Choosing to not vote for Clinton OR Trump is basically saying you’re throwing your vote away. You might as well NOT vote. Save your gas, stay home. Take a walk. Play with your family.

If you sincerely feel that casting your vote for someone other than the big-ticket two will make a damn bit a difference, then you clearly aren’t as politically-savvy as you’d like to think.

But hey, I’m just a ‘kid’ to you, the older generation, so clearly I don’t know what I’m talking about. Go vote 3rd Party, go scribble in Bernie’s name, or vote Jill, or whatever weird idea people have now. It’s not going to make a difference. It’s going to be Hillary OR Trump.

As far as I’m concerned, the older generation can just fuck off about voting anyway. You’re ridiculous. Stop getting in the way of the country. It shouldn’t belong to you anymore.

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this is an unwell amount of turtles


Logging into Tumblr and Twitter and seeing the Batgirl/Batman relationship in the DCAU: “The Killing Joke” drama unfolding.

Shit’s getting wild!

Bruce is too busy with justice to get it on with the commissioner’s daughter. And Barbara would throw up and probably throw a punch if Bruce tried to make out with her.


Last part of the story meme

Baby’s first dead mommy

Also, I recommend listening to this song while reading:

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My birthday is this week :3 So... what would Hanzo do for his s/o? Reaper, Genji, and Tracer for their s/o too if you'll do more :)

Ah happy birthweek!! I hope you have a spectacular birthday beb c:


  • Hanzo would completely and utterly pamper his s/o on their birthday
  • Simply wouldn’t let them lift a single finger and would do everything he could to spoil them
  • Has probably planned for this day since the beginning of this year like this boy has got his shit together for real
  • Starts the day by making them breakfast and hand picking them flowers while they sleep, so that they automatically wake up to a surprise and a blushing Hanzo (which is mostly a treat in itself!)
    - Also the flowers would be some blush ranunculus with white sweet peas wrapped around it 
  • Hanzo plans stuff for his partner to do throughout the entire day like going to their favorite place to eat for lunch, taking them shopping anywhere for anything they want, and making sure they feel absolutely special on their day
  • After a big day full of small surprises and fun stuff for them to do, he takes them home for the last surprise which is a romantic dinner he made himself (because no one can tell me Hanzo isn’t a romantic and can cook okay)
  • There’s a candle lit table, little rose petals all over the place and the lights are all dimmed the whole shabang you know and you know he’s playing their favorite music on a stereo (even if it isn’t romantic bc he doesn’t care and it’s about them) and he serves them a romantic dinner
  • Probably hand feeds them if they’ll allow it because even though he pampers his s/o everyday, he feels he has to go above and beyond today because overall he wouldn’t know what he’d do had they not been born
  • The remainder of the night is definitely filled with loads of kisses and dessert (store bought because he can cook, not bake there is a difference, but he’ll never tell his s/o that) and the night ends in a ton of canoodling and overall is a really romantic day


  • Reaper is awkward about birthdays I think because I feel like he didn’t really have a good experience with them himself 
  • However that wouldn’t stop him from trying 
  • I believe Reaper would try throwing a surprise party and would try the whole “oh no I forgot today was your birthday thing”
  • tbh he’d be almost a little too good at it like not seeing them in the morning and when they tried contacting him he’d not say much except about how his day has been totally boring up until that point 
  • Would probably fake some kind of event like “Oh I think I am going to hang out with Jack after work today what are you doing?”
  • I think he’d definitely be a little amused if his partner was getting a little mad, but I feel like he’d feel a little bad if they were getting sad or upset, but he’s really good at keeping secrets so there is no way this surprise is getting ruined 
  • He probably gets someone like Tracer or to distract his s/o from going to their house as he spends hours setting up the place and getting all his s/o’s friends and family there and he puts a lot of thought into it
    -Can I have a moment to imagine Reaper getting snappy at Soldier76 not getting the right colored streamers because they don’t accent his s/o’s eye color correctly and Jack just gives him the deadpan “if you don’t shut the fuck up” look
  • Anyways, it’s getting late and lets be real chaos is probably ensuing because reaper is probably making this harder than it needs to be and by the time it’s time to get things in action he’s panicking and stressing and this is why he isn’t a birthday fan
  • He’s quickly making everyone hide and turning out the lights and telling everyone to shut up and before you know it his s/o is turning on the lights and the giant surprise from everyone likely startles the crap out of them
  • However, the big smile on their face is super sweet and melts Reaper’s heart when they look to him with the most loving look and he’s blushing hardcore I tell you
  • The night is full of laughing and kissing and probably cake smashing in faces and it’s all very fun
  • Reaper doesn’t give his present to his s/o until they are alone and the party is over because it’s personal and is likely something super sweet and he isn’t really about to embarrass himself in front of everyone just yet
  • The night ends in lots of kissing and you can bet he likes birthdays a little more after that day because seeing his s/o smile like that was worth all of it


  • So, lets be real Genji didn’t remember his s/o’s birthday until the day before when someone else mentioned it
  • He’s panicking to the max because he’s always been very forgetful, but he cannot believe he postponed planning until this point
  • But it’s okay because Genji makes up for it by spending the entire day before planning it all out and probably loses sleep over it
  • Decides to take his s/o to do a bunch of fun things like if there is a carnival in town he definitely chooses that or to do something like roller skating or go laser tagging with the entirety of their overwatch friends, or even to an amusement/water park nearby
  • Probably something a little childish, but something super fun that makes his s/o smile 
  • Buys a really corny birthday hat for his s/o to wear all day like this or this 
  • Definitely has the all his s/o’s family, friends, and the overwatch crew looking like this all day long
  • Probably bursts through his s/o’s door first thing in the morning singing happy birthday really obnoxiously and throws confetti on them in bed
    -However, he’s not all shits and giggles. He does bring a bouquet of flowers and plants a ton of kisses all around their face as he tells them happy birthday a million times
  • After the fun of the day and getting to go out and have a blast with some of their friends, he does something a little more romantic and just for the two of them like a small picnic somewhere either special or just with beautiful scenery 
  • You know he’s cracking jokes and being amusing the whole time, but he plans to end the day at sunset and gives them a very passionate kiss and probably confesses to planning everything last minute and that he’s sorry
  • But he’s rewarded with another kiss because it’s okay and the day was spectacular anyways and the fact that he tried so hard and actually did a good job means a lot
  • The rest of the evening is filled with some sunset background, making out on the picnic blanket and him taking goofy pictures with his s/o in their goofy birthday hat


  • Makes a super big deal out of her s/o’s birthday and is talking about it weeks before it happens
  • Plans a really big party, but it’s not a surprise or anything because Tracer probably couldn’t keep a secret like that hidden due to her own excitement for it
  • She gets everyone in overwatch to help like getting Lucio to dj the party and the junkers to make homemade fire works for the occasion 
  • Her and Hanzo both work on a big, colorful birthday cake together and I mean its large and is all of her s/o’s favorite flavors
  • The party is full of dancing and her and her s/o definitely spend a lot of time getting saucy on the dance floor
  • It’s super fun and up-beat until present time because Tracer gets them a very heartfelt gift and things get a little emotional but of course Tracer kisses the mess out of them until everyone is laughing and happy again
  • Tracer absolutely 100% makes them make a wish as they blow out their candles and scolds everyone that asks them what they wished for because obviously the wish won’t come true if her s/o tells
  • I won’t lie to you there IS a bouncy castle and most definitely does Tracer jump and giggle with their s/o in it because you know that’s what you do at parties it’s only common sense
  • That is until Reinhardt pops it by jumping too aggressively in it (poor babi was having too much fun and broke it, this is why we cannot have nice things)
  • Anyways cake and presents are done and it’s nearing night time and so Tracer brings everyone together to watch the fireworks 
  • There was almost a mishap with the fireworks and everything almost caught on fire but they didn’t so that’s all that matters!
  • Tracer and her s/o definitely share kisses and giggled throughout the fireworks show and are definitely holding hands until the night is over
  • Overall Tracer did a good job despite how crazy it was because it was super fun