Blackout hair out now!

Messy bun for your male sims.
Comes in 18 colours.
Works with hats
Good bone assignment

Hope you like it ❤️
Let me know what you think leaving a comment 😊

Get the hair here

For those asking me why it has the blackout tag
1. I sometimes name hairs with the title of songs I listen to.
2. I am Spanish, English is not my mother tongue, and as far as I know (and according to dictionary) blackout is when electricity fails, so if there’s another meaning (outside of Spain) I’m sorry but I am not aware of it. I have no intention to offend anyone.

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Hello Daniel, love the work you do. In the spirit of the impending holiday, I was wondering if you had a memorable (good or bad) Valentine's experience you'd be willing to share with us?

True Story! I had my first real kiss with a girl from a neighboring town when I was in high school, and we had a few like really early, lame, Classic Daniel-in-High-School Dates (Classic Daniel-in-HS Date = Chain Restaurant + Movie + Asking You Lots of Questions + Driving You Around Telling You What One of My Favorite Songs is About). This started in January, which is a tough time to start a relationship because it’s so close to Valentine’s Day and suddenly you’re in this odd situation with strange rules and expectations that are all getting in the way of your very early, casual relationship.

So about a week before Valentine’s Day I said over AOL Instant Messenger “Hey, should we go out Saturday? It doesn’t need to be like an official Valentine’s Day thing, it could just be a Saturday, because I know we haven’t really been going out that long, and we haven’t even talked about what we ‘are’ or what we’re ‘doing’ and I’m not trying to rush that conversation, because I’m totally cool with the as-yet-undiscussed thing that we’re doing, I just saw that a Saturday was coming up (as often happens) and Saturday is usually when we see each other, and I still wanted to see you, but I didn’t want you to think there was any kind of Valentine’s Day pressure, mostly my Mom just wants to know if I need to borrow her car this Saturday, so I need to let HER know, which is why I’m trying to arrange this a week in advance, you know? It’s more about scheduling? Anyway it’s fine if a) you are busy on Saturday or b) you think it would be GREAT to do an officially-sanctioned Valentine’s Day thing or c) you want to go out in a low-pressure, classic Saturday type of situation where we pretend it isn’t Valentine’s Day [which is a weird made-up holiday and we don’t even totally understand the origins of it did you know that?] or d) you think it’s weird to go out on Valentine’s Day at this stage of our still-unclassified non-relationship, so you’d like to skip it, though you’d still like to in the future continue this still-unclassified non-relationship. All options are fine, just let me know, and sorry for making this weird.”

And she said “Daniel. Dummy. I’d love to go out Saturday.”

And then on Saturday morning, she IM’d me to say “I actually can’t go out tonight. I forgot to tell you but I am moving.”

And we never saw each other again!

dont get me wrong the sans fight in undertale is awesome and megalovania is a great song but no other fight gets me pumped up like Undyne the Undying

the fucking gurren lagann shit undyne pulls, the music, the 2hu horns, the PTCHEEOW sound when you land a perfect hit, its all so fucking GOOD

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are there any good clexa au fics about them meeting each other for the first time? or any good harry potter clexa au? thanks!

Here’s some awesome HP Clexa au’s:

if this were to go under? that’s a risk i’d take — a great pro Quidditch one-shot

broken wands — this one-shot is seriously fantastic, what a treat

broomsticks and firewhiskey — a really cute love/hate two-chapter :3

those icy fingers up and down my spine (that same old witchcraft when your eyes meet mine) — this triwizard tournament fic is so, so, so good

they know you walk like you’re a god(they can’t believe I made you weak) — this is so cute ^-^

enchanted. — this fic is so fucking great, honestly do yourself a favour and read it right now

Now, fics about them meeting each other for the first time:

she got me up all night (all i’m singin’ is love songs) — this is one of my favourite fics of ALL. TIME. I read it when I’m sad (I’m weird, I know). It’s just so heartwarming and beautiful and sweet. Ugh I love it so much.

searching for inspiration (and then i found you) — this is really funny

doctor goodlove — okay it’s not exactly meeting for the first time, but this is so great, cute, and hilarious, that it absolutely had to make the list

come hither — it’s smut. beautiful smut.

you’re under arrest — this is so great

statistically speaking — another hilarious one

falling but not alone — alright, it develops further, true, but I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t include this in the list

who knew getting stood up would get you laid? — dream date wreck xD

we were us (before we met) — basically the story of Clarke and Lexa meeting — or rather, everything before that

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Yes thank you i loved ariels beginning and everyone i talk to about it says they hated it. Like the animation in it was so good to me.

Originally posted by dan-danjunicorn


I understand that some of the humor was a little stale, or the plot seemed to speed up too quickly…but c’mon. It’s flippin mermaids. Shush. 

Xiumin was so cute and energetic ☺️ and extra haha- he slapped his knee and said “it’s all good” lol
Kyungsoo said he was hungry (go eat that steak!)
Sehun apparently loves Chris Brown and watches his YouTube videos a lot
Baekhyun played the piano like a BOSS
Chanyeol with red hair- made sebaek happen
Chen- voice of an angel 😭 I’m not sure if this is what happened or if he forgot to sing his line, but during Sing For You, he stopped singing to hear the audience…and it was really quiet lol kyungsoo smiled/laughed the rest of the song, aww
Suho’s English skills were 👌🏻. I’m so proud of him! I wish the other members had spoken a bit more English (because the translator was a bit….🌝) lol oh well, it’s all good

This concert was amazing, lit, beautiful ❤️

@taylorswift for one of my English classes at school we had to analyze song lyrics that we think are really, really good and I chose to do your song ‘Clean’ and my teacher liked it so much that she is using my paper as an example for the class! I just wanted to tell you that! Thank you for inspiring me to work hard and always try my best💗

xoxo JULES

*opens merman!Bard one-shot after it collected dust for two months* FINALLY WE MEET AGAIN

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Mom! Your art is so amazing and I love all of it and it's like the best thing to come home to after a day of rehearsal but also, I was curious because your takes on all of these creatures/types of magicians/whatever are really freaking cool so like what would your take on a naiad be? Because I was sorta thinking about it and that would probably be me? Also also also I'm hella excited because my teacher said my song was really good and I'm gonna record that video for you later tonight -snapdragon

They’d look like this; blueish with coral stones on them and long af hair and tails because why the hell not an … yeah


Tonight has been draining, honestly. So I decided that since tour is about to start and it’s been a few months since I’ve properly listened to SGFG, I would take a minute (71 minutes and 48 seconds approximately but who’s counting) and remind myself why each song is important and I encourage all of you to do the same!

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“ I have my whole arm up to the K planned out. The K and the Bolt are more killers centered.. I decided on the Bolt cause battle born helped me out so much for that half of 2012.. The symbols on the hot fuss tat, individually they mean Everything. Will. Be. Alright… My favorite song and another personal meaning behind it.” “I feel all the true victims love the killers equally, we all just show it in different ways.. Some with tattoos, other fan pages, and others just a simple decal on their cars you know.. ” … Good night travel well Frankie❤️ I would like to ask for help on behalf of his friends and family for funeral arrangements. The link is in my Bio. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You #thekillers #Frankie #everythingwillbealright #victimfamily

Happy 33rd birthday to Vic from @piercetheveil aka my biggest role model on the face of the earth. Have a good one Vic, hope you enjoy being King For A Day.

I apologise for the shitty quality and seemingly lack thereof effort as I’m as sick as a fucking dog (song reference for the win) and the shitty looking 33 Jaime is holding are supposed to be balloons (I know they don’t look like jack(barakat) shit but whatever)


PPS (I know I’m annoying) it’ll be cool if Vic sees this so feel free to send him this link but if not then that’s fine I had fun making it anyway

My Top 5sos songs

All Time Top Songs
1) Never Be
2) English Love Affair
3) I can’t remember
4) Bad Dream
5) Broken Home/ Broken Pieces

Top songs 5 Seconds of Summer Album
1) Never Be
2) Voodoo Doll
3) English Love Affair
4) Long Way Home/ Disconnected
5) She Looks So Perfect

Top Sounds Good Feels Good Songs
1) Castaway
2) Waste the Night
3) Permanent Vacation
4) Broken Home
5) ????I don’t really have one??????

Top Ep songs
1) Broken Pieces
2) If You Don’t Know
3) She Kinda Hot ( alternate version)
4) Long Way Home acoustic
5) Good Girl acoustic

Top “live” version
Will add this list when I’m not on mobile.

Please tell me is any of your lists like mine. I did it this way as I can’t just choose my top 5 favorite ones.

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ok I've met Chris multiple times and am good friends with his friends! I can tell you he writes sooo many songs he has to wait to release them. he finished "little more" in the summer of 2014 he even played it for me but he changed it once he found out about royalty. so all I can say is look out for the songs he shows that aren't released.

leak all of them, fave.