Hey, are you still coming to my graduation banquet?
Nah, I’ll pass
Ok. So I take it as out friendship is over?

One word that ended it all. It started out with a small fight but it went downhill from there and we just grew apart. We tried to work it out but I felt like she didn’t make an effort to save this friendship. Few weeks after we stopped talking she sent me this text and I chose my ego over this friendship.

i still can’t get over that hiddlestonxpudding bit during the avengers premiere

it’s like he first approached the issue all professional with a smooth ‘let me clear something up’ and was trying to helpfully explain the terminology and shit

but that got him thinking about pudding and his stoner brain was like




and just sort of looped on it

and he went to just vomit puddingfeels all over the read carpet because how else would you explain this

I FUCKED UP ( spoilers for a bad ending under cut don’t look i just needed to rant )

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do you know any deaf or blind fics? like not temporary and maybe who ever is deaf/blind has been that way for a long time.

I couldn’t find all that many, but here you go!


Tactile by abbeyjewel

Spock just wants to take his hearing aids out and sleep.

To Hear A Hand by tsurai

James T. Kirk’s birth is a medical impossibility. Deafness was supposedly cured two centuries ago.

WIP. Incomplete since 2013.


You taste of sunshine and sound of rain, things I’ll never see again by Ladyboo

All Spock wanted to do was practice on the grand piano, he had a schedule after all. Dinner with Nyota every other day, so she could discuss how she and her Doctor friend were doing, and then practice at 6 every afternoon. Except, there was a man playing on his stage, during his time, and everything sort of went downhill from there.

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I was wondering how you got the motivation to write 10k per day? That's incredible, really!

Awww, thanks! :)

Wellllll… two years ago I stumbled into the OA (overachievers) forum during NaNoWriMo in November and everything kind of went downhill (or uphill?) from there. I ended up pulling 133k that month (which, by the way, is nothing compared to what some of the other OAers pull), and got used to writing lotsa words with not a lot of time.

To be honest, it kinda started as a joking challenge to myself. I wanted to see if I could do it. My biggest word count day before that had been about 7k. My biggest word count day now is about 17k (0/10 do not recommend unless you have ALL of the caffeine).

Mind you, the writing does NOT happen all at once. I take breaks, go for walks, get frustrated, find myself buried in empty candy wrappers, and rant to my cat (who is nice enough to listen).

Truth is, I’m stubborn, so sometimes I just look at a free day and think, “10k. 10k will happen today,” and then it does or it doesn’t. :)

I write rather quickly when I’m feeling inspired, but I also know what my limits are and when it’s time to quit. It’s important, if you’re trying to pull a big word count day, that you don’t burn yourself out.

For my own sanity, I try to space out the days that I do 10k. I’ll usually pick a day (or two) during the weekend when I know I’ll have a large chunk of uninterrupted time, and then it’s game on.

TLDR; I’m crazy, I love being challenged, and I drink a lot of caffeine.

Thanks, Anon <3

I am literally shipping Karma with everyone.

At first, I only shipped him with Okuda, then Nagisa, then everything just went downhill from there.

I started to ship him with Gakushuu, Isogai, Kayano, and weirdest of all…


Yep, I am so sorry! I don’t know why, but I really ship Karma with Chiba.

And ChibaHaya happens to be my OTP, so you can envision how conflicted my mind is…oh, and did I mention that I kinda ship Hayami with Karma, too?

(Someone call the shipping therapy hotline I need serious help)

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& I know u just gonna block me cuz that's what every feminist who doesn't agree with reality does.

U think I’m going to block u because of my beliefs or whatever but truly I’m blocking u because u are a nuisance that goes out of their way to send messages upon messages that I did not bother to read to insult people because irl u are probably a sad pathetic assclown that wouldn’t dare expressing their backwards opinions so u use the Internet to harass others on the basis that u think women are beneath u and don’t deserve a modicum of respect lol. I’m only answering because I’m feeling magnanimous and some part of me pities you so here’s an advice: pull ur head out of ur ass, face the reality of ur existence and fix ur personality before ur deep seated hatred and bitterness completely ruin ur life and u might wake up someday decades from now wondering where it all went downhill and when u became the wreckage of a human being that u are :/ for ur own sake calm down and work on ur issues. Godspeed.

The Calloused Hearts of Men

read it on the AO3 at

by LogicIsGod327

Stiles was eleven when the war started. Hell, he couldn’t even really remember a normal life before it. He remembered waking up one morning to his mother crying on his father’s shoulder as pictures of the White House burning and the Vice President being killed on the South Lawn played on repeat on CNN. It all went downhill so fast from there.

Words: 8025, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Hey im not the original anon. But from what it seems like mRks famiky had a party. Bambam says what sound like a racial slur. Yg seems to also be drunk (is he still underage in the us?) And marks friends flashed the camera at their concert (1/2)

During a part where they were supposed ti dance. It was for a gane with the crowd. There is also a lot of thibgs going around about many of his friends in LA using him to get fame (ex all the posts in social media from his friends with the (2/3) Boys even after jyp asked for people NOT to post any selfies or anything taken. Which makes a lot of fans believe they are showing off. I personally agree some (not all) of marks friends are not good people. (3/3)

Yeah, honestly Mark’s friends have been a re-occurring problem. Damn, this whole U.S tour went downhill so quickly. I’ll just try to be positive and pray that BamBam will apologize and we can all move on from this. 🙏

As someone who was a very bisexual teenager the two misconceptions that most hurt me growing up were that as a woman you’re supposed to want to fill the submissive role in a BDSM relation, and that if you have a fetish for blood then you must get off on anything related to blood.

Like I literally had the whole bisexuality thing figured out pretty early on (I struggled a little but with it when I was around 10-11, but after I learned that there was a word for my feelings it was all downhill), then as soon as I hit the teenage years the things that really made me struggle with my identity were all related to kink and those took me literal years to resolve.

What I mean is when I say that kink is a more important part of my sexual identity than being LGBT (though my sexuality went literally down the drain with time so now I identity as ace) I feel part of the friction comes also from how my experience was pretty different from the one of other LGBT people.

IDK, I keep thinking that when you are a 13yo that gets sexually aroused from people bleeding out, it becomes pretty easy in comparison to accept getting sexually aroused by people of the same gender.

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if i'm not mistaken the abuse survivor who coined "aplatonic" was also aro and intended for the word to be used only by aro people, ie not for straight people with no friends or straight people at all for that matter and the idea that it means a straight with no friends has been cooked up largely by ace discoursers as a way to invalidate it

Nah they just took inspiration from the aro community but they weren’t part of it. They said they have no problem with romantic relationships. The aro/ace community kind of stole it and twisted it so everything just went downhill from there


Since this year Marks 10 years of Hetalia, figured I’d take a moment of looking back of the 6 years I spent on Hetalia. From my first fanart, my first askblogs, and all the way up to the present.

Personally I don’t think I’ve really progressed far as art skills, but my love for some characters have changed up a bit over the years.

2011 I started joining Gaia Guilds, a Hetalia Gakuen RP Guild in particular and continued on for 2 years rping as Arthur.
I did not start Tumblr until 2012 with my oc North Carolina and ArthurtheAlbinoFruitBat.
2013 was the era of SlasherAlfred, my very first successful blog that reached up to the 700s it soon went downhill towards the end of the following year.
2014 started the reboot of Slasher Alfred and the introduction of ParttimerJones and not so much after.

BBTerra Week 2016: Day 5-Amusement Park

V. Amusement Park

    Beastboy sat in his room thinking about the amusement park.  It was the best and worst night of his life at the same time.  So whenever he thought about it, he also didn’t want to think about it.
    Now that Terra was back in his life though, the bad part didn’t bother him so much.  But it still hurt a little.  He wanted to make it go away once and for all.
    He was having the greatest time ever that night, he was on top of the world.  He had been spending time with Terra, and everything was great.  All that night, they had held hands and walked closely together, and just as Beastboy was about to move their relationship forward, Slade showed up and everything went downhill from there.
    The amusement park came to mind because Beastboy decided to ask Terra out for another date.  But the first date at the amusement park still haunted him.  He had to come up with something for their second date that would help them move on from the first.
    Then it hit him, the reason the first date still bothered him was because of the interruption and it didn’t get to end properly.   So, he thought, I just need to figure out how to end the first date at the amusement park, even though the amusement park is still wrecked and closed.
    He thought for a while, pacing the room while he thought, and then he had it.  He knew the perfect way to end it was to pick up where they left off.  He stood up and headed for the door.
    “I know just what do” he said out loud and went to find Terra.

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I keep seeing shortytown...??? what is this? ella and luke are so cute

Okay I can’t believe this is an actual thing I have to explain because this all started out as a joke but here we go.

My friend @shortybishop made an Asagao OC/SI (as we all do) and started shipping her OC/SI Ella Knight with Luke. 

It all went downhill from there.

What started as a running joke became a meme, then it became a thing that we all actually kind of ship because it’s actually really cute? Like, best crackship 10/10

Then I wrote fanfic for it because why not.

Then my friend @sarakitties made fanart for it (thank you for letting me post this, Sara!)

And now we’re here. This meme is honestly the best because people other than our discord started liking it and we’re absolutely dying because this little meme is sort of becoming a thing and none of us know what to think anymore so…