Dan and I were discussing cute percabeth headcanons and this happened.

He kisses her in the morning, wrapped up in bed sheets, with toothpaste on her chin, on the way out the door as she leaves him for the day. He kisses her lips, bites and plays and draws her breath from her mouth. He kisses her cheeks, her forehead, her jaw. He kisses the back of her hand like she’s a lady. If just to make her laugh.

When she comes home to him and falls down on the couch, worn out, he gathers her into his arms and she lets the steady beating of his heart soothe her tired mind. She gravitates towards him, like the pull of the tide gathering her towards land, wherever he is in their apartment and presses herself to him, letting his warmth seep into her. She tugs his shirt out of his pants as he stands at the stove making their dinner and tucks her hands underneath, tracing the lines of his stomach and laughing as he squirms.

He finds her in the early hours of the morning, when she’s unable to put her work to bed. He drags another hard-backed chair to where she sits at her desk and rests his sleepy head on her shoulder. His wiry hair tickles her cheek and she sighs because he immediately makes her want to crawl up with him in their bed. Which she does, in the end, his feet press against hers and his fingers roam over her skin and she’s home.

It’s the morning touches she misses the most. Sleepy and reaching for her under the warm covers. Fitting to the curve of her waist and sliding between her thighs. Soft and rough, all at once. Setting her alight with his tender kisses, his firm grip around her wrists, the warmth of his body against hers.

She misses his stubbled jaw waking her up, sending shivers down her spine as he nuzzles against her. His mumbled good morning as he feels her up like a randy teenager. His protests at her leaving the bed, gripping her waist and kissing her neck to persuade her to stay, gripping her tighter when she tells him she’ll be late for work. The dance of his hands across her ribs to make her laugh. A bittersweet kiss which tastes of coffee and pancakes. The quick swipe of his thumb against her chin, wiping away the toothpaste.

She misses his arms, and the way they find her, take her home and wrap her up, whenever she needs him most. She feels the ghost of them sometimes. When she’s lingering on the edge of a dream, desperate to stay within it, in his arms. She misses them, misses him, misses home. Because home is just an empty apartment without him. Without his fast touch and warm hands and cold nose pressed against her neck. Home is a place she doesn’t want to be, because he won’t be waiting there for her when she walks through the door; he won’t walk through that door himself, with long stretching limbs and tired greetings.

Home is not home without Percy in it. It’s cold, and quiet, and dark and she misses him. She misses him with a fierce ache in her chest that bends her over double and has her gasping for breath. And she waits for him still, to find her, to wrap his arms around her and make her whole, to press his fingers to her skin and patch her back up again. Because he always promised that he would. Together, or not at all.

Chapter Forty Part-One

Emmy managed to stay ignorant throughout their journey to wherever it was they were going. Travelling by private plane to ensure that there were no ruined surprises, she sat beside Harry and pouted for most of it, only to his amusement. She wanted to know, she’d wanted to know ever since Jake’s birthday at the end of August, and now that she was so close to finding out she couldn’t take it any longer.

“Are we nearly there?” she asked.

He raised an eyebrow at her. “Please tell me you’re not going to ask me that every ten seconds like they do in films.”

“Would it make you tell me where we’re going?” she said seriously.

He chuckled and shook his head to himself, turning his attention to his iPad. “You’ll find out when we arrive.”

Emmy scowled, before nuzzling into his arms and pressing her lips to his jaw, kissing down along his neck. He shivered, before gently pushing her away.

“That doesn’t work on me,” he said, smirking.

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stupid head canons for these stupid in love nerds

>peggy secretly likes to garden…….in the summer……wearing shorts and her old army shirt…….angie is the physical embodiment of :o and “hngggg????”
>angie is THE best cook peggy’s ever met, and peggy makes an effort for angie to know that (i.e. from behind hugs when angle’s cooking, her hand being slapped as she tries to swipe sauce to taste, when she successfully tastes it she kisses angie on the cheek with sauce ridden lips making angie roll her eyes with a smile cause her peggy is such a dork)
>peggy was actually the one to initiate their first dance, angie looked so angelic when swaying to the radio peggy just couldn’t help herself. (she thinks of steve, it still hurts, but angie rests her head in peggy’s neck kissing the underside of her jaw and everything’s okay for a bit)
>peggy comes home late one night, angie is sitting in the lounge room and hears peggy’s heels, she inclines her head back on the couch looking to peggy upside down, and so adorably states with a scrunched up nose: “you’re late English” and peggy nearly cries because angie can make a memory that is so painful and sensitive the purest thing to exist
>yes omg angie swears in her native language…..eSPECIALLY IN BED WITH PEGGY !!!
>angie won’t admit it but peggy holds her liquor better than her smol body can, but angie wants to prove her wrong so one night with shots of their classic schnapps they just go to town……..needless to say peggy had to carry  a giggling angie to bed after she tried to slide down the banister of their staircase >on Sunday’s they just stay in and relax…reading in the library on the couch on opposite sides, legs tangled (angie likes running her foot up peggy’s calves making her English laugh from how it tickles)
>i like to think when either of them propose its peggy cause she would just blurt it out one day when they’re eating dinner or laying in bed as she sees angie do something so angie like (frown adorably, her mouth twitching at a part in the script she’s reading, how she sings under her breath)  it all makes peggy say it without thinking, like looking to angie all hearts eyes and saying “Marry me” or “we should get married”
>angie was the physical embodiment of :o again, stutters out a “pegs are you serious??” and when peggy nods dumbly (like she can’t believe what she said but she’d never take it back) angie squeals and pulls peggy into a hug, peppers her face in kisses, making peggy laugh.

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41 densi

“I’m terrified,” Kensi admitted, laying her palm across his bare chest and attaching her gaze to the diamond glittering on her ring finger, showing up brightly in the dawn light drifting in from the window. “I know I shouldn’t be, but-” 

“Hey.” Deeks broke in, leaning down to press his lips against her temple, nuzzling into her hair. “You’re allowed to be.” He shrugged, his hand sliding up her back. “But I won’t leave you, Kens." 

A smile light up her face, a smile she didn’t have force at all and she tilted her head slightly to kiss at his scruffy jaw. "I know." 

A grin to match her own showed up in his features and he caressed the smooth skin of her back gently. "I love you." 

Smirking, she moved forward, connecting their lips. "I love you too, Deeks." 

"Fiancé.” He protested against her mouth. “Future husband, dearest Marty, not-” 

“Shut up, Deeks.”

“Shutting up."
Hope in The Heart of The Evil Queen Chapter 14, an once upon a time fanfic | FanFiction
Its Rated M for a reason!

A/N: It’s rated M for a reason.

There was something liberating about the way he felt against her skin, how every ministration he did with his mouth or hands, was an experience of its own right. He moved with such gentleness and grace that it could have made her cry, if it wasn’t for the fact that said hands had begun to wander.

“Regina,” he breathlessly moaned into her mouth as he placed his hands on her hips and held her to him. A mere hmmm was all she was able to say as she curled her fingers into his hair, and placed feathered kisses along his jaw. She could sense he was holding back, not wanting to push her, to let her set the limits. So she looked into those deep blue eye and smiled at him, nodded, and kissed him. It was the only answer he needed, to feel the smile against his lips before he flipped them over. The towel that was once wrapped around her, was now just part of their tangles sheets.

He pulled back to take her in, the woman who had captivated him with her sad eyes, a woman who was misunderstood by many, and feared by all, but to him, she was simply stunning. And now here she was, in his arms, sharing her body with him, was enough to render him speechless. He took his hand and skimmed along the newly revealed skin, until he came back to cup her cheeks.

“You are so beautiful Regina, so incredibly beautiful” he told her as he kissed her once more.

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Riel wrapped a towel around herself after getting out of the shower and rubbed her eyes sleepily. It was too early to be back up. “Blaise, babe.” She said walking over to the other woman and kissed her on the jaw, “you fell asleep in my bed again last night.” tourniquet

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Party Games verse: Rumple, you keep a close eye on Belle when you two are out, but I assume your maid has attracted attention from other guests as well? How does that tend to go (before they learn at least)?

More Party Games Verse
…late tmi tuesday answer…

The tall, fair man had been watching them for the better part of the hour. Creamy skin and fine red, silk clothes, Rumpelstiltskin had despised him on sight- and it didn’t help that the young man couldn’t keep his eyes off of Belle.

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█ ▌ ❛  evillmajesty.

        ( continued from here ).

                       ❝  oh, i never said i wasn’t. i just figured you should know
                 what you were giving up by not going. mm, do you want me to
                     call sydney? tell him you’re ill and doctor wendy has to take
                  good care of you?

                            tucking a strand of brown hair behind regina’s ear, she
                   she gently pressed her lips to her jaw, humming softly as her
                       soft lips kiss a line down her neck and shoulder. 

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"Close to You"

They’d both decided to reach for the book at the same time, which left them squeezed into a rather tight space there in the dusty stacks. Izzy looked wide-eyed and apologetic, while Athenaiea looked surprised and then… determined. Despite the screaming of the logical side of her brain that said this was a stupid, stupid move, the shorter mage surges those scant few inches to capture Isendre’s lips with her own. Fingers more used to holding a quill and turning pages slid upwards to trace Isendre’s jaw, turning her head slightly to deepen the kiss.


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14. Jawline kiss

He knew better. Every once of him knew that such feelings toward his matriarch were akin to treas – no, they were complete, utter, and absolute treason. Athos felt almost as if he should hang himself to repent for ever entertaining the thought. Yet, as he continued to walk with the Queen he could not deny the allure the woman held. 

His hand cupped her elbow as it often did to offer her support as the walked through the palace gardens. The Queen’s speech was fluid and Athos wondered what she might sound like while speaking her native tongue. Something told him it would be even more soothing than the French she know intoned currently.

Almost as if he had finally lost the restraint that had taken him so long to perfect, Athos let his hand slide up the Queen’s arm, as his head dipped to place a soft, nearly chaste, kiss to her jaw. The moment it occurred Athos knew he was wrong, all of his screamed that, if he could, he should vanish into the very ground.

A coughing gasp escaped him as he stepped back, sure to keep his eyes upon the ground which he wished would swallow him whole. It is with deepest regret, and utter shame, that I do beg your forgiveness, my queen.

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[wretchedjess] ➳♥➳♥➳♥

Palm, Arm, Neck

He was sleeping more and more lately. Did wonders for his mood. So did having her there.

Max stretched, his nose bumping against her shoulder. “Mmm…” He caught her hand as it went to touch his face. Pressed his lips against the palm. “Hey…”

On impulse, his lips traced down her arm, before pressing against a spot at the crease of her elbow. Lingering there before moving up the arm again, along her shoulder, to her neck. Another kiss, right below her jaw. “Good morning,” he said, his voice still husky from sleep.

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█ ▌◆ Our muses are having an argument and things are getting physical and heated. Send me ‘☁’ for my muse to kiss yours passionately and angrily, initiating sex.

          Karsi was a very PROUD woman, and she did not take kindly to being told how to do her job. Even if Milo did not mean any harm by his little suggestion, it still sent her into a RAGE. Immediately, she was on the defense. Shouting at him, getting him fired up in return. She was even bold enough to start shoving him backward, her bright blue eyes up in flames. Small, yet powerful pushes, until she simply had ENOUGH of him. 

          “You son of a bitch,             ” was all she said as his back finally met the wall, and the huntress closed in on her PREY. Her hands framed his jaw, and her lips were suddenly upon his, kissing him aggressively and biting down on his lip hard enough to draw BLOOD. She knew the p e r f e c t way to take her anger out on him. 

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➐ ➆ (Quickarley, famous and ATNG cause you love me xo)



  1. The way she loves Quinn. It started off kind of awkward because Puck liked Marley who liked Quinn who liked Marley and who kind of liked Puck too but maybe that was because Marley liked him like Puck liked Quinn. Or something. But, when Marley and Quinn are together and Puck comes home from work to find them cuddling or Marley rubbing Quinn’s aching feet, it’s kind of amazing.
  2. Her constant state of happiness. Puck isn’t someone who can be accused of being completely serious but it’s rare that Disney films or their soundtracks can make him smile at all. That seemed to change, however, when Marley came into his life and the smile on his face is ever-lasting it seems.
  3. The way she places her hand on his jaw when she kisses him. It’s almost not enough, and almost too much, and Puck feels like the most important person in the world when she does it. 
  4. That she is always there for him. Sometimes being a badass womanizer can get a little tiring, especially once a dude has settled down with not one but two women. Threesomes were totally hot and shit but this was a relationship too, and it meant support, and sometimes when Puck came home and lay his head on Marley’s stomach he appreciated the fact she didn’t question why. She’d hold him until he was ready and then ‘forget’ to push the subject until later.
  5. Her bravery. Marley was one of the prettiest singers Puck had ever heard and watching her perform on stage, despite her anxiety, was one of the proudest moments of his life. He’d stood, fingers interlaced with Quinn’s, and they’d cheered louder than everyone else.
  6. The way she insists on sleeping in the middle. At night it’s like a little Marley sandwich, which is totally hot. Quinn sleeps as the littlest spoon with Marley’s arms around her, and Puck always has to sleep on the outside edge so that he can hold Marley. Sometimes it changes but, for the most part, Marley wins.
  7. How she’s always willing to have a pizza party with him. Quinn, in Puck’s mind, takes herself too seriously sometimes and he totally knows that ballet is important to her but pizza parties are awesome too. It’s probably a good thing he has Marley who will sit awake with him, wearing a pair of Quinn’s shorts and his t-shirt, until the early hours while watching dumb movies and eating junk food.


  1. Her little bouts of jealousy and how he can’t tell who she’s jealous of. They come as a package but sometimes, for whatever reason, different pairs of them will go off on dates together. It’s rare, but Puck has seen the tightening of Marley’s jaw when he pulls back from kissing Quinn and he hates he can’t figure out who that glare is directed at.
  2. Her initial denial of them. Sure, it’s kind of weird and sure, it’s not normal but Puck is proud of say both girls are his. But Marley is all light and flowers and innocence and her hesitance to admit she totally likes threesomes and having a girlfriend and a boyfriend frustrates him.
  3. Her reprimands. He’s a grown ass adult and he makes fucking adult decisions; he needs a girlfriend, not a mom, so if he says something and it’s slightly offensive he doesn’t need his girlfriend slapping his arm and telling him off.
  4. Her self-depreciation and inability to accept compliments. Puck thinks Marley is one of the most amazing girls he has ever met in his life. She’s talented, beautiful, is fucking awesome at blowjobs but she always takes a compliment with a little denial and it annoys him more than anything else she does. 
  5. The fact she’s a morning person. It takes Puck approximately fifteen minutes in the shower and two energy drinks before he’s even remotely okay but Marley seems to fart sunshine and having that in the apartment definitely took some getting used to.
  6. The she moans differently when Quinn touches her. Sex is sex, right? Puck might dislike Marley’s jealousy but he has fallen victim to an hollow stomach when he’s heard Marley moan as Quinn has kissed down her body. It only makes him more determined but that feeling he’s only there to make it seem less gay sometimes rears its ugly head.
  7. That she knows exactly how to turn him on. Well, he doesn’t exactly hate it but he hates that she knows his weaknesses well enough to use them against him. How can it be an argument if he gets hard halfway through? Not fair.


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Fem!Hawke and Isabela for the shipping post! :)

gives nose/forehead kisses:
Hawke is taller so gives the forehead kisses but isabela is rly kissy and will regularly give Hawke little kisses on her upper arm or neck or jaw
gets jealous the most:
I think Hawke gets a bit jealous just cu isabela has so many guys /constantly/ hitting on her but isabela always shuts them down so she isn’t too concerned. Isabela also gets a bit jealous if Hawke does too many quests without her or just spends a long time away
picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive:
Hawke would go to pick up isabela but then would stay and get drunk so then aveline would have to come and pick them both up
takes care of on sick days:
Hawke has grown up taking care of little siblings when their poorly so I think would be quite good at it and isabela defo loves getting all spoilt when she’s poorly
drags the other person out into the water on beach day:
Isabela drags Hawke but it doesn’t take much, but when it’s basically nighttime and everyone wants to go home Hawke has to drag isabela out
gives unprompted massages:
Isabela to Hawke but it’s generally cuz she’s wants something but then it becomes more regular during act 3 when Hawke is more stressed and in the early days when their on the boat and Hawke is worried about all they’ve lost
drives/rides shotgun:
Isabela drives, Hawke rides shotgun and complains but when Hawke drives isabela just sleeps in the backseat
brings the other lunch at work:
I think isabela gets super into her work (like on the ship) so would forget to eat regularly so Hawke would have to bring her food
Gets on best with the other ones parents:
If isabela still had parents I think Hawke would fight them for forcing isabela into an awful marriage but I think isabela gets on weirdly well with leandra and like they gossip a lot together even if leandra is v shocked to find the reason Hawke has been refusing all her blind dates is also isabela
tries to start role-playing in bed:
I actually think Hawke would and I’m not too sure why but then I think as soon as something pirate themed came up isabela would laugh for 10 mins straight and then beg to do it all the time
embarrassingly drunk dancer:
Isabela can handle her drink reasonably well but I think Hawke is more of a lightweight and does so much embarrassing stuff when wasted and has to rely on others to tell her what happened most nights
still cries watching titanic:
Isabela (“that ship rly didn’t deserve it”) but also I think sinking ships would hit too close to home for her
firmly believes in couples costumes:
Isabela totally would make Hawke dress as a pirate and like merrill or varric as a parrot and try to get everyone to go in a big group pirate theme (but would think Hawke was way too cute as a pirate)
breaks the expensive gift rule during christmas:
Neither generally cuz they can’t afford shit but then I think after Hawke gets money she always gives isabela gifts so Christmas is a time for extra good gifts meaning extra expensive gifts
makes the other eat breakfast:
Isabela to Hawke cuz when Hawke is hungover or rly tired she doesn’t leave bed till about 12 so won’t bother eating
remembers anniversaries:
Isabela is great with anniversaries but doesn’t want to make a massive deal out of them
brings up having kids:
Hawke had been thinking about it but isabela brings it up (how cute would their little adopted pirate baby be ok)

Sorry if I went on too long but this was rly fun!!! Thank you so so much for asking!!

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I want the K

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9: Jawline Kiss

The last few words she muttered didn’t even register in his ears,
Peter’s hands trailed along her waist as both of their lips continued
to mesh against one another. Sighing with a slight smirk as his lips
pecked hers one more time, slowly starting to move across her mouth
and down to her jaw. Placing a slow kiss just underneath her chin,
making sure to hold his lips there before pulling away slightly so he
could murmur against her, 

❝Did you say something?❞

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I want the K {first interaction, better make it interesting, haha!! }

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9. Jawline Kiss

Masaomi looked at the gorgeous woman in front of him. “You’re too sweet to be working for a bastard like him.” He glanced over at Izaya, then looked back at her with his characteristic flirtatious smile.

“We should go out sometime.” He brushed some hair behind her ear and gently kissed her jaw.

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[Ulfric really wants the K and totally has NOT been waiting for you to reblog that meme...]

#9 Jawline kiss (I’m mobile right now, so no formatting)

Callie was so exhausted she could hardly keep her eyes open, but she couldn’t tear her eyes away from the two perfect little boys that had been placed in her arms. She let her tears flow freely, if there was ever a time to allow your emotions to surface, this was it. She felt Ulfric lower himself onto the bed next to her and she forced herself to look over to him. She looked up and kissed his jaw, nuzzling her face into his beard. “We did it,” she whispered, “They’re perfect.”