Wanting Mommy's attention

Mommy: *is taking a nap*
King: *is bored and wants mommy’s attention*
King: *sees mommy napping and sits in front of her*
Mommy: *is still napping*
King: *kisses mommy’s nose*
Mommy: *makes a funny face and then relaxes*
King: *giggles and tickles mommy’s ear*
Mommy: *rubs her ear with her shoulder*
King: *giggles some more and pokes mommy’s neck*
Mommy: *wakes up* King what are you doing?
King: Getting your attention.

marauders: unconscious habits headcanons

james: messing up his hair (canon, duh), pushing his glasses up his nose with the knuckle of his first finger, getting rather glassy-eyed and oblivious when excited, doodling on everything (doodling on everything everything has pictures), CALLING EVERYONE A MATE, always seemingly needing to talk when he’s brushing his teeth, inordinate amounts of physical contact all the time (arm grabs, shoulder hugs, hair rubs, knocking people off brooms, wrestling, high-fives), the uncontrollable urge to poke at new and exciting things (toaster-ovens, flobberworms, remus’s freckles, bezoars, telephones, ghosts, literally everything in Zonko’s)

peter: hands on hips when thinking, a little half-shrug with his right shoulder when he’s unsure, tugging at the hem of his shirt, singing to himself when he thinks he’s alone (they’re never alone / he never hears the end of it), always sitting in-between two other people rather than on the end, sleeps on his stomach, always eats the thing he hates most before anything else, underlining literally whole pages in books because he thinks it helps him remember (it doesn’t)   

sirius: tucking his wand behind his ear, generally fidgeting with his wand all the time (particularly twirling it, tapping it against things, using it to gesture excessively, shoving his hand into his pocket to just hold the handle of it, sorry all of these sound like double entendres), throwing his head back when he laughs, kicking things when he’s ticked off, grabbing people by the face with both hands and speaking directly at them when excited/frustrated, insulting people in french, rubbing at his own face with both hands and making very loud uncomfortable incoherent noises when things get e m o t i o n a l, additional inordinate amounts of physical contact (he gets it from james, but it’s different in both delicacy and violence: wrist touches, sleeve-grabbing, hard shoving, more kicking, particularly shins) 

remus: rubbing the back of his neck, slouching when he’s uncomfortable/nervous (esp after puberty, omg he gets so tall, they won’t stop fucking with him about it), playing with the frayed edges of things (shoelaces/ties/trouser hems/pillow tufts), dogearing pages in books, smiling with only the left side of his mouth, mouthing the words to himself when he reads (especially runes), always sounding a bit surprised and taken off-guard when he laughs, stealing the others’ food off their plates (they pretend not to notice)

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9 hinny

fic: teddy time

fandom: harry potter

characters/pairings: harry potter, ginny weasley teddy lupin, ron weasley

summary:  9.“Don’t you ever do that again!”

notes: i’m a sucker for any teddy interaction. 


Ginny was enjoying her thursday afternoon nap with a wiggly metamorphmagus  on her stomach. She felt a hesitant poke. She cracked one eye open, eyeing the toddler. He giggled softly and she felt her lips curve upwards.

“Whats up, Teddy?” The toddler met her gaze and he turned into a miniature version of Harry. Ginny knew his question without him asking.

“Harry is just running a bit late, love,” Ginny said as she rubbed his back softly and Teddy’s hair bloomed into the characteristic Weasley ginger. She laughed softly and booped his nose. Teddy giggled, all the colours of the rainbow running through his hair before settling on turquoise.

“Want some food bud?’ She asked as she sat up, lifting him up in the air causing him to giggle happily. When she sat him down in her lap, he shook his head though.

“Wanna wait for ‘Arry.” He mumbled, his hair going back to black. She nodded and lifted him up to blow raspberries on his tummy.

Just then there was the trademark pop in the kitchen. And without turning around, Ginny said, “There’s a sandwich on the counter, Harry,”

There was strange silence. Ginny’s hair on the back of her neck rose and she lunged for her wand and shoved Teddy behind her. The heavy footfalls hesitated at the doorway.

“Who’s there?” She demanded and she heard a sigh. She levelled her wand at the doorway. She opened her mouth again as the intruder said. “It’s me, Gin.”

Teddy poked his head out under her arm, his hair vibrantly orange as Ron stepped out, hands slightly up. He was white as a sheet. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, and his brain tentacle scars were stark in between his freckles.

She dropped her wand like it burned. She couldn’t find her voice. She blinked. She realized Ron’s mouth was moving.

“’m Sorry?” Ron gave her a sympathetic look as he picked up Teddy. They’ve all had many turns with taking care of Teddy. He bounced slightly as he held Teddy.

“Something’s happened,” He said in a deceptively cheerful voice that made Ginny blink. Teddy. She was very grateful for her big brother. Teddy giggled as Ron pulled faces at him. Ron’s icy eyes held hers as he finally met her gaze.

“He’s okay.” He said seriously and Ginny sighed. Ron shifted from one foot to the other restlessly. “Y'know, mostly.

Mostly, turned out to be a few missing fingers. Harry, as it were, had shoved her brother out of harm’s way and partially got caught in the crossfire.

She felt like hitting him as well as kissing him senseless. Bless this man. She’s going to be prematurely grey, she could feel it.

Harry was indeed coming home tonight. He was just being checked over by the Healers of St. Mungo’s, who were checking if his fingers had regrown properly.

Teddy had been upset to hear that Harry was going to be even later but Ginny managed to convince him not to wait for Harry to eat. He happily ate as she made sounds and cried “Here comes the broomstick!” He had played, ran around and finally he was getting sleepy as he sat down on the blanket she had thrown down next to her in the kitchen while she made dinner.

His eyes had just been closed for five minutes when the signature pop came. Ginny yanked her wand out of her pile of hair on her head and levelled her wand at the newcomer.

Green eyes blinked at her hazily, his lips stretched out into a smile. “Hello.”

Ginny shoved her wand into the back pocket of her jeans as she flung her arms around his neck. Harry bent his neck so that she could stand without stretching as she cradled his face in her hands.

“You damnable fool.” She said, her voice thick, “Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

And then she glanced down to where Teddy, again looking like a mini Harry, was tugging on Harry’s pants. Harry grabbed Teddy in a bear hug and swung him up to balance him on his hip.

“Sorry,” Harry said, putting everything he meant into the kiss he pressed to her lips and she deepened the kiss. She breathed hard as Harry grinned goofily at her. He turned to Teddy.

“And how are you doing today?” Harry asked Teddy who giggled and started talking at the same time as his hair changed. After a while, Teddy’s activities weighed on him and he started yawning and his eyes closed for longer time periods.

“Let’s get you to bed mister,” Harry said and pressed his lips to Ginny’s fleetingly. Just before he walked away, he held up her wand.

“We wouldn’t want you blowing off your bum love, well, I wouldn’t like it seeing as I’m rather fond of it.“

BTS Reaction- When u can’t sleep


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“You definitely had to get some sleep babe.” He would hold you tight and kiss you on your forehead, “let’s sleep and tomorrow morning I would cook anything you want for your breakfast, lovely.” You would end up thinking about what you want for the next morning and felt sleepy as well.


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So as you decided to poke his back to make him awake, you know you would had to take so many times to make him turn around facing you. “ Hmm…?” With his eyes still closed, Yoonji snuggled his nose in you hair and squeeze your shoulder, “I can’t sleep.” He wouldn’t want to say a word but would rub ur arms and you would fall asleep listening to his breathing.


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You sat up because u just couldn’t sleep, and Hoseok will notice it right away, “what’s wrong babe?” He would rub his eyes and sit up with you, “cant’ sleep? Me too.” He would lie but still with his eyes shut. He would suggest either get up and watch a movie or had a silly conversation and maybe you could feel sleepy during the talk.


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He would be worried about why you keep moving and instead snoring like you used to. Turning around looking at you, he would drag you near him and wouldn’t say a word while playing your hair and run his finger on your back. If that still doesn’t work, he might hum a soft song which this time it works.


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“Just close your eyes babe…” he would whisper and tighten his arms around you. If you keep moving, he’ll lie on top of your shoulder,”you can hug me and use me as your pillow, now lets sleep and tomorrow we can watch the movie you want the other day.” He would smile and had a happy sigh when you do what he told you to.


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He would woke up by you getting off the bed to the living room, you would fell back on the bed with his hand holding on to your waist,” where are you going in this middle of night..?””I want to watch some movie since I really cant sleep,” He would hold you even tighter and told you how about eating some snacks and watch it together. You would find u guys cuddling on the sofa the next morning with a funny position.


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Kookie ah  Kookie, this kid is a heavy sleeper I think, he would probably mumble some words to you and try to wake up to talk to you. He would kiss your face sleepily then rub your back for a while before he eventually falls back to sleep completely.

title: Flowers

summary: Sasuke doesn’t pay much attention to other people…mostly because if he did, he would get jealous a lot more often…

pairing: sasusaku

Sasuke heard her footsteps before she even hit the pathway leading up to the front door.Sakura walked into the house with her arms bursting with flowers. They were white and pink roses. Baby’s breath dappled in between the bigger blooms. The entire thing was held together by a thick green ribbon wrapped around the stems.

Sasuke finished typing up the rest of his sentence before he swiveled around in his chair and stood to go greet his wife. There was an odd crick in his neck from staring at the screen for so long. He began rubbing at the area just as Sakura walked into his study. Her cheerful face poked out from the bouquet as if she were a flower herself. The tip of her nose was a little pink from the brisk air outside.

“There you are! Working hard?” she greeted him with a brilliant smile. Sasuke couldn’t help but somewhat return the expression. His hands slipped into his pockets. She rose on her tiptoes and so he bent his head to accommodate her for a kiss.

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“Good morning, princess”

summary : imagine pocket sized jaebum and jinyoung waking your up in the morning. ( + calling you princess ) 

  • Your alarm’s going off and Jaebum and Jinyoung woke up from the sound. Rubbing their eyes from the tiredness trying to wash over them.
  • Jinyoung swipes your phone screen that has the alarm going off and pulls Jaebum up who lies back down on the little blanket he sleeps on.
  • the two of them give a knowing look and one goes off to go grab some food while the other goes over to you to wake you up.
  • Jaebum hops from your nightstand to your bed and climbs up the pillow your head is resting on. Once he gets there, he pokes your nose continuously, causing you to turn around, sleeping.
  • Huffing, the male walks over to the other side of your head and pokes your forehead before planting a soft kiss on it. “It’s time to wake up princess. You got school.”
  • On the other hand, Jinyoung is currently pulling a chocolate bread that’s in a plastic bag, dragging it over to your desk. “Did she wake up yet?” He asked Jaebum
  • “Nope,” Jaebum patted your forehead lightly. “y/n, wake up or you’re going to be late for school.”
  • Your eyes open slowly to see a slightly glaring Jaebum. Eyebrows knitting together, you buried your face into the pillow before rising up from your bed. “I’m up, I’m up.” you mumbled.
  • Jaebum walks over to Jinyoung that’s currently sitting on top of the bread and he joins him.
  • You get up and walk over to your desk and see pocket-sized Jinyoung and Jaebum smiling warmly at you. “Morning princess.”

Could you imagine Luke being tied up at Ashton’s feet, his eyes covered by a thin scarf. The loud breathing of the vocalist and the small whimper would drive the curly haired boy insane. But like needed to wait. He needed to be teased.

“Open your mouth for me, princess”, Ash would mutter raspily before admiring his boyfriend executing himself, sticking his tongue out slightly to welcome the drummer’s shaft. Only a few seconds later, he felt a bit disappointed once Irwin’s fingers rubbed against his papillae, feeling his heart stops once the contact with his dominant boyfriend was lost. It’s just about that moment where Ashton had an idea. He thruster his hips forward, poking Luke’s nose with the tip of my his thick shaft just to hear Luke whining.

“Boop” the curly one would chuckle softly. “Ashton nooo!!” Hemmings would whimper, trying to like the precum off his nose. “Stand still, kitten, I’m about to fuck your throat” Ash would groan, suddenly turned on by the pleading in his princess’ voice. Just as the shorter one spoke, Luke froze and stuck out his tongue again before taking in a deep breath. He knew he wouldn’t be able to inhale for a little bit once Ashton would start. Right when the kneeling boy was expecting it the least, he felt his boyfriend sink deep down his throat, causing him to clench his hands against the soft ropes holding his hands in his back and whimpering against the flesh of his man.

A couple of gentle thrusts reassured Luke before he felt the rhythm building up significantly, rocked by the harsh moans dripping down Ash’s lips. It only took a few wail from Lucas’ mouth to bring the dominant one closer and closer to the edge as he drilled his way down his little boy’s throat, digging up as far as his baby could take it. He knew the limits and he never crossed the boundaries fixed by the tall boy. A few strokes from the tongue of Luke and Ashton pulled out and ripped off Luke’s blindfold, stroking his thick length at an extremely rapid pace.

“Look at me cumming for you, princess”. Bitting his lips and looking down to obey, the kneeled boy couldn’t help but wiggle his hips in impatience, on the verge of releasing as well. That’s just as this moment that the hot semen from Ash shot against his face, pleasing him with the feeling of bringing his boyfriend in such an ecstatic state. A few pants and whimper later, the vocalist whispered “can you make my cum?” only to hear the soft giggles of his drummer.

In a swift movement, Ashton lifted up Luke to lay him down on the bed. “That’s my punishment for putting some cum in your hair” the curly haired boy spoke. Lucas’ mouth opened “in my hair?! You better make up for that right now sir!”, he ordered to earn a small laugh from his man. Ash planted a soft kiss on the lips of his boy while prepping himself to make it up to his favourite princess in the world…

SasuHina Reloaded: Flowershop AU

AN: …where else would they put him amiright laaaadies???


Petals danced towards the floor and Sasuke’s face was in a state of shock.

It was Spring. She was allergic to pollen. Her boyfriend worked in a flowershop…

“I’m sorry!”

“…in my face?” He said slowly.

“I’m so sorry!”

“In my face,” he repeated and waved naked stems. He wiped his now moist face. “Since when…” His words went unheard as she started or rather attempted to scratch her ear.

“Yeeees?” She asked, rubbing her ears.

Sasuke couldn’t deflect the face that appeared on his face when his small girlfriend made the grossest sound with a combination of her throat and nose. It was piggish. He stood. “I think we should break up…”

Hinata took his wrist. “S-stop!” She giggled and stood up. “Don’t play like that…” Her lip poked out.

“I’m not–playing,” he rolled his eyes before looking away. “I didn’t know you were allergic to pollen.”

She cleared her throat. To her defense she only had to deal with pollen in the spring and he only worked in the flowershop seasonally.

This season. They’ve only been dating for two seasons…

“Tadaaaugh,” she coughed.

He removed himself from her. “I’ll see you in summer.”

“Sasuke!” She huffed and plopped back on the couch.

The one time he tried to be a decent boyfriend and get her flowers she’s like deathly allergic. It was karma. He didn’t exactly know how but it seemed legit. “I need you and my job but I don’t want to kill you.”

Hinata sniffled and nodded.

Sasuke turned to his girlfriend. “I have an idea.”


“I’m not wearing this…”

Sasuke held a face mask and goggles to her. “And why not?”

“People will laugh.”

“I’ll kill them.”

“That just unrealistic…” Hinata mumbled even though this job was “recreational” and Ino was really taking one for the team. She didn’t quite understand what dealing with flowers would do for the “almighty” Uchiha Sasuke but…

“But I will.” He promised.

It was almost endearing. Hinata smiled and waved him off. She went to the dresser and grab two pills. “Thank you, Sasuke.”

He huffed and pocketed his hands. “Just know…”

She nodded. “I know.” Once they were walking through the village together, a “kid” kicked a ball and it barely tapped Hinata’s leg. Next thing anyone knows Sasuke has the kid by his collar demanding an apology. Luckily the kid wasn’t a kid…it was (Hokage) Naruto pretending to be a kid ANYWAY–

And it was a nice thought but…

“Are you ready?” She asked.

“I can transport us. I don’t want you to suffer.” He spoke as if nature was the one wrong.

Sasuke was…chaotic good. She liked it. He kept her on her toes. It was kind of funny too. He talks to inanimate objects like they are enemies. Once he threatened the stove because it was taking to long to preheat.

“No, I love Spring.” She told him.

His eyes narrowed in confusion but he decided to let it go. “And they say I’m crazy,” he sighed and took her shoulders. Hinata giggled then sneezed before she stop it.

“…in my face?”

“Sasuke, I’m so - sorry.” She couldn’t help but smile. He looked so betrayed.

“…in my face, okay.” He whispered and turned away.

“Sasuke!” She ran after him.

The time Kurt finally gets to sleep in


Kurt wakes with a start, heart stuttering in his chest and a gasp pulled from his lips as light suddenly hits his eyes. He can feel something on his face—and it takes him a moment to recognize it as his daughter’s tiny hands pressed against his face…after she had reached out and poked open her father’s eyes.

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It's 4AM

“Baby, I can’t sleep.” I pout, still wide awake at 4 in the morning while poking my boyfriends cheek.

“Hmm?” Luke awakened from his sleep, rubbing his face with his hands. His poor baby blues were tired and bags formed under his eyes.

“I can’t sleep…” I whisper, pressing my lips to his nose, laying in my stomach. Luke’s eyelids have become too heavy to stay open. With eyes shut, he places himself onto his side and pulls me close against his chest as our legs intertwined. Luke wraps his long arm around me and rests his hand on my waist, rubbing his thumb over my skin smoothly. The heat from his body came off onto me, allowing me to forever feel safe while being locked in his arms. Luke buried his face into my neck pressing sweet kisses to my cheek and my neck. I could feel his soft breathing against my skin.

“Sorry for waking y-”

“Shh…” He says as his lips gently brush against my ear. He loops his fingers through the waves and curls of a mess that is my hair. The more kisses he pressed to my skin and the more he played with my hair, my eyes slowly began to shut.

“I love you, princess.” Was the last thing I heard before drifting off to sleep along with Luke, being held securely to his body.

Doctors and Nurses

Steve rolled over, and into Bucky.

“Umpf, wha- Bucky?” His nose had met Bucky’s shoulder, thankfully not the metal one, and the dark-haired man looked back at him.

“Are you awake now?” Bucky implored, and poked a finger into Steve’s chest to emphasise the question. How long have you been waiting? The thought flashed across Steve’s mind briefly as his body tried to wake him up properly. He squinted up at Bucky, whose head was gently haloed by the weak early morning light that peaked through Steve’s blinds, and was staring back at him intently.

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imagine summer nights with calum

-taking long walks in empty neighborhoods

-long drives to find sonic drive thrus

-going to old drive in movie theaters

-sitting on the kitchen floor, talking about the past

-listening to the used while making out in your underwear

-getting takeout at 3am

-car sex

-movie marathons until he falls asleep on you

-thrift shopping

-waking him up to go stargazing

-”hood, you’re crazy”

-breaking into old theme parks

-giving each other stick n poke tattoos of each others initials

-painting his nails omg

-nose kisses on the 4th of july

-him attempting to braid your hair

-santa cruz trip!!

-riding his thigh in one of his shirts shIT

-drunk confessions

-little giggles

-rubbing his back and running your fingers through his hair when it’s too hot and he can’t sleep

-”i think i’m in love with you, y/n”

-going to the beach at night and collecting sea shells for each other

-a lot of hickies

-a lot of nights spent staying awake playing video games until your hands are so cramped and sweaty and your controllers die

-going caMPING!!

-night swimming, usually naked

-walking around your apartment naked literally 24/7

-windows open constantly

-just chilling out not talking, just enjoying the silence and the time you’re spending together

-late night 7/11 runs when you’re both suddenly craving slushies

-going to like an arcade that has a mini golf course and just having so MUCH FUN!!

-i feel like summer with calum would be literally so fucking lit wow i want this

Heartbeats - chapter 10

Greetings, humans! I’m pleased to tell you that I have nearly finished this mess of a fic. There will be 14 or 15 chapter in total, so bear with me a little longer before I start on “Before They Called Them Trinity” or any other title you would like to suggest for the upcoming TCTT prequel. 

In the meantime, let’s all thank hartfic for the splendid and patient proofreading, and the rain for giving me the time to complete this fic.

SFW, SFF (I think), 2,695 words.

“How is it going?” A young, slender man steps close to Mamrie and removes his sunglasses. He rubs his eyes, reddened by the lack of sleep, and gently pokes at Beanz’s nose.

“Smooth like butter” she replies, and smiles at the sight of his tired face “God, you look like shit.”

“Thank you” he replies, his voice deep and grainy, “nice cast, by the way. Did you make it yourself?”

“It’s an old one I keep for special occasions” she replies, and unwraps the first layer of gauze to reveal the duct tape that’s holding it together. “Help me out of it, will you honey?”

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