OTP Prompt Idea

So this kinda struck me while listening to Disney songs. 

I just want everyone to imagine that their OTP has this game where occasionally one person just bursts into the room, starting to sing “True Love’s Kiss” from Enchanted.

“You’re the fairest maid I’ve ever met. You were made…”

“To finish your duet.” And they HAVE to finish the song regardless of location or circumstances.

Thank you for your time.

Bonus: The rest of the crew/their friends are either sick of the game or find it hilarious. 

One night you get what you want
this boy you’ve loved for what feels like centuries
is kissing you, touching you, loving you

And it’s crescendo,
it’s something you’ll never been able to explain
because your hopes and dreams are coming true

You whisper the words into his hair
bite the words into his chest, leaving your mark on him
his mark was printed on your heart long before this night

In this moment you are golden, you are bursting
and he has never looked so beautiful
he smiles back, face fond as he says the words you would’ve waited for

—  I come alive when I hear your voice by Abby S

okay but listen 

So obviously Robin & Cory know what’s gonna happen with Oswald and Ed at least for a few more upcoming episodes right.
Imagine if Ed and Oz do declare their love for each other
Imagine if Ed and Oz do end up getting together in some kind of way
Imagine if Ed and Oz do end up kissing 


The Wind That Shakes The Barley 

I sat within the valley green, I sat me with my true love
My sad heart it was torn between, the old love and the new love
The old for her, the new that made me think on Ireland dearly
While soft the wind blew down the glen and shook the golden barley

‘Twas hard for me those words to frame to break the ties that bound us
But harder still to bear the shame of foreign chains around us
And so I said, “The mountain glen I shall seek at morning early
And join the brave united men” while soft winds shake the barley

I kissed away my true love’s tears, my fond arms round her flinging
When a foeman’s shot burst on our ears from out the wildwood ringing
A bullet pierced my true love’s side in life’s young spring so early
There she died upon my breast while soft winds shook the barley

And blood for blood without remorse I came to Oulart Hollow
And laid my true love’s clay cold corpse where I full soon must follow
And round her grave I wander drear, noon, night and morning early
With breaking heart when e'er I hear the wind that shakes the barley

Written by Robert Dwyer Joyce (1836–1883)

Possible theory for SQ?

Has anyone talked about the possibility of Emma putting herself under a sleeping curse?

To prevent her death-in-battle-on-main-street-Storybrooke. To then be brought to the Temple of Morpheus in order to wake her, where Snow, David, H00k and Henry enter her dream. Only to have the battle we thought she was preventing manifest itself here, (where if you die in your dreams, you die in real life. Or something like that.) Henry and H00k fail to wake her with True Love`s Kiss.

Everyone panics. And then Regina senses something is wrong. So she steps up to the altar and touches their lips together. (Parallels RedKansas TLK) Light bursts from their lips. She wakes her.

Season 6 finale makes SQ canon.

I feel like all the signs are right freaking there for us.

Delena fan comment in my post: “LJ Smith has always shipped Delena!”

Really? Is that why LJ always gives Bamon special moments? Is that why LJ Smith wrote Bamon as soulmates/as having a soulmate connection in the Evensong trilogy?Is that why LJ has recently written Damon being in a relationship with Elena yet he is still not satisfied or happy enough so he constantly seeks out/chases Bonnie? Is that why LJ wrote Damon paying way more attention to Bonnie than to Elena? Is that why LJ wrote Damon dying for Bonnie, not for Elena? Is that why LJ always writes Damon being more noble and selfless when it comes to Bonnie and selfish when it comes to Elena? Is that why LJ wrote Damon’s soul bursting for the first time in his entire existence and the stone cracking around his soul because of his powerful and strong love for Bonnie? Is that why LJ said that Bonnie is Damon’s weak spot, not Elena? Is that why Elena was so threatened by Bonnie in regards to Damon’s affections and Damon’s attention? Is that why LJ wrote Stelena as soulmates and said they were true love in the synopsis for the Evensong fan fictions? Is that why LJ has written Bonnie as being Damon’s humanity? Is that why LJ has written Damon as being jealous of any and every guy who pays attention to Bonnie or so much as looks at her? Is that why LJ always writes Damon saying that Bonnie is his or belongs to him? Is that why LJ has personally said that Bonnie is Damon’s girl? Is that why LJ has said that Bonnie is a much better match for Damon in many ways than Elena is? Is that why LJ wrote Elena calling Stefan her eternal beloved? Is that why LJ had Bonnie refer to Damon as her born nest mate (another term for one true soulmate)? Is that why LJ wrote Bonnie feeling like she can be with Damon for all of eternity? Is that why LJ wrote Damon referring to Bonnie as “his home”? Is that why LJ compared Stelena to some of the greatest love stories such as Romeo/Juliet, Samson/Delilah, and Anthony/Cleopatra? Is that why LJ write Stefan saying that without Elena, he is only half a person? Is that why LJ had Elena say that Stefan is “the other half of her soul, her equal and her opposite, her partner in the Great Dance, the other half of the Sacred Mysteries of Life to her and her lover and her beloved in the purest sense imaginable”? Is that why LJ had Elena refer to Stefan as her “true mate”? Is that why LJ Smith had said that Stefan were born for each other and they were born to love each other? Is that why LJ Smith wrote Stefan and Elena being linked soul to soul by the silver cord of destiny? Is that why LJ implemented the infamous soulmate principle between Stelena? Is that why Damon is cheating on Elena and always kissing Bonnie recently? Is that why Damon is emotionally and spiritually and physically cheating on Elena with Bonnie? Yeah, LJ Smith totally supports Delena over Bamon and Stelena, THE REAL LOVE STORIES OF TVD.

by James Russell Lowell

True Love is but a humble, low-born thing,
And hath its food served up in earthen ware;
It is a thing to walk with, hand in hand,
Through the every-dayness of this work-day world,
Baring its tender feet to every roughness,
Yet letting not one heart-beat go astray
From Beauty’s law of plainness and content;
A simple, fire-side thing, whose quiet smile
Can warm earth’s poorest hovel to a home;
Which, when our autumn cometh, as it must,
And life in the chill wind shivers bare and leafless,
Shall still be blest with Indian-summer youth
In bleak November, and, with thankful heart,
Smile on its ample stores of garnered fruit,
As full of sunshine to our aged eyes
As when it nursed the blossoms of our spring.
Such is true Love, which steals into the heart
With feet as silent as the lightsome dawn
That kisses smooth the rough brows of the dark,
And hath its will through blissful gentleness,—
Not like a rocket, which, with savage glare,
Whirrs suddenly up, then bursts, and leaves the night
Painfully quivering on the dazed eyes;
A love that gives and takes, that seeth faults,
Not with flaw-seeking eyes like needle-points,
But, loving kindly, ever looks them down
With the o’ercoming faith of meek forgiveness;
A love that shall be new and fresh each hour,
As is the golden mystery of sunset,
Or the sweet coming of the evening-star,
Alike, and yet most unlike, every day,
And seeming ever best and fairest now;
A love that doth not kneel for what it seeks,
But faces Truth and Beauty as their peer,
Showing its worthiness of noble thoughts
By a clear sense of inward nobleness,
A love that in its object findeth not
All grace and beauty, and enough to sate
Its thirst of blessing, but, in all of good
Found there, it sees but Heaven-granted types
Of good and beauty in the soul of man,
And traces, in the simplest heart that beats,
A family-likeness to its chosen one,
That claims of it the rights of brotherhood.
For Love is blind but with the fleshly eye,
That so its inner sight may be more clear;
And outward shows of beauty only so
Are needful at the first, as is a hand
To guide and to uphold an infant’s steps:
Great spirits need them not; their earnest look
Pierces the body’s mask of thin disguise,
And beauty ever is to them revealed,
Behind the unshapeliest, meanest lump of clay,
With arms outstretched and eager face ablaze,
Yearning to be but understood and loved.

Kingdom of Fools-- Chapter 1

Summary: Fairytale!AU in which Agatha is Sleeping Beauty and Simon and Baz are princes who are both supposed to awaken her with true love’s kiss. (Click here to view on Ao3.)

Even before the letter arrived, Prince Simon was having a terrible day.

His morning had begun (as his mornings so frequently did) when a large man wielding an axe burst through the door of his bedchamber and attempted to remove his head from his neck.

Simon’s eyes flew open just in time for him to see the thick blade descending towards his exposed throat, and he was unable to stop himself from letting out a strangled scream. His sword, lying sheathed on the bedside table, was just out of reach, and he would have never reached it in time anyways.

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- how Magnus and Alec simply cannot stop staring each other

- how Alec says he cannot breathe (because Magnus is there)

- how Alec says this isn’t the right thing to do

- how Alec stops to look at Magnus before going down the steps from the altar

- how War of Hearts chorus starts playing when Alec takes the first step

- how Alec walks without any hesitation towards Magnus

- how Magnus looks at Alec while he is walking down the aisle to him

- how Alec shuts up his own mother and keeps walking to Magnus

- how Alec grabs the front of Magnus’ suit and pulls him into the kiss

- how Magnus is in shock but recovers and responds to Alec’s kiss

- simply how perfect and passionate the kiss is

- how Alec pulls away for a second and goes back in for more

- Magnus’ little smile while they are kissing

- the similarities from the books

- how happy they are for so many reasons

- how happy most of the people are for them

- all the smiles they give to each other

- the first date is coming

I am sure I forgot to write down 10 billion things but forgive me. My heart is bursting from this happiness. The tears are still running down my face. I have waited for this moment for so many years.

Malec is everything.

True Love (or love in general) being a choice is something that I feel like gets sidelined or trivialised or even forgotten a lot, but it explains so much. It requires choice, and I think it’s also tied to belief. It’s not that True Love’s Kiss doesn’t work if one party has forgotten the other - it worked for Snowing in the end. When Charming once again chose Snow, and she believed him, and chose him in turn. On the other hand, when Emma didn’t remember Killian, it didn’t work. Because she didn’t choose him, and she didn’t believe him. She was scared, and she ran away, and she didn’t want it.

It explains why Emma got the True Love rainbow burst when she decided to love and accept herself as she was - she made a choice. She chose to trust and believe in herself rather than try to get rid of the part that scared her. That was a choice, and it was something she had to work towards.

It explains why choice has been such an important aspect of Emma and Killian’s dynamic, because the whole time we’ve been building up to this. To a confirmation of True Love that comes courtesy of Emma’s choice. It’s always been Emma’s choice.

And it also explains why, even though Rumple loves Belle and she loves him, his kiss can’t break her curse right now. Because Belle isn’t choosing him at the moment, and he isn’t really choosing her either, at least not over everything else.

True Love isn’t just some mystical force. That might be part of it, but it also requires active participation and input from both people involved. It requires selflessness and trust and belief in the other person. And I love that the show is making that so clear, challenging that stereotypical fairytale notion of love just being something that just sort of happens to the princess (and it’s usually either a reward for being good, or it’s just down to luck). On OUAT it’s something you have to choose and work for. I love that.