White Tiger: A Hero’s Compulsion
White Tiger
(2007) #5 (of 6)

Jackass! I’m tailing a suspect!”

Okay, this no joke has a lot of special meaning for me personally because this was my introduction to Deadpool. Like I’m not even kidding. it was just so off the wall and so unexpected in the middle of this chase scene that when I read it as a kid I literally went “wait what” and immediately had to google Deadpool and look him up. 

And I’ve been a Wade fan ever since. 

So it’s so random and such a weird way to have Angela lose her trail on the suspects, but I love it and it led me to read more comics I may never have had in my formative years.

For good or ill XD


Happy Thursday everyone, It’s nearly the weekend 🙌🏼 And for today’s quote of the day I give you the legend Johnny Knoxville… “Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville and welcome to Jackass!”… I love the Jackass movies and the show, all the guys are hilarious 😍👏🏼🔥😂



introducing 43 questionably spring-y icons that you can use for whatever you’d like!

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Frankfurt Keynote TL;DR:
  • Samurai confirmed for melée pure DPS, uses Striking gear
  • Also liberating Doma as well as Ala Mhigo
  • Yugiri and Gosetsu will play major MSQ roles
  • New 8-man raid: Interdimensional Rift Omega  - The Bend of Time
  • New Alliance raid: Return to Ivalice
  • New City: Kugane, upon the island of Hingashi
  • New Field Areas: Othard continent. The Ruby Sea, Yanxia, Azim Steppe previewed
  • New Beast Tribe: Kojin. Live in Ruby Sea (underwater); believe in “kami”; collect artefacts; worship new FFXIV-exclusive Primal: Susano, Lord of the Revel
  • New Dungeons: one previewed was ship graveyard (preview vid should be online)
  • New Housing Area: Shirogane, upon Hingashi. Won’t be open upon launch so people can enjoy the new content before focussing on getting a house.
  • New Housing Features: moving-house feature; doubling housing item limit; adding many more Doman-style furnishings
  • New Themesong Information: track title is “Revolutions”, sung by Susan Calloway
  • Launch Date (still tentative): 20 June, 2017 

You can find my full transcript (with pics) here! I’ll also be transcribing the PLL tomorrow on the same document, sleep permitting; please look forward to it.