For Sale: The House haunted by Ghosts that Google Street View Captured on Camera

You’ve probably clicked on this because you either believe in ghosts or you want to. Any skeptics reading however, can enjoy this post for the simple reason that there’s a stunning 1880s Queen Anne home currently on the market for an astonishingly low asking price of $105,000.

But I don’t suppose this absurdly good deal could have anything to do with the fact that it’s almost certainly haunted, could it?

Soon after the listing in Camden, NY went up on the historic home enthusiasts’ website, Old House Dreams, it came to the attention of some curious and observant internetters, that Google had captured this very house with its Street View cameras, revealing that the empty Queen Anne which has been on the market since 2010, might not be so empty after all…

Let’s just take a closer look at those windows.

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abuse thrives in the dark and im not being quiet about this shit

some of you might remember aimee/moewytchdog and if you dont you can google her name. shes a serial rapist and a child predator who was big on twitter and in leftist communities in 2012 who basically went into hiding. 2 days ago someone ive been talking to who i met on here, who some of you know, basically accidentally revealed they are aimee. shes pretending to be remorseful while saying cis people are making shit up about her, while still talking to underage people and i can not let that happen. shes “actual_oracle” on twitter and “devilreadspravda” on here, and coincidentally as she revealed who she was she suddenly needs a Mental Health Break from social media. a couple of people big in the community know about this and arent saying anything. even if she isnt actively trying to hurt anyone i can not sit here and let it ride like its okay for her to talk to 15 year olds. aimee if you are honest about wanting to get better you need to be open and transparent about who and what you are. please reblog this shit so people know, to my knowledge she isnt being abusive or weird anymore but like we found out in 2012 it was going on behind the scenes for a long time and im not about to even hazard a chance that it can happen again

Anai Chihiro Google+ English Translation

2015/06/01  22:15

Good evening.

ご飯行ってきたよ^ ^
Today, after the rehearsal ended
I went to have a meal with
Minazou, Nao, and Anya^ ^

We were too focused on eating and
We didn’t talk,
We talked a lot and we had a roar of laughter
We had fun at liberty♪

Then, today
I share room with Minazou♡

明治座の時以来だよ^ ^
It has been since Meijiza, you know^ ^

Today I’m going to sleep
After confirming various things(。´_`。)

See you~

anonymous asked:

I see so many people talking about what dog foods NOT to buy, but if none of those brands, what should I buy? Are there any dog foods that are healthy and don't cost a fortune? I haven't been able to seem to find any dog foods that balance budget and health.

I know its tough and I went through this too for a while, you want to do the absolute best by your pet but what if you can’t afford “the best”?

dogfoodadvisor is a great place to search through foods, they go off labels and recalls alone, so once you find a food in your price range that you feel could work for your pet, google around a bit as well to see if there’s anything that makes you uncomfortable about that food. usually has foods for a bit cheaper, but not always. I find the things on the higher tiers end up being the same in store as online. Acana and Orijen for us are the same at a local store as it is online for example. When I am looking for foods I go for grain and soy free, meat based proteins as the first couple ingredients, named by products (no “meat byproduct” or “animal meal” those things are sketchy and include expired meats and euthanized animals). Byproduct shouldn’t be the only source of meat based proteins either. When it comes to recalls voluntary is best and recalls 5-7 years in the past if none at all. 

Depending on your budget and your pets needs you might have to give way on certain things. Mine are allergic to grains so thats something we cannot do, but maybe your dog does fine with grains. 

Merrick, natural balance, taste of the wild, wellness, earthborn hollistic, zigniture, candiae are all good starting places, some of the nature’s variety foods, fromm (I think it tends to be a bit more plant based than some of the others)

they are all in the 50ish dollars for the largest bag range. Blue Buffalo is also in there bit right now they are dealing with some legal issues. So if you are okay with there being by product in your food (organs, bone, cuts of meat people don’t eat its all perfectly okay and actually has essential nutrients your dog needs in it) then this can also be an option, but please read up on BB, see if you are comfortable with it as a choice, many people are rightfully angry about the lack of oversight.

Those are the foods I can think of off the top of my head…. hopefully other people can come up with some more options in this range and cheaper.

I hope I helped and some others can help, its tough, and you are obviously trying to do everything you can for your dog and thats what matters :) We all want to do the best, and theres a lot of guilt when you can’t afford to spend almost 100 dollars on a bag of food. Don’t feel guilty. You care about your dog’s health and you are looking for options that meet his needs and that you can afford. Going broke feeding your dog isn’t going to help anyone.

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hi! i have some questions please dont be mean i just want to understand. 1st- why people have the stereotype that black people eat watermellons? 2nd- i know there is no reverse racism but im white and i went to a japanese school when i was little, people there were v mean to me bc i was not japanese, isnt it counted as racism or something like that? 3rd- not really a question this one i love your blog :3 (can you please tag it as "asd" so i can find it later? thanks)

1. ok so the history of the watermelon stereotype is super long and complex-ish and i’m lazy af so here are some sources i just found i google for you: here & here & here. 

readers digest version tho –– if what i remember from history class and research here and there is correct –– pretty much comes down to the watermelon being a staple in the scarce diet of a lot of slaves, especially since 99.9% of slaves were working in the hot southern sun and at risk of dying from dehydration on top of dying from abuse, malnutrition, hard labor, white people, etc. after being emancipated, the watermelon was grown and sold and eaten by a lot of freed slaves as it was cheaper and easier to come by, as well as becoming a fruit symbolic of freedom in a way. 

white people weren’t feelin that and p much turned the black people eating watermelon~ thing into a symbol of laziness and poorness –– even tho they literally ate watermelons all the time too lmao but ok –– and the beginnings of the watermelon being perpetuated as a negative thing can be seen in early jim crow~ style comics and propoganda. which are really sickening, but can be found on google idk search ‘watermelon jim crow’ and you’ll see what i’m talking about. 

2. i’m sorry to hear people were mean to you, that’s always awful. but people being mean doesn’t count as racism imo, that would be prejudice. racism is much more sinister than ‘people being mean’. it’s a form of systematic oppression that prevents jobs, inherent stereotyping, societally assumed otherness~, growth, living itself, etc.

3. thank you so much b

10 people i’d like to know better tag :)

Tagged by: blankstudy thankyou ♥
Nickname: Rach / other random things
Star sign: cancer
Gender: female
Height: 5′9 lol 
Time and date: 2nd june 15:13
Average amount of sleep: 8hrs usually but recently its been weird cause of stress :/
Last thing I googled: im looking for a new mirror for my room :)
How many blankets do you sleep with?: in the summer just one 
Favourite fictional characters: furiosa (mad max) elizabeth (pride and prejudice) liesel + death (the book thief)
Favourite famous people/musician: hozier, lana del rey, charlie cox, tom hardy
Fav books: the book thief, my sisters keeper, its kind of a funny story, pride and prejudice, to kill a mockingbird, the daughter of smoke and bone, exodus, the song of achilles (to name a few aha)
Last movie I saw in the cinema: i actually went to go see mad max: fury road last week and it was amazing!
Dream holiday: road trip of japan or somewhere like prague <3
Dream job: i’d love to be an engineer and be part of a big project like the curiosity rover was :)
What I’m wearing right now: pyjamas :)
I tag:   i follow so many people so i got these from my ‘tumblr crushes’ <3 skyestudies claiae study-world studyingandsucculents relentlessreading studyingzoneonly kimberlystudies studyrelief and anyone else who wants to do this! tag me so i can get to know you all better :)

I just got a letter offering a “summer job opportunity” from a company who wants to offer me $17 per appointment to try and sell knives to strangers

They didn’t actually mention what they want me to do in the letter, but I went to Google to look up a term I didn’t recognize that was in the job description and literally every answer was “Oh yeah they want you to go around and try to sell knives to people”

Bigbang choosing title names for Made A Series
  • YG:so what's these songs called....?
  • Bigbang members:*sweats nervously*
  • G-Dragon:it's uh... *googles "Cool Internet lingo in the 90's"* it's called we like 2 party!!111!!!!
  • TOP:....and this one is called baNG! *sweats*
  • Taeyang:bang...
  • Seungri:bang...?
  • YG:.......very inventive!!!!! Well done Bigbang!!!!

Percico fam at Disneyland!

idk i was just remembering the last time i went to any disneyland and then this happened

I’m getting a little tired of people saying Washington, especially Eastern Washington, is ugly.

Or maybe just ignoring it unless it’s Seattle, because

have you



this place?





so please realize there is more than just seattle in washington

my home is beautiful

and every picture above is within 30 minutes of my house, and they aren’t even the half of this place.

(feel free to add pictures! I may even add more haha)

this little pig went too market, this little pig said “ no “.

this little pig had some roast beef, this little pig is a vegetarian.

this little piggy is stab happy, this little piggy is an insomniac.

the last little pig cried “FUCK YOU ALL”

all the way home. 

we won’t talk about how long this took hehe- i did it all in a livestream :0

featuring -ipliers from sconee, monodes, hittower, lazycucumber, kannibalizmus, and darkisparkle c: enjoy, they’re really fun to draw~ C: ♡ 

IB Diploma Programme

Hey guys I just recently finished the IB! And here are some nice tips I have gathered for your preparation for the final exams or tests!


Open up excel and make a simple schedule. Make sure to have a month’s time to study for your exam. I went week by week.

Biology HL


—> If you don’t understand some concepts here is a youtube IB bio guru to help you out:

—> DO lots of past papers: they are leaked all over the internet. Type in the subject, year, and timezone into google and a number of results will pop out.

—> Write out the concepts. Simply reading will not help, memorise each and every step. The key is to ‘UNDERSTAND’ and not practice rote memorisation.

Chemistry HL

—> First understand the concepts. Here is a youtube IB chem god to help you out:

—> PRACTICE. I really can’t stress this enough. Once you finish a topic, practice as many IB questions as possible and Immediately ask the teacher your doubts.

English A Language and Literature HL

—> As for Paper 1 all you can do is practice! Make sure you are familiar with the stylistic features because it is one of the criteria. Here is a link to help you with that:

—> As for Paper 2 make sure you are familiar with all the books. Make sure to have gathered enough important quotes. I would say atleast have 10 quotes per each work. The quotes should also be rich in stylistic features. Both context and content will be important. Also pay attention to theme, plot, motif, setting, and characterization.

Math SL

—> FRIST understand THEN practice till you drop.

—> Do question both from the book and past papers.

—> Remember the IB will never give you anything you cannot solve.

Psychology SL

—> The outcomes are very important, make sure to know by heart what discuss, explain, analyze etc. mean because if you don’t answer your essay according to the outcome you will score very low even if you wrote an excellent essay.

—> Memorize each and every case study with evaluation. For short answer questions evaluation is not usually needed but do so lightly anyway to mke your essay look more complete.

Japanese B Sl/ Ab Initio

—> Know your grammer, kanji, and vocabulary.

—> Practice by doing all the past papers. As for paper 2 make sure your have praticed writing essays to all the past ib prompts.

—> Answer with detail and make sure you have answered everything asked by the prompt.

—> In Paper 1 if you get lost in the reading comprehension read the previous information to guide you.

Extended Essay

—> Choose something you are genuinely interested in and feel passionate about exploring. Remember you are not graded for the hardest topic.

—> Make use of external resources very well and remember to format your work correctly


Theory of Knowledge

—> You have to think outside the box and be very open minded. There are many ways of looking at things.

—> Make sure your TOK presentation is really interesting and enjoyable to watch.

—> The TOK must be critical and really bring out the essence of TOK as you answer the question. Remember there are many ways to look at the question.

Creativity Action Service

—> Make sure to document your activity with reflections and photos.

—> Write a reflection every two weeks for each activity to update your progress. And at the end of each activities write a final 300-500 word reflection.

—> In the final Cas summary you can combine all your 300-500 world reflection into a single document.


Internal Assessments

—> DO YOUR BEST IN THESE, they can really help you lift your final grade!!!

KEEP PUSHING, TAKE BREAKS, AND DON’T SLACK OFF. You will really regret it and can end up cramming before the exams! GOOD LUCK TO THE CURRENT and FUTURE IB STUDENTS! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND DO TO YOUR MAXIMUM POTENTIAL and you will eventually make it!


Pietro Maximoff/ Quicksilver

Warnings: triggering content (cutting)

** Please let me clarify, I am not writing this to glorify or romanticize self harm. It’s just that we don’t live in a perfect world and we do what we think is the best way to cope. If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, self harm, and eating disorder, etc. please get you or them help. I am always here if you need someone. **

Y/n = your name


miláčik = my darling

^^ Sorry if that’s wrong or not the correct language, I just went by Google translate and what I think it is.

• • • • 

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