There are pieces of me under everyone I’ve loved’s bed. I used to think this made me empty, that I was missing parts of me. But letting go of those pieces gave room for better parts to grow. Confidence, love, joy.

He goes through three random duffel bags before he finds what he’s looking for. Just as he’s about to make his move, Katsudon decides it’s the perfect moment to take a break from practicing the fastest step sequence anyone’s probably ever attempted and come off the ice to hang out for a bit before I meet Victor for lunch, it’s been a while since it was just us. And of course he immediately zeroes in on the lighter in Yuri’s hand, because there is a helicopter parent trapped inside Katsudon’s chubby ass that finds every opportunity to come out and make Yuri’s life a waking nightmare. 

“Yurio,” Katsudon gasps, positively breathless with disappointment. He looks like he’s two seconds away from crying, turning himself over to the police for gross negligence, or both. “Have you started smoking?”

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im pretty sure someone else has pointed this out already but it looks like lance is using pidge’s headphones (?) and pidge doesnt typically let the others touch her things so i like to think that she lent them to lance after he asked to borrow them so he could listen to the sound of waves or smthn that reminds him of home

We also discover the reason Sherlock has no memory of her is due to a traumatic incident that occurred during their childhood. As a young girl, Eurus drowned ‘Redbeard’ – eventually revealed not to be the family dog but Sherlock’s childhood friend, Victor Trevor – and in the process, Eurus created the Sherlock we know. Cold, analytical, detached – he was forever changed by that event. That was, of course, until he met Dr. John Watson in A Study in Pink.

Situated within this new context, Holmes and Watson’s friendship acquires a renewed and more powerful significance. John has been giving Sherlock back something he lost violently as a child. The whole show can now be read as the story of Sherlock returning to a place where he is ready to have a friend.

We’re Family Here (Stiles/Derek)

@cobrilee said: Stiles/Derek: “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.”

Since you helped cheer this along, I thought it only fitting to use one of your prompts as inspiration for the last part of the series, Bri! I hid it in the version you read so it’d be a surprise. This is the final part of the Just Like Me series, and fic #15 in my 2017 Prompt Challenge. I really hope y’all enjoyed this series!

To everyone who read this series as I wrote it this week, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the comments & encouragement. Without y'all, I wouldn’t have decided to let my muse turn this into a series, and I wouldn’t have managed to write the whole thing in a week! I really hope you enjoy this last part. Thanks for going on the ride with me! <333

We’re Family Here. Stiles/Derek. Teen. #8 in the Just Like Me series. Also on AO3.

The team goes out for pancakes to celebrate another killer caught, and Stiles kisses Derek because that’s a thing he gets to do now that they’re together.

It takes a couple of hours to complete the paperwork for the arrest. Rafe has to play nice with the head of the field office since no one bothered alerting her to the fact they were targeting one of her agents. The team’s general philosophy is that it’s easier to apologize after the fact than to get permission in the first place, and this is just one example why. Since Jackson and Derek fired their weapons, they have additional paperwork to complete, and Allison gets to gloat about being finished first since they took away her opportunity to get a shot in. Stiles types fast, so he finished quickly.

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