When I first heard the casting for Hawkgirl, I had no idea who Ciara Renee was. So I went and I googled her. And the first thing I thought was, “My god. What a beautiful smile.” I was entranced. I was in love. Following her on instagram has only made me love her smile even more, because, when she smiles for photos, her love of life, her positivity, her happiness, her sunny disposition, they all radiate through her smile. Her brilliant, gleaming, perfect smile. 

If you don’t like her teeth, nobody cares. If the shape of her teeth bother you so much that you can’t see the radiance in her smile, then I feel sorry for you, because you’ll never be as beautiful as she is in all her happiness and positivity. 

Go take a walk. Do some yoga. Pet a dog. Learn to stop bashing people’s appearances. Don’t be an idiot.

Alright you don’t have to read this but I need to vent…

Well tonight my Mom’s friend came over, and they were talking about my little sister, and how sometimes she can be a little too mature at times right? Well I told my mom about how when she was on google searching some music lyrics, I saw some past inappropriate searches she has made. And she went to go get her phone, to she the searches right? Well she found those, and a video of her and her friends. No one was naked or anything, but she would for sure get in trouble for. (It was of her kissing a guy). And just some other little things. My mom got super upset (which is understandable) and her and my stepdad got into a argument for all that happened. Even though I wasn’t my fault, I feel like its my fault because I told her about what happened, and it sparked all this….. :/ :/

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I'm trying to find comparisons of the happy-Ben and the 2015-Ben, do you tag comparisons? Or do you know any blog that does?

Nonny, I haven’t tagged any comparisons but thought I’d put a set together for you and others to feast their eyes upon…

So, I went to google images of Ben from when the showmance started onwards (since I don’t keep any haggard images of him saved on my hard drive)

Anyway, the first thing I looked up was the Oscars.  I found one of Ben smiling from 2014 and thought it appropriate to find one of him smiling from 2015.  Notice that on the 2015 pic his lovely wife is standing right beside him which is probably the reason his smile is so genuine.  

Spot the difference:

Well, I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise that I didn’t want to look for any more pictures to make the comparison…

I actually think TFOE might have made some pretty good compisons though, so ask her  :o)

I’m so incredibly sad right now…..


Sooooo I went to the doctor today, because I have been feeling… let’s say more ill than usual, and with symptoms that don’t quite line up with my ‘normal’ way of being ill. Aaaaaand he’s sending me for a CT scan, because I have a lump. In my abdomen. That worries him. And he won’t tell me why it worries him.



I’ll just be over here, deciding it’s a hernia or something like that, okay? And NOT GOOGLING ANYTHING.

Okay so this child walked over to me and said ‘hey your brother told me about your heads, can I see them?“’ And I was kinda half asleep so I just nodded and took out my phone. I went onto google for some reason and i had the intention of typing in heads (even if the kid had meant the styrofoam heads in my bedroom). But, at the time, I was kinda thinking of gay sex and I ended up typing 'gay’ i to google images without realizing it and I think I scarred that child

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can u pls draw cocoa cookie from cookie run

oh man i went into this totally blind i dont even know what cookie run is but i googled this character and we have THE SAME HAIR SHAPE

here she is picking out her marshmallow hat for the day

I just did an interview and I was fucking late because my fuckass google maps sent me in the wrong direction down the street and the interview was in French and I’m fucking STRESSED OUT right now but all things considered I think it went okay.

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How about No1 m'dear?

Oh thank you my dear! ☺️
How did you heard about My Mad Fat Diary?

In a disabled toilet far far away…
Jk jk
Tumblr actually. I was following someone who I can’t remember at this time who was a glee blog, simpler times where I rarely used tumblr & my blog consisted of mostly glee & Darren Criss someone reblogged a gif & a quote from Rae. It was the scene where she removes her “fat body” to reveal a skinny one.
I was so intrigued that I like googled it & then followed a link that brought me to YouTube & all of series 1 was there. I started watching it I think mid way through series 2. I think episode 3 just came out. After watching it, over and over and over again I needed more, a way to express my feels if you will. So I went back to the source, typed my mad fat diary in the tumblr search bar and boom! A community of emus. (Which I didn’t know was our official name back then, again simpler times) && yeah since then I’ve been pretty active on the tumblr because this fandom is just the best and so damn supportive of each other and the cast.

hjholy shit tho i just went on google looking for references and i found that and there was a tumblr link i’m so blessed

wishiwould said: Do you mind splaining to me what demisexual means? I’d much prefer your personal insight than a generic Google answer

Not sure I can explain it clearly ‘cause when I tried to explain my sister she said I was making it up, but here goes. Basically, I do not experiment sexual attraction unless there is already a strong emotional bond there, romantic love, if you will. If we went with the donut allegory, I literally only get hungry for a donut I really, really, really love. 

(And that’s how I’ve been writting most characters since I started writting, so woah, how did I miss that?)

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Hey hättest du einen Vorschlag wo ich ein nicht zu teures Kleid für meinen Abschluss Ball her bekommen könnte? Darf auch gern etwas freizügiger sein

I believe you’re asking where to find a non expensive prom dress that is a little more liberal, or not too formal and conservative, or plain. That’s what I got from the google translate haha. For me when I went to prom, I found my prom dress at the mall, at Sirens for $40. I would suggest looking around stores at your mall or an outlet store for a cheaper dress. Also, for a more liberal or different style dress look around for stores that have retro or vintage dresses or lolita dresses, if you want something really different! 

Today, I fucked up... by pasting the wrong link

I just was talking to my sister on skype who has been in brazil for the last two or three months. We were talking for a bit and I went to send her a video I saw on reddit of bald people are so cute. I google it, and attempt to copy it then I pasted it on skype. I pasted and pressed enter immediately. I look to my horror that I posted “Cute Black Teen Multiple Creampie"s. The shame. At least I have 2000 miles of separation to let this awkwardness die down a little bit.


Anonymous said: Sumireko + Banba = Weiss Schnee’s mothers in cat form.

Sorry it took me so long to get to this request! Have two pictures as a personal apology from me.

Mahiru is very serious about teaching her kit about the importance of standing up for herself.

IB Diploma Programme

Hey guys I just recently finished the IB! And here are some nice tips I have gathered for your preparation for the final exams or tests!


Open up excel and make a simple schedule. Make sure to have a month’s time to study for your exam. I went week by week.

Biology HL


—> If you don’t understand some concepts here is a youtube IB bio guru to help you out:

—> DO lots of past papers: they are leaked all over the internet. Type in the subject, year, and timezone into google and a number of results will pop out.

—> Write out the concepts. Simply reading will not help, memorise each and every step. The key is to ‘UNDERSTAND’ and not practice rote memorisation.

Chemistry HL

—> First understand the concepts. Here is a youtube IB chem god to help you out:

—> PRACTICE. I really can’t stress this enough. Once you finish a topic, practice as many IB questions as possible and Immediately ask the teacher your doubts.

English A Language and Literature HL

—> As for Paper 1 all you can do is practice! Make sure you are familiar with the stylistic features because it is one of the criteria. Here is a link to help you with that:

—> As for Paper 2 make sure you are familiar with all the books. Make sure to have gathered enough important quotes. I would say atleast have 10 quotes per each work. The quotes should also be rich in stylistic features. Both context and content will be important. Also pay attention to theme, plot, motif, setting, and characterization.

Math SL

—> FRIST understand THEN practice till you drop.

—> Do question both from the book and past papers.

—> Remember the IB will never give you anything you cannot solve.

Psychology SL

—> The outcomes are very important, make sure to know by heart what discuss, explain, analyze etc. mean because if you don’t answer your essay according to the outcome you will score very low even if you wrote an excellent essay.

—> Memorize each and every case study with evaluation. For short answer questions evaluation is not usually needed but do so lightly anyway to mke your essay look more complete.

Japanese B Sl/ Ab Initio

—> Know your grammer, kanji, and vocabulary.

—> Practice by doing all the past papers. As for paper 2 make sure your have praticed writing essays to all the past ib prompts.

—> Answer with detail and make sure you have answered everything asked by the prompt.

—> In Paper 1 if you get lost in the reading comprehension read the previous information to guide you.

Extended Essay

—> Choose something you are genuinely interested in and feel passionate about exploring. Remember you are not graded for the hardest topic.

—> Make use of external resources very well and remember to format your work correctly


Theory of Knowledge

—> You have to think outside the box and be very open minded. There are many ways of looking at things.

—> Make sure your TOK presentation is really interesting and enjoyable to watch.

—> The TOK must be critical and really bring out the essence of TOK as you answer the question. Remember there are many ways to look at the question.

Creativity Action Service

—> Make sure to document your activity with reflections and photos.

—> Write a reflection every two weeks for each activity to update your progress. And at the end of each activities write a final 300-500 word reflection.

—> In the final Cas summary you can combine all your 300-500 world reflection into a single document.


Internal Assessments

—> DO YOUR BEST IN THESE, they can really help you lift your final grade!!!

KEEP PUSHING, TAKE BREAKS, AND DON’T SLACK OFF. You will really regret it and can end up cramming before the exams! GOOD LUCK TO THE CURRENT and FUTURE IB STUDENTS! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND DO TO YOUR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL and you will eventually make it!