But epiphany is such a cliche / There’s plenty of fish in the wrong sea / Like there’s a premium on mystery again…


@Calum5SOS: My sisters amazing song with @BenHazlewood @malikoa SO GOOD

Mino: Hi, I am Mino. :D

Sean: Which group do you want to go to if you go through this round?

San E: Come to us, we’ll be good to you.

Loco: *makes heart with arms*

Jay Park: We gotta get Song Mino.

Palo Alto: If he comes to our team, we would get so much energy.

Mino: I used to be in a team with Zico hyung, I really liked Hilite too…

Zico + Palo Alto: Yay!

Loco: Then… then… what would be your second choice? Second choice.

Jay Park: … Don’t ask about second choice, man.

honestly I cant describe how proud I am of mino right now. not only he slayed, but he gained recognition, from all the judges to every other contestants who applauded him and, black nut said “indeed, mino’s good” with a thumb up. this only is amazing enough to make me proud, but he really, really did well tho. he was confident, had a real stage presence, his lyrics sounded good as far as I could understand, he impressed so much all the judges wanted him on their team, and its so great it feels so good oh my god…
to those who didnt understand why jay & loco team failed him before he even started to rap, I think it was ‘cause he took a lot of time to begin. and at the end of it jay said he was sorry and if he knew he would’ve passed him so anyways it’s an all pass for song mino :)

Im so happy for him. I feel like a proud mommy. you go son. get them all.

They Say that Love is Forever

Genre: Angst


(I took it a bit too literally oops sorry) - also it’s based off of Ed Sheeran’s Give me Love music video so check that out?

Word count: 1010 (hahahah now it’s a oneshot)

Warnings: Nothing? It’s a bit vague. Tell me if you want me to have a tw.

Beta’d by: marielou-for-you

x-posted on ao3


Dan opens the door to his apartment, his footsteps echoing through the room. He walks over to the mattress in the middle, sitting down and looking around.

It’s empty, just like him.

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next week is July 9th and it's a year to my favourite song from you. I still cry every time I listen to it because it reminds me of the person i used to love so much. I hope you had a good year

hello! july 9th is my birthday, which i’m sure you probably knew given the lyrics of the song you’re talking about. i wasn’t in a good place when i wrote it but i’m in an infinitely better place now, i honestly just can’t believe that it’s been an entire year.

i’m glad that the song means something to you. 


friendly reminder


Demi Lovato - Cool for the Summer (Audio Only)

A new summer jam

you should stay. | kumiko + reina

Incredible kumirei amv by the amazing Brausur

ok so basically the concept of this video is supposed to go with the song. it doesn’t really go with what happened canonically, it’s more of an au.. to summarize, reina and kumiko are dating (secretly!!! *gasp*) and it really puts a strain on their relationship. kumiko is on the verge of breaking it off, and reina is basically begging her to stay with her. in the end kumiko realizes that she doesn’t actually want it to end between them, and so she runs and gets her girl back. happy ending. gay flags. fireworks. all that good stuff. anyways, i hope you enjoy :) 

If you aren’t following Brausur yet then what are you waiting for?

Not sure if it’s an older song or what, but I found a song David Michael Bennett had created as a prototype, (which I’m REALLY hoping is gonna be on Vice Quadrant) and I loved it so much. So have a little picture sort of about the backstory behind the song. I dunno, I think the pics kinda corny, but if you guys like it-! Good for ya.