okay tomorrow i will try again, and you will?

give the painful earnest hemingway another chance.

you know, it makes me really sad when luke girls are so quick to turn their backs on him and write him off as so many bad things for the sake of hate trends that happen way too often with my stardust boy like lukes made me pissed, annoyed, sad - whatever, i know he isnt perfect but thats just being human and even on the worst of luke days (which really rarely happen despite how many days ppl choose to hate on him) hes still my favorite boy in the world™ i have so much love in my heart for the amazing, soft, sweet, gentle giant that is luke hemmings and i just dont understand how anyone could have even an ounce of hate for him let alone ppl who are meant to stick by him even through the hard times

Y’all that slept on how just how sexy Jung Hoseok can be?

Time for your damn wake up call.

Those erasermights where they are staring at each other with soft eyes have something so beautiful and delicate in them. Toshinori has that slightly nervous and happy aura around him while Aizawa is wearing a really subtle but meaningful smile and they just look so happy and in love with each other that I cry. 

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when you write something and then realize after the fact that it has all sorts of symbolism and deeper meaning than you intended like… nice.

Dear Bhai,

Today, you would have turned 25. It is truly amazing. You’ve been gone for five years now…and yet, your presence is still felt. Your smile, your laugh…you light up a room just by walking through the door. You were always so kind. So chill. Perhaps that’s why you left the world so soon: you were simply too good for this world.

There is so much I have to say but now that I have the chance…I don’t know what to say. I just want to say thank you.

You were so horrible. Remember pulling out my dollies’ limbs and throwing them into the toilet? Remember bullying me in front of your friends? Locking me outside because you and your friend was playing video games?

I hate this. I still miss you.

I still remember. Holding my hand when we walked to school. Making sure I ate, even if it meant feeding me yourself. Showing me how to make friends. Playing ‘make believe’ with me, giving the best bear hugs, reading to me, teaching me about the world, being my protector, …

Being the best friend a little girl could ever ask for.

Thank you for the memories. It still hurts to remember. ..but even the worse memories of you have become bitter sweet. I will never forget you and I know you’re looking out for us from above.

Apparently, time works different up there. When you blink, I’ll probably be there too. We’ll see.

See you on the other side. I love you and miss you so much❤❤❤