Do not approach the gryphon without offerings of caffeine.  Do not
attempt to touch the gryphon.  For your own safety, please respect the
gryphon.  Commissioned birthday gift for Likeshine, which I thoroughly
enjoyed creating!  I don’t get to paint enough gryphons these days, and
Likeshine’s has been a favorite of mine for many many years now.  I
can’t resist painting one of my favorite subjects in my favorite color!

6 hours in PS6 with an Intuos 3 tablet

See prints of my work on Etsy -

anonymous asked:

how can there be a 'black tumblr' when the world is not black, but diverse? no race is better than the next.what caused that ask was about subtle white shaming. we all have flaws. fighting racism w/ racism doesn't make us any better than those who are openly racists. Everyones beautiful and it doesn't make anyone 'less black' because they believe that we're all created in Gods image just in different colors and we should love ALL. Real love isn't partial.

I was gonna type a really long response explaining how bad the points made in this anonymous ask are, but then I realized that I took a pretty hard exam today so I’m tired and I love myself too much. But if you really want me to discuss how disappointed I am that you typed this poorly thought out anon message, I will.

Hola!!!! I’m Eli, I’m from Miami, and I’m Cuban. I don’t take a lot of selfies tbh bc I’m not photogenic at all but I wanted to submit anyway. I’m going to NYU to major in creative writing, filmmaking, and Latin American studies and my life goals are to create tons of films telling stories of Latina girls of all colors because I think that Afro Latina and indigenous Latina representation is extremely important and colored Latinas need more three dimensional characters in the media. Anyway, happy Tuesday every1. Love u all!



In this set there are 144 vallaslin for both males and females; 16 different variations between the 8 elven gods, with 9 color choices for each (Green, Red, White, Purple, Brown, Blue, Black, Nude, and Yellow). 

The colors can change pretty drastically depending on the skintone (there isn’t anything I can do about that) so I highly recommend experimenting with each one in CAS.

Non Default, Cloned (from a base game tattoo), Custom Swatches, and Created with Sims 4 Studio Version (Love).

DOWNLOAD: one merged package / pick and choose

Please let me know if you have any issues, my ask box is always open!


Seductress: Queen of the Pirate Nation

She leads savage business people and cute nerds in a metaphorical “hack-a-thon” across the universe (literally it’s “a war”).

You can compare the digital images here with photographs of the final print. Photoshop displays RGB color on a screen, with the assumption that it will be printed in CMYK — but I print in “faux-CMYK!” This means that I use different colored inks, mixed to create cool screentone approximations of CMYK values. 

You can get this print for $8, ships for free in a giant A3 sized envelope — or you can get it included with SFVPN PLUS, my giant calendar-style “mega-comic” for $22, shipping included across the entire Earth!

More big pictures here btw.

Stigma Around ‘Non-Traditional’ Families Won’t End With Assisted Reproductive Technology

By Bianca Campbell

A new study from Cambridge University and the Weizmann Institute of Science predicts the use of skin cells and stem cells to create biological children for same-sex couples, single parents, and heterosexual couples with difficulty conceiving within two years. As a queer full-spectrum doula of color considering mamahood in the near future, I want as many parenting options as possible. But I wonder if this assisted reproductive technology will be truly accessible to me and my community, and if it reinforces a nuclear family ideal that further stigmatizes our choices.

Queer and trans folks have been making babies for a long time, and it’s rarely ever easy. Even when we create biological children, we have to fight to be recognized as their parents. Last year, a Texas same-sex couple fought for custody of their two biological newborns. (They used a surrogate, so they are each the father of one of the two boys.) The parents’ names weren’t even allowed on the birth certificates of their respective biological child. Without addressing the legalized discrimination against our families, the new technology won’t be enough to shield our reproductive choices from attack. Respectability through biological reproduction (and government-sanctioned marriage, might I add) will not save us.

Read more.

Style fusion

So I’m kicking this off just to learn more about how other artists create what they do, and the steps they take to go about doing so. Wrapped up in that is hopefully a nice show for my followers, and a nice test of my artistic skill.

Curious of what Casynuf’s anatomy and expression would look like if lined and colored by Glacierponi? What if Tsitra360 colored one of SophieCabra’s sketches? The possibilities are endless.

To suggest a pair, send an ask or a submission with the names or a link to each artist’s works, as well as who would be doing what. (Anatomy, Lineart, color/shading, etc.)

I’ll be waiting patiently for some submissions and warming up. I feel it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Safe Travel Mojo Bag

You will find this mojo bag in my own vehicle, as well as in the vehicles of two of my children. This is the first thing I did when they very proudly purchased their first cars. I remember tucking it beneath the driver’s seat of my son’s van and was surprised to find it hanging boldly from his rear view mirror the next day. My daughter went through a baptism by fire when she experienced two accidents on a busy Omaha freeway, totaling both vehicles both times. She walked away from the incidents completely unscathed.


Moon Phase: waxing to full moon, the full moon being most favorable

Day: Saturday

Planet: Saturn

Colors: black, dark gray, indigo

Herbs: plantain, calamus root

Stones: tiger eye

Tarot Card: The Chariot

Fill the bag with the tarot card, the stone, and *Both* herbs. This is very important. The combination of the plantain and the calamus root creates a very potent protective energy. I’m fortunate that plantain grows freely in my yard; I harvest and dry some every year for my own use.

To this bag you may also want to add a dash of sea salt and perhaps even some personal effects belonging to the person/people who will be traveling in this vehicle on a regular basis. Keep this bag in the vehicle at all times. Every few months I take my bag out, at the time of the full moon, and re-consecrate it with the four elements.

This is a very easy, very simple thing to do:

1. Sprinkle the bag with salt, saying:

“I consecrate this bag with the power of Earth.”

2. Hold the bag in the smoke of lit incense, allowing the smoke to envelop the bag, saying:

“I consecrate this bag with the power of Air.”

3. Hold the bag in your left hand and a lit red candle in your right. Circle the bag clockwise with the candle, saying:

“I consecrate this bag with the power of Fire.”

4. Dip your fingers into a small bowl of water, and flick the drops upon the bag, saying:

“I consecrate this bag with the power of Water…

This bag is now consecrated and divine, bound to aid me in my magical endeavors.”


So that next book I am working on - I wanted to give the author the option of me doing the color work digitally (like I did last time) or traditionally using watercolors (which probably explains why you have seen me practicing and working with them recently).  I have been able to mix colors to get all different shades and tones but none of the colors I had made for a good violet or pink.  And with a book being multiple images across many pages - these two colors which are key to the story had to be consistent page over page.  So I ordered some half pans to get these specific colors and they just arrived.

They may be small but trust me they are powerful stuff!

And I bet you can guess what I will be working on today :)

I have a meeting on Thursday with the author to review the different options I am creating for her with digital/traditional applications.  Can’t wait to see what she likes best and what I will be spending all my time doing in the next two weeks to finish these illustrations up!

I hope that means that we’ll see some different makeup looks on Mary this season. Not that I mind the makeup looks Robin created for her, but I’d love to see something different, maybe a different color of blush and more daring eyeshadows every once in a while. Just saying. 

Taken from Kristina Vogel’s Twitter. 

I am a VISUAL person… {not a voyeur however - LOL}!

In order to set myself up for success I created a daily tracking sheet for this 21 day challenge…

I color coded it to correspond to the colors for each category that I need (veggies, protein, fruit, etc)…

I added a WORKOUT row to also track my activity/workouts so that I SEE that as well….

Success is in seeing it…

Success is in visualizing it….

Success is in the planning….


Video by benditlikelacy
Click to communicate with them.
Pressup play part 2. Funky-pincha-pressup (???😊) to funky-flying-babycrow (???😂). Im making it up as i go along. #yoc #yoga #yogi #yogaofcolor #blackyogi #blackwomensfitness #health #exercise #ebonyfitness #fitfam #fitness #fitgirls #fitchicks #fitblackgirls #girlswithmuscle #inversion #pressup #pinchamayurasana #pincha #pikepress #questforthepress #babycrow #flyingcrow #teamfitness #workout #naturalhair #bantuknots – Where Black Yogis Shine!
I will create a plan for you to become a Black Yoga Superstar for $5.

Posting videos to show how gorgeous these look when you turn them different ways. New batch made a few days ago These turned out so lovely! They are $35 each, and i have enough coloring left from each one to make a set of earrings to match. Earrings will be $10-15 depending on size. These are all created with real reptile shed that has been cleaned, sanitized and coloring added, then sealed under glass. Each piece is unique. #reptile #snake #ballpython #redtailboa #shed #scale #dragon #dragonscale #jewelry #handmade #handcrafted #forsale

So, I have sound to color synesthesia, and I have a love-hate relationship with those posts that describe it. It seems so incorrect, like it’s barely scraping the surface of what it really is.

It’s like artwork, movement, flashes and rumbles of color are continually, involuntarily rolling around your head. It’s not you associating sounds with color, it’s flat out involuntary, like your heart beating or breathing.

Every little thing that has a sound has a color, and it manifests differently for all people with sound to color synesthesia.

The sound of high heels against marble floors creates sparks of blue jumping across the floor of my brain. Children’s laughter is like orange bouncing bubbles. The sound of the wind is a white tangle of smoke across my mind, and tearing paper is a jagged slash of red. Ringing metal sends waves of pink, and my mother’s voice is a calm green, not unlike the ocean.

It has so much more to it than I can describe.

Every single sound is colorful, and most of them beautiful.

I'm seriously getting tired

I am getting tired of seeing:
1. Girls of all ages especially under 20 being sexually harassed, insulted, and/or threatened by creeps and Anons who feel entitled to slut shame and degrade women because of their post, commentary, or preferences.

2. Black, Indian, and Latina/Mexican, Asian women whom are being harassed because of their skin color, and unique cultures. Being appropriated by white people/racists. Being made to feel inadequate and inferior compared to white people in general. Being generally insulted just because they are embracing there cultures and letting themselves express their opinions.

3. I am tired of gay and trans individuals being harassed and dehumanized and talked down to because they are trans. And not being treated like the gender they want to be known and treated as.

4. I’m tired of people shaming others whom don’t harm anyone just because they are not religious, straight, or white.

Please stop the racism, trans/homo phobic behavior on here. This is supposed to be a safe place for individuals whom are being murdered, abused, and tormented in real life everyday. And they have a right to be happy and enjoy the blogging/viewing purposesof tumblr.


“Alexa Module” designed by Kelly, aka bespokefolds.
Folded by Annalisa. This contains 12 modules folded from 6.25 cm squares of tant colored with metallic gold oil pastel.
There are no diagrams of this available as of yet; Kelly very kindly showed me how to fold it via video chat.

I haven’t folded many modulars recently, so when Kelly offered to show me the Alexa unit he designed, I jumped at the chance. Then, as a thank you for showing me, I decided I wanted to make a whole structure in pretty paper. So I pulled out my coloring supplies and played around with putting metallics on dark paper. I like the subtle shimmer that the oil pastel gives, and once I folded the whole model, I really liked how the metallic contrasted with the uncolored blue to give the whole model depth.

But back to the model itself. I enjoy how the inside of the model creates a 4-point star in negative space when you make it with 12 units. And I also get a kick out of standing the model up on one ‘leg’. What can I say? Once again, I get amusement from the smallest sources. I’m also looking forward to playing around with the final presentation in the future. I might curl (or even fold) the outer portions of the paper to see what effect that might have, or I might try and figure out a multicolor pattern. So many options to explore!

If you would like to see Kelly’s 30-unit version, it is here. And while you’re there, go ahead and follow him; he’s awesome.


Color My World - A Personal Challenge

I just wanted to quickly explain the challenge I created & am working on! 

Basically, I just deleted all of the lots (except the parks) & am going to try to fill it all in with cute-n-colorful homes, sims, & lots   ♥  I’ll also be playing with all the different families so it should be tons of fun!  Aging is off, the goal is just to fill it all in & complete all of their Aspirations.

The end!

ლ(´ ❥ `ლ)

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite thing to make come to life? Portraits? Backgrounds? Interaction? Is there something you love to create more than others? Or love to render more than others? (Like skin/hair/clothing etc?)

All of the above, really. If I had to choose one thing, it would be images that tell a story. But I also have a huge weakness for portraits, and though I have a bad habit of being lazy with my backgrounds I do love painting environments (I just don’t put many up here). My favorite things to paint are color and light, the effect of light on skin, long flowing hair, and the design of clothing (but not actually painting it, I have so much trouble with cloth and drapery). Uh, and hot men. A bit of that too. >.>

Posting videos to show how gorgeous these look when you turn them different ways. New batch made a few days ago These turned out so lovely! They are $35 each, and i have enough coloring left from each one to make a set of earrings to match. Earrings will be $10-15 depending on size. These are all created with real reptile shed that has been cleaned, sanitized and coloring added, then sealed under glass. Each piece is unique. #reptile #snake #ballpython #redtailboa #shed #scale #dragon #dragonscale #jewelry #handmade #handcrafted #forsale