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Gaaaah I dont want to sound like someone who got awfully triggered, and also ily both (like this is my fav mysme blog actually.) but I do not think its right to call Rika a snake. From what we learn in the game, Rika cannot be just labelled a "bitch". She has a mental illness (most possibly schizophrenia), just like Saeran does. If we can forgive Saeran (who is not all that innocent), why cant we forgive Rika? how is it her fault that she is ill mentally? She had no control over her actions.

I want to start out by thanking you for calling us your favourite, it means a lot! ^^

Then you’ve probably noticed from the beginning that I /completely/ respect others opinions (including yours, nonnie! ^^)

But I have to /completely/ disagree if you. Please hear me out as to why.

 I can forgive Saeran but not Rika solely for the fact that she is a /MANIPULATOR/. 

While it’s true that Saeran is in no way /innocent/, there’s room to forgive him because (although this is also /no excuse/ considering there are people who are in similar situations and grow up to be innocent) he was abused as a child, and he was /drugged/. In the secret endings you can tell that these drugs were /forced/ upon him, (by Rika, nonetheless!), and they appear to be some strong drugs that (like all drugs) mess with the chemicals in your brain.

Am I completely excusing anything Saeran did? No way, by no means, but I can /forgive/ him because he was solely carrying out the will of his “Saviour” and acting upon the /lies/ his drug induced brain had been fed.

As for Rika, what she did was not forgivable, and here’s why.

Your mental illness is not an excuse for your shitty behaviour.

I suffer from a few different mental illnesses, while none of them may be /Schizophrenia/ (which I wouldn’t really diagnose her with that off the top of my head, I’d have to go more for the Schizotypal Personality Disorder but that’s not what I’m talking about here) I know that, as an adult, 

I am responsible for my own actions.

Which means I am responsible for:

-Seeking my own help

-Knowing whatever actions I pursue have consequences

-Not creating a god damn cult and brainwash a child to bring harm to others

While yes, of /course/ I know it’s not her fault she may have a mental illness, it /is/ her fault that she decided to pursue running a cult carrying out dangerous actions. 

She, at one point, was going to therapy to talk through whatever problems she may be having at the request of V, but she stopped going just because she didn’t want to go.

That, right there, was when she took control of her actions and had /proven/ to me that she is, in fact, responsible for what she had done- not her mental illness. 

She refused helped because she “didn’t want to go”, (which I understand. Sometimes therapy is redundant and feels as though it’s no help at all, but to take action and hopefully help control your mental illness it’s a course of action you need to take) she decided then and there that she was going to do whatever she wanted, and not care about any and all consequences. She was going to get what she wanted.

What she wanted was a world where no one would be hurt, they’d be free to do what they want, yada yada yada I don’t remember /exactly/ what she told Jumin, but she didn’t pursue that. 

Instead, she /hurt/ a child by drugging him and feeding him lies just so she could have a lean, mean, killing machine. She created a cult completely ready to follow her every whim. She planned on using this power to eliminate the RFA and get the members under the same control she had over those in Mint Eye, and that is all /her fault/. 

Was she influenced by her mental illness? That’s a possibility, yes, but it was /her overall decision/ to do what she wanted and was going to use any means of manipulation and violence to get that.

And that, my friend, is why I will forgive Saeran, and never Rika. ~Admin 404

Like, I love a bit of black humour as much as the next craven swamp witch, but there’s a difference between jokes that exploit a taboo for comic relief, and jokes that single out a specific vulnerable person for dehumanisation and ridicule.

The point of black humour is that we’re all squishy humans who could die or suffer horribly at any minute thanks to the malice of our peers or the cool indifference of fate. Death’s out there waiting for all of us, so instead of cowering in the corner, we clown around and mimic its walk. We use humour to turn the things that scare us into harmless playthings. Jokes like that may not be to everyone’s taste, and by their nature they’re likely to attract disagreement over where the line is, but the key thing about good black jokes is that they’re not wilfully malicious. Lots of people get a kick out of violating taboos. Black humour is about finding the fun in shitty situations.

But if you’re pointing at a specific someone in horrible pain and encouraging others to laugh at them for what they’re going through, that’s not you sticking it to the inevitability of your own demise or enjoying a bit of naughty fun - that’s you being a sadistic arsehole. It’s not funny and it’s not clever, and I don’t trust anyone who can’t see a significant and important difference between ‘lol cancer’ and ‘lol that specific dying cancer patient over there’. Like, get a grip. Stop trying to play off your active desire to see people suffer as a fun silly joke.

Concept: Benedict cumberbatch goes down in future history as one of those legendary actors, like he is THE actor you use to express compliments when it comes to the acting world. His name becomes so legendary that eventually, even further down in the future, people begin to question if he was ever real or not. There are conspiracy theories about his existence, theories revolving his name too. Some argues that he was never real because the name “Benedict cumberbatch” seemed too fictitious. Some theorize about how odd it is that his first name and last name both have three vowels. Some argue that this was a code or an anagram, or that he was actually three peeple. Some say he’s a fictitious person made up for the purpose of illuminati. Some claim he’s half-alien that the government covered up by giving him Oscars and Emmys to throw us off. And so began the tale of how Benedict cumberbatch turned from a man into a legend into a myth

okay but can we talk about how inspirational Mat is.  Here’s a dude with clear social anxieties who at the same time REALLY LOVES PEOPLE and connecting with people.  I’m not sure if any other dad talks about it as much, but Mat talks about community and connection a LOT (at least three different mentions).  He runs a business where he needs to talk to a lot of people, he goes to these shows and performs music despite the fact that he’s often pretty nervous and scared.  Because he wants to be a part of things.

I don’t know.  I just love him a lot and aspire to be a little more like Mat.  (And also maybe it helps to keep in mind that Mat doesn’t seem to think he can be interesting or charming for more than 5 minutes at a time and yet he is SO GOOD and people clearly love him SO MUCH, so like.  The next time you think badly of yourself, reflect on Mat Sella and how he severely underestimates himself.  Maybe you are too.)