pairing: Castiel x Demon!Reader

Word Count:1803

Warnings: language, fluff, some angst

A/N: Anon. Request :  Could you do a fic based on the song Fire meets Gasoline? Castiel x Reader.

Song: Fire meet Gasoline by Sia

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Castiel appeared as soon as Dean called for him, startling the Winchester brothers, who stood next to the black Impala. The boys filled the angel in on the current situation, there had been a few too many deaths around the city. “Demons, but I don’t know why they are here,” Sam shook his head, looking around, “But let’s make this quick.” Dean and Castiel agreed, as the made their way to the side of the warehouse.

“Go ahead, kill me. Send me back to hell,” You laugh, spitting the blood that started to fill your mouth, out. Your hands were tied down to the chair you sat in. They wanted answers, they wanted to know where he was. What they didn’t know, was they could never get you to even say his name. It hurt too much. Just thinking about those blue eyes. “Come on, Y/N. You’re one of us. What happened to you?” Laughing at the question, you can’t help but think of the angel. He was everything you needed to hate, needed to fear. And you did at first, but it was over the second you gazed upon the angel in the beige trench coat. It was everything you never knew you wanted. When the angels came after you and the rest of the demons, he lead the way. A force to be reckon with, but those blue eyes faltered when he looked at you. Surrounded by demons and angels, the two of you faced each other and when each side move toward the other, ready to fight, you slipped into the back. You turned your back on hell in that moment and fled into the night. The color blue never left your mind.

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You know what I am absolutely fucking tired of? People writing Tony off as some narcissistic asshole who just wants to get in people’s pants. Like… what the fuck? Tony is a layered character and deserves more than that. I mean, yes. He is known for his sassy remarks. But part of it is his defense mechanism. He doesn’t take joy in tearing other people down. He’s just afraid of letting people in when he’s been betrayed more times than one person should in a lifetime. If your fanfic has a douchey Tony in it, then know that I’m literally cringing through it. #protecttonystark2k16

One year down and more to go!

It’s been a year since we fell in love with each other. You let me enter into your life, you let me love you the way I can do –– completely and unconditionally. You take the risk even if it’s hard to do it because we’re in the same gender. You never expected that you’ll enter this kind of relationship. But it happened. 365 days with you is thrilling and exciting in my every day life. We made a lot of memories, a lot of pictures together around north and south, we fight like dogs and cats, but there’s no day that we let each other get sad and fall asleep fighting. We solve everything properly because of being understanding. 

We made a lot of promises, dreams together, and I hope we will make it all come true. I know we’re still kids, but we love each other like one of a kind. I have so many plans to do with you. We can make everything happen, we will just wait for the perfect timing.

We shared foods in a one roof, we slept together, we cooked together, we make love in different places, had a lot of experience. I can still remember the day when you came over to my house and the mosquitos are sucking your blood in the midnight and I will kill them all just for you to have a good sleep. The little things that we’ve done to each other, the letters,  surprises, and all.

Always remember that no matter what, I am always here for you. I will never, ever get tired of you. Maybe yes, I will get tired but I will never leave you. I will never look for someone else, because I got my eyes on you. You are the only person that I want, the person that I will love. I’m still afraid when the day comes when you wake up in the morning, you are no longer in love with me.

My love, you know how I’m happy and in love with you from the very beginning up to now. My heart will always be with you whatever happens or wherever we go. You will be my one and only, you know that. Even at your worst, you are and will always be enough for me. More loving, more sharing, more everything we dream of. Hope it’s always like that.

I love you so much.
Thank you for everything, @rantsandwords.

With all my love today and always.
Happy 1st Anniversary.