Even though sewing is easy for him, Gerome thought maybe he’d reach out to his father by asking him to patch up his torn sleepwear.

He regretted this decision almost immediately

…even though he secretly loved it 


Based on the relationship tile the dorks just landed on

…I could stitch “Papa’s Pride and Joy” on the back.”  –Frederick, the papa. 


Our Dorks are Back~

5sositoff asked:

yo! i have an about me page on my blog and my face is my url/tagged/myface (wow so creative) and okay I've been reading this book called the heir (its the 4th in the selection series) and omg so many feels. theres this dork named kile in it and yeah its awesome. and I've finally watched every single supernatural episode on netflix and I'm dying because I NEED MORE! (lol idk what else to talk about:) but yeeeeah

Oohh, are the books really good? Maybe i’ll check them out, but honestly I have SO many books I need to read haha. I’ve never watched supernatural, but it’s on my series list that I need to check out! So many series so little time! Same with the books haha. 5sositoff

AND OMG I live in Florida as well!

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Want this?

Baby, love never felt so good
And I’d die if it ever could
Not like you hold me, hold me

‘cause I heard this short but awesome cover and I had to find a full acoustic version of the song

AHHH so i’ve been dating my best friend richardarmitakeme for two months now and i am a huge goofball incapable of being serious for longer than 2 seconds so i figured i’d let some songs illustrate how i feel for her. happy 2 months kourtney! here’s to hopefully many, many more. <3


1.) i do adore - mindy gledhill 2.) the only exception - paramore 3.) i’d rather be with you - joshua radin 4.) such great heights (cover) - alice kristiansen 5.) every night - paul mccartney 6.) still into you - paramore 7.) don’t worry baby - the beach boys 8.) sweet and low - augustana 9.) come on get higher - matt nathanson 10.) stolen (dashboard confessional cover) - helene enriquez