Ok but like. Think about it. Normally, you’d learn your native language mostly through immersion from your parents. You pick up their mannerisms, parts of their personality, their accents, vernacular, how they use the language. So that means every singer you listen to in your target language, every youtuber you watch, every celebrity whose interviews you obsess over. Well, they’re basically ur fam.

Reasons why Tokyo Ghoul is a must-read
  1. The character development is marvelous
  2. characters are all worked on so well; no characters to just be there
  3. diverse cast of characters with different genders and sexuality
  4. the main character is a cinnamon roll and you will fall in love with him just don’t fall in love with him he will destroy you he will fooking kill you
  5. he also has the best character development you’ll probably witness and it never stops… like… never… so many characters in one person…
  6. Hideyoshi Nagachika
  7. there are no flawless characters, neither there are pure evil ones
  8. awesome use of symbolism, foreshadowing, and parallels
  9. tarot card numbers hidden inside the illustrations to give the readers hints of present or future. you will become so paranoid you will see tarot numbers on your mama’s face
  10. the most LITERARY manga you can lay your hands on
  11. the mystery is just crazy, you will start suspecting everything and everyone and you can never ever judge a character before the story pretty much ends cause assfaces are good people and good faces are assholes…
  12. Did I mention Hideyoshi Nagachika…?
  13. the author, Sui Ishida, is an adorable, crazy, dork cinnamon roll 
  14. hyper active author just can’t rest and posts additional art everywhere, so the fandom probably receives the most official art among all fandoms
  15. the man also has created such an intelligent fandom, people look for signs in each and every work of art he posts tg fandom is probably the most paranoid fandom to ever exist
  16. the tragedy-author has worked on several art books as well as 16 pages of weekly manga as well as additional art on his pages as well as working on anime script as well as replying to fans and making fan art for his favorite stories
  17. his first work was a web comic called ‘Penisman’… about a hero with a penis for a head…
  18. he also reads shoujo… go figure
  19. the fandom is intelligent and hella welcoming
  20. the psychology in the story… man…
  21. the world-building is smart and interesting
  22. no chapters go by without twists and turns that make you scream
  23. fits a large amount of action/development/stuff in only 15-16 pages
  24. no unnecessary dialogue, scenes, etc.
  25. no forced romance, friendship, etc.
  26. the art is beautiful and unique
  27. the plot drives you out of your mind… in a good way
  28. the most interesting and twisted mixture of violence and beauty you can find
  29. Hideyoshi Nagachika…. just saying
  30. everything remotely related to the manga has a meaning, make no mistake, I’m telling you–if there is a flower there, go find its name and symbolism. there’s a color in the new art? let’s see what it means. There’s a fooking bug on Kaneki’s hair? It fooking means something let’s figure it out. there’s no way that additonal line is a part of the sketch… or maybe it is no way no fooking way it has to fooking mean something–


let's add another ring to the list of ones shitting on perrie's tiny ice chip

Holly Madison

FUCK her ring is so beautiful and her fiance designed it especially for her. he had her in mind when he requested this motherfucker. look at it. look at it. LOOK. AT. IT. fucking fabulous. he took time out of his own life to design a ring that told a story to his bride.

 $2.5 million dollar ring. flawless

it looks beautiful on her hand

but let’s compare it to perrie’s shall we


there isn’t anything special or spectacular about this girl’s ring. really odd for several reasons:

1. zayn knows perrie’s personality (that she’s a show off and she likes to gloat) so why wouldn’t he get her a better ring? perrie isn’t the conservative type so i highly doubt she would have really wanted such a tiny ring.

2. zayn has no problem spending thousands on designer clothing and gifts for his friends and family he even spent 32,000 on a luxury car and he can’t EVEN DRIVE. so why hold back on the one gift he should have splashed out on? is she not special enough?

3. zayn is an artist so you’d think he’d have really taken the time out to design this ring special for his bride. at least have it engraved or something but no. it doesn’t look like he put any thought into this. like he just walked into a second hand store and picked up any old cheap thing. strange. so strange. he has the money to go all out or at the very least pick a very nice ring and he picked this old thing…idk it just…doesn’t make sense.

zayn kind of made perrie the laughing stock of the celebrity world. with the money he makes and the fame he has it looks really bad that she has a ring like that. among women you know everything is a competition and when it comes to engagement rings you just cannot come up short or you’ll be the odd one out. do you now how many people are laughing at perrie? not just nonshippers but outsiders looking in? my mom took one look at that girl’s ring and she burst out laughing.

i’ll never forget the embarrassment in perrie’s eyes when Keith Lemon made fun of her ring and basically called it cheap on national television. i even felt bad for perrie. a damn shame.

oh and please don’t re-blog this post comparing your situation where your broke ass fiance gave you (or a family member) a small ring because you weren’t into gaudy ones because that doesn’t compare. zayn is richer than you and perrie is obviously into flashy things so shut the fuck up.

It’s honestly so annoying how the fandom portrays Hermione as a flawless goddess. She was mean to Fleur and Luna for no reason. She wasn’t supportive of Harry. She didn’t like Sirius even though he was trying to readjust to a normal life. She was a very cruel person. She let her own confidence issues be the reason why she hated Fleur (even Ron never did that). Then she got mad at Ginny because “HOW DARE SHE TELL HER THAT CALLING LUNA ‘LOONY’ IS WRONG!!!!!”. I only liked her because of S.P.E.W.


pia douwes meme: reasons why she’s the most flawless person on earth [3/3]

Of all the roles you’ve played so far, which one was your absolute dream role?

“Every single one of them. It’s always the one I’m currently playing because through them I get to learn so much about myself as a person and an artist.”

I really needed to point out a few things here about Expiration Date that i haven’t seen posts of yet I’m sorry but

Heavy woke up Scout and he was ready to swing.

I apologize but when this guy can’t find words you know she’s a big deal.

Here have another reason why Soldier was flawless in this video.

I want a subscription to Dapper Cadaver. 

He’s literally going into specific detail about Pauling. Crooked glasses is her thing and when he notices something that little about her I’d love to see the christmas list of reasons why he feels the way he does about her.

Okay not only is Scout rocking on his feet and that’s horribly cute but it also furthers the point this guy cannot actually stand still for one minute.

I’d love to meet one person who honest to god thought he would reach for anything else but the chicken.

Spy is doing one of two things. Let your heart decide.

Dad I’m 16 I can take care of myself. 

I don’t know about you guys, but the first couple times I watched Expiration Date I was so distracted by Scout’s exit I completely missed the entire reason there was an alarm going off. Somehow.


okay we need to actually stop for a minute and look at this.

Sniper’s the fucking lone ranger sharpening his kukri on this bread beast’s carcass like eh nbd.

Medic and Engineer are having tea and cupcakes chatting about science.

Pyro’s got a new mutant friend which everyone and their mother has noticed.

Spy is looking back at his good work and nonchalantly pulling out a cigarette like this is another fucking Sunday stroll.

Here comes Demo with the beer.

Heavy is like well shit someone’s gonna clean this ish up but this one tentacle is in my path of interest so I will fix this.

i know this must sound stupid but colin morgan is legit one of those actors that make me forget he’s a real person and sometimes, the reason why i’m watching something

like the depth he puts into the characters he plays, his acting is just flawless, that i’m like drawn to make opinions on the character and not if i think colin looks pretty throughout the whole movie or show (although i do that too, oops) 

he’s one of very few actors that i’ve found who do that for me, it’s incredible and amazing thing to witness 


Ranking the Six Wives of Henry VIII: #1 Anne Boleyn

If you’ve glanced at my blog then you’ve probably noticed that Anne Boleyn is not just my favorite of the six wives, but my favorite person in history. Period. This is not because I think Anne was a flawless human being - quite the opposite. She was an incredibly flawed, fabulously complex person, and I love her for it. So, instead of going on and on about Anne’s life story, I’ll keep this simple by listing the top 5 reasons why I love her:

1) Since the sixteenth century and continuing even today, Anne has inspired both admiration and hatred from people. This is why we still talk about her so much.

2) According to most contemporary observers, Anne’s beauty did not come from her looks, but, instead, from her style and personality. And her eyes.

3) Anne was as loving as she was ruthless. By all accounts, she was a good mother to Elizabeth. She also elicited love and devotion from Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, one of the few people to speak up in her defense in 1536 (albeit, not for very long). Anne was also ruthless, and she openly rejoiced at the death of her predecessor, Catherine of Aragon.

4) Anne was genuinely religious and interested in reform. She didn’t simply support Henry’s religious changes because they made her queen, she believed religious reform was best for England. She also didn’t always support the king’s policies, particularly when the funds from dissolved monasteries were transferred to the royal treasury. Anne argued that some of that wealth should have been used for charity and education.

5) The main reason for Anne’s eventual downfall was her inability to change her character and personality once queen. She was who she was. Once she was married to Henry, she continued to give him advice (whether he wanted it or not) and she argued with him. She continued to surround herself with male admirers. She refused to excuse Henry’s wandering eye. And she made enemies of some of the king’s most influential counselors, such as Thomas Cromwell. Unlike Henry’s other wives, including Jane Seymour and even Catherine Parr, Anne refused to outwardly change much of her personality once she was queen. Admirable though this was, it cost her her life.

Anne does not inspire or fascinate people because she was perfect. No woman, or person for that matter, in history was completely black or white. Every person’s character contained shades of grey. Anne Boleyn is one of the most important examples of this. This is the main reason why she tops this list.

Agree or disagree with this placement? Want to tell me your own rankings? Let me know your opinion!

yukimura writing plays and shiraishi and fuji acting them out in very, very dramatic ways that please yukimura (also getting them in skirts and dresses) 

shiraishi regretting telling/showing the other two that he sleeps naked with them demanding him to pose naked whenever their minds can come up with a reason (and that means every time) 

yukimura being immaturely jealous of how flawless fuji’s hair is, especially during rainy days 

fuji and yukimura refusing to believe that shiraishi is actually japan’s next top model/singer

fuji being snarky and sarcastic at shiraishi whenever he’s back feeling butthurt over his loss at the nationals and shiraishi not backing down and yukimura ends the fight by telling them how terrible their moves are 


and once they were too late and they had to follow him all the way to where the lasers were and 201 ina bauer happened 

Make up has weird negative stigma but tbh I think its really up to the individual on what make up means to them. I know people who wear make up because they have confidence issues, I know people who use it as a form of art, I know people who only wear it on certain occasions, I know people who wear it to appeal to men, and I personally wear it whenever I please. Like, theres so many different reasons as to why people wear make up and theyre all fine.
I think the problem with make up is the expectation to look flawless without the maintenance of make up. This weird “I want you to look natural but I dont want to see your acne, scars, redness, or undereye bags but Im also gonna negatively comment on people who wear make up ” line of thought. Its not the people wearing make up we should criticize, its the people expecting others to be effortlessly flawless.

I’m not pushing anyone away. It is their choice if they’ll go or if they’ll stay.

But I’m giving you reasons why you shouldn’t stay.

  • I’m a high tempered person. Yung tipong hindi ko napipigilang ang sarili ko, once anger have entered my system.
  • I’m fat. Mataba ako. Matakaw ako. Tamad akong mag-diet.
  • I suck at Math. Mahina ako sa numbers.
  • I snore, especially when I’m tired. Humuhilik ako, who would want a girl who snores?
  • I’m not flawless nor gorgeous. Hindi ako maganda, hindi makinis ang balat ko.
  • I suck at gracefully eating in front of someone. Di ko mapigilan appetite ko. Mukha akong baboy kung kumain.
  • I laugh out hard. Yung tipong may snort na kapag nasobrahan.
  • I’m not girly or kikay. Minsan lang ako magsuot ng mga damit pambabae, minsan, sapilitan pa.
  • cuss. Nag-mumura. I swore. -_-
  • I’m reckless. Minsan, gusto kong maramdaman na buhay ako. Kaya mahal na mahal ko ang fast-life. Kahit muntik na akong mamatay dahil dun.
  • Sometimes, I’m melodramatic. Yung tipong di ko mapigilan ang sarili ko na magsalita, kahit wala namang pakealam yung pinagsasabihan ko.
  • I fart. Kahit sa public places.
  • I burp like a bull frog. Lalo na kapag uminom ng soda.
  • I don’t eat vegetables. That’s why I’m weak.
  • I have a different kind of taste than to those girls who were being loved by many. Kung mapapakinggan mo ang playlist ko, sasabihan mo kong tomboy. Hindi ko favorite ang pink. I don’t like teddies.
  • I’m weak. Literally. Na pagbukas ng bote ng c2 hirap ako.
  • I am no good at arts. Hindi ako marunong mag-drawing. So how can I make simple masterpiece if you wanted me too. 
  • I smoke. Naninigarilyo ako, kapag may problema, depressed o gustong kumawala sa reyalidad.
  • I’m a sadist. Minsan, masyado akong manhid, na wala na akong pakealam sa nararamdaman ng iba.
  • I don’t pay attention to my hair. Yung palaging bad-hair-day.
  • I have too many piercing. 4 piercing on each ear.
  • I don’t have a beautiful voice to enchant you.

There are tons of reasons why you shouldn’t stay here, putting up the efforts to know me better. But damn. How I wish you find a reason to stay.

All of the ones who found all of these, some went away, some pretended they didn’t liked me, some despised me, but no one stayed.

Will you still stay? Will you still care? Will you still talk to me? Will you still make me smile by cracking some jokes, that made me laugh without you knowing it? Will you still stay if I’m not perfect? Will you give up on me like others did?

You will. Would you?

Will you be my reason to climb up again in love? Will you be the one to make me believe that there is still forever in this moment, that there is still magic living in this condemned world? Will you be my mentor, who will aid me to learn all about the important things in this life that I am nearly erasing in my system?

You will. Would you?

Even if I’m not perfect as you will want your girl to be.

Introduction of my tc...

We’ll call him C. He wears these stupid glasses that for some reason would look ugly on anyone else, but him? He’s hot in them.
He’s the nicest person you will ever meet.
He’s punny. So yeah there goes my heart.
He’s not really my teacher, but I see him at lunch and just when I walk through the halls to see him.
He’s an art teacher. He looks so beautiful and flawless when he draws
A lot of people think he’s gay, but I refuse to believe anything until I see facts.
He’s a Christian so he automatically gets approved by my family.
He has this brown hair that seems to glow in the sun. + it’s always parted perfectly!
His eyes are the most wonderful thing. I get lost in them everyday I see him.
He wears these Ralph Lauren polo type shirts everyday and I’ve never seen those shirts look better on anyone else.
When he smiles, you better kill me now because my heart will burst into a million pieces, he has the best smile.
He smells like skittles. No joke. Skittles are my favorite too so yes!


pia douwes meme: reasons why she’s the most flawless person on earth [2/3]

Some people might not know that being a musical star hasn’t always been your dream. You actually wanted to do something completely different, right?

I originally wanted to become a nurse for mentally handicapped children, yeah. I’ve been wanting to do that job for 9 years but then suddenly one day I went out to a club to dance and that’s when i realised: no, dancing is what I wanna do.”