Today’s post celebrating black illustrators/painters/artists for Black History Month (or year or era or lifetime) is very special to me.
I want to give it up for illustrator, blogger, and entrepreneur @katblaque
Her art page: @blaquekat

Kat Blaque creates beautiful character illustrations that obviously speak to the fiber of my being. Beyonce from Grown Woman? Viera Red mage? saturated mermaid color palettes? um yes!.

Aside from the artwork, Kat Blaque inspires me because of her totality, intersectionality, strength, and wisdom. To see her journey unfold before our eyes is something sacred. She truly defines an artist that is carving their own path, and she has been an inspiration to me for a long time.

I first met Kat online circa 2004(?). It was either on DeviantArt or GaiaOnline. I even remember drawing one of her original characters, ‘Bumble Bee Bxtch’. Back then I was so enthralled with her distinct style and character designs. But I don’t think I realized, how important it was to see another young artist growing and learning each day while being black and LGBTQ.

Kat went to CalArts while I was at RISD. I’d sneak peeks at the things she was learning there (and it was awesome of course). But I think these ~elite~ art schools often feed you conventional pathways and pipelines.
“You will work on your animation thesis and then apply to studios and spend your days drawing frames or maybe viz dev”
“You should definitely take this editorial class, hopefully get an assignment from when the AD visits”.

So to see Kat thriving outside of that one story is so exciting.
Often when we speak of LGBTQ, the world thinks of “white cis gay male who may or may not actively drink the koolaid of yt-supremacy/misogyny/patriarchy. Slowly but surely that’s changing, and I love Kat Blaque being of the many faces and voices of change and resilience.

And also.
If you haven’t checked out her youtube channel.
Do. your. self. a. favor. and subscribe!


A special gift set by my friend @margeh75 and I for 4 years of friendship and creating for TSR! This set is dedicated to all of you who have been supporting us! You can mix and match the 2 tops, leggings and shorts, and their colours too! (8 variations for each of them)

We really hope you like this collaboration and can’t wait to know what you think of it!

DOWNLOAD (Bottoms Set by Metens)

DOWNLOAD (Tops Set by Margeh75)

sintax-err0r asked:

new sin blog (and the artist of the matching brides) saying thank you for inspiring me to create a blog of my own. i hope what i put out is as well-received as others, and i'm looking forward to it <3

I’ve got to say, your art is absolutely marvelous! The colors, the lineart, EVERYTHING is sooo perfect <3 You’re my senpai! XD I know your blog is gonna be awesome!! 

darthtantrvm asked:

Would you happen to have any tips for figuring out color or a color palette for a piece?

  • Design Seeds (or the #color tag on Pinterest) has a lot of great palettes with photo references that can give you some ideas.
  • There’s also an amazing lil site called paletton that helps you to create some custom palettes that work together well. 
  • This video by Cubebrush covers the basics of creating a “good” color palette.

That’s probably the only “tips” I have. Personally, I try not to focus much on the color scheme, but rather focus on “overall feeling” of the piece that I’m aiming to. Using darker and cooler colors for something “moody” and using lighter and warmer for something “joyful”, then just kind of experimenting by adding random colors until it looks eyepleasing. Figuring out the light source also can be helpful. It’s a very random process for me, honestly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. If things are going real bad, there’s always the Color Balance adjust (well, if you’re using PS) to the rescue.

anonymous asked:

how do those studies work? they look great btw. are you supposed to make a palette first and stick with it? do you just eyeball colors from the ref? or choose your own? what about the eyedropper tool?

I’ve actually tried all four methods. Creating a limited palette using just 2 colors and using the reference for composition and values, eyeballing colors to train my feel for colors, choosing my own, as well as using the eye dropper tool. Trying out different methods will help you find your own process as well as discover what works and what doesn’t work. 

There’s really no right or wrong way to approach a study because ultimately, in the end, it’s for you and to improve what you feel like you need to work on. With the studies I’m currently doing, I try to keep everything in mind. The composition, the colors, the shapes, and etc. The reference is there for you to see the interaction between the colors and why certain things look the way they do based on the environment that it’s in as well as the time of day. If I feel like the composition can be improved, I’ll change up the shapes and move things around, but if the composition isn’t what I’m focusing on for that particular study, I’ll just paint what I see and focus on what I want to study wether that may be just shapes, values, or colors. 

I try not to worry about wether or not it looks exactly like the reference because it really doesn’t matter. The environment is always changing so you’ll never have a perfect scenario that looks similar to the last. Sometimes after color picking using the eyedropper tool I’ll mix colors to make it more warm/cool or whatever I feel like will make it better. 

Here’s a video by Anthony Jones on how to study effectively which I felt hit on good key points.

Studies are for you so no matter what you’re trying to study, make sure you keep whatever you want to improve on in mind and not just mindlessly copy the reference in front of you! 


Dragon’s Crown
Manufacturer: Vertex
Number of Parts: 29, not including base.
Custom base, anklet, base extras.
Tamiya Acrylics, Alclad II Metallics, Jaquard Pearl Pigments. Base materials in WIP Album.

As always, more pictures on my facebook, Gareki Phoenix.

Commission finished a few days ago Customer requested iridescent clear wings, darkened hair tips to match original artworks, worn tavern tabletop base to match original artworks, gold and swarovski crystal anklet. Used Interference Violet pearl pigment on wings, painting the veins transparent white, to contrast with the gradient on the wings. Yellow-green pearl pigment on dress, and Micropearl on hair.

Poison vial created with resin and fluorescent green paint, added natural saltwater pearl strand, individually colored gems in varying colors and sizes, brass key. The base was pretty easy on this kit, and the weathering was fun.  I originally used the provided decals, but they were bad and ruined.  My printed decals didn’t fair any better, and cracked terribly, so I ended up handpainting the eyes and eyebrows over them.

Please enjoy my thirteenth GK, Tiki.

I finished my study in painting a photo which was combined with another photo (the flowers) and where I added effects and colors to change the mood of the overall picture. The painting has been drawn from scratch by me, however the flowers were too much of a challenge to me so I used the stock photo instead.

The painting is part of the process of my school project, which will take the subject “visualization of mental illnesses”. This image is to test out digital painting as a way of creating and visualizing the image/mood I want to visualize and to find out what type of medium I wish to use for the final part of the project.

I didn’t think of a proper subject/mental illness as I was working on this one, however, the first that comes to my mind is anxiety and how the axiety attacks might feel like you’re burning up.

Model/reference: Sara Sampaio

anonymous asked:

i know you like makeup and i really wanna start building my collection, but idk where to begin! when should i buy drugstore and when should i buy high end? :(

When To Splurge And When To Save:

Primer - i would say go drugstore. my two favorites are NYX photo loving clear primer (good for all skin types, creates matte finish. i find the colored ones to be chalky) and L'oreal Lumi primer (good for dry/combo skin types and creates a dewy finish).

Foundation - depends on your needs. i go high end because i have dry/combo skin with a lot of discoloration and im very fair and yellow/green toned thanks to chronic illness. lots of drugstore foundations are amazing. L'oreal Lumi (luminous medium coverage, comes in warm, neutral and cool tones and goes relatively dark) and Revlon Colorstay (comes in matte and dewy, medium buildable coverage) and Maybelline Fit Me (comes in matte and dewy, medium coverage, reasonable color selection).

Concealer - drugstore. NYX offers an amazing selection of concealers, from under eye correcting to whatever you need and a lot of different finishes and types. Maybelline Fit Me concealer is also a nice one.

Brow Pomade - high end. seriously, anastasia dipbrow is a lifesaver. but if $18 is off putting or you’re just beginning your brow journey, NYX brow pomade is a close replica and offers more cool toned shades at half the price (opt for cool or neutral toned brows UNLESS you have red or copper hair for a more natural look)

Brow Pencil - drugstore. i’m not a big brow pencil person but essence has a $3 brow pencil that is absolutely fine.

Brow Gel - brow gel is brow gel. get a $3 essence or elf gel and you’ll be good. seriously, ive got soke pretty unruly brows and it works fine.

Contour - it depends on your skintone! unfortunately, if you have a medium-dark to dark skintone, finding contour shades in drugstore can be hard. Opt for a cool or neutral toned cream or liquid foundation for a cream contour. if you’re darker, look into strobing. it looks stunning on all skintones but ESPECIALLY dark skintones and you don’t need to buy as many products.

Highlight - high end. Becca has an amazing selection from light icy tones to warm dark tones and options for all skintones, but they’re pricy. Sephora brand has a $14 highlighting powder, which seems beautiful but i havent gotten my hands on one yet. for a wet looking, less shimmery option, tony moly has a gel that you can wear alone, mix with foundation or put on top of your foundation. but i have noticed more drugstores creating highlighters now that its a trend, so keep your eye out for new products! NYX just added some more colors to their line. AND colourpop has some beautiful highlighters.

Setting Powder - drugstore is fine. NYX and ELF have HD powders similar to the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. If you bake, dont use a high end powder. you waste too much product in my opinion.

Setting Spray - there aren’t many drugstore options yet, but NYX has dewy and matte finish ones, and i use the dewy one and it works great. MAC fix + has a $10 travel size (reasonable size, lasted me about a year).

Eyeshadows - a mix is nice. Morphe has great priced, beautifully pigmented eyeshadow pallets and individual eyeshadows. i say start out with ELF and work your way up.

Lipsticks - drugstore. seriously. also colourpop has amazing liquid and stick lipsticks for less than $6. better than the kat von d ones in my opinion, and colourpop is also amazing for people with darker skintones! their products are SO pigmented and they show you swatches on dark skin.

Bronzer - drugstore. be weary though, lots can come off orangey. ELF’s contouring blush and bronzer is a nice neutral/cool toned bronzer and a pretty versatile blush. NYC’s sunny bronzer is beautiful and i love using it as an eyeshadow, too.

Blush - drugstore. my favorite is Milani Luminoso or the NYX baked ones. but a great high end one is the clinique chubby stick, i love the formula and finish and color range. good cream blush for beginners.

Mascara - drugstore or high end travel sizes! mascara goes bad too quickly to be buying $35 mascaras every 5 or 6 months. NYX and Maybelline have a great selection.

Skincare - drugstore!!! Bioré charcoal face wash is amazing for all skin types (my brother with oily skin has noticed a big difference in his skin and i have dry/combo and it works great for me!). its also great for people with open skin or acne. if you’re like me and your biggest problem isnt acne or open skin, their baking soda scrub is great too, but i love the charcoal one. st. ives has a wonderful moisturizer selection, and Simple has good makeup removers for great prices.


(Pictured Above: Victorias Secret Undie Set; Wonderland Honolulu Orchid Pom Shorts; Coach Poppy Eau de Parfum. Other natural products I have mentioned before: Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, Fresh Rose Mask, Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil)

#Valentine’s Day: Natural Products I heart.

100% PURE® Vanilla Body Scrub & Shower Gel 100% PURE is 100% natural, 100% cruelty-free, and all products are completely 100% free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and all other toxins. I don’t like heavily scented bath products so the lightly scented vanilla body scrub and gel is perfect for me. If you love coconut, the coconut nourishing body cream will make you smell like tropical paradise. The line is also created by a woman of color, creator Susie Wang.

Teddie Organics Rose Water Toner 100% pure and organic. There are no Chemicals, preservatives or artificial Fragrances. Just the pure scent of USDA Certified Organic roses. I’ve tried a couple different rose waters and many of them actually broke me out. But this rose water is a great refresher and gives me the rose scent I love without the breakage. 

Mineral Fusion Base Coat + Color is a natural cosmetic brand proudly offering smarter makeup. This includes selecting effective natural ingredients, as well as making our products free of gluten, parabens, talc, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, SLS, and phthalates. They never conduct animal testing and are committed to sustainability. The polish is just as good as any other store brand polish I have bought, except without some of the harsh chemicals. 

NOW Lavender Essential Oil I’m really into aromatherapy, and I like NOW essential oils because they offer high quality, all natural oils at a good price. I keep lavender on deck because it’s calming and great for de-stressing. If you’re looking to slip into a sexy, sensual mood – grab ylang ylang. It’s supposed to stimulate sex drive and strengthen the nervous system.

Bekura Beauty Barbados Pecan Whipped Custard Souffle Body Cream A healing African shea fruit blend enhanced with cooling Aloe Vera & softening oil embellishments of organic Coconut, Sunflower, & Grapeseed - formulated to soothe skin tightness & combat ash. I love everything Bekura and this body cream is no difference. It goes on light and smells yummy. 

Design Quotes is a personal project, a pack of three different versions of artworks I created using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I wanted to visualize and present three of my favorite quotes into artworks with splashes of design. Because I love colors, I used my favorite gradients combined with bold and contrasting to the background typography.

‘Design is a Journey of Discovery’ — by Derek Parker • British Writer & Broadcaster.
'Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication’ — by Leonardo da Vinci.
'Design is Thinking made Visible’ — Original Quote by Saul Bass • American Graphic Designer & Filmmaker.

I really love the fact that Heather Duke is the only one without a primary color. Veronica, Heather M, and Heather C are all one of a kind (whether or not that’s a good thing) But all Heather Duke can do is imitate her surroundings. She’s so lost, she doesn’t even realize she’s been running on autopilot with a synthetic personality forged by someone else. What happened to the funny chubby girl she was in middle school? When did she stop caring about real things? Red, Yellow, and Blue just are. But green? Green has to be created. 

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- Name: happy
- Nicknames:
- Sign: cancer
- Gender: trap
- Height: 6'3"
- Favorite colors: blue
- Time right now: 3:35p
- Average hours of sleep: 6
- Last thing I googled: “e621 tangrowth"
- Number of blankets I sleep under: 1
- Favorite fictional characters: happy
- Favorite books: the transsexual empire
- Dream Job: I’d rather not
- What am I wearing right now: pokemon shirt
- When did you create your blog: i made my first blog in 2012 but this one was made a couple weeks ago. Ive remade 30+ times
- Follower count: 20
- What do you mainly post about: G
- Your blog hit its peak: “when u Mom com home and make hte spagheti”
- Who is your most active follower: @gunbird2
- Do you get asks daily: no
- Why did you choose you url: justin bieber
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i was tagged by @phanic-at-the-fall-out thanks mate ^~^ 

 1. If you could describe how you’re feeling as a color, what color would it be? hmm probably lilac, because i’m almost like super happy pastel pink but i still have a little blue ha 

2. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be? oh wowwowow i dunno, maybe a smol little kitten even tho that’s super realistic soz 

3. Do you relate more to 2005 Brendon Urie or 2005 Pete Wentz? dEFINITELY BRENDON 

4. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? pretty much any name mentioned in a one direction song oOPS 

5. Are Dan and Phil your sons or dads? they’re sUCH SMOL BEAN AND TOL BEANS SO DEFO SONS 

6. What’s your favorite word? ace or siiiiick (cause louis has effected me sm)

7. Last book you read or that you loved? order of the phoenix cause slAY

8. One song that makes you feel nostalgic? true friend by miley cyrus i cri such memory 

9. Sunrise, sunset, or night sky? night sky 

10. If you made a band, what would its name be? something to do with roses @heyo-cherrio you know whats up

11. One embarrassing phase you went through? uGH my jb phase cause i got my best friend at the time to sing ‘baby’ (only song i knew) at our summer camp eW i cri thats so embarrassing

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my questions ^-^

1. what’s your favorite Disney movie?

2. are you going to watch Scare Pewdiepie?

3. what country do you want to live in as an adult?

4. do you believe in any conspiracy theories (if so which is your favorite)?

5. do you have any Internet friends (if so have you met them)?

7. who is your all time favorite youtuber?

8. if you could dye your hair any color you wanted, which would you pick?

9. who’s your otp?

10. are you most like tol meme or smol bean (dan or phil)?

11. do you support equality for everyone?

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I was tagged by @phanic-at-the-fall-out thanks for remembering me!

1. If you could describe how you’re feeling as a color, what color would it be?
Probably black!
2. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?
Definitely a platypus or a elephant shrew
3. Do you relate more to 2005 Brendon Urie or 2005 Pete Wentz?
4. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
I would change my name to Ava because I think that name is so pretty
5. Are Dan and Phil your sons or dads?
Sons! V proud of them
6. What’s your favorite word?
Aesthetic because it makes me sound smart when I say it. :)
7. Last book you read that you loved?
TABINOF last night!
8. One song that makes you feel nostalgic?
This a hard one, but probably Suburbia by @troyesivan because it’s basically about that.
9. Sunrise, sunset, or night sky?
Night sky.
10. If you made a band, what would its name be?
Probably something that made no sense.
11. One embarrassing phase you went through?
I’ve been through just about every phase possible. But my worst was probably when I thought being popular was the shit. Yep, I tried to be preppy and it was terrible.

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1. What is something you are missing right now?

2. What’s a dream you have, but you never expect to accomplish?

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5. What is weird something you think about a lot?

6. Have you ever had a teacher who inspired you?

7. What’s your favorite book atm and why?

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9. What is a year you wish you could go back to?

10. What’s a nice childhood memory or yours?

11. Who is your biggest inspiration?

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some random facts about me wahoo

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Name: Annie
Star Sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Height: 5′1″ (rip)
Favourite Colours: i have no favorites i love so many different colors 
Time Right Now: 2:19PM
Average Hours of Sleep: unfortunately 5-6; on a good day i get 7-8!!
Lucky Number(s): do not have any (i think)
Last Thing I Googled: “5 major air pollution epa”
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 2-3 hehe
Favourite Fictional Characters: hinata shouyu; kouzume kenma (sobs)
Favourite Book: not my favorite favorite, but a very good/nostalgic book for me: the mysterious benedict society
Dream Job: to do something creative
What I am wearing right now: school apparel + leggings
When did you create your blog: MARCH 2014 wOw (joined tumblr in ‘11 tho haha….)
Current amount of followers:  
What do you post about: anything and everything (mainly “studyblr” stuff; my 100 days of productivity, study spaces, stationery, masterposts/resources/inspiration/positivity)
Do you have other blogs: o h lord yes i have many LOL
When did your blog reach it’s peak (when did you get more followers, have more posts, etc.): i am not sure tbh this month?? last month maybe?? after i was more active!!
Who is your most active follower: IDK @memoirs-of-a-high-school-student is always very kind uwu
What made you decide to get a tumblr: i have always just been fandom trash e u e tbt kpop days