If you’re anything like your mother, you will most likely be the quiet girl sitting in the corner watching the world go by instead of taking part… and that’s okay. Not everyone wants to be the center of attention, or the subject of any attention at all, and that is a totally valid decision. What isn’t a valid decision, however, is for me to continue to sit by and watch your world go past you instead of taking part, when I know that deep down inside you want to. You want to be part of the fray. You want to take part in life. You are an extrovert simply trapped in the mind of an anxiety ridden hermit who can’t break free of your shell and it sucks. It sucks the life out of you until you have nothing left but your own anxieties and people who don’t understand you, and neither of those things will keep you warm at night. But your shell will. So you shelter yourself… and that’s okay.
—  Sarah Marie Pardy I Hope I Never Have a Daughter: Reason #27

Retired Holmes and Watson commission for Basil! :D

This is the first time in ages I get to upload a commission to this blog - people mostly order OCs and not fanart, so they usually end up on my other art blog.

Commission info is over here - all commissions are 25% off until the 4th of June!

“I have a lot of empathy for men because they don’t have what we have,” says Fonda. “Women’s relationships, our full disclosure — it’s revelatory. We risk vulnerability. That is something that men don’t often do.”

She turns to Tomlin again. “How many times have I asked you, ‘Am I doing okay? Did I screw up?‘” she says. “[Friends] tap me on the shoulder when I might be in need of course correction.”

Fonda continues, “People describe women’s friendships as face-to-face, while men’s friendships are more side-by-side.”

The two talk for a moment about their Netflix show, Grace and Frankie. Fonda describes a favorite scene in an upcoming episode. “We’re having a girls’ night out — a night where we say ‘yes’ and can’t say ‘no’ to anything,” says Fonda. Fonda’s character comes down the stairs and sees Tomlin. She begins cooing over her, telling her all the little things she likes about how she looks. “You never see this in mass media — women just loving on and caring for each other.”

Fonda says, “Women’s friendships are like a renewable source of power.”

“How do we use the power?” asks Mitchell.

Fonda sits up just a little straighter. “Women are the fastest growing demographic in the world, especially older women,” she says.“If we harness our power, we can change the world. And guess what: we need to. We set the consumer standards, and we need to consume less. We need to buy things made locally … We need to get off the grid and make ourselves independent from fossil fuels.”

“The planet needs women,” says Tomlin.

Fonda nods. “Gender equality is like a tide, it would raise all boats.”(x)


’…and yet how much j o y they took from simply being in the same room.’

Will Herondale | Tessa Gray | Jem Carstairs

You guys voted a while back and the winning theme for my friendship print this year was Avatar! (Which is A-OK with me since it is my favorite cartoon!)

My friendship prints are FREE to the first 15 people who stop by our A-Kon table and say the secret code “I Solemnly swear I’m up to no good!” (Our table is B19 by the way) Or if you’re shy and too embarrassed to say something so nerdy you can say something like “can I have a friendship print.”