Reminiscing (Tayvin Fanfiction)

Four months ago, if you had come up to Taylor and told her that she would attend the BBMAs with her future boyfriend and post a picture with him on a swan floatie in his pool in her own instagram, she would have called you crazy and ignore your presence for the rest of her life. 

Taylor was content with where she had been. The happiness she found within herself and the people she called to be friends and family. They made her happy, and she was happy. She lost him but she found herself, and that was everything a heartbroken person could ask for. She was clean. 

For the years that followed, she had been single. Until the night at the Brits, which changed everything. She was sure that her fate in love was going down the road to oblivion, where no one would dare try and take. But he was stubborn and he liked her, and he wanted her to let her see that not all guys were jerks who played with your heart.

It was strange. When they met, Taylor couldn’t deny that she found him interesting to the point that she decided to stay rather than go to her best friend’s birthday party with Karlie and Derek. That was a choice that she never thought she would ever take. 

Now, in their anniversary, she was confident that her choices were leading to something right and real. Something worthwhile, and she hoped that sooner than later, all of her insignificant worries would go away. The little thoughts saying that she was being reckless, that this slope was treacherous, and was going to go down in an endless pit of horror. 

“Are you happy?” Calvin asked her, out of the blue. Taylor looked at him, his green eyes bright and curious. 

They were both on the couch, watching Doctor Who, which was the only thing that was interesting on the television. At least from what Calvin told her. The BBC channel offered various of different shows, but Calvin insisted that they watch the science fiction show. Taylor found it rather difficult to keep up with the plot, but she put up with it, seeing as Calvin does the same thing whenever they were in the States. Watching reruns of Law and Order or Grey’s Anatomy.

That was the thing that Taylor found amusing. That even the smallest things, they managed to find a compromise where both were satisfied. It was the kind of relationship that ran off on having both parties interested enough to make sure that the other didn’t feel like one was overpowering the other. 

Thinking about his question, she nodded. Sure about her answer. She is happy. The life that she has, it was more than she could ask for. This kind of lifestyle doesn’t happen to everyone, and it was definitely a new concept to Taylor. 

“Yes.” Her answer was firm and sure, making Calvin believe that she was honest. 

“How about you?” Taylor held her breath, thinking that this was going somewhere downhill. Calvin could feel Taylor holding her breath,and knew that she was nervous.

“Definitely.” His answer was a sigh of relief to Taylor. She may not need a man, but she didn’t want to loose Calvin. He was always there for her, unlike all of her exes. He was there to make her feel that she didn’t have to fear the consequences of making their relationship public. He was there to support her, just like he had done when she sent her letter to Apple. 

This relationship, Taylor decided was different from the rest. 

Kissing Taylor’s forehead, Calvin remembered when he first saw Taylor. She looked so confident and fierce in her black dress that he felt nervous when she was near him. Thankfully, their mutual friend, Ellie, was there to introduce the two tall dweebs. He remembered when he had stated clearly that she was the opposite of his type. And now, he was eating his own words. 

It was true, you don’t know what you want until they come. Calvin had never once thought that he would fall in love with the woman he clearly thought was the opposite of his type. But since when did type define who you end up falling for? 

“I love you.” Calvin blurted out. It wasn’t the first time that they said those three words to each other. But it felt different every time they say those words to each other. Whenever those three words were uttered, something was added to their relationship. It was as if the amount of times they say “I love you” to each other would strengthen their love, like it was a shield that would build on top of another shield. It made them feel safe and secure. 

“I know.” Taylor stated before kissing him on the lips and saying, “I love you, too.” 

The night was spent on reminiscing about the past four months of their relationship. Reviving the night they met, how both of them acted differently from what they promised themselves to do. It was strange how being open to knowing a person would change everything. 

Had Calvin decided that Taylor wasn’t someone he wanted to know, he wouldn’t have felt this much love for anyone. Had Taylor not been open minded to knowing Calvin, she doubt that she would find love like this. All those repercussions that could have prevented both Taylor and Calvin from meeting each other, yet, here they were. 

In each other’s arms, watching television while talking about their past. The past that they both built, not each other’s past. Not each other’s mistakes because who you are is not what you’ve been or did.

It was suppose to be a normal day, watching shows and telling each other’s stories and small talks. But Taylor realized that, this, talking about their experiences and wishes, and everything in between, was what a normal day is for them. 

Note: Hello. 

I love that there are heat advice posts going around from the rest of the world to us Brits. 

God bless you all. We’re not used to this and I’m melting.

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“I feel like I'm dying.” The Brit said with a groan as he rested his head on his desk, making sure to move some of the clutter before he did this. //Hi! Sorry that this is random.//

There was a small sigh from the redhead next to him and a hand was placed on the other’s back, between his shoulder blades. “What’s wrong, Gav?” [[totally alright love! ]]

Nico pried his helmet off with a huff, shoving the paper with his weight printed on it in his helmet.

He didn’t care if he got a little chubby, he needed ice cream after this Qualifying. So much ice cream.

“You’re cute”

Nico stopped, turning to face the Briton abruptly. He frowned.

“Not funny” he muttered before setting his helmet down and sinking into the couch. He really needed to walk this off but right now he wishes he could sink into the couch and disappear.

“Whatever you say, Princess” Lewis snorted, plopping down next to him.

Nico sat bolt upright, ready to give Lewis a piece of his mind but before he could the Brit placed a hand on his cheek and stroked at his cheekbones. He felt himself relax slightly.

“You did good, walking it off” Lewis whispered, his hand drifting down to rest on Nico’s aching shoulder. He pressed his fingers down to ease the knot there.

“You were laughing while they were filming me, pissed off” Nico muttered, a little miffed at how the camera only caught him when he was angry.

“I was smiling because you reacted honestly and chose to walk it off instead of flip out.” Lewis confessed, moving Nico’s head so that the German would face him.

“Nico, I’m proud of you.”

Nico stared at Lewis, blinking. For a split second he was almost certain Lewis was a teen again and they were both in the same team except so much younger and more hopeful. When he opened his eyes everything changed, they were in Formula 1 and Nico was losing his mind a little but the look on Lewis’ face was the same.

Lewis believed in him.

Lewis has ALWAYS believed in him.

“Mr. Hamilton? Mr. Rosberg? It’s time for the press conference.” The reporter beckoned to them, breaking the tension.

Lewis refused to move, still staring determined at Nico as if the longer he looks affects how long Nico is going to believe it.

“We’ll be right there” Nico smiled, dropping the facade as soon as the reporter scuttled away.

“They’ll be needing their champion” Nico sighed, nudging Lewis’ hand away.

The Brit moved his hand only to clutch at Nico’s, adamant on making his point.

“They need BOTH of their champions” he insisted, twining their hands together. Nico could only smile, nodding.

“Okay” he answered, looking at their locked hands contentedly.


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Sorry, I forgot to mention, I've been noticing this Aquarian nature on Harry even in some old interviews when it seems like he's the only one out of tune with the rest, like that one backstage interview from The Brits a couple of years ago and stuff. So it's not new. It's just getting more emphasized for him as he's maturing. And he always seems to me quite comfortable with it. Aquarians love to observe rather than participate and they often come off as detached because of it. ;)

I’m on my phone so I can’t copy and paste your other messages but okay :) I’m not one for astrology, but it’s interesting to hear your thoughts. x

The Patch Bar Continuing

Eventually everyone settles down and have figured everyone out and Geoff just motions for Ryan to come over, he wants to talk to him for a moment. So Ryan goes over to Geoff but Geoff just has Jack grab and restrain Ryan while Geoff punches him in the gut then backs up so everyone else in the Crew can take their turn because “seriously asshole? You worked at a bar for months now and never told us?”

Ryan just takes the punches because he figures he’s earned them, but when Gavin goes up to take his turn the Brit hurts his hand because he doesn’t know how to throw a punch right. Meg has watching the whole time and she just shakes her head like “No idiot this is how you do it” and she just winds back a punch and knocks the wind right out of Ryan, who just wheezes and asks why SHE punched him and Meg just “You were The Vagabond this whole time and never told us asshole!” and then the rest of the employees of The Patch get in on the “Ryan fucked up” punching session. Once they’re done peace is restored, everyone starts chatting like old friends, and Jon buys Ryan a diet coke because he feels he owes Ryan for not murdering him while Ryan is curled on the ground trying to remember how breathing works.

Aw guys, no!  Physical violence is never the answer.  No wonder Ryan doesn’t know how to deal with feelings, apparently the whole crew subscribes to the ‘punch away your pain’ philosophy.

Although tbh I really love the visual of tiny little Meg knocking the wind right out of him.  Also what a great story if anyone ever asks them how they met.

“Well, you know, we were all taking turns punching Ryan, and then-”

“Wait, like, the Mad Mercenary?  That Ryan?”

“Yeah yeah, that’s him.  Anyway apparently Gavin punched like a rag doll, so I offered to give him a few tips…”

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Kill Me ( britstevensxn -- you didn't think you were gonna get away with that scissor thing that easy did you? )

BRIT is gasping for air, her body going pale and cold in Adam’s arms. She’s cradled in his grasp, resting in his lap where they’re collapsed on the floor. Panic is burning through Adam’s veins and bile is rising in his throats. If he thought their tests before were horrific, they were nothing compared to this.

“Brit,” Adam mumbles, blood bubbling at his lips and spilling to where their hands rest, linked, on her chest. “Brit, baby,” they don’t often break out pet names, but in this moment Adam can’t stop himself, “Brit, please, talk to me.” A fresh stream of tears run down his grimy cheeks, mixing with the blood on his face and spilling dull red over his skin and clothes.

Brit groans, no words and only PAIN. Her chest heaves and the pool of blood around them seems to grow. She finally opens her eyes to look directly at Adam. Her lips move without sound. Adam hates the look she’s giving him: one of pain and desperation, one that is just as pleading as his own tone.

His gaze is blurred by tears but Brit has enough strength to point beside them, only a few feet away—

The gun.

The gun that they had carried along with them since the first room where Brit had to shoot Adam for whatever sick reason Jigsaw had decided. Brit’s lips are fast turning blue and she groans again.

A soft please falls from her lips. Adam shakes his head vigorously, rocking his body with her’s and holding her closer.

“No, no no no,” Adam is only making it worse by trying to avoid the inevitable. They were told at the start that only one would survive, and that one would leave as a murderer. Despite their best efforts to exploit every possible loophole with every test, Jigsaw was going to win again.

It was simply TOO MUCH.

Chest wracked with sobs, Adam lays Brit gently down on the ground, moving her from his lap so he can crawl to where the gun sits. Once it’s in his hands, he sits again and shakes, watching Brit from a distance. He scoots his way back as slowly as he can without being tortuous.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” He whimpers over and over and over again. Despite it all, Brit gives his a soft smile. It doesn’t put him at peace with what’s about to happen, not even close; if anything it makes the whole thing worse. Adam kneels over Brit’s stomach and points the gun at her chest—at her heart. He can’t bear to shoot her in the head, he can’t ruin her beautiful face and the words open casket are haunting his deepest thoughts.

He swallows uneasily and presses the barrel of the gun against Brit’s chest. “B-Brit, I love you.” He says, praying for a last response, to hear those words from her one last painful time.

Brit instead raises her hand and lays it on top of Adam’s arm; she squeezes reassuringly and nods again. Still, no sound escapes aside from the softest whisper he’s ever heard. It’s exactly what he wants to hear and he hates the words as much as he cherishes them.

He SCREAMS to cover up the sound of the gun going off, and he keeps screaming long after the ringing in his ears has stopped.

Ich muss gerade soo lachen, brit. commentator adores Monfils “What a joy to watch.. what an entertainer” ♥

and I remember german commentator bashing on Monfils because of his attitude on court :D
typisch DEUTSCH ;/ in Halle nannte der ARD Kommentator Monfils eine “albernen Clown” weil er keine Ahnung hat was für ein begnadeter Künstler Gael ist und eine Seele von einem Typen … oh Mann! 

deutsche mögens gerne sachlich unemotional, effektiv = langweilig :(

Im Rest of the world, we love guys like Ana or Monfils who are emotional on court doing crazy things at times <33

mycapeisplaid said: I am too tired to drink wine. Isn’t that sad? Lol. Can’t wait for Floating World!

I’m on vacation away from home, so. Plus, I took all three kids (even the 14yo) to a wee-kids theme park today (StoryLand, for ages 0 - 9ish) so I’ve earned this terrible wine! Did you find a Brit-picker for yr thing, btw?

thetimemoves said: Hey, sock wine is still wine. The more you drink, the less you’ll taste. Can’t wait for both fic installments!

Definitely tasting better as time goes on. Fic probably suffering as a result.

starrla89 said: Both anticipating and dreading the final chapter of butler!Sherlock. *happy-sad face*

I know; I keep starting and stopping because I’m like DON’T WANNA LET GO!!! But also got a prompt this week that will work as a “deleted scene” so I guess I can still visit that ‘verse in one-shot form, in future.

neverrwhere said: Oh noooo it’s already time to say goodbye to the world’s most romantic gardener and his besotted butler! How time flies :)

Well, to be fair, the first story in the series was posted over a year ago (!). They’re ready to move on to the next phase of their lives; it’s time. I will miss them, and it’s gratifying to know I won’t be the only one.

Did I ever post this pic of the Albatros John drove Sherlock and young Margaret (and the wedding flowers) to Molly’s wedding in? Isn’t it BAD ASS?! Like, what’s in that box? I am putting a wooden box on the side of my minvan as soon as I get home.

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UK stereotype: Loves to complain

I do, I know I complain a lot but so do most other Brits.
(I’ve no clue how it compares to the rest of the world though)

De la difficulté de créer des personnages gays à la télé (Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210)

Aux Etats-Unis, la Cour suprême a autorisé le vendredi 26 juin le mariage homosexuel sur tout le territoire américain. Une nouvelle qui a été saluée dans tout le pays, et à travers le monde entier, aussi bien par les anonymes que par les célébrités. Interviewé par le magazine Variety, Darren Star, le créateur de Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210 et Sex and the City a évoqué la difficulté de créer des personnages gay à la télévision dans les années 90. 

“C’était très important d’intégrer des personnages gay dans mes intrigues, a commenté Darren Star, qui n'a jamais caché son homosexualité. Dans Beverly Hills 90210 par exemple, Kelly est sortie avec un garçon qui se posait des questions sur sa sexualité. C’était une petite histoire, par rapport au reste, mais pour moi c’était primordial de commencer cette conversation très tôt avec les séries.” Cependant, le scénariste s’est heurté à des difficultés, en particulier avec la chaîne Fox qui diffusait la série dans les années 90.

>>> Beverly Hills : 25 ans après, que sont devenus Brenda, Dylan, Kelly et les autres ? (31 PHOTOS)

C’était incontestablement un sujet brûlant, a expliqué Darren Star. En gros, c’était ‘tu peux en parler, mais ne le montres pas’.” Ce n’est pas la seule fois que le créateur s’est heurté à une telle réaction. Pour la série Melrose Place par exemple, introduire des personnages gays dans la série ne s’est pas fait sans mal.

“Les discussions étaient vraiment très inconfortables, a révélé Darren Star. Je me disais ‘je suis en train d’avoir cette conversation avec des adultes qui essayent de maintenir un status quo auquel ils ne croient même pas eux-mêmes’. J’ai ressenti ça avec de nombreux responsables de network. On se dit ‘vraiment ? Un personnage gay ne peut pas tenir la main de son compagnon ? Il ne peut pas embrasser quelqu’un ?’ Mais en même temps, je me disais qu’on essayait quand même de faire bouger les choses avec des personnages auxquels les (…) Lire la suite sur

De la difficulté de créer des personnages gays à la télé (Melrose Place, Beverly Hills 90210)
Grey’s Anatomy : bientôt un deuxième enfant pour Jesse Williams
Netflix annonce le lancement de Narcos, sa nouvelle série sur Pablo Escobar et le Cartel de Medellin
Scream : MTV nous offre les huit premières minutes de la série
The Glades (M6) : pourquoi la série s'arrête t-elle ?

A postscript from Cementerio Británico:

This grave sent me down a rabbit hole of genealogical websites in bad French and worse Russian, but I eventually rested knowing this was an aristocrat and his first and second wives. His brother-in-law was Nicholas I’s great-grandson (Gabriel Constantinovich) and his dad was the Russian Orthodox bishop of Florence (John of Messina/Ivan Kurakin). I felt these facts to be sufficiently momentous to include in my notes, but I’m furrowing my brow trying to explain why.

I bring this up only to laugh at the idea that in Christ there is either Jew or Greek, male or female.

Que Dios nos bendiga.


My good buddy needs help getting to USC!

Hey all, hope you’re well! A good friend of ours has a spot to go study at the University of Southern California, it’s a cool offer and he’s got some scholarships already, but has an Indiegogo campaign to help with some of the rest.

He’s a super talented guy and hard working guy, he’s the only Brit offered a spot on the course, he just can’t afford the fee. He needs to hit $40,000, he’s got $10,000 already in scholarships, and he’s aiming for $20,000 with this campaign.

If you can help financially that would be amazing, and you can also help by sharing this around and getting it to more eyes! Especially if those are the eyes of philanthropic Russian or Chinese billionaires, and / or drug cartels.

Some of his past work-

Star Wars Disney - Let it Flow - Let it Go Frozen Parody

Fellowship of the Ringwraiths

The Boss VII (FFVII Parody) - Reed Short Film Competition 2012

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It's not entirely fair that they get blamed for using it tho. Which really sucks because then who's to be blamed instead of them? A lot of the English culture is presented with homophobia and sexism and transphobia but nobody really speaks out on it because most brits are white, where as someone who is actually probably the least transphobic, homophobic and sexist is JJ who is constantly shamed by media for things he says that the rest of the sidemen are praised about. It's in the culture mostly

The boys are problematic because they were raised in problematic cultures. It’s just in their nature. That’s the Brit culture. Even Vikk on his gta channel is super problematic because that’s just him. It shocked me that this was just ok for kids to watch and that I continued watching cuz I don’t condone this at all but they’ve just never been taught otherwise so they don’t understand the problem.

I assume these were both from the same anon? If not, they are pretty similar so I’m only going to reply once.

First of all, I’m not from the UK, so I’m not that familiar with what’s acceptable behaviour there and what isn’t. But yes, you could blame it on the country’s culture. When derogative slurs and offensive behaviour are encouraged or shown by the media, and schools or parents never teach their children otherwise, obviously nothing is ever going to change. It’s all the culture’s fault.

Keep reading

differintegrate replied to your post “A dude asked me today why I make the same face in every picture I…”

I don’t have a selfie face for you because you know my face but for sharing on social media I feel like I know my angles and stick with them.

Lol I will 100% send you, Kate, and Brit like, egregiously bad selfies and then be like “Whoops that was p ugly huh guys.”

bfab11 replied to your post “A dude asked me today why I make the same face in every picture I…”

My selfies look very similar. It’s either resting bitch face for OOTD pics or a smile, which looks the same in most pics. When I try and do a different smile/face I’m usually like “ew, no, that is not a good face” and switch back to my default.


newblooded answered your question “A dude asked me today why I make the same face in every picture I…”

not always! I mean, I guess I tilt my head to the right pretty frequently? but for the most part, I just don’t smile, or I don’t smile with teeth, because it makes my face reaaaaaaaally wide. so I either end up smirking at the camera or stony-faced

My face feels much wider when I smile, too, and because I have such pronounced cheeks, it feels like it really changes the nature of my face. It’s so strange!

mackiejackson answered your question “A dude asked me today why I make the same face in every picture I…”

My go to is the stoic, head turned to the left w/ my eyebrows raised.

Now here is what I am looking for. This is a person who knows what they want to look like and sticks with it. (Mine is lips pursed in a smirk, chin firmed, looking through the top of my glasses, head tilted up and to the side.)