While I love the idea of Douglas Booth as Montparnasse as much as everyone else, may I interest you in the idea of  Omar Borkan Al Gala

the actor who got kicked out of Saudi Arabia for being to attractive

 to play the part?

“Come on.. One dive won’t harm.” “But it’s cold..” Youjin sighed. “How do you know for sure? It’s still really warm outside so the water will feel refreshing.” You looked at him. “I don’t know..” He smiled right at you. “Pretty please?” He stood up and took your hand without hesitation as he still had his smile on his face. “If it’s really that cold you can always have my shirt after, okay?” He already tugged you along into the water and for your surprise it wasn’t that cold. “It’s not cold at all?!” He giggled. “I know.”

I SWEAR THIS BOY.. HE JUST UPLOADS THIS AND OKAY COOOOOL D: my youjin stans.. how do you survive with him??

It's Still Raining. Part 2. A Bam Brown story.

When the last of the cold, tasteless coffee slid down the back of your throat, you glanced down at your watch. It usually only took Bam fifteen minutes or so before he finished his business at the store and came back past your table. After his last words to you, you didn’t want to be sitting there when he returned.

Your legs were a little shaky when you stood up but your resolve was steady and strong. If he wasn’t interested in you, then you were certainly not going to continue to hold your heart open for him. If it wasn’t meant to be, it wasn’t meant to be. You shook your head at all the pitiful clichés that your mind came up with to try to keep your heart from exploding from grief. Walking slowly into the small café to take your empty coffee up, you glanced at your watch one more time. Bam was due to walk past the café again in about five minutes so you picked up the pace and quickly plopped the cup down and gave the server a small smile and a wave.

Turning quickly, you slammed into Bam the instant before you saw him.

“Whoa.” He put up his hands and his palms connected with your shoulders.

“Oh. Sorry.” You stammered and moved to push past him. Your throat was closing and you were surprised you could even get those words out.

“Wait.” Bam didn’t try to hold you, but his deep voice and his one word stopped you immediately. “I’m sorry.”

He said the words softly and you were glad you were wearing your sunglasses so he couldn’t see the expression in your eyes. The combination of hurt and disappointment was now mixed with hope and expectation. You hated yourself for that sudden turnaround.

Your heart thumped loudly in your chest and more than anything you wanted to run away and hide. You didn’t know what Bam would say next, but having him feel sorry for you was the absolute last thing you wanted from him. In all of your thoughts and dreams of what a relationship with Bam would be like, it always settled around one thing. You wanted to be the person he trusted with his secrets. More than sex and more than desire, you dreamed of being the woman he could talk to for hours and still wish for more.

“I was really rude before and I’m sorry.” Bam pulled off his sunglasses and you did the same.

His eyes were such a deep blue that you instantly thought of the crayon color, ocean blue.

“It’s ok. I was being silly and you had things to do.” You apologized with a lift of your shoulder.

Bam reached for his regular glasses and slid them on his nose. When he focused on your face, he smiled and your heart almost stopped.

“Can we talk for a minute?” He gestured back toward the small outdoor table.

“Sure.” You said so softly that the sound was almost a whisper.

Following him outside, your eyes traveled along his back, taking in his long curls and his slim waist. The fear in your mind was so intense you thought you might fall over. Bam was actually talking to you and wanted to sit and visit with you. You hadn’t messed things up with him after all. It took a while for your mind to switch gears and accept that he really did want to talk to you. You were so far down the track of giving up on him that you could feel the switches grinding as they reversed themselves in your mind.

The smile that took over your face was still in place when the two of you sat down at the small round table.

“Do you want coffee or anything?” Bam asked.
“No.” You smiled and shook your head.
“I’ve had a lot on my mind. But I still shouldn’t have called you insane.”
“Well…” You risked another joke. “I might be insane. You don’t know me yet.”

Bam’s smile was slow but it was there. “Nah, if you were insane you would have chased me down the street when I walked away.”

“How do you know I didn’t?” You grinned and raised your eyebrows at him, loving the banter.

“I would have heard you. I have ears like a bat.” He said seriously.

You wanted to tell Bam his ears were beautiful and any bat would be lucky to have those ears. But you thought that might be too much too soon. So you pulled back one item from your deleted “Bam list” and tried to make a connection with him.

Bam watched as you laid out five colors of chalk on the round wooden table. Picking up a piece of chalk the light blue color of the morning sky, you began sketching on the table. As your hand moved, the background of the sky began to form. Switching to the white chalk, you began to add in light wispy clouds. Finishing the first section, you smiled over at Bam and bit your lip in excitement when he smiled back at you. Dipping your head, you reached for the next color chalk. As you did, your hand met Bam’s fingers as he reached for the same piece of chalk.

“Can I?” he asked, picking up and bouncing the dark gray chalk in his hand.

“Of course.” You leaned back and folded your hands, letting Bam lean forward to the drawing.

His right hand pressed down with the chalk while his left hand hovered above, occasionally rubbing at the colors. As the outline of the mountain range appeared you couldn’t help but clap your hands together with joy.

“That’s so great!” You exclaimed.
“Just mountains.” Bam said humbly and pressed the chalk back down to the wood.

“You are really good at this.” You said earnestly as you looked closely at his face. Bam’s hair had fallen forward over his shoulder and you resisted the urge to reach out and rub the soft strands between your fingers. He didn’t talk as much as you thought he would, but hopefully after he got to know you better he would talk more. You watched the intensity on his face as he switched from one color chalk to the other.

“Thanks.” He said softly and leaned back to look at his work.

“Hey, Bam!” The cute young woman suddenly moved close to Bam and smiled openly at him.

“Hi, sweetheart.” He smiled back and tossed the chalk on the table, rubbing his fingers together.

“Are you ready to go?” She shot a quick glance at you and then back to Bam, dismissing you completely.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” Bam stood up and joined the woman on the sidewalk.

It was only when Bam said it was nice drawing with you and you needed to reply to him that you realized you had been holding your breath.

“Nice drawing with you, too.” Your smile was false and your head was pounding as Bam slipped an arm around her waist and began walking with her down the sidewalk.

“It was not lovely to meet you.” You mumbled sarcastically at the back of her head as you watched the two of them walk away.

The drawing of the clouds and sky and mountains stared back up at you from the table, urging you to complete it. You reached into your pocket, felt for the chalk, but then pushed it aside. The clouds in the sky overhead suddenly darkened and you felt the chill from the approaching storm. By the time you had taken a few steps away, the first drops of rain had begun to fall, splattering onto the chalk drawing and quickly beginning to wash away the unfinished scene. You stood a moment longer in the light rain, wishing the shower could wash away the sight of the two of them together and clear away the sudden pain in your heart.

“Just kill me now.” You sighed and turned and walked away.

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I dunno how I feel about what bambams mom said. She said he was worried that fans wouldn't come greet him at the airport but she was glad they did...okay am I suppose to feel bad about that. These idols really need to stop being babied by everyone. Got7 will be fine. Fans don't understand why people are still upset about it. Calling fans who are still upset bitter. I honestly forgave bambam when he apologized cuz I knew it was sincere. Part 1.

However, I’m still bitter in the sense that I hate how companies handle anti-black situations by not handling them at all. People are also saying that the fans who “dragged” got7 have no right to worry about how they are doing. Fans are people who were caught up in their anger at their idol saying a racial slur. Just because they were angry at the time doesn’t mean that can’t worry about the group now. I can’t with the majority of kpop fans.

Sleepy Gyeom - Drabble

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Characters: Kim Yugyeom X Reader

Genre: Fluff 

Word count: 447

“Time to get up.” You mumble to yourself after turning your alarm off.

Today is the day you get to follow got7 around and then watch their final concert in Seoul. You’ve been waiting what feels like forever for this moment, so you’re pretty excited.

“Oppa.” You whisper turning over to face your boyfriend Yugyeom who hadn’t woken up from the alarm. He’s still completely passed out, not even a flinch.

“Hey, time to get up.” You whisper again and poke his cheek softly a couple of times. This time he lets out a slight whine of not wanting to wake up. You chuckle watching his child like actions.

“We have to leave in half an hour.” You remind him as you sit up beginning to pull the covers off of him.

“Why?~” He whines trying to pull the covers back while opening his eyes sleepily.

“Because it’s your concert, silly.” You laugh while fixing his seriously bad case of morning hair. He just smiles knowing how excited you are for the concert.

“Oh, I forgot.” He smiles cheekily still pulling the covers back. You admire him and pull the covers back again before he yanks it back causing you to land laying on his chest.

“You don’t want to get up do you?” You chuckle as you hug his neck. He shakes his head while pulling you closer.

“You have to agree that this is way better than rehearsals.” He says sweetly and pecks your lips quickly, while hugging your waist. You sigh in content, it’s true that this is nicer than practicing but your excitement for the day was still at 100% so there was no way you two would be arriving late.

“You’re right. But; we have to go.” You smile widely and kiss his cheek softly before sitting up. You get up off the bed and put your hand out for Yugyeom’s. He pouts at you, trying his best to look cute. You give in to his antics and smile widely.

“I’ll make you a deal.” You begin while going over to him and taking his hands in preparation for him getting out of bed. He looks at you with interest, still keeping his pout.

“Since today’s the last concert and you have a few weeks off after, we can have as many bed days as you like.” You said sweetly and pull him to get out of bed and stand up.

“With movies and delivery?” He asks raising an eyebrow. You nod, laughing because the answer is obviously yes.

“Deal.” He smiles widely and kisses you quickly before running off to the bathroom to shower before you could.

Three Months Pt. 2

Group/Member: GOT7/Yugyeom

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 607

Summary: Maybe things can be patched up…

Requested: Yes! Anonymous said: “Can I get another part of “three months””

Author’s Note: Hi! I’m so glad that y’all wanted a second part! Thank you! Enjoy!

- Admin Pastel

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