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You're right about how the pastel plushies aren't the best. I just saw gifs of dan in the wig and especially as plushies it just won't age as well as PAJAMA PLUSHIES!!!!!

no one will care for the pastel in a year but pjs last forever :(

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Who's the most likely to enjoy puns, especially the ones we see here on tumblr, among the the vamps? what would their be reaction/opinion about it?

Oh man, I love puns! :D In my D&D group, my bard is the pun-master, lol.


A would hate puns. Just so much groaning and eye-rolling.

I saw this gif and thought yeah, that would be A:

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

N would put up with them, maybe even a smile, especially if they’re the more clever and witty ones.

F would laugh. They enjoy them the most because… agh, I can’t give the reason why because it’s a spoiler, lol.

M would actually give a chuckle. They do enjoy humour- though mostly on the darker side most of the time!

Thank you so much for the question :)

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Kit in those interviews said sansa is annoying and that between Jon and sansa, Jon would be the better ruler (sure kit) sansa will be an annoying ruler. Then I saw that gif of killing sansa I'm like ok at least betray her I mean she's family dam not even kill cersei who is one of your characters enemies. Now I'm like ok kit your trying to hard to steer us away. What's with the sansa hate suddenly lol like I maybe reaching but at them given us the opposite in interviews. Do you think he knows?

Haha Nonny, I wouldn’t worry too much. Awhile back Sophie (Sansa) did an interview where she played a similar game (Throne, Bone & Slay) and she chose to slay Jon. So, I really think he was just having a bit of revenge fun more than anything. 😉

As far as your question “does he know?” -if you mean does he know that Sansa will end up being a love interest for him? I would say yes (at least to an extent). He’d kind of have to so he knew exactly how to play up the scenes while they were filming (as in all the long lingering gazes, and the softness he puts in his features, etc.). The characters might not know what’s in the script past this season, but if the director wanted them to play up on sexual tension, he’d have to know that something was up, right?

And Kit does all this angst and sexual tension so well -he has the most expressive eyes ….

Sigh. ❤️

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I saw a gif of Dany saying that Valyrian is her mother tongue, and I was wondering if this is true in asoiaf? Do we know if the more recent Targaryens were raised in the Red Keep speaking Valyrian as a first language, or did they just learn it in addition to the common tongue?

I would imagine that royal children in Westeros would learn both High Valyrian and the Westerosi common tongue and would be raised bilingual. Daenerys calling High Valyrian her “mother tongue” is more a reference to her Valyrian ancestry as the last known descendant of a Valyrian dragonlord family, not that High Valyrian is her first tongue.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Gand of the King

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I don't have feeds and I've been trying to figure it out but no one is talking about it so, what happened with josh? I saw gifs of him yelling in the pool. And dom yelling also?

Mark threw hot sauce and pickle juice in Josh’s face because he believed Josh scratched on the 8 ball. A lot of their bets in pool are like the loser has to drink pickle juice or some shit. So Josh went off after that whole ordeal and the entire house decided to come out. 

They also convinced themselves that Dominique was the one to instigate this entire thing and caused Josh to blow up which makes no sense, unless you don’t like black women.

Uhm the gifs of Dominique were with her conversation with Paul, which is only for those with a strong heart because he was pretty micro-egressive in that conversation and constantly tried to belittle and berate her. She was just stating her case that Paul has snake like tendencies. 

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Yo Tobi, is it weird that im actually interested in watching MLP again? I saw some gifs and the animation and designs looks so nice..but I feel like ill be made fun of for watching it. (I just really like the artstyle and animation! It looks super fun to draw!)

I dont think its weird? its a cute as heck show man I enjoyed it when i watched it

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Hi, I'm looking for a kdrama. I saw a gif on Tumblr a while ago but I don't remember the title of the drama, I hope you can help me figure it out. There was a girl who I think was breaking up with a guy outside and she left him her shoes. I think they were high heels, possibly white. Please help me!!!

Hmmm this sounds like the kdrama “Fight My Way”! I can’t remember if she left white high heels behind, but I know she took off the shoes the guy gave her and walked home barefoot. It was around the time of this gif (does this look familiar?):