Fitblr: “I used to be at war with my body but now I LOVE it because I have altered it in the gym. I used to starve and restrict myself but now I eat pints of Ben and Jerry’s and cinnamon buns because #yolo and #mental health days. [I also eat a lot of chicken breast and lettuce but those meals don’t typically make it to Instagram]. It is #okay to not have abs because stomachs are supposed to be soft and squishy like mine. Embrace your tummy rolls. Love your cellulite. My big legs and big arms are STRONG and that is all that matters. Fat is okay. Big is okay.”

Fitblr: *posts photo of themselves strategically posed in perfect lighting [low key darkened filter] with protruding washboard abs and their arms to show off their “natural” and “healthy” body that coincidentally has an unhealthy body fat percentage*

it’s literally so inexpensive to be nice to someone like…..

a) for no reason

b) even if they’re being a twat

c) when they look like they need it

d) because being a rude person and having a bad attitude gets you nowhere and taking about 5 seconds to reevaluate a moment or situation and how you’re feeling/handling it is better than making people like shit

i mean…. it’s like free to be nice so why not be nice. the reward is worth it

It’s hypocritical to marginalize people and tell them “if you want something make it yourself”, and then when they do make it for themselves and the rest of their marginalized group you get mad and talk about exclusion

I find it hilarious that all of my friendships are the type of friendship where we’re arguing about how many cows we would pay for each other’s art at 11:00 at night.

sansybonesy  asked:

why do i follow you? hm, gee, i dunno. it's not like i've ever gushed about you before or anything. gosh, i'd have to say it's probably because you are a smol ray of sunshine with a penchant for positively illustrious emotional description. you're the cookies to my tumblr-roleplay tea, oh deity of light-- i could go without, but with it's so much more fun and oh so much sweeter. once you've tried it, why ever go back? i know i wouldn't.

why do you follow the nerd (me) | {x}

I– first off how dare, second off thank

if you’re gonna be this cute & sweet i’ve got to at least (attempt) to match a deity here. can’t promise to live up to your standard and all here, but definitely gonna give it a shot.

let’s start off here: your writing is a poem. all of it. it’s written in this lovely, eloquent language and winds through the mind so well. it’s enchanting, in the very least, and refreshing- reminds me most of the little streams all the time that branch off in so many ways, and you’ll stumble upon one branch and then want to go to the next immediately, and it all connects to one bubbling and serene source. i don’t know how much sense it makes, but congrats, your writing is a stream

honestly though, you’ve got such a lovely grasp of the English language that would literally enthrall near anyone i know. you aren’t just the run-of-the-mill author; you are someone masterful enough to create a poem the general public could even enjoy- none of those long-winded texts we all pour ourselves over, but something you want to dive into. perhaps it bleeds over, as you write poems in general (i can’t to save my life, bless you poets you have the hard job here), but it’s something that soaks into everything you write- in character, out of character.

you’re literally almost like an ethereal figure- and i suppose, as a deity, it would make sense. you’re a lot less grounded- poets tend to be, from everything i’ve seen- and it lends you to a world of possibilities, of unique descriptions and metaphors and vocabulary. i could read a piece of writing and immediately identify it as your own without any sort of immediate hint that it has anything to do with you. it’s the type of writing that you would read out loud, but you’d get passionate and your chest would swell and your voice would crack because it holds so much emotion but in such little discrete ways, tucked away, and it’s so lovely?

i don’t know. i’m super passionate about your writing. it really holds the element that i’ve always craved in everything i read- that sort of mystery. a lot is none too explicit- descriptive enough to know what’s happening. not so descriptive you’re forced to believe it’s happening for one exact cause. it’s just- welp, let’s be real. it’s ‘fantastic, in the lightest sense

i don’t know, i might be feeling mushy today, and this is long, but- yes. here you go. have my words. yes. this is fair

Ryan Ross: I never gave a damn about the weather

The Weather:

Something to remember: People will hate a series because of a ship. Just saying. They really will.

“I don’t hate it because my ship didn’t happen. I hate it because–”

No. A ship is probably behind it. It makes them have a bitter disposition and they pick apart other things to rationalize the fact they are mad or sad over their ship. Even subconsciously. Because it’s hard to like a series where you feel that glaring thing that doesn’t fit in your perceived range of a “good.” Every. Single. Fandom. Does this. It’s like people who say “I don’t gossip.” You know that shit ain’t true. Everybody gossips.

“Inconsistent” tends to mean character development btw. People grow.

So, before you guys start getting worried over Empire of Storms, read it.

Also, a thing to note: Sarah J. Maas probably knew very well she was going to get hate. Very well, I’m sure she knew. She was prepared and she is a Queen. Throw her your love anyway though.


@severeprincesswitch Happy Rhackiversary!! :D It’s been 1 year today since I started shipping these two nerds. Was saving this for today :3 I hope you like it!! Sorry for taking so long!!