Unexpected Visitor

Santana knew it was late. But she couldn’t sleep. She had an itch that needed scratched and there was only one person that could do it. Rolling over, she ran her fingers along Quinn’s bare stomach and down to her member to stroke her slowly. “Baby, are you awake?” She murmured as she kissed along her jaw. Santana’s stomach had just started showing over the last week or so and they finally had to tell everybody that she was pregnant. For the most part everybody was okay with it and those that weren’t, never said anything about it.

Right now, it was well after midnight and most of the town was asleep with exception of the night guard. “Quinn…” She tried again before pulling the blanket back and moving down to wrap her lips around her cock to suck on her a bit harder.

Okay so since it looks like Stiles has lipstick on his lips (hallelujah) I have a theory I don’t think this kiss is going to be soft or thought out or that Lydia knows it’s coming. I’ll bet they’ve been skirting around defining their relationship and suddenly stiles doesn’t have time anymore for them both to figure it out. He’s going to be taken, he’ll never see her again. So after he runs around trying to tell everyone he runs into Lydia and he just looks at her face and she’s smiling because she doesn’t know what’s happening, and when she makes eye contact with him she smiles even more, because it’s stiles, her favorite person. But then she notices how nervous he is and the low set of his brows and she frowns a little, and she tries to ask him but stiles just walks toward her faster, grabs her jaw with both hands and kisses her. She’s super surprised, not that she hasn’t been waiting for it, but still. She kisses back, her hands in his hair, one of his hands moving to her lower back and finally he pulls back and he looks like he’s going to cry and he tells her what’s happening. He kisses her really softly one more time and Lydia is shaking. “You’ll forget me” “I won’t”

“love me.”

Eros thinks when he kisses her forehead

and feels her laughter warm on his shoulder.


“love me.”

Psyche thinks when she kisses his jaw

and feels his smile soft against her mouth.


too busy chanting two words like a prayer,

three words like a mantra:

( I love you I love you I love you )


they don’t hear the other


the very same words

── the miscommunication of eros & psyche | fio huang

Sleeping with Frank is nothing like she expected it to be. He takes it slow, breaking away to trail one hand in a long, slow ascent up her back as the other delves into her hair, clenching into a fist. The grip gives him enough leverage to tilt her head back, bring his mouth to her throat, pressing soft, open mouthed kisses to the juncture of her jaw until she shudders and clutches at his shoulders, pulling him closer.

His touch is gentle, reverent; a harsh juxtaposition to the violence of his life, and she loses herself in the heat of the moment, however temporary.

She has no expectations that he will still be here in the morning. This entanglement comes with - complications, ones she’s not sure she’s ready to deal with.

Now, though - in this moment - she isn’t thinking about that. She isn’t thinking any further beyond the slide of his hand along her thigh, the hitch of his breath when she turns her head to bite at his neck.

In the end, the moment is brief and bittersweet. A soft kiss pressed to her temple, a murmured promise against the back of her neck. Thank you. This won’t happen again.

—  untitled kastle, rescued from my drafts folder

I want to crawl into bed next to her, wrap my hands around her body and sprawl my fingers across the span of her stomach. Slowly kiss along her neck and jaw to just barely wake her and pull her in so she can snuggle in against my chest. I want her to fall asleep hearing “I love you.” Come from my lips as I kiss her so tenderly. ❤️

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Ooooooo Kastle + boundaries, please. :)

Frank had flinched the first time she ran her fingers through his hair, a bumpy little line of scar tissue across his scalp barely noticeable against her fingertips as they had roamed through his softly curling locks. 

It was the only scar he hid, the only one he’d rather she not mention even though she was intimately acquainted with every mark on his body.

Still, she knew not to do it again, instead slipping her hand down to rest against against the column of his throat every time she kissed him, shivering at the way his jaw stubble felt against her thumb.

And when she cut his hair, clippers buzzing gently in the quiet bathroom, she made sure to use a the quarter-inch guard instead of the eighth, gently brushing away the falling hair and leaving a quick peck on his cheek.

Some wounds took far longer to heal than others, and Karen really didn’t mind waiting.

Five Line Fics

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You meet with Namjoon once a week but you had work prier to your meeting and come to his house exhausted from work. But he doesn’t mind at all as long as he spends time with you.

Word Count: 1,180

Genre: Fluff, sexual actions are hinted

A/N: I made this as a small drabble based off of my series My Pleasure.

-Admin D

Jimin | Yoongi | Namjoon

Namjoon’s P.O.V.

She arrived at the house looking worn out and with only a few seconds energy left. She gave me a weak smile and put her hair into a bun a few strands of hair peeking through. “I’m sorry that we can’t do anything I’m just so tired with work,”she quietly said followed with a yawn. She lazily placed her arms around my neck leaving soft kisses around my jaw.

“Why don’t you quit your job? You don’t need it anymore,”I said without much thought. I didn’t expect myself saying these words to her but I don’t really mind handing money to anyone. It’s also the least I could do for ruining her life since she believes she killed her stepfather.

“Namjoon I don’t know,”she said pulling away.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to leave your old life behind? I also don’t think it’s healthy for you to be overworking yourself love. Look at your beautiful face with those dark circles,”I held her face in my hands. 

My heart began to beat as quick as a hummingbird’s wings. It was a feeling that I’ve only felt once in my life and one that I have dreaded ever since it began with Y/N. I knew I shouldn’t have these feelings for her because, after all, I was to only with her for intimate reasons. In return, I’d give her money and that was it to our relationship. Yet I find myself wanting to be around her more and not wanting to let her leave.

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Continued from here @thechaoskids

“I cannot just forget who you are Addison.” Kent laid his hands on her upper arms unable to keep his hands off her. “Even when I wear the crown my mind will be completely on you.” Running his thumb along her jaw, he kissed her gently. “Could you honestly deny yourself what has gone on between us…?”

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Oh my god, so we're allowed to send our fave lines from your fics?! *-* Here's mine, because I love how you write dorky yet sexy Jareth: "A little dominating... But doting." Jareth then pressed a kiss to her jaw as if proving her point. Sarah sighed. "Domesticated..." She let out a shriek of laughter when Jareth blew a raspberry against her neck in protest. "Dreamy!!" She cackled, wriggling in his arms. "Dummy..." Sarah finally grinned as the fae nibbled her ear.

XD OMG I’m glad someone liked that mess… I always try and put my Monty Python hat on when writing the funnier parts of my fics - Jareth is sexy as hell, but he’s also painfully hilarious and dorky too!

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It becomes a routine
Friday Night
Relaxing after a long tiring week
Crystal glass in hand.
Winding down with tumblr.
and forties Swing
and poking at her bottom
with the leather plaited horse-whip.

Sometimes I rise and whisper something cruel in her ear.

And then I do it.

Sometimes I may release the gag.
Let her sip a little water.
Kiss my beloved
Before stretching her jaw again.

A cosy domestic scene.
A happy couple.
Two armchairs.
The woman
In black lace
Tight bound
Her face a patchwork of black leather

Endlessly aroused.

93. “You did not just wake me up at 2am because you were ‘in the mood’.”

“What?” Blake groaned as Miranda shook him awake. The room was pitch-dark when he opened his eyes and his alarm clock read 1:30 in the morning.

Instead of answering him, Miranda leaned in and pressed a couple kisses to his jaw line, letting her hands wander over his body.

“Miranda,” he breathed. He could smell the wine on her breath and knew she had just gotten home from her night out with the girls. It was Brittney’s bachelorette party, and they must’ve dropped Miranda off and left. “Baby, how was your night?”

He tried to talk to her, but her kisses fell to his neck and became a little more painful. He felt her body wriggling next to him, and he didn’t know whether to roll his eyes or play along.

“Do not give me a hickey.” He pulled the back of her shirt and put a little bit of space between them.

“I missed you,” she breathed, trying to seduce him with her long eyelashes and soft voice.

“You didn’t wake me up because you missed me.” He cocked and eyebrow and watched her face turn to a pout in the glow of the moonlight. “And you did not just wake me up at 2am because you were ‘in the mood’.”

“Come on, Blake. Please?” When met with the littlest bit of resistance, of course she resorted to pouting. Blake snickered and pulled her into his arms, sighing when her hands continued to explore every inch of his body.

“Why don’t you go shower and get in your pajamas?” He patted her butt and ignored when her leg wrapped itself around his.

“I don’t want to.” She went back to kissing, licking, and nibbling at his neck.

“Come on, you need to.” He rolled out of bed and out of her arms, making his way through the dark bedroom and into the ensuite. He flicked on the light and started the shower with sleep still in his eyes. Miranda wasn’t happy about it, but she dragged her intoxicated feet to the bathroom. “Don’t be mad at me.” He kissed her forehead. “And never give me a hickey again.” He could feel his tender skin bruising as they spoke.

“You’re boring,” she rolled her eyes and stripped out of her clothes in front of him. Blake could see her displeasure with every movement. The way she kicked out of her jeans angrily and tossed her towel on the sink for when she was finished. And to top it off, she shot him a glare before closing the frosted glass door.

“I’m not boring, I just have a lot to do tomorrow.” He made a lame excuse, trying to get her back on his side. He couldn’t see her, but he knew she had rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth at him.

“Go to bed. I knew you hate me.” He could barely hear her voice over the sound of the faucet, but he knew what she said. He couldn’t let his wife ever think that he didn’t love her. And if he had to show her how much she meant to him, then he would, even if he was half asleep.

Miranda was shocked when Blake dropped his striped boxers and stepped into the shower behind her.

“I don’t hate you.”

& closed | @ridethemrough

“it’s fine,” juniper reassured the other with a small smile on her face. “i want this, victor. we both want this,” she told him. juni has known about him for a while now, about what he is. they’d been toying with the idea of breeding for a little while now. “baby, don’t worry about anything,” she whispered into his ear, pressing a kiss or two on his neck. “i promise you that this is what i want.” she craved him, needed him. her lips moved along to his jaw, placing kisses here and there before she makes it to his lips, and hovered just before them. “please.” her lips brushed against his as she spoke.

a little passion

A little Rated R sex I wrote earlier just because I’ve been feeling super passionate and sensual. 

She pulled her lace undies down her legs and sprawled on his bed. Waiting for him to come out of the shower. Running her hand over her mound, tracing her fingers around her clit, holding down her lip with her teeth, almost breaking skin. The bathroom door creaked open and his shadow followed under the bedroom door, her heartbeat racing and letting a heavy moan out. 

“Look at you..”  He walked in with a towel wrapped around his waist and a smile on his face. “My beautiful baby enjoying herself without me?”

She laughed and sat up. Straddling the towel around his waist and pulling him down by his shoulders for a sloppy kiss. “I was waiting for you." 

He picked up her from her waist and wrapped her legs around himself. Pushing her against the wall and leaving trails of kisses down her jaw, her neck, and her breasts. Taking a nipple in his mouth, swirling his tongue around and barely brushing his teeth over it. Grinding his hips against her, his erection growing at the very simple intimate touch. 

"I want you so much..” He whispered in her ear. He pulled down the towel and let her down, leading her towards the bed. Bending her over and massaging her butt gently with one hand, and placing his other against her clit, pushing down harshly and rubbing in circles. She moaned out a few curse words and gripped onto the sheets. He pushed her legs against her chest and slid his cock slowly into her presented pussy, just the tip going in, then he pulled it out rubbing it just barely over her clit. “Please..” She breathed, shakiness in her words. He slowly put it back in, all the way to the base while pinning her arms down above her head. She moaned loudly as he rolled her nipple in his fingers. Fueled by her moans he thrusted faster and caressed her body. 

At every thrust she inhaled, struggling to catch her breathe with the moans escaping and his physical affection effecting her in ways she never imagined. He demanded that she exhales everytime he thrusts inside of her, but it was difficult, ending every exhale with a gasp. She digged her nails down his back, not breaking the sensual eye contact. 

“Harder baby,” She moaned loudly, reaching down and rubbing her clit in circles. He through his head back and moaned, moving his hips harder, holding onto her breasts. 

He leaned down and bit her bottom lip, “You feel so good.” He aggressively groaned. 

“I love you..” She whispered and pressed her lips against his.

“I love you too, babygirl." 

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Own Me: your character is now my character’s sex slave //Okichi is such a little sUb

Mika looked over Okichi, a playful smiling covering her features. It had been an interesting night and by now Mika was straddling her girlfriend’s hips and had her hands tangled in her light hair.

The taller girl leaned down, kissing her jaw and neck and occasionally nibbling at the skin. A quick idea crossed her mind and Mika lowered her hand to grab Okichi’s jaw and make her look up. “Rope… I’m tying you up tonight.”

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*chuckles softly,watching his moves calmly,not even wincing as he bites her,already used to the feeling as long as it's expected* If you say so~ *closes eyes for a while* Hmm... Show me how much of a prey I am then... Master *whispers,looking at him*

“You shouldn´t have said this livestock. Or I won´t hold back anymore and place my marks allover your body”, he whispered and licked the last few droplet off her hand until he leaned down to kiss her jaw down to her lips,”I will mark you as my cattle, as my blood bag. You won´t be able to hide them. I will bite all the obvious places. That you can not cover up”