For a while, I was a little miffed that the final scene of the Cullen romance takes place in the Inquisitor’s quarters.  We had a theme going!  A theme of shameless semi-public sexytime!  Sure, Commander Kitten corners her at the party, but they don’t get up to anything there. 

Then I realized that Cullen’s “I have no idea” probably turns into sex against the door to the great hall.  The great hall which is still full of important party guests. Where the music is loud, but not too loud, and who knows what could be overheard if one isn’t careful. 

Look at the way the Inquisitor backs into the stairwell.  That is the ridiculous hip-waggle of a woman who knows exactly what she is doing.  

(It is also the ridiculous hip-waggle of woman who learned everything she knows about seduction from Swords & Shields, but this is a storyline involving romantic chess games, so.  Stay nerdy you two.) 

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I dont wanna talk about [insert name]. [insert name] is a fucking fucker whos been ruining my life so bad I actually need to shake up my own brain at random moments to pay attention to what I do or what a friend is saying to me. [insert name] got me over the edge of acceptance and I can now definitely say I CANNOT WITH HIM ANYMORE. THATS IT. I QUIT. IM DONE. HAD ENOUGH. CANT TAKE THIS ANY LONGER. JUST THINKING UP HIS NAME IS PAINFUL. MY POOR TAINTED SOUL. FUCK THAT BLEACH BLOND HAIRED BANANA.



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Words are difficult.
Don’t even get me started on feelings and
Expressing emotions.

I never knew how to truly vocally specify to those around me what is truly going on in my head
That’s why I turned to writing.

But then, what if I need you to know what I’m feeling?
But I can’t always show you my writing, can I?
How else then, am I supposed to let you know that I’m hurting?
That it’s bothering me? That I wish you’d stay, that I hoped that this wasn’t the last time I was talking to you
and that I need you to know I’m willing to wait
Till you are ready to speak to me again?
How else shall you realize, without me having to spell it out,
As much as it may seem that I don’t need you,
I do.

And I’ve learnt, it’s not just me who’s doing that:
The whole experiencing emotions thing.

We can only speak to one another in so many ways
No matter how limitless the Oxford English Dictionary may seem,
There is a first page and and a last page in that book.

Sometimes words aren’t enough to mend, what I thought couldn’t be fixed
Sometimes we forget that others have feelings too,
And when something goes wrong, there’s more than just us trying to pick up the pieces
There are two ends at every rope, and while I struggle at one end,
I hate that I forget that somewhere on the other end, I’m hoping you keep holding on as well.

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on a very stormy night when the lighting strikes shion thinking he sees nezumi and in a short state of delirium he goes outside but theres no one there and he cant even feel the tears because of the rain and karan probably has to bring him back in and calm him down im so down for shion missing nezumi just so sooo much but it hurts

bye soul there it went

  • me:[takes one look at Maya 2015]
  • me:[looks into the camera like I'm on the office]

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gustav gustav oi oi oi :D I'm excited about their new home island Dragons Edge and them living by themselves.. ooh.. def hoping for some roommate conflicts!

GUSTAV GUSTAV OI OI OI!!! I love that guy and I am one hundred percent hyped that he is coming back in Race to the Edge with Fanghook. I can’t wait to see what an older Gustav looks like.

And roommate conflicts? I would totally be on board with this. Toooootally.

Basically, I’m just so stoked that the writers say they’re trying to make it enjoyable for adults, kids, and hardcore fans complete with Easter Eggs, and that they’re going to develop everyone’s personality and relationships with one another. That just sounds gold.

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I feel ya. That said, you are a beautiful sunshine flower, in a positive, yet non-generalised, way. You make my tumblr experience extremely pleasant, and I admire both your writing abilities and the vast store of knowledge you have on your topics of interest. So I, at least, am smiling, even if it's none of my business whether you are. ;)

Ahh, thank you! /)w(\ Same to you, though. This was very sweet of you.