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The Sony guy revealing himself as the person behind 1D's twitter is so sketch to me. I work as a social media manager for an internship and I once got in trouble for telling my FRIENDS what I did. This guy is telling the WORLD that he runs their twitter. Most consulting companies have contracts that state that you cannot break confidentiality and tell people who you run twitters for. I don't really believe this guy. However, if for some reason he is truly the person, it's done for a reason.

I think it’s to put a friendly face on the account since we all know it’s not them 100% of the time and to make it look like they’re on the side of the band instead of working against them.

But that’s interesting, to be sure.

People from Justin’s crew that came through for Selena’s birthday


under the pretense of Esther’s twitter account- assuming that it is actually Esther’s account that Justin is running. But I THINK it is. 


Posted a picture on Instagram wishing her a happy birthday and blessing us with a beautiful picture. Not to mention the cute af caption. 


Commented on her picture on Instagram wishing her a happy birthday 


Liked a picture on Instagram of Justin Tranter wishing her a happy birthday which is a big deal because he NEVER does that

4) My personal favorite - PATTIIEEEEEEEE

Posted 2 very very sweet tweets wishing her a happy birthday and then liked Selena/Jelena tweets

That Loo’s message about Ben’s birthday was really unnecessary. She published it today so defintely it’s not a message to those who plan to send him something via snailmail as they probably already had done that. It’s like trying to tell people “hey, if you really BC’s fan and want to make him happy then go and donate some money because last year his fans managed to raised more and this year you sucks”. 

It’s a fan’s nice initiative and it should be left up to fans how much money they will collect. Ben’s fanbase isn’t new and they know who and where has info about organizations he supports. Noone from outside should interfere (and definitely not his friends working as PR messengers) as this kind of actions are supposed to be fun for fans, not a competition.

I hope when Doctor Strange promo starts he will finally get a proper official fanpage on Facebook and an official twitter account run by an experienced social media manager (someone like the person who managed bbcthree tumblr - fun but sending all the necessary info and able to interact with fans without causing any drama or giving cookies to to best of the best fans) but I think I’m asking for too much.

Happy birthday Ben! Hope this year will bring you many new interesting projects and your personal life will get back on the right track soon as you definitely deserve having a real family. And FFS hire somebody to manage your social media appearance - it’s not that expensive and can do wonders for you.


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Dad I'm so sad. I went on Twitter and started following CP fan accounts and almost everyone hates Kent. Why? My poor son. They got mad when someone said Kent wasn't a bad person and when someone said Zimbits wasn't otp. Why are we split like this, dad???

Because we’re unfortunately running into a lot of the same problems that most fandoms do and people love to be negative and have a superiority complex. I’m sorry that you’re exposed to negativity.

Considering removing this tumblr, or merging it with @cryoclaire anyway.

I don’t really have the time to run two different tumblr accounts these days. This used to be a dump for my music and personal rants, but these days Twitter does the job just fine. I find myself logging in here to reblog my own art, scroll for a bit and reblog stuff out of courtesy more than anything else.

Anyway, just a thought for now.