Sure wish i had actual good tastes in music and games, or knew good stuff, because it’s all either trash or the most unknown thing in the universe that make people go ???


So this is how dates work right

Modern AU with nothing special going on, no aliens, no magic space lions, nada.

Shiro works as a social worker and helps out at a private institution for orphans that aren’t good fits for regular foster homes. Keith is a kid whose parents died when he was young and he was sent to his next of kin. Spoiler: They’re awful. They get a call from a concerned neighbor and it turns out Keith had been severely neglected to the point where he’s mostly nonverbal, and Shiro’s workplace takes custody of him.

Shiro was the first one on the scene and he was the one who coaxed Keith out of the house, he made sure to speak softly and tell him that he was safe and, when he figured out that Keith couldn’t or wouldn’t speak, made sure to ask yes or no questions that he could nod or shake his head to. Because he didn’t even have a change of clothes, Shiro gave Keith his jacket and let him keep it and now Keith just latches onto him instantly.

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Hey @auntiemama1 here are some more you can rate lol

Daniel Radcliffe

Ryan Reynolds

Chris Pine 

James McAvoy

Sebastian Stan

Chris Pratt

Charlie Hunnam

Charlie Cox

Ben Barnes 

John Krasinski

Paul Rudd

And these ones lol

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do you sometimes see a post on your dash about some fucked up thing in society and you are about to get upset but then you remember nah, that sounds like america problems, yup, definitely america problems. 

no need to get my little stressed european heart upset over another thing that only affects the grand ol’ us of a, but is presented as an universal problem thanks to tumblr’s america-centered world view.