The Reflection Tour (San Diego C.A) 28/FEB/2015

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2. GOING NOWHERE                           





7. WORTH IT    



10. WE KNOW      



13. TOP DOWN   


15. BO$$  


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3 Strange-Looking Kinds of Clouds

What do you see in clouds? Bunnies? Zombies? The face of Nic Cage? There are some kinds of clouds that, while rare, make even weirder shapes — like pancakes, rolling cylinders, and shimmery rainbows.


do people not realize how plainly stupid they sound when they say nxt is the solution to #givedivasachance? what are we supposed to do? migrate every woman down to nxt and keep them there? yeah nxt is great for women’s wrestling and all but did you develop selective amnesia that somehow erased the fact that paige and emma came from nxt? gee, and they were two of the people involved in the match that finally kickstarted the #givedivasachance movement

remember when charlotte appeared on raw 3 DAYS before her big title defense against sasha banks, and had a match against natalya that was probably 2 minutes tops including entrances and ended with a cheap roll up loss that made charlotte look like a complete joke? nxt is not the solution stop pretending like it is

You and I Luke Imagine

Anonymous asked: Hey there, can you make a Luke imagine wherein we live together in an apartment (only us) & its 10 am then I woke up & realized that we’re both late for school, so I immediately cooked our breakfast (Luke isn’t awake yet) & later on, he suddenly gives me a back hug & acts so clingy & forces me to stay & not go to school for 2day so I finished cooking & he starts giving me neck kisses while still back hugging until we bring the food in the bed & Luke pulls me back into bed & cuddles

You roll over and smile cuddling into your pillow, the side that cold. Opening one eye, you look at the alarm clock next to you before widening your eyes and jumping out of bed. It was 10am and you were 3 hours late for your lecture.

You quickly run to the kitchen and start to make you and Luke breakfast when you felt someone wrap their arms around you,

“Baby, it’s early. What are you doing up?”

“We have a lecture! We’re already late,” You tell him.

“Just don’t go.”

“Luke, I’ve missed 4 lectures already.”

“That doesn’t matter; you can tell them you were sick.”

“If I keep calling in sick, they’ll find out.”

“They won’t find out.”

“Luke! Pretty soon I won’t be able to go to any lectures at all because my big ass bump will be in the way!” You shout turning to face him; he looks down and smiles putting his hand on your stomach.

“So? You’re 20 years old y/n, not 16.”

“It’s my last year baby,” You whisper leaning up to kiss him.

“Just today.”

“That’s what you said last week.”

“Please,” He begs, you look at him before sighing and turning around to continue cooking breakfast.

“Just one last time,” You mumble.

“Yay!” He shouts wrapping his arms around you and kissing your neck repeatedly.

“Luke, stop! I can’t concentrate,” You giggle flipping over some bacon, you feel him smile as he continues.

“If you complain of burnt bacon I will kill you,” You tell him, he laughs but doesn’t let go.

“Smells nice,” He whispers in your ear.

“It does.”

“My mouth is watering.”

“Don’t put your spit on my shoulder,” You joke, he laughs and squeezes you tighter to him.

“Come on Hemmings, let’s eat upstairs,” You say putting the bacon on the plate and turning to go upstairs,

“I love it when you call me Hemmings.”

“Idiot,” You mumble laughing at him as you walk back up the stairs.

“Hungry idiot,” He laughs, you shake your head and sit back on the bed as Luke jumps over you to get to his side before taking a few pieces of bacon.

“I’m glad you didn’t go today,” Luke says.

“You like it every time I don’t go,” You tell him.

“So? I like to know you’re safe, it get’s busy and people just barge past.”

“I’ll be fine Luke, I can’t stay inside forever,” You say rolling your eyes and eating the last piece of bacon.

“I know you can’t.”

“Then relax and cuddle me.”

“Okay,” He smiles pulling you closer to him. With one hand on your waist and the other on your stomach, you both lay there watching and listening as the day went by.

Sorry if I went off topic a bit by putting in that she was pregnant, and 20! If you don’t like it tell me and I’ll re-do it :)


One Week in 1967

Sunday Morning - The Velvet Underground // Lazy Sunday Afternoon - The Small Faces // Monday Monday - The Mamas and The Papas // Monday - Sonny & Cher // Ruby Tuesday - The Rolling Stones // Tuesday Afternoon - The Moody Blues // Wednesday Morning 3 A.M. - Simon and Garfunkel // Any Wednesday - The Royal Guardsman // Thursday - Country Joe & The Fish // Jersey Thursday - Donovan // Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats // Friday’s Child - Them // Saturday’s Child - The Monkees // Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon - Jefferson Airplane

18 Reasons to Love Camila Cabello
  • 1:Riffs, riffs, riffs, riffs, riffs
  • 2:"It's okay not to be perfect. Your imperfections are what make you, YOU. At the end of the day people like real people, flaws and all. At least I do. And I believe in you."
  • 3:Embraces her inner self and lets it shine through in every aspect of her life
  • 4:This Is How We Roll high note (A.K.A- the death of harmonizers)
  • 5:"Having a pretty mind pretty soul a pretty vibe, all these things are more important than a pretty face or a pretty body."
  • 6:Unconditional love for everybody
  • 7:Meet and greet pictures
  • 8:Her "jokes"
  • 9:"I can't wait for the day when I legitimately do not care what anyone thinks about me that's the best freedom I could ever ask for."
  • 10:Her friendships with all the girls are just so genuine
  • 11:Listens to the fans stories and supports them 100%
  • 12:The fact that people aren't afraid to call her a role model, she's a perfect fit for the title
  • 13:"I hit your butt because you hit my heart <3"
  • 14:Openess with the fans about her personal life, which she doesn't have to be (appreciate what you get)
  • 15:Still not over her solo in impossible
  • 16:"I think every woman should be a feminist."
  • 17:"I was awkward and fangirlin' before XF.. I'm myself and that's not gonna change."
  • 18:She is Karla Camila Cabello and nobody else

Monday stuff…

💕 This weekend was full of so much fun, laughter and yummy food! I’m sad it’s over and I’m back at uni. But today marks exactly 2 months and 10 days until I finish university for good. I can’t tell you how weird it feels to say that… Where does the time go?

🍃 Going to be super motivated this week. Plan my days the night before to ensure minimum procrastination (my forte). Eat healthily. Exercise more. Meditate daily.

💪 I bought myself Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz DVD so I’m gonna give that a go… Get that bikini bod rolling!

❤️ My ex text me this weekend and I haven’t replied. I just want to remind those of you in the same position that if someone doesn’t look after your heart the first time, they sure as hell aren’t gonna look after it the second time. Know your worth and look after yourselves.

🎵 Back at Steel band tonight, can’t wait! Gonna get funky. And speaking of music, I think I’m gonna buy myself an early birthday present…a Reading festival ticket!!! The line-up is PERFECT and plus, CATFISH ARE THERE! 😍

👜 I feel like I need to pack a bag and go exploring very soon… Wanderlust is setting in heavy… I’m torn between getting a job after I leave uni and going to see the world. Ideally, I need a job in radio that allows me to travel. Maybe I can travel to meet you guys who read my blog. Sofa surfing… Who’d let me? I’ll bring snacks. And wine.

yall bout to get so spoiled with this peter pan au smh its already 30 pages and im only halfway through chapter 3 

im so kidding about the spoiled part you guys im just hoping you still even want this thing by the time next friday rolls around

anonymous asked:

More to the sweet anon messages! I have been a longtime follower of your art work and of you and you have been such a huge inspiration. I am working hard to get my own comic off the ground and to get into concept art/storyboading for different companies and your work has always inspired me to get better and better! You are a beautiful person and a wonderful artist :3 and you and bee are crazy cute! Haha

I don’t even know what to say anon ugh fuck you follow your dreams and work super hard and keep chasing your dreams and being lovely because you deserve the world okay?

//rolls into a blanket burrito and smooches u from across the country

Do you want to here my voice?

I want to sing! So if any of you want to here me let me know which one of these song you want me to try. And I’ll post it tomorrow :
1. Fallin’ - Alicia Keys
2. Addicted to you - Avicci
3. Chandelier - Sia
4. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
5. Dangerous - David Guetta
6. Rolling In The Deep - Adele
7. Maloya Kabosé - Davy Sicard (Creole)
8. Toxic - Britney Spears
9. Cry Me a River - (don’t know the original singer)
10. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

And you have other propositions let me know

Have a nice day! Xx Rachelle

punkcorahale asked:

oh oh oh. for the drabble thing: #38 with malia/lydia. if you dig it. <3

I totally dig. <3

Lydia wakes up in the infirmary at school and she’s hot. Or cold? All she knows is that she feels terrible and isn’t certain what just happened. She remember being in class though. Then nothing.

“I’m not leaving until she wakes up!” Lydia hears Malia shouting at the nurse.

Rolling her eyes, she turns on her side to glare at Malia and croaks, “I’m awake, Malia. Chill. What the hell happened?”

Nurse Kravinsky pushes her way past Malia to Lydia’s cot. “You just had a spell in Mr. Harris’ class. You’re running a 101 fever and I think that you may have the flu. I’m trying to keep your friend away so that you don’t get her sick.”

The way she says friend like it’s a curse word makes Lydia laugh, which turns into a moan.

“I’m just going to call your mother,” the nurse says while glaring daggers at Malia.

Once she’s out of earshot Lydia asks, “So what really happened?”

With all of the supernatural creatures that they deal with, one can never be too sure. They’ve had to lie to the hospital before, so this wouldn’t be a big deal. But Malia surprises her with the answer. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

She says it with such sincerity that they both fall into a fit of giggles.

Behind them Nurse Kravinsky clears her throat and Malia announces, “Okay, okay. I’m leaving now.”

“One more thing.” Malia leans down to press a sweet kiss to Lydia’s brow. “Feel better. I’ll see you at home.”

“Love you,” Lydia whispers as Malia is walking out the door. It’s too low for the nurse to hear, but she knows that her girlfriend’s supernatural hearing will pick it up.

She knows for sure because Malia pops her head back in and mouths the same back.

send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble

I was tagged by getseth ^^ thank you lovely ~

List 15 things that make you happy then tag 15 people! I doesn’t have to be in any particular order.

I tag: kirschteinswaifu avengingthelevisquad jaegerbombastic koneko-eren yourweeaboobs grumpy-little-levi flawlesslevi pencil-only erens-armin erensbae hot-for-heichou kirschstiny hipster-armin tinycaptainlevi ackerqueen

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I want to be the fish swimming in your ear when you only see angles
the tunnel and the light at the end of it
that turns into the moon, I want to light up your darkest hour
I never liked getting dirty but I’ll roll in the mud with you in the rain
until it’s too cold and I know our hands are clean enough to dust each other off
I want to be every atom in your hair, every cell keeping your head warm when it’s cold out
I want troubles to be afraid when we walk into a room
Separately and together
because they’ve heard about us, and they know we mean it

slothy-cleric asked:

Top 5 songs.

In no particular order. What kind of question is this? You’re a horrible sister. I enjoy these songs for personal reasons. Favorite? What is that?

1. Rolling Girl - Miku Hatsune

2. Blackboard - Nano

3. Clean Freak - Soraru

4. Be - Song Riders

5. Unravel - TK from Ling Tosite Sigure


whatsittoclare said:4 AND 21 AND 22 xo

4:(truth) What is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you? (dare) Post the oldest selfie on your camera roll.
TRUTH: ummm i don’t know for definite but i remember doing cross country in primary school and my friend was an amazing runner but i fell over and she stopped ran back to see if i was okay and ran the way with me and lost out on a top 3 position
DARE: i apologise to the internet for 16year old me and my introduction to webcam selfies.

 21:(truth) What three fictional characters would you most like to meet? (dare) Write your name down on a piece of paper and draw a quick picture of yourself. Take a photo of it and post it.
TRUTH: Lupin, to hug him
DARE: i can’t draw for shit

22:(truth) What are three things you’re looking forward to? (dare) Tag the last three people you reblogged posts from, and estimate how many followers they have.

TRUTH: Italy, Glastonbury, Seeing Devon again
DARE:i’m so bad at guessing sorry
 siegfriedlorainesassoon : bordering 200
pickupaperper : over 150?
pamplem0-0se : i’ve been following you ages so i guess you’ve had this ages so like 200 + ?

stella-gaybson asked:

27, 29, 30

27. (dare) Post a picture from your camera roll that you’ve been meaning to post on tumblr.

Here is a picture of me holding a puppy on a sheep farm in Scotland and looking really ugly but also probably the happiest I’ve ever been

29:  (truth) What are your worst habits?

Going to bed at 3 am or later, picking at the skin around my nails, picking my skin in general, skipping meals because I get distracted, reading things I know are going to upset me

30:  (truth) What is the last thing you did that you have to keep secret from someone? Who do you have to keep it secret from?

Ummm ok so this is probably tmi but I recently bought a vibrator which is something I wanted to keep secret from my parents but THE VERY NEXT DAY someone tried to steal my identity. And my permanent address is my parents’ house so that’s where the bank called first. And I was still asleep so my mom went through my bank account to make sure there weren’t any purchases on there that I didn’t make, so now I don’t know if she saw it or not. I know the guy I talked to from the bank did, because he was like “Ok let’s look at your account, what’s the last thing you remember using your card on?” And I was like “Uhh…I bought something last night…” And when he got to it he started laughing. It was terrible.


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1. Why did you choose your URL?
I choose it because I had KrazieKat2112 as a username for a while and I wanted to keep Krazie in there but also wanted it to sound a little more  mythical?

2. What is your middle name?

3. If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
I think a dragon would be rad— or a Felione (my species) 

4. Favorite color?
Neon purple or charcoal grey

5. Favorite song?
Dear Rabbit :D well … at the moment 

6. What are your top three fandoms?
I’m actually not in any because no one wants to noob out with me //rolls 
But MLP Is the closest thing since my sister and I both like it. 

7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?
Uhhh because my favorite artists are active here and despite the hate messages I get it really makes me happy when someone likes what I do.

8. Tag all 9 of your Tumblr crushes (they have to answer the eight questions, too.)

lilskullkid golden-shark-goddess riddlemeroxy gamzeecutie rebornica stella-lupam drsketches brooke-the-night-guard totalkuudere 
You don’t have to but you’re much tumblr crushes!