it’s so interesting how in Jane Austen’s novels that take place at the turn of the 18th century her characters talk about “miles” and “pounds” and tell time with a twelve hour clock (which actually may have been the norm everywhere before the invention of digital clocks? idk actually)

like it’s just interesting to see how the U.S. retained all this super traditional British stuff and now we’re mocked for it cause we’re trying to be unique or whatever when really we’re just so isolated from the rest of the world in a way?

also just talking about traditional British shit we retained, most of our speech is still rhotic which was like a characterization of British English that phased out in the 19th century but still got kept up here (except in some dialectal cases like Boston accents) so we actually speak a more traditional British accent than Brits do.

Dwts Tour

Okay Yes I’m taking over the snapchat so you can see snipits of the show from there. I’ll be recording 

-Valenna in the salsa for valjennafans

-The Q&A in case Melissa asks my question

-I wont record the AT causes there is an incredible quality video of it already so it’d be a waste 

- I’ll record Age of Aquarius and the leotard number unless footage of it appears because none has so far

-I’m recording Peta’s little bit with Melissa

- I might record the opening with Peta, Val, Jenna and Brit along with anything else I want 

The rest will be on snapchat 

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Think about where vav gets sick and he and mogar for some reason see each other and mogar freaks out and is a total mother hen

This is cute, I don’t know if it’s a headcanon or a prompt, but I’m making it a prompt because I need to write this cuteness.

{Quick ficlet of hover-boyfriend Mogar}

Rating: K (Fluff)
Word Count: 168

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like real people do || shane and mickey

Shane suppressed a yawn that threatened to tear from his throat after a long night. He allowed himself a moment to let his eyes slide shut as he leaned his head against the slab of wood that made up the front door to apartment number ten. The Brit’s whole body felt weighed down, his limbs tired and achy and his voice hoarse as he adjusted the strap of the bag slung over his shoulder. It contained whatever little worldly possessions Shane had had the opportunity to throw in there before Ian had crudely told him to get out and come back for the rest of his shit later. A few shirts, a pair of jeans, his textbooks and his phone charger. He’d felt both guilty and surprised to know how many of his things already resided at Banslie. His laptop, for example, was sitting on the coffee table in their makeshift living room, his charger with it.

It had been a rough night, and Shane secretly wondered if Ian had wanted the excuse to yell and scream, rather than actually feeling betrayed. He said he didn’t care what Shane did when he wasn’t home, and he should fuck Mickey if he liked. His stomach had felt empty and hollow at the thought of doing such a thing, and he explained bitterly that he didn’t want to fuck Mickey, he wanted to be with him. That was when the yelling had started. It had been embarrassing for Shane to know he’d kept his roommates awake, even more embarrassing that campus security had gotten involved. Apparently, multiple people had complained about the disturbance, and by the time Shane had answered the door he was exhausted and burst into over-tired tears, something exceptionally out of character for him. One of the men sat with him while Shane calmed down, breathing raggedly through his sobs as he mumbled apologies, a hand braced on the med student’s back as the security guy glared at Ian. Ian stood there cooly, and with the way Shane was carrying on it wasn’t a far cry to assume Ian had gone for him.

Daylight had broken by the time Shane was descending the stairs from his campus apartment - the lift had never worked - and making his way back to Banslie. He softened a little knowing when he got there he could get to Mickey, and seeing his face would reaffirm everything he’d done tonight had been worth it. He felt certain of that. Mickey had asked him if perhaps he’d made a mistake, that he didn’t want him as Shane thought he did. But there was no mistaking the definite and explanatory tug his heart gave when he saw the man. He wanted to reach out and touch him, wrap him up, but had been bound in the knowledge he had someone at home. Someone he still felt a sentimentality for, he admitted, but all of the loss he felt for losing Ian was also synonymous in losing his home, and their shared friends. He hadn’t quite realised how hard it would all be.

The urge to see Mickey grew stronger, propelling him forward to rap gently on the door with his knuckles. It was early, too early to be waking the girls up. But with any luck, one of them would be awake, giggling over YouTube videos or one another, and able to answer the door to him. The man heard the stumbling of feet behind the door and nothing else but girls shushing one another, silly giggles slipping from their lips and softly, he found his voice to gently murmur across the threshold. The country twang was unmistakably Riley’s.

“Riles? It’s Shane. Can you, er, can you let me in, please?”

Soft exclamations were exchanged as he heard someone fumble drunkenly with the lock. Thank God for Riley Sledge. He managed to shoot her a tired smile of gratitude as he pressed a kiss to her cheek, her staring at him inquisitively.

“Mickey?” was all he could say, glancing over her shoulder slightly, despite her height, as though the man might magically appear. Her dainty little mouth fell into a soft ‘o’ of exclamation and surprise as she giddily pointed toward his bedroom, him thanking her gently and nodding at Gracie, who hovered in the doorway also, before heading off in that direction. For once, Shane was thankful Mickey was the only resident of number ten that didn’t share his bedroom, and so Shane didn’t have to worry about waking someone else up.

He deposited his bag at the door with a soft thud, glancing over at the body that lay atop the bedsheets, curled up in a tiny heap. Shane could hear the soft inhalation and exhalations of breath  and his heart constricted harshly. He was fully dressed, clad in all his clothes like he’d been waiting for Shane to come home before exhaustion had won him over and he’d succumbed to sleep.  Toeing off his shoes, Shane wandered over and precariously sat on the edge of the bed, allowing his hand to carefully push through Mickey’s dark hair, his heart hammering in his chest. He wasn’t sure what he feared the most, that he might wake Mickey up or the newness of it all. That he could touch Mickey like this without the guise of friendship or as though he only wanted sex from him. It was all different now, and Shane was petrified and pleased all at once.

“Honey?” Shane breathed, the endearment slipping from his lips naturally as his hand travelled from his hair to his shoulder, giving it a soft shake. For the first time, Shane was concerned he looked a mess. His face was blotchy with last night’s tears and his hair wild, fastened lazily with a band that kept letting stray curls escape.

“Wake up, baby.” he giggled, laughing to himself as he ran a hand over the man’s back.

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Keep the history coming, pal. I may not reblog much, but I check your page more than the rest of Tumblr. Any blogs similar to yours that you might recommend? Cheers from an Ulsterman in the land of cotton.

Thanks, that sure is an honour, shoutout to my fellow Ulster-Scot still in the colonies! If you like your Brit stuff you can’t go far wrong with BritishImperialGlory or British-History. And historicalmilitaryart just because it sure is pretty! There are many deserving others, but I could be here all night.

Tayvin is power! Like Taylor repeatedly said that maybe she would never date again and will be single forever. And Calvin wasn’t up to dating a celebrity again. And yet this magical Brits after party brought them together. And they’re so happy and not intimidated by media. They’re so in love that they went public, which Taylor never did. It’s like he came along and her perspective on the rest of her life changed. Happiness, Love and Power - Tayvin


somebodys-cup-of-cake, bioticsteak and I, if I remember correctly we were waiting for the podium ceremony. The race was so much fun, even if it sounded like somebodys-cup-of-cake was on a delay compared to the rest of the audience, being she wanted Bruno Senna to stay ahead of Sebastian Buemi and the rest of us wanted him to pass so he could win the championship. EIther way the race was amazing and Bruno deserved his spot and some more. Also off course both my Dragons on the podium and the crowd was very, very loud when a Brit won. Which was to be expected! 

Caspar Lee: Attacked

Request: hey, could you do a caspar lee imagine where you and him don’t really get along that well but when you and the rest of the brit crew go out to a party you almost get attacked by some other guy but caspar saves you and you realise you actually like him and he likes you? i love your imagines :)

You walked into the party with Joe, Zalfie, Janya, Marcus, and Caspar. The music was pounding so no one must’ve heard you say you were going to the bathroom real quick. After using the bathroom, you pushed your way through the crowd to find everyone. While walking back you ran into Caspar, who you really didn’t get along with. “There you are!” he said clearly annoyed. “We’ve all been looking for you. Come on.” he said while he yanked on your arm. “Ow! Caspar stop.” you said as he continued to drag you through the crowd while pulling on your arm. “Caspar!” you yelled louder. “What?” he snapped as he turned around. “Stop pulling so hard. You’re hurting me.” you told him. He immediately loosened his grip. “Sorry. Let’s just go.” he said still very annoyed with you.

You finally caught up to everyone and talked, danced, and drank for a while and before you knew it, you had to go to the bathroom again. “Hey, I’m gonna go to the bathroom real quick. I’ll be back.” you told Zoe. She nodded and you went on your way. The bathrooms were in the far back of the whole building so not many people were back there. After exiting the restroom you started to walk back. You weren’t even 2 feet from the bathrooms when a fairly large man grabbed you by the shoulders. “What’s a pretty little girl like you doing over here alone?” he said. His breath reeked of alcohol. “Leave me alone.” you snapped as you tried to escape his tight grip. He dipped his head down and left several slobbery kisses down your neck. “You like that baby girl?” he asked. You simply shook your head. “No? Well how about this.” he said. He used one hand to cup your boob while the other hand held you still. “H-HELP!” you screamed. The man immediately covered your mouth with his hand and started walking towards the back door, pulling you with him. Suddenly, you heard a familiar voice. “Let go of her!” The man turned around and you saw Caspar running towards the two of you. The man let go of you and ran out of the back door. You dropped to the floor feeling weak and tired. Caspar ran over to you and knelt down to you. “(y/n)! Are you okay?” he asked very concerned. “I-I don’t know.” you said feeling even more weak. The last you saw was being lifted off the ground before everything went completely black

When you woke up you noticed you weren’t in your home or at the party. The house was familiar but you still couldn’t remember as you had just woken up and are still recovering from what happened at the party. You sat up and looked around. “Oh great. You’re awake.” said Caspar as he walked over to his couch. “I’m at Caspar’s house?” you thought to yourself. “What even happened? I remember everything up to when you picked me up.” you told him. “Well I picked you up after you passed out, carried you to everyone else and we all left the party. We brought you back to my place, everyone stayed for a little while until it started to get pretty late, it’s 1:30 a.m now, and I just let you stay here and I’ve been waiting for you to wake up so I could check on you.” he said. “You didn’t have to do that.” you said. “Well I wanted to. I also wanted to talk to you when you woke up.” “About what?” you questioned. He took a deep shaky breath. “Tonight made me realize that I really like you. And I’m sorry that I acted like a massive jerk to you before. I honestly don’t even have an excuse for it. I’m sorry.” he said. “It’s ok. And knowing that you were really trying to care for me makes up for it… and made me realize I kind of like you too.” you said. Without out saying anything, he pulled you into a tight hug. “I’m glad this happened.” he said. “Me too.” you muttered into his shoulder.

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What was your… 

1. Last drink?  Bottle of budweiser

2. Last phone call? my mum

3. Last text message? tom!

4. Last time you cried? idk probably yesterday

5. Last song you listen to? Robbers - The 1975

i’m gonna put the rest under a read more bc this is super long lmao

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reasons why we need HQ’s of taylor’s live preformances
  • the growl in “i know places” on the second “and WE RUN”
  • the note change in clean “im never gonna risk it no”
  • the extra count in blank space before “boys only want love if it’s torture”
  • love story 1989 version 
  • IKYWT dark version
  • WANEGBT rock version
  • IKYWT live brits awards/victorias secret runway style
  • when she sings the bridge in OOTW for a second time on tour
  • the aahAHahhh’s she teaches the crowd for OOTW
  • enchanted/wildest dreams
  • the story of us build up for the high note (extra “now…”)
  • all versions of YBWM
  • any acoustic version of any song

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Your mom probably didn't lay in the fort because just like the rest of us, she had a pretty good idea what you and Brit were doing it it 😉😏😅

What, playing Pokémon/bop-it, braiding one another’s hair, and painting our nails??

perhapsperhapsperhaps20 asked:

I really hope they give the cast at least a week off , especially Witney, Val, Emma and Sasha , they have been none stop since season 19.

I agree with you to an extent… Val yes has been going non stop since the beginning of Season 19 he needs a much needed break. The rest of the pros you mentioned had an easier season, Emma was eliminated 1st, Witney didn’t do sway instead went to Cancun and Sasha was in troupe for the better part of both season which isn’t nearly as demanding as being a pro! All the pros on this tour deserve at least a little time to rest up their injured bodies before the season starts. I mean Artem has his shoulder thing, Keo tapes his shoulder, Wit and Brit have gotten physical therapy, Peta and her ankle these pros have to take care of their bodies!

anonymous asked:

hey, could you do a caspar lee imagine where you and him don't really get along that well but when you and the rest of the brit crew go out to a party you almost get attacked by some other guy but caspar saves you and you realise you actually like him and he likes you? i love your imagines :)

aw thank you! and I just posted it


This women right here name is Brit and she’s completely swept me off my feet and I could be more lucky to have her in my life. It’s been so long since I’ve had butterfly’s and a constant stupid grin on my face every moment around her or just the thought of her. She’s the one I want for the rest of my days.

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About the Vidcon thing, I heard they weren't invited? I don't think they wouldn't go just because.

I don’t know anymore. But I think they were invited but didn’t want to go. They wouldn’t invited one Brit crew member and not the rest

Cara Delevingne : découvrez la vidéo hilarante de la chute !

Le mannequin à la renommée mondiale Cara Delevingne est bien connue pour son côté foufou, clown de service et sans prise de tête. Le jeune mannequin est donc très demandée : elle a rejoint le casting de Suicide Squad et de Pan au côté d’Hugh Jackman et Amanda Seyfried, il se pourrait même qu'elle apparaisse dans le prochain 50 Nuances de Grey. Cara reste la célébrité la plus drôle de la mode, surtout quand elle ne bouge pratiquement pas mais qu'elle réussit à perdre l'équilibre et à tomber dans une salle de bain minuscule. Regardez-vous même la vidéo, vous ne pourrez pas vous retenir de rire !

Cara Delevingne et sa chute à mourir de rire

Apparemment, Cara a trop bu et plus que de l'eau, à  la fête de la première de Paper Towns ce 18 juillet. Cara était avec ses supers copines Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin et Bella Hadid et entre deux sessions de photos, les filles se retrouvent aux toilettes (normal, pour des filles). Sur la vidéo postée par Cara Delevingne elle-même sur son compte Instagram, on voit Kendall Jenner resplendissante dans une longue robe prune, tentant d'ouvrir la porte des toilettes avec sa jambe sur Hailey Baldwin et Cara Delevingne en pleine discussion. Hailey accueille la camerawoman (on suppose que Bella, la sœur de Gigi Hadid) avec un joyeux ‘salut’ et Cara allait faire de même mais pour une raison encore inconnue, la collègue de Nat Wolf s'est retrouvée les jambes en l'air. Hi-la-rant ! C'est surement ce côté maladroit qui a plu à St Vincent, avec qui elle ne serait apparemment plus en couple.

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