The Sound of Silence

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 9 : The Sound of Silence
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 8 : Things We Lost in the Fire
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 7 : Something Against You
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 6 : The Me Nobody Knows
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 5 : Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 4 : Old Time Rock'n Roll
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 3 : I Choose You
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 2 : Walking Tall
Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Episode 1 : Sledgehammer

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 Full Episode!

Watch Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 full episodes 1080p Video HD

Follows the personal and professional lives of a group of doctors at Seattle’s Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

List Of Episode Season 12:
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 1 : Sledgehammer
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 2 : Walking Tall
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 3 : I Choose You
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 4 : Old Time Rock'n Roll
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 5 : Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 6 : The Me Nobody Knows
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 7 : Something Against You
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 8 : Things We Lost in the Fire
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 9 : The Sound of Silence
Grey’s Anatomy Episode 10 : All I Want Is You

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Aly please write coliver getting cock-blocked due to Asher and like even if they try, a drunk Asher ruins it XD plzzzzz

Here you go <333 Poor Ollie lmao. He did nothing to deserve this lol.

Connor turns off the television and quietly sets down the remote.

The clock on the cable box reads 11:42 PM. A bit late for them considering he and Asher have to be in court in the morning, and Oliver has work. But given Asher’s current state, he’s desperate to do anything to distract the man. And if that means feeding him the contents of their liquor cabinet, and playing Halo 3 until his eyes want to roll out of his head, all to keep him from thinking about his dad’s suicide and Emily Sinclair’s murder and the subsequent cover up, then he’s willing to do it. 

It doesn’t hurt that it helps keep his own mind off of things. 

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I finally got a better quality camera! Yay!

Marichat to commemorate my new camera! <3

My sketches are better than my coloring actually

please don’t repost

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon when Chat Noir ‘accidentally’ fell on Marinette’s bed.


Marinette jumped in fright at the unexpected sound. Looking up from her sketches from the foot of her bed, her eyes spotted silky golden strands of hair capped with cat ears.

“What are you doing here kitty?” Marinette said, confusion but not apprehension sketched on her face.

Chat grinned sheepishly (or should I say cat-ishly) at her. “I fell through your roof.”

Marinette rolled her eyes. This counted as number 14 in the list of Lame Excuses Chat Noir Use. 

“Well then,” Marinette said, “Don’t disturb me. I’m working on a project that’s due next month.”

Chat nodded his head obediently and opted in watching her sketch her designs. Intricate lines and patterns weaved through the white paper as ideas moved from the mind to the pencil.

She was amazing in her own right.

“Hey, princess.” Chat said quietly. There was a gentle hum in response, indicating that she was listening. “Why do you put up with me?”

From what he gleaned from the public, if Chat didn’t have Ladybug, he would’ve been singled out as a villain. It would be true, wouldn’t it? He had the power of destruction.

And even if he didn’t, more often than not, people would get tired of him and his puns. But Ladybug, though annoyed, didn’t mind. Marinette as well.

So, why?

Marinette paused and her eyes flickered to him. She smiled warmly. “Is a reason needed? You’re my friend, Chat.”


She was his friend. He was her friend.

That word resonated around him, giving him a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Something good like cuddling in the bed with a good book on a rainy evening. Something good like marshmallows in hot chocolate. Something good like family dinners and late nights watching an old favorite film.

Something good.

“Did that answer your question?” Marinette asked.

Chat Noir looked away and said softly, “…yes.”

She was something good. She was his friend.

And he didn’t want it any other way.

Okay, why’d a drabble come out? This isn’t part of the DD Series so DD14 will still come out on Feb. 14! (we all know the reason why)

So, no updates in Dabble in Drabbles. But that doesn’t mean I won’t dabble with drabbles. :D Gettit? Gettit? No? Okay.

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I thought Josh was Donovan until last night


let me make you realize and remember

Josh Diaz:

  • sweet cinnamon roll
  • face forged by the God himself
  • saved both scott’s and kira’s life (undirectly and directly)
  • he was the only pack member to take care of Corey when he was hurt, while the rest left him for dead 
  • 6ft tall 
  • voice that could make a girl come just by hearing it
  • his roar sounds like a t-rex <33
  • mini thor
  • probably bi


11/10 BACK

purple eyes + he got hight on electricity <3


  • satan
  • worse than theo raeken
  • angry 
  • like nobody in the fandom liked him
  • wanted and tried to kill two innocent men 
  • he kinda looks like a frog
  • not so tol
  • not so cinnamon
  • dat him


Motivation Spell For A Friend

what you’ll need

  • a small bottle
  • lavender essential oil -  (clarity of thought)
  • orange essential oil -  (lifts those who are down)
  • cumin -  (wards off negative energy)
  • paprika - (energy) 
  • cinnamon - (inspiration and passion)
  • a pen and paper
  • a red candle

first, cleanse your work space. second, add the spices to the bottle, followed up by the essential oils. 3 drops of each should be enough. now, start writing down the persons name, followed by your goal for them, whether it be the motivation to draw or write, or the determination to do other activities. 

once this is done, roll up the slip of paper and stuff it into the bottle. then, light the red candle. as its burning, imagine the negativity thats blocking their creativity being banished from them, and then being replaced with the smoke and energy thats coming from the candle. once this is done, drip the wax from the candle into the bottle. close it with the lid, then shake it around while closing your eyes, imaging motivation consuming your friend.

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Oh my gosh so I just found your dancetale au and I LOVE IT A LOT. And I just needed to drop in and make sure you had seen this video because I am a huge fan of frisk getting sans to dance with them. No one can resist the cinnamon roll! /watch?v=6aspJD9LeNI

Thank you so much! ;___; I love that video, omg. Frisk is Sans determination to dance again the Dancetale AU after all ;u; Thanks for sharing! <3

//Sorry I didn’t make any replies today ;w; Shimeji-Flicker is so inspiring to work at and I’m just so excited about the idea that I’ll get a lil cinnamon roll to keep me company at my desktop ;w; (and of course if other people are interested to get him too!)

Here’s a few sneak peeks, hopefully they’ll make up the lack of replies ;w;/

That’s all for now, I really need to go to get some rest now ´w` Take care, everyone! You’re awesome and I really hope you’re having a nice day!

Good night ´w`/ <3//

How to make Fawn/Deer horns (the stubs)

Things you’ll need:
-Toilet paper roll
-fake fur
-masking tape
-paint brushes
-paint (acrylic is best)

1. Cut the roll from one end to the other so it’s wide open. 
2. Cut the roll in half the long ways
3. roll it into the shape you want the horn
4. tape it with the masking tape
5. Mix brown and white paint until you get the color you want
6. put the horn on something long and apply the paint inside and out
7. Blow dry it till done
8. Wrap flowers or whatever else you want on the horns base. 
9. apply hot glue to the head band
10. use the flowers to help you glue the horn down
11. Use chalk/chalk pastels to outline the ear on the fur you have
12. Cut out the ears
13. Apply glue to the headband
14. Glue the base of the ear flat to the headband.
15. Pull the base of the ear back and attach it to the back of the ear
16. Tuck the base of the front a little

congrats! Now you have your ears! :3

Hope these are easy to follow @askswiggityswaegererenjaeger!

Have a pickle while you wait.

Andrei (wrinkling his nose): ……… I don’t….

Pickles are not a vegetable, despite many men attempting to make the case for it and having their wives roll their damn eyes at them about it.  (True story.)  It IS phallic and weird but….. IDC, for some reason.  They’re lumped in with rainbow popsicles.  xD  Harf away.

Andrei: !

………… whatever.  xD

Love Triangle pt.5

-Finally! As promised, part 5 has arrived! It’s rather short (you’ll know what I mean when you read it), but the next one should make up for it. I hope you enjoy it!

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4

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Your POV

I wake up next to Moonbin as I stretch out and roll to where I’m facing him. I poke his nose as I wait for him to wake up. He sniffs and shakes his head, rubbing him eyes before opening them. He gives me a tired smile and pushes my face away. “Excuse you, mister!” I say as I push his face as well.

He simply laughs at me as he sits up and fluffs out his hair. He looks over at me, a big smile spreading across his face, “ready to choose between Eunwoo and Minhyuk?” I roll my eyes and smack him with a pillow. Of course I wasn’t ready to choose! I get up and my way to the bathroom, grabbing a change of clothes. I knock on the door, getting no answer I sigh in relief knowing that means no one else is awake. I take my time in the shower, letting the boiling hot water warm my muscles.

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Between the Lies (5)

Chapter 1 / Chapter 2 / Chapter 3 / Chapter 4

“Hey, Matt…how was your imaginary date?”

“It was fine, and very non-imaginary, thank you.” The Stormtooper glanced at Zach, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, don’t mind him,” Zach chuckled. Matt couldn’t ever recall seeing him in a bad mood. “He just upset because he hasn’t had a date in three years.”

“It hasn’t been that long. You know, I just find it hard to imagine that Matt has found someone he likes even more than Kylo Ren.”

“I already told you,” Matt groaned. “I’m not…interested in him.”

“Then who are you interested in? Is it someone we know?” He snorted.

“He’s a very high-ranking officer, far too important to bother speaking to someone like you.” The Stormtrooper decided to ignore the insult.

“Do you know who he is, Zach?” The other man shrugged, glancing through statistics or some such nonsense on his datapad. “He’s making this up. A high-ranking officer and a radar technician? Sounds like some kinda fantasy from a romance novel or something.” Matt’s eyes scanned the cafeteria for a few seconds before proceeding to undo his top two buttons, revealing a dark purple bruise. Seeing the other men so taken aback, he allowed himself a rare smile, radiating an uncharacteristic confidence.

“Does this look made up?”

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‘Here’s my tip: lure her down to Kitchenware and brain her with a skillet.' 
'Holly. It’s a golden opportunity. There are lots of pointy things there too, if you prefer. But basically a simple smack with a rolling pin would do fine.’

Skull in a jar, The Hollow Boy

-Jonathan Stroud

current 15 fave songs

thanks for tagging me @virusyeol 😄
1. chained up//vixx
2. 뱁새 //bts
3. hate//4 minute
4. if you do//got 7
5. hello bitches//cl
6. bae bae//big bang
7. roll deep//hyuna
8. view//shinee
9. house of cards//bts
10. good boy//gdragon x taeyang
11. a.d.t.o.y//2 pm (the mv tho)
12. hush//miss a
13. just right//got 7
14. el dorado//exo
15. sentimental//winner
okayyy imma tag @hobiworld @kimseokjinsprincess @taemilkshake you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to!