FEB 12 - a private picture about Harry leaked

FEB 5:  Fizzy Tomlinson confirmed that her 10 yo sister Phoebe Tomlinson has no twitter account. 

FEB 12: A private picture has been posted on the mentioned fake Phoebe Tomlinson account (the account has been deleted since). The picture was about Harry. The post @-ed Harry’s twitter handle and claimed that the picture was sent to Phoebe Tomlinson by Anne on Christmas. The fake account was followed by Lottie and Lou Teasdale too.

Anne tweeted that she didn’t send anything to the fake account and asked where they got the picture from.

It turned out that the private picture was from Anne’s Facebook page which has been hacked. 

There are rumors that Anne’s FB account has been deleted after the hack. This has not been confirmed.

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