Bigbang choosing title names for Made A Series
  • YG:so what's these songs called....?
  • Bigbang members:*sweats nervously*
  • G-Dragon:it's uh... *googles "Cool Internet lingo in the 90's"* it's called we like 2 party!!111!!!!
  • TOP:....and this one is called baNG! *sweats*
  • Taeyang:bang...
  • Seungri:bang...?
  • YG:.......very inventive!!!!! Well done Bigbang!!!!

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can i ask what the second T was for in that acronym from when you were 16? i've never seen two T's (unless that was a typo haha in which case i apologize!!)

i believe one was for transgender and the other was for transsexual

um, incidentally, i went to google to see how other people have defined the two t’s and it immediately suggested that i search for “LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM” and granted most of the results are awful homophobes making fun of it which i want nothing to do with but it is apparently a real acronym used at wesleyan and i just had to give it some recognition because my god… it literally spells out ‘fag,’ that is truly on another level

Moriyasu Madoka Google+ English Translation

2015/05/27  19:42

As my job today finished quickly,
I got to went home after a while!

I’m watching Conan☆〜(ゝ。∂)

I enjoy this period the most✌🏼️Phew

Lately I don’t have time to watch anime
Because I can’t keep up with it😂

Ah, let me announce one thing~

“SUPER RADIO MONSTER ラジ☆ゴン"の生放送に美桜と2人で15:25〜出演します!
Tomorrow, at FM Fukuoka’s AXA Direct Studio,
I will make an appearance in the live broadcast of "SUPER RADIO MONSTER Raji☆Con” on 15:25~ with Mio!

You have the liberty to the viewing so please come by all means✨


Sato Sumire  2015/05/27  22:05

Let’s have conversation about Conan again, okay😆💛

Day one, part 1

I woke up for extreme pain in the solar plexus at around 4am and threw up everything in my stomach before long. It was not first time for me to do that shit. Stress on work, study, thesis could cause excess acid in the stomach in the middle of night, which have had me do that shit sometimes. In most cases, I felt better after throwing up but not that morning. I had to go to school for my lecture at 8:00 so just took an antacid I kept at my place before hitting the road. on my way school, the pain was getting more severe and even I started getting cold sweats and feeling a chill and fever. I don’t even remember how I finished the two hours lecture for the pain. After the lecture, I just googled a hospital for internal diseases, especially for stomach and guts, near by me and picked one up and went there.

It was kinda lucky that I met the doctor who could listen to their patients well, likes cooperating with them on diagnosis with full of curiosity, not like other doctors in general. On the one hand I was almost out of my mind for the pain, but the other, I was so exited to inquire into the cause with a doctor like him.

After listening to my story, he said gastritis would cause pain like mine in the daytime and duodenitis would cause at night in general so there was a high possibility that I would get duodenitis.

He asked me I felt pain but I couldn’t feel anything but pain in the solar plexus
while he laid me down on the bed, examined me with his two hands like poking here and there on my belly. He said “you should feel pain on where I poked if you have any ulcer in your stomach or guts. It’s not a good sign for you.” I don’t know how to explain it in English but his nuance was close to “It might be cancer”, not to “other organ might have a problem.”

After awkward silence between us for a second, he said “let’s take a look the inside of you.“ and I decided to take sleep endoscopy for my pain.

I could see pics from my throat to my duodenum with his explanation after sleeping for 20 min’ with help of drugs.

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meat and dairy and the two industries that take up 47~% of californias water. i cant link anything, but you can google it.

But surely, say, a Floridian or any other east coasters going vegan would not help California any, as we have our own food industries. And you must take in account the people who cannot survive on a vegan diet. Even if people went vegan, the industry would not change, as the overwhelming majority of people would be on an omnivorous diet.

I really do think it would be a better idea to give people more realistic ways to help California in its drought than to simply say “go vegan, guys!! :)”

mo-pies tumblr ate your ask :’)

i started studying japanese because of the teen titans theme song lolol. i first heard it when i was 9 and it bothered me so much that i decided to start taking it when i enrolled into middle school/junior high. idk why i didn’t just google it, but w/e. comes in handy now, i guess LOLOL. i studied mainly at school until i had to take the college level japanese course, then i watched a lot of non-subtitled dramas and anime and stuff. this is a good place to start, i think. i also went to a lot of japanese book fairs where i bought a lot of old textbooks and children’s books to practice.

sketch commission of that shatterstar duder for hulkling 

i wasnt satisfied with any of the poses i was coming up with so i went for “trunks killing frieza”

the things i saw on google images while drawing this man 90s comix were a TRIP

(i am taking $10 sketch commissions like this, message me about em!)

That's me

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Nicknames: Dar, Dray, Ray

Current Date/Time: May 27th 4:52 pm EST

Birthday: October 3rd

Average Amount of Sleep: 5-8 hrs

Lucky Number(s):  1,3

Last Thing I Googled: Dragon age inquisition DLC

First Word That Comes To Mind: Healing 

One Place That Makes You Happy: The desert 

Favorite Characters: Maleficent (both) Scully Reyes Morrigan (DA) Bo (lost Girl) Kenzi Catherine Willows Sara Sidle Kathryn Janeway B'Elanna Torres Beverly Crusher Jadzia Dax

Favorite Food: Pasta 

Favorite Drink: iced tea

Favorite Book: As of right now Shutter Island

Favorite TV Shows: X-files, Star Trek Voyager and Next Generation, Lost Girl, Orange is the New Black, Pretty Little Liars

Last Movie I Saw In Theaters: Maleficent 

Last Holiday: Went home for my gmas 75th bday a year ago

Dream Holiday: a trip to the grand canyon

Dream Wedding: A masquerade in a Victorian garden 

Dream Job: Published Author 

Zodiac: Libra

Meyers-Briggs: ??

Relationship Status: engaged

What Are You Wearing: hehe

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For the anons who asked you about Kitty Yuki dating~ In his Blog he wrote something about meeting friends who he knew since early school days and they went to a beergarden or something... If you use google translate it sounds like he said something about dating. But I asked my friends who can read and speak japanese fluently and they said, there is one Verb that could either mean "dating someone" or "hanging out with someone".

Hahahahaha, oh, THAT Beer Garden entry. I thought there are rumors on 2ch or something.

Okay, thank you so much, Kitty Anon! ^^

Today, I fucked up... by pasting the wrong link

I just was talking to my sister on skype who has been in brazil for the last two or three months. We were talking for a bit and I went to send her a video I saw on reddit of bald people are so cute. I google it, and attempt to copy it then I pasted it on skype. I pasted and pressed enter immediately. I look to my horror that I posted “Cute Black Teen Multiple Creampie"s. The shame. At least I have 2000 miles of separation to let this awkwardness die down a little bit.

this little pig went too market, this little pig said “ no “.

this little pig had some roast beef, this little pig is a vegetarian.

this little piggy is stab happy, this little piggy is an insomniac.

the last little pig cried “FUCK YOU ALL”

all the way home. 

we won’t talk about how long this took hehe- i did it all in a livestream :0

featuring -ipliers from sconee, monodes, hittower, lazycucumber, kannibalizmus, and darkisparkle c: enjoy, they’re really fun to draw~ C: ♡ 

IB Diploma Programme

Hey guys I just recently finished the IB! And here are some nice tips I have gathered for your preparation for the final exams or tests!


Open up excel and make a simple schedule. Make sure to have a month’s time to study for your exam. I went week by week.

Biology HL


—> If you don’t understand some concepts here is a youtube IB bio guru to help you out:

—> DO lots of past papers: they are leaked all over the internet. Type in the subject, year, and timezone into google and a number of results will pop out.

—> Write out the concepts. Simply reading will not help, memorise each and every step. The key is to ‘UNDERSTAND’ and not practice rote memorisation.

Chemistry HL

—> First understand the concepts. Here is a youtube IB chem god to help you out:

—> PRACTICE. I really can’t stress this enough. Once you finish a topic, practice as many IB questions as possible and Immediately ask the teacher your doubts.

English A Language and Literature HL

—> As for Paper 1 all you can do is practice! Make sure you are familiar with the stylistic features because it is one of the criteria. Here is a link to help you with that:

—> As for Paper 2 make sure you are familiar with all the books. Make sure to have gathered enough important quotes. I would say atleast have 10 quotes per each work. The quotes should also be rich in stylistic features. Both context and content will be important. Also pay attention to theme, plot, motif, setting, and characterization.

Math SL

—> FRIST understand THEN practice till you drop.

—> Do question both from the book and past papers.

—> Remember the IB will never give you anything you cannot solve.

Psychology SL

—> The outcomes are very important, make sure to know by heart what discuss, explain, analyze etc. mean because if you don’t answer your essay according to the outcome you will score very low even if you wrote an excellent essay.

—> Memorize each and every case study with evaluation. For short answer questions evaluation is not usually needed but do so lightly anyway to mke your essay look more complete.

Japanese B Sl/ Ab Initio

—> Know your grammer, kanji, and vocabulary.

—> Practice by doing all the past papers. As for paper 2 make sure your have praticed writing essays to all the past ib prompts.

—> Answer with detail and make sure you have answered everything asked by the prompt.

—> In Paper 1 if you get lost in the reading comprehension read the previous information to guide you.

Extended Essay

—> Choose something you are genuinely interested in and feel passionate about exploring. Remember you are not graded for the hardest topic.

—> Make use of external resources very well and remember to format your work correctly


Theory of Knowledge

—> You have to think outside the box and be very open minded. There are many ways of looking at things.

—> Make sure your TOK presentation is really interesting and enjoyable to watch.

—> The TOK must be critical and really bring out the essence of TOK as you answer the question. Remember there are many ways to look at the question.

Creativity Action Service

—> Make sure to document your activity with reflections and photos.

—> Write a reflection every two weeks for each activity to update your progress. And at the end of each activities write a final 300-500 word reflection.

—> In the final Cas summary you can combine all your 300-500 world reflection into a single document.


Internal Assessments

—> DO YOUR BEST IN THESE, they can really help you lift your final grade!!!

KEEP PUSHING, TAKE BREAKS, AND DON’T SLACK OFF. You will really regret it and can end up cramming before the exams! GOOD LUCK TO THE CURRENT and FUTURE IB STUDENTS! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND DO TO YOUR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL and you will eventually make it!


Went through the steps on this file, wanted to just share how I made this photostudy! Generally how I make all my stuff. (Again, sadly I dont have this reference photo anymore and cant find it on le google! But it was so fun to create a study from.)
1. Sketch
2. Color blocking
3. Details
4. Darks/Shadows/BG elements (in this case dark water)
5. Texture on the ground under the surface
6. Texture ontop of water surface
7. Flatten
8. Final edits (some highlights, noise, contrast tweaks, gradient maps etc)

Hi! My name is Tess/Theo and im Pansexual.

I pretty much found out i was pansexual after seeing all my friends get themselves girlfriends, i was confused on why i couldn’t get one and also on why i didn’t seem to care if it where a boy or a girl, or transe or whatever. I was confused and scared something was wrong with me so i searched it up on google and i found out i was pan.

I hinted to my friends that i didn’t care (or i respected what gender the person was) what gender it was but i went for the personality. They accepted me and mostly didn’t even care, so i was a bit scared for nothing. Hinting to my parents i found out they where not to found of it, and so i have not come out to them yet, but i plan to next year when i move out of my home.

This may be a strange letter or story but it pretty much sum’s up my confusion. I have a loving boyfriend at the moment and we have soon been together for a year. 

Im Pansexual and Proud!


JKR: I did go in the MuggleNet chatroom, it was hysterical. That was the first time I ever Googled Harry Potter. I was just falling into these things and Leaky — actually Leaky I already knew about, but I discovered MuggleNet that first-ever afternoon and I went in the chatroom, and it was so funny. I was treated with outright contempt. [Laughter.] It was funny, I can’t tell you.

Emerson Spartz: I’d like to apologize for, uh -

JKR: No, no no no, not in a horrible way, but, “Yeah, yeah, shut up, you’re not a regular, you don’t know a thing.” You can imagine!