“toasty, how do you finish your art projects?!”

well, you know how when you see someone’s unfinished project that you know is gonna be epic and you’re like “I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THE FINISHED PRODUCT”?

it’s like that.  except I’m the only one who’s gonna finish it.  fortunately I’m arguably also the one who’s most excited about it, and that is how the busywork gets done.

so like the joke with Yuri On Ice is that with every episode, it gets gayer

this episode, yuuri bought two wedding rings and he and victor are engaged and we found out that victor was drawn to yuuri after just falling in love with him after a wild night of dancing and dropped everything for the chance to go coach him and get closer to him


how the fuck can it get gayer


Some quick thoughts on this piece of information from Chapter 88:

Yesterday, when we got the first few spoilers from the latest chapter, I thought the most interesting thing we would learn this month was about the 13 year lifespan of titan shifters. However, this is much more interesting.

I assumed that if a titan shifter died before passing on their powers, that power would cease to exist. Instead, the power is passed onto any child of Eldian blood. They don’t have to be blood related to the person they are inheriting the power from, and they don’t even need to be physically close to that person. It’s almost like a titan power lottery, and I can guarantee that no one wants to win.

The question is: what now? The power of the nine titan shifters will always be passed on from Eldian to Eldian, no matter what. It never ends. Is this the cursed history that the Warriors are trying to put an end to? And if they are trying to eradicate the power of the nine titan shifters, surely this means they will also have to sacrifice themselves?

ok but full offense but i hate it when people make comics nd shit about sending pokemon to the box beinf this Horrible And Awful thing like its some neglectful and horrible thing that trainers do that make pokemon think they dont love tjhem… not every thing has to be fucking edgy yall

why cant we make headcanons about the PC boxes being chill places for all your pokemon to relax and mingle. they dont go hungry or get fatigued in the box theyre suspended by data in a state of comfort. theyre free to talk to each other and play games and take naps and wait for their turn to switch out again. when new pokemon get put in everyone flocks to them to hear the latest news, the battles and victories and struggles they faces with their beloved trainer, where the trainer is now and what they can look forward to when they get pulled out. when a new addition to the team is sent to the box first, everyone gathers to greet them warmly and comfort them and make them feel at home in the team family.

why do boxes have to be horrible for pokemon. why cant they be a place of bonding and relaxation ?? why do yall always have to make such a common practice of trainers into this horrible awful thing ???? stop???????