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Theres been so many phan filled days in 2016 already I'm exhausted and we still have the brits and the tour comin up (with maybe a new ditl/bakingvid somewhere) and the completion of undertale and dil getting married/having babies. I think upcoming

i know im just like,,, not even surprised any more like dont get me wrong im still like “sO CUTE!!! STO P PIT!!” but i’m just like “OF COURSE they’re like/do this”

but yES im excited for the rest of 2016 :’)

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If he's not there to support her i'll be freaking pissed at him. He dragged arika to 2 events with him and he posed at several red carpets with rita. He can take a few hours to show support to the love of his life.

well, that’s up to you. the rest of the fandom will likely drag him for the rest of the time if he doesn’t go, say it’s ‘proof’ he’s an unsupportive boyfriend, a terrible human being etc etc so you’ll have plenty of company in that opinion

but i hope you’ll be just as angry at taylor if she doesn’t go to the brits to support the love of her life

I don’t mean to diminish Hillary Clinton’s credible political record or anything but. Brit here, would like to remind Americans on tumblr that just because a politician - a POLITICIAN, not an activist - is a woman, doesn’t mean her office will support marginalised groups or be effectually progressive. Why ‘as a Brit’? Maggie Thatcher, the one female PM of the U.K. We’ve had thus far. She is despised by half the country for fucking everybody over with her right wing bullshit. Consider carefully the unpleasant truth that women are not guaranteed to be progressive when in power. Hillary is a woman, yes, but she’s a woman who certainly doesn’t intend to reign in the goddamn banks, who’s as imperialist as the rest of the US establishment and who is running on money from Super PACs just like all the other candidates whose interests are beholden to their backers. To suggest that Bernie is less radical and necessary a candidate than Hillary because of their respective genders is disingenuous at best. It’s not true! Bernie is the more left wing candidate, the more sincere candidate, and the more experienced candidate. Hillary would be our second Clinton president, elected partly by a super PAC funded by Bill. Let me emphasise this. Hillary is running supported by wealth from above, not from the people. She is not revolutionary. I’m sure she would be a fine president, it’s about damn time we saw a female president, and she’s sure as hell better than Trump or Cruz or any of those jokers. But you should elect Bernie. I expect he’s the candidate that best represents your interests, if you’re interested in not being eaten alive by capitalist powers, for example. I hope that at least some people consider this carefully when the time comes to vote.

Learn How to Make Ear Muffs for a Wedding with this simple tutorial, and make a pair for each of your female attendants. They are more than formal enough to complement the rest of everyone's ensembles, and they'll make for some absolutely adorable and cuddly photos at your winter wedding. #DIYBridalAttire

Learn How to Make Ear Muffs for a Wedding with this simple tutorial, and make a pair for each of your female attendants. They are more than formal enough to complement the rest of everyone’s ensembles, and they’ll make for some absolutely adorable and cuddly photos at your winter wedding. #DIYBridalAttire

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Ear Muffs 31 Clever Health And Fitness Gifts That Are Actually Useful Alpacasso Ear Muffs Free Crochet Pattern: Easy and Pretty Headband with Button
I like these ear muffs…and you can make them to show your personality!

Warm Up With DIY Pom Pom Ear Muffs via Brit + Co.

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A Casual Tea Party ((with shsl-computer-nerds))

The oven rings, a soft, warm aroma of sweet vanilla fills the kitchen as Sonika pulls out some biscuits. Lola decided to help, since the rest of the Engloids went off to the mall to celebrate Sweet Ann’s birthday. She lined a basket with individual tea bags and set sugar and single creams in the center.

“Who did you invite, anyway?” Lola asked, just curious.

“A fine lass from my country. Flattering that she came all this way… let’s make our welcome tender, yet casual.” Sonika replied, the giddy brit preparing a second batch as soon as the biscuits cooled.


Chris Martin Hitchhikes to Super Bowl 50 in ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Teaser (Video)

James Corden is nothing if not a good friend.

The “Late Late Show” host saw Coldplay’s Chris Martin hitchhiking to Super Bowl 50 from the side of the road, and graciously offered to drive his fellow Brit all the way from Los Angeles to San Francisco in time for Sunday’s big halftime performance.

While the full “Carpool Karaoke” segment airs late tonight/early tomorrow morning, a fun abbreviated version hit the web today. In it, the somewhat reluctant driver makes the most of the many hours he didn’t sign up for, singing the band’s hits like “Viva La Vida.”

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It’s unclear how the rest of Coldplay got to the Golden Gate city, but Corden probably wished Beyonce had come with Martin. Queen Bey is joining Martin and company on stage midway with Sunday’s Denver Broncos-Carolina Panthers contest.

Watch the video above.

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Taylor is doing great WW though, wasn't she the top selling global artist last year, i remember she got the award a few days before the BRITs.

In the US and UK she’s doing amazing, in the rest of the world she’s doing great but not like in the US and UK. But it doesn’t matter she’s getting there 

I’m am not that hype abt what is happening tbh im actually pretty calm tbh. It’s obvious that the reason their doing this is because they need publicity and attention because the BRITS are coming up. They are on break so it’s least likely that they will not get as much votes that people who are still working atm so they need something to rile us up. Then its pretty side eye how 1dhq post a tweet to go vote for them and the time distance between louis’ tweet and their tweet isn’t that far apart. Im convinced that they just doing this for votes and just because they can. Rbb said to be calm and im am literally chilling so just rest cuz this will soon be over

Cavendish woe helps open up the field for the rest

Head-butt foolishness sees Brit hit in the pocket

Things aren’t really going British ace sprinter Mark Cavendish’s way, this season.

The Manxman was hit with a Swiss 200 franks fine (Dh740) by the Integration of the Jury Communique for his poor behaviour during stage two of the Dubai Tour.

In the closing metres of the second stage to Palm Jumeirah, Cavendish got stuck in a crash a kilometre to go and, as he was trying to manoeuvre his way back to the front of the bunch, was caught on cam head-butting the arm of CCC Sprandi Polkowice rider Grzegorz Stepniak.

On Friday, the Briton’s hopes of impressing for his new team Dimension Data ended on the mountains of Hatta 10km the from finish with a puncture; thus completely dashing Cavendish’s hopes of retaining his title as he is now trailing by 5 minutes 21 seconds over Blue leader’s jersey holder Nizzolo Giacomo of Trek-Segafredo. The Briton, who is placed 90th in the general classification, can now only try to salvage some pride by winning the final stage which he won last year to lift the trophy.

Meanwhile, the battle for top honours is still wide open with Nizzolo’s consistency over the first three stages opening doors for him to take a shot at the title. Nizzolo on Friday finished second behind stage winner Juan Labato del Valle to claim the Blue leader’s jersey. However, German Marcel Kittel is nearby after he stunned everyone with his sprinting prowess uphill and is just six seconds adrift. If Kittel wins the last stage and Nizzolo finishes third or lower, then the former will still walk away with his first trophy of the season.

Inside the final kilometre BMC took control, with Samuel Sanchez setting teammate Philippe Gilbert well up the climb. Then, it was left for Gilbert to work his way to the top - but the Belgian didn’t have the legs. Del Valle made his move, steaming in from the right to take a healthy lead while others didn’t have the power to beat him to the line.

Meanwhile, for the third day in a row, Soufiane Haddi of Skydive Dubai Pro Cycling Team took the white jersey for best young rider while Marcin Bialoblocki of One Pro Cycling continued to keep the UAE flag jersey for the intermediate sprint classification, having bagged 15 points.

“Yesterday was a great day for me and the team. Today the plan was to keep the jersey, make sure that no one from the dangerous group fighting for the jersey gets the break, and we did it. It all went perfect and we’re very happy,” said the Polish rider Bialoblocki adding, “It was bit tough in the end. Some people are still a bit overweight, on winter weight and I need to lose weight. Tomorrow it will be sprints again and maybe I’ll win again.”


1 Juan Jose Lobato (SPA) Movistar 4:13:23

2 Giacomo Nizzolo (ITA) Trek-Segafredo 0:00:02

3 Silvan Dilier (SWI) BMC Racing 0:00:04

4 Fabian Cancellara (SWI) Trek-Segafredo s.t

5 Philippe Gilbert (BEL) BMC Racing s.t

6 Marcel Kittel (GER) Etixx-QuickStep s.t

7 Gorka Izagirre (SPA) Movistar 0:00:07

8 Daniele Bennati (ITA) Tinkoff s.t

9 Davide Rebellin (ITA) CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t

10 Matteo Trentin (ITA) Etixx-QuickStep 0:00:11

General Classification

1 Giacomo Nizzolo (ITA) Trek-Segafredo 11:56:11

2 Juan Jose Lobato (SPA) Movistar 0:00:02

3 Marcel Kittel (GER) Etixx-QuickStep 0:00:06

4 Silvan Dilier (SWI) BMC Racing 0:00:12

5 Gorka Izagirre (SPA) Movistar 0:00:19

6 Philippe Gilbert (BEL) BMC Racing 0:00:21

7 Fabian Cancellara (SWI) Trek-Segafredo s.t

8 Daniele Bennati (ITA) Tinkoff 0:00:24

9 Davide Rebellin (ITA) CCC Sprandi Polkowice s.t

10 Soufiane Haddi (MOR) Skidive Dubai 0:00:25

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"not everyone is american" TRU AS SHIT oh my god some (read: most) seem to think that everyone is from america by default yes hello us brits and europeans and the rest of the world are here too *rolls eyes*

i bet about 45% of my followers think im from america 

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Brits are fan voted???

I think there’s a fan voted pre selection (then some of the nominees are declassified) and then the rest isn’t fan voted or only some of the categories are fan voted idk 

En plein concert, Madonna reste bloquée dans son costume (VIDEO)

Elle a beau être la plus pro des chanteuses, Madonna n'est pas à l'abri des couacs. L'an dernier, lors de la cérémonie des Brit Awards, elle avait notamment fait une chute magistrale après être restée bloquée dans sa cape. "C'était un cauchemar, j'aime être incroyable sur scène, je m'entraîne et je répète pour ça. J'ai fait le contraire, j'ai en réalité créé un horrible spectacle pour tout le monde ", avait-elle commenté après coup.

>>> Découvrez la chute spectaculaire de Madonna aux Brit Awards (VIDEO)

Rebelote cette année lors de son Rebel Heart Tour. En concert ce week-end, la star est arrivée sur scène couverte d'un long voile de mariée tenu par deux hommes habillés en garçons d'honneur. Après quelque mesures de son mythique Material Girl, Madonna était censée se dégager de ce voile. Sauf qu'elle n'y est parvenue qu'après une grosse contorsion ayant pour but de dégager son chignon du voile. Cette séquence, qui ne lui a cette fois valu aucune blessure, fait bien rire les internautes.

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En plein concert, Madonna reste bloquée dans son costume (VIDEO)
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Arthur apparaît pour la première fois en public avec sa compagne Mareva Galanter… Le Zapping People (VIDEO)
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Salma Hayek muy caliente aux urgences

Harry Potter World is Back, and We're All Excited

I won’t deny I did a little fangirling when the first trailer came out for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Albeit only inwardly. Mostly.

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since the finale of Harry Potter was released in theaters. I grew up watching the series. I learned how to speak in a British accent watching HP like Brits have confessed to learning American accents from Sesame Street.

In case you haven’t heard, the interactive website,, is back, complete with a comprehensive quiz to sort you into your house (Hufflepuff!). North America’s school of witchcraft and wizardry was announced to be called “Ilvornay.” But I don’t care. I still went to Hogwarts. My owl came from Dumbledore himself, may he rest in peace.

What I am most excited about FBAWTFT is the fact that I know nothing about the plot or the characters. There were no books to read, and barely any facts about the characters were shared in J.K. Rowling’s famous series, so it will all be new to everyone (Unless someone knows something I don’t know, which is highly possible).

My inner twelve-year-old is on the ceiling about this new movie, and since Ms. Rowling has written the script, I’m sure it will be spectacular.

Brooklyn Beckham Is Burberry’s New Photographer – and Damn, He’s Got an Eye For Style

External image

Brooklyn Beckham might have the modeling chops you expected, given his good looks and the fact that he was raised by stylish designer Victoria Beckham. But while his younger brother Romeo poses in front of the camera for Burberry, Brooklyn’s taking the brand’s latest campaign into his own hands – literally.

The 16-year-old played photographer for Burberry Brit’s ads, snapping fresh pics of models Ben Rees, Lewis Helim, Todd Dorigo, Eliza Thomas, Liv Mason Pearson, Maddie Demaine, Carvell Condaugh, and Harry Pourdjis both on the streets of London and in a skate park. The shoot was documented live on Snapchat, and Brooklyn even shared some black-and-white BTS shots on Instagram.

One scroll through the stunning reel of photographs ahead, and you can rest assured that Brooklyn’s got his own eye for style – and quite a knack for capturing it! Read on to see the outcome of the Burberry fragrance campaign, as well as Brooklyn’s ‘grams from set day. Here’s hoping the label will keep him on for future projects.

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External image

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what lit sr yr do i take

It really depends on what you want out of lit during your senior year! If you’re looking for an intense and rigorous class with lots of really interesting discussions about the books, then AP Lit might be for you. There’s a lot of reading, but I’ve learned a lot about how to write and analyze while looking through different views and lenses, and both teachers (Catrette and Clarke) are extremely knowledgeable with the curriculum.

Brit Lit and Myth are less intense, but I’ve heard they can be pretty interesting, as in Brit Lit you learn a lot about the UK in general, and you get to cover lots of different cultures of mythology in Myth. As for Contemporary Lit, you can take a look at this post right here!

In general though, choose a class that best fits your interests and is balanced with the rigor of the rest of your classes. Definitely talk to the teachers during the course preview day for a more detailed overview of the classes!

- Iced Green Tea

Oh and to make it clear the nudity in the Kirikou movies (apparently there are multiple) isn’t sexualised it’s just kinda there bc it’s a little village in Africa possibly from a long time ago so it’s not really unsuitable for children it’s just Brits and ‘Muricans being dumb about nudity that made this movie “obscure” (probably not obscure in the rest of Europe)

Krrum – “Evil Twin” (Stereogum Premiere)

The title track from Krrum’s Evil Twin EP exists in a brightly colored world of its own, but the 20-year-old Brit doesn’t let his listeners know that right away. The song, which follows last fall’s excellent “Morphine,” begins with cartoonish horns that run scattershot over a tight rhythmic pattern. It’s kind of like an audible accompaniment to the image of an elephant trying to play hopscotch. But as soon as the beat drops and Krrum reveals the loop that will prevail throughout the rest of the song, you find yourself wishing you actually knew how to dance to the absurdly catchy beat. Atop all this charming chaos, Krumm’s vocals are confident and smooth, with an attitude that molds the song’s unique disposition. Meshing together a sound that’s somehow quirky and soulful at the same time, Krrum’s sound is something like a more accessible version of SOPHIE: You can appreciate the off-kilter artistry, but you probably won’t get passive-aggressive side glances from strangers if you put it on at a party. Listen below.

The Evil Twin EP is out this March via 37 Adventures.