Please help my kitten, Dream, to survive his illness!

Hello dear followers! ;____;
Without your help my little cat might die in the next few weeks and your help could safe his life and help him celebrate his first birthday this year!

It was been a while since I had to ask for your help in a private matter.

My beloved cat Dream, (full name: Requiem for a tiny pancake Dream called after Morpheus from The Sandman), eight months old, is very sick.
A week ago he started to pee everywhere; three days ago he stopped peeing altogether. His bladder was blocked with blood and mucus, I was later told.
(the illness is correctly called Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease aka FLUTD, if you want to google it. It’s very serious.)

I went to a vet to have him seen. By that time Dream was already unable to walk anymore, which happened quickly over the course of a few hours and I did my best to get him seen as fast as possible. The vet said that I would have to leave Dream with them for an emergency procedure and so I left him there, so they could unblock the bladder and safe his life.
Sadly, when I came back to pick him up (after 2 days on a drip and catheter) I found out that the nurse managed to CUT his foreleg open - HOW?! - and tried to brush it off as a “minor scratch”: they had to fix him with five stitches. So much for a minor cut.

The nurses FAILED to inform me about what to do, what to expect over the next few days, or how best to treat him now, after I got him home. Instead she repeated over and over how they would be forced to put him down OR re-home him. She basically told me that they would treat him two more times for bladder blockage (despite saying that this is a recurring condition) and after that they would put him down for sure.

I was really angry and scared too. Back home he didn’t do better at all, even if the nurse claimed that he could “pee without trouble” and would be “alert and active”. The poor little kitten could not pee at all, but tried very bravely for about 17 minutes without a break. To no ends. When he finally managed to pee, his urine was full of blood and very clouded and thick. I tried to call the vet again, but they didn’t pick up and I started to worry even more.

In the end I took Dream to another vet, a private one further down the road. They were really friendly, and explained all I needed to know to help him, everything the nurse at the other vet didn’t explain to me at all.

Sadly the new vet will cost money, not millions, but too much for my budget. And Dream needs help RIGHT NOW
I can’t go back to the other cheaper vet, because

-They cut him and gave no good reason, made him worse instead of better
-They didn’t explain or help me find out how to treat him and care for him AT ALL
-They didn’t offer any sympathy or emotional support or care for my cat, instead they threatened to put him down as a first solution, not worst case scenario. It was mentioned so many times that I nearly started to cry. (the second vet said that Dream can be treated with meds and good care.)
-After three times coming to them with the same condition, they will forcefully take him away from me OR (the nurses fave and first option) put him down/put him to sleep.

The new vet will cost me about 150-200 to treat him and rescue his life. 

If any of you could help with a few dollars/euros/pounds -  that would be brilliant and mean the world to me and literally save little Dreams life!


The money will be used to help Dream and Dream only. It will NOT be used for cosplays or my other cat, Merlin. It will be only used to help Dream survive this illness and hopefully stay healthy for the rest of his life. 

please donate to 
via “send money to a friend”-option, marked as FOR DREAM.

I know it is selfish to ask for help, but the little man is my life and he didn’t even celebrate his first birthday, I can’t let him die that young. And if asking you, my dear followers for help, might safe him, why not try all I can?!

Thank you so so much,
FahrLight aka Fahr Sindram

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That twitter account is reporting that zayn will attend the bend it like beckham release show and it's coincidentally a free day for 1D.

Interesting. This tweet seems to be implying that Zayn will be there opening day. As I can’t find a tweet from them saying what day he will attend I will also assume it will be opening day which according to their website is May 15.  This would still be during the OTRA break so their is no reason that One Direction would be doing anything during this time. I am pretty sure the only none OTRA announcement they’ve made so far it the Summertime concert which is in June. 

I could be wrong about the date he is attending though because the same account also tweet that there will not be tickets to the public available the day he attends, but when I went to the website tickets were available for May 15th.

I haven’t seen that he is attending for anywhere but this tweet account, and when I google it all I get it news articles about his supposed “acting career”. 

So If he attends it looks like more Zayn news that this account just happened to break. 

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FAHC Freewood (romantic or platonic, your choice) with 40.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Let’s see how ambiguous I can make this regarding romance. Are they BFFsies 5ever, or totally banging?

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No reason just really love your unexplained user name

Would you like me to explain? It’s a story omfg

Before it was grandpanate (at the time I went by Nate/Nathan). But everyone read it as “grand panate” rather than “grandpa Nate” so I googled it and panate is the feminine Italian word for breadcrumb. So everyone was just walking around thinking that’s what it was. And I got so many comments on it like ??? Why???? So yeah and then I settled on the name Kayden but I was like “damn I really really like grandpanate but idk man I wanna keep it but I can’t” so I decided to keep it in the form it always meant to be “grand-feminine-breadcrumb” bc that’s who I am.


Taniguchi Megu [Google+]
2015.04.27 20:30


Good evening, everyone,
it’s Takahashi Team A’s Taniguchi Megu

Practice today, too (ω)
A lot has been pointed out to me~!!

I have to work hard 😖💦

And since yesterday has been the 1st anniversary since my handshake event debut I’ll write a bit about it!

Back when I got to shake hands with everyone for the first time I was extre~mely nervous and felt like crying 😭

But as time went by, I got to shake hands with many very kind people and really enjoyed myself~!

Within this 1 year, the number of people coming by to shake hands with me has increased a lot and I’m really glad about that 😂✨

I want to continue cherishing the time I spend shaking hands with each and every one of my fans from now on, too!
Please treat me kindly!

Well then, our promise.
How was your day today, everyone?
People done with work, thanks for your good work. People in the midst of work or working night shift, please give your best.

The pictures show my plain clothes from the handshake event some time ago and from the day before yesterday’s handshake event 😊💕
(After such a long time, though) laugh

Energy Orbs

Hi,I wish you can help me, because I tried googling this and found nothing. I consider myself an awakened person with a lot to learn. Recently, my mother told me that when I was about 3 years old, and she came to my room to get me in the morning, I told her that 3 lights entered my window and were white, yellow and blue and they went to my parent’s room and rested upon them for a while, and then went all over the house and last,over me and then headed back to the window. What was this? Of course I dont remember anything of this.. Thankyou!

This is basically just energy although because of how the orbs moved it’s possible they were spirits or energy of those particular people that you were seeing. White, yellow and blue could also be associated back to chakra colors. White energy is very pure, angelic, and often connects to cosmic consciousness. Yellow is solar plexus and blue is throat so you possibly could of been picking up on their aura colors. It’s interesting an older question aligns with a newer question but basically when we are younger we are more susceptible toward seeing/feeling/communicating and intuitively acknowledging the spirit world. I remember when i was really little about 5 or so i saw this white orb on the carpet go in circles like in a little path and then disappear as if someone was using a flashlight and pointing it on the floor. Another time i saw purple orbs in my room along the ceiling. They are more common when we are sensitive to seeing/feeling energy and become more prominent when going through the awakening process.

It is all energy because our entire reality is made of energy including ourselves.

hope this helps!
love <3

I went on that Google, and, turns out, LL used to be a rapper!

Todd, talking about some new fans he’s gotten during his NCIS:LA run on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.  He also gives a shout out to the “golden-haired ladies in Iowa.” 

homegrownoregano I know I sent you a message, but this one’s for you. Also, it made me laugh. 


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Nicknames: Ash, Cuban

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Favorite Color: Pretty much any shade of blue.

Current time and date: 11:03 April 27

Average amount of sleep: 5 on a good night ha

Lucky number: 13

Last thing I googled: If making alcoholic candy canes was a thing lol

First word that comes to mind: Headache…because that’s what I have right now

One place that makes me happy: My home.

Favorite Character: Uh…

Favorite Food: I love Italian food!

Favorite drink: Grateful Dead is a good alcoholic drink. Otherwise, I love Sprite, orange juice, and cherry coke.

Favorite book: I can’t pick favorites!

Last film seen in theaters: Into the Woods, maybe…

Last holiday: Went to the mountains in Gatlinburg with my family last Thanksgiving.

Dream wedding: I’ve really never been that girl that planned one out.

Dream Job: I don’t know that I have a specific dream job, but I’d be happy as long as I can continue to sing :)

What are you wearing: Sweatpants and t-shirt. It’s laundry night. Yay!

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that's still not cool. if you're gonna do something like that then you really should ask the person first before you go cropping them out and posting their stuff without credit. how would you like it if someone went to your private fb and started posting your pics from there? this is really close to stalkerish and i thought you were better than that.

The photo was PUBLIC. I didnt go to her page. I took the photo from google and noticed it was from a Facebook. If I had a public photo with a celebrity and it gets reposted, i’d understand. Thats just like someone posting the photo on instagram or twitter.  they can crop me out for all I care. and its NOT STALKING. I wasn’t looking for it, i was looking for something completely different and it was there. If I wouldnt have seen it, someone else would have. I’m so sick of being called a stalker. I don’t follow this man around. I don’t sit outside 30 rock or his apartment or his home in the hamptons just to see him and take a picture with him. I don’t tweet him 24/7. I don’t tweet him and tell him where i’m going to be so he can come take a picture with me. I dont tweet or FB him that I want him to divorce Nancy and be with me. THAT is what I consider stalking. I dont care if I don’t see a photo of him on instagram or twitter ever again.  But theyre going to be there, and Jimmy is going to be gracious enough to take them. So I’m going to post them. Just like any other fan site of any other celebrity would do. Look around this site, this happens EVERYWHERE. 

Also, enjoy being blocked. 

Hereeee we go

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★ Nicknames: Leo, Chu Cho, D, (and as of work) Sir
★ Birthday: July 29th
★ Gender: Male
★ Sexual Orientation: Straight 
★ Romantic Orientation: Hetero
★ Favorite Color: Blue
★ Time & Date at Current Location: 4/27/15, 3:06pm
★ Sleeping Hours: sometimes 10pm to 3am or 3am to 1pm. 
★ Last thing I googled: “specialized cycle replacement components”
★ First word that comes to mind: Ink
★ Places that make me happy: Any place that is quiet without kids screaming.
★ Favorite character: Tony Stark 
★ Favorite anime: Kintaro Oe from “Golden Boy”  I know…its old.
★ Favorite TV show: House hunters. ( I take a shot every time they say ‘really’ )
★ Last movie I watched in theaters: Cinderella (Went on a date and she picked)
★ Dream wedding: ….. to be continued
★ Dream job: I think I am pretty close. Forensic accountant. 
★ What I am wearing: Swimming trunks, just got back from the beach.
★ Last book I read: I, Claudius -Robert Graves

And lets tag… behonestb , poisonedapple13 , p0st-ad0lescent-m0nster , the-best-y0u-never-had , xpistolitax 

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Nicknames: I don’t really have one but my mum sometimes calls me blobble LOOOL

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Favourite Color: Green and Blue

Current Time and Date: 8:45pm Monday 27th April

Average Amount of Sleep: 6-8 hours

Lucky Number: I don’t have one

Last Thing I Google’d: Soundcloud

First Word that Comes to Mind: Food

One Place that Makes Me Happy: My bed



Favourite Drink: Water or Coke

Favourite Book: I love books but tbh I don’t really have a favorite

Last Film Seen in Theaters: Big Hero Six

Last Holiday: Went to Isle of Wight

Dream Wedding: I’m not too bothered about getting married

Dream Job: I don’t know but I really want to travel

What are you wearing?: Playsuit and tights


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I went to a Japanese bookstore again~

Those 図鑑(ずかん, illustrated encyclopedias) on the bottom shelf look cool, but they’re kind of big and heavy :l  (google 図鑑 and you can get an idea what they’re like)

“Animals with strange faces” :P That one on the right that doesn’t really look like an animal is a sea squirt, or  ホヤ…or more specifically オオグチボヤ, as it says next to it. (Useless Japanese word of the day! I just felt like pointing that out because I saw a Japanese article about  ホヤ recently and was excited to actually recognize it :P)

I was kind of surprised that the signs said コミック/コミックス instead of 漫画(まんが). I’ve always thought manga is also always called manga in Japanese too. :o

So these are what I bought. Two novels, and a book about insects. :D

The Johnson’s ATA Family

I was recently reading through some of our reviews on Google and Facebook (Thank you so much!).  One of the common themes is the “family atmosphere” at Johnson’s ATA.  I do think that this is something that makes our school very different, and here’s the story of how it happened:

The first time I went to the Gracie Academy Headquarters in Torrence, CA was to test for the certification to teach Gracie Combatives.  My main training partner, Bob, was with me at the time.  We were extremely nervous about the upcoming test.  It felt like I had been practicing rock climbing and now I was going to show off my skills to Spider-man.  These guys were martial arts royalty.  The inventors of the UFC.  

In a previous group email, Rener Gracie had stated “anytime you come to the academy, make sure to bring your gi, so you can jump in!”  Even this made us nervous.  We did not feel comfortable training with the elite of the martial arts world.  Well, we didn’t want to be late Sat morning so we thought we’d go to the academy on Fri night, check it out, and then we’d know what to expect.  BUT we didn’t want to get asked to join class.  

We looked at the class schedule online.  There was a class from 7:00-8:00 that night.  Perfect.  We’ll show up at 7:30, then they can’t expect us to jump in!  So, it looks like it’ll take about 15 min to get there.  So we’ll get in the cab at 7:15 and it’ll work out.  (Yes, this is really what happened, lol)

So we got there right at 7:30.  We walked in and headed towards the training room.  Down the hall comes a slightly heavy set purple belt that we had never met.  He gets a big smile on his face.  Bob Ballard!  Ryan Johnson!  He introduces himself as Victor, our main contact at the Academy.  "Good to see you guys!“  He shakes hands with both of us, clearly very happy to meet us.  "Did you bring your gi?”  We say, “No, we just thought we’d look around”.  "Great, well here’s the main training floor, over there is the bathroom.  Through that door is the museum"  etc etc.

I want to reiterate, we had never met Victor before.  We had spoken a couple times on the phone and several times via email.  He recognized us from some training videos we had sent in!

So, we head towards the training floor.  We carefully poke our heads around the corner so as not to get noticed.  Rener is teaching and he sounds exactly like the endless number of YouTube videos he’s in.  Within seconds, he notices us.  He puts his brother Ryron in charge and heads over.  He asks our name, asks if we’re there for the certification tomorrow.  "Did you bring your gi?“  No, we’re just looking around.  "Great, come on in and have a seat and watch!”  Rener walks away and resumes teaching.  Within 2 minutes his brother Ryron comes over and introduces himself, asks our names, and chit-chats for 30 seconds or so.  

The next day was a whirlwind of training, testing, and studying.  It was stressful and yet fun at the same time.  We met, and got to know, many instructors and black belts at the academy.  Every one gave off the same vibe.
So, the short version:  the entire academy made us feel amazingly comfortable right from the first step in the door.  At one of the most stressful times in our Jiu-Jitsu careers, we also felt very comfortable and welcome.  The next time I flew to CA and went to the academy it felt like a family reunion.  I knew that this was the atmosphere that I wanted at my school as well.  Judging by the reviews, I think we’re on the right track!

Come on in and check it out, but don’t forget to bring your gi!  (We’ll be happy to loan you one if you don’t have one!)

We very passionately apply these same concepts to all of our classes; Kids Martial Arts, Adult Martial Arts, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Bully Proof and Women Empowered!

-Ryan Johnson

Check us out at:
More info about Gracie Jiu-Jitsu:

The Ebooks-Tree fic- and ebook-scraping business revisited

I just thought I’d post a quick note about this.

Last week when the news made the rounds that this site had been scraping people’s fics wholesale off AO3, I went over there to see whether they had any of my books, and they did – a fair number of them – so I sent them a DMCA.

Haven’t heard anything new from them, but I did a search or two and found that nothing was coming up under my name: which was good as far as it went.

At the same time, not being sure where matters stood, I did a little googling around to see what might have changed since last week. These posts may be useful to those of you who’re concerned your intellectual property may have been scraped:

The update from AO3

This page at the Fanlore wiki

This note from Castle Fanfiction

That last one interested me, since searches on my name and the names of my books were coming up blank. So I tried this method of searching instead:

Used the letters-of-the-alphabet menu at the top: clicked on D –

Once there, being presented with another menu that said “Select two letters” I chose “Di”:

Note when you look at the next page that the listings are not in alphabetical order, but are strangely scrambled. There are a lot of possible reasons for this, but I’m gambling on someone wanting to make it harder for you to find your stuff. …Anyway, by happy chance my name was on the first page, so I clicked there –

And lo and behold, there are four of my books (well, three really, they got A Wizard Abroad twice) still there. So now I get to DMCA them again.

Note that an earlier search on “Diane Duane” showed me nothing. I have a feeling this is not accidental. (Truly I’d prefer to believe it was incompetence or lazy/sloppy coding, but unfortunately under the circumstances Occam’s Razor prevents that…) If you’re going by my example, make sure you search on an author’s first name as well as their second. In fact, search on all their names that you can think of. And on as many pseuds and pieces of pseuds as possible.

…So the note from Castle Fanfiction seems to be a pointer to a new tactic on these folks’ side of things. Also: the company has indeed changed their domain name to (The company may just have wanted to muddle the trail a little. In any case the old domain redirects to the new one.) And judging by my own results, at least some URLs where links to books were once posted also now seem to have been changed.

One other note in passing: I tested the link from the .mobi version of AWAb and it leads to a “Buy a premium access package!” message from Nitroflare. Once you refuse this a couple of times, it starts throwing up ad pages for online games and clothing stores. These I shut, and eventually reached a button which actually downloaded a genuine .mobi of one of my books.  (Worse still, it was one of the NMEs, which means that once again somebody has either bought one of these things from directly from me and then uploaded it, or found another way to scrape it. Or both. Gah.) So now I will have to register with NitroFlare as well to use their “advanced takedown tool” and get rid of this thing. There’s another hour of writing time I’ll never see again…

So if you have been affected by this: Go back and check again. Don’t believe in the search box: you’re going to have to dig deeper.

(Also, one last note: if you find you need to DMCA Ebooks-Tree, make sure you’ve first followed the download links at least once back to the source and made notes of who else you might have to DMCA “upstream” – NitroFlare or whoever – to make sure your work isn’t further exploited. Sometimes you may have to pursue this chain of websites back for a few more steps until you’ve found the end of it. Remember also, if you find yourself getting caught up in this and tearing your hair, that these sites depend on this being so annoying and soul-destroying that you’ll just give up and not pursue it further. Illegitimi non carborundum, etc etc)


Modern, Casual Ciel Phantomhive Fictionkin things for thrillingprinceryuuzao  (-^〇^-)

Shoes - $19.99

Vest - $24.50

Sweater - $30.00

Skirt - $25.70

Socks - $9.90

Skirt - $29.00

Skirt - $28.99

Boots - $28.50

Dress - $15.00

I downloaded my Google history and it was humiliating 

For an hour, I hung out with my college self. I learned everything about him — his insecurities, the gaps in his knowledge, where he went when he was bored and his not-safe-for-work interests. How did I meet him? By viewing everything I’ve ever searched for online. Now I’m astonished — and a little ashamed — to see who I was when I was 21. That kid was an idiot.

But it also made me realize an unfortunate truth about technology in our lives.

On The Midsummer Station, its critics, and how this affects the new Owl City album

To all the Hoot Owls, ex and current: I’m writing this because when I search for “Adam Young blog,” one of the first results on Google shouldn’t be “Why I’m No Longer a Fan of Adam Young.” I’m writing this because there is a line between constructive criticism and hate, and I see it crossed far too often. But most importantly, I’m writing this because the new album is dropping in less than six months, and this needs to be addressed before we have another The Midsummer Station.

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Complexes- Chapter 41

Previous Chapters
Oh boy, second last chapter!!!

I went up the stairs of the third courthouse I had tried this afternoon. I cursed the late flight I had to take and the lack of information about where I could find Vic. This had to be the right courthouse. It was the only one left in this district that I hadn’t tried. It’d be a miracle if Vic was even still here.

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