Signs as K-pop choreography (request)

Aries: 4minute - Crazy

Taurus: BTS - Boy in Luv

Gemini: BTOB - Wow

Cancer: SHINee - Symptoms

Leo: GOT7 - Girls Girls Girls

Virgo: Sistar - Give it to me

Libra: Winner - Don’t Flirt

Scorpio: Troublemaker - Now

Sagittarius: GD X TAEYANG - Good boy

Capricorn: AOA - Miniskirt

Aquarius: B2ST - Beautiful Night

Pisces: Apink - No No No


Book Balancing Challenge

So, Candi aka reads-alot tagged me to take on this challenge and first, I’d like to say thank you for tagging me! Basically, you have to balance books on your head and take a selfie.

BEWARE. This may look easy but HELL. It took several tries for me to get this two pictures right. I swear. I was supposed to pile the first books in my favorite fantasy series on my head. There were 10 books in total but it was so difficult that I knocked down 3 books. My sister kept laughing at me every time the books fall on my head. Oh, don’t believe me? Take a look at these failed attempts:

P.S. No harm was done to any of the books during the process.

I’m going to tag abitlovely littlebooklings bookmad lorienkittybooks readthebloodybook amberthebooklion caffeinatedchapters negative-pessimist tilly-and-her-books buttermybooks j-k-reading newtsbookblog and staybookish 

If any of you guys already did the challenge, I am so sorry! I didn’t mean to double tag you!