Ok but like. Think about it. Normally, you’d learn your native language mostly through immersion from your parents. You pick up their mannerisms, parts of their personality, their accents, vernacular, how they use the language. So that means every singer you listen to in your target language, every youtuber you watch, every celebrity whose interviews you obsess over. Well, they’re basically ur fam.

reasons i love phil lester

– his smile

– his outstanding personality

– how kind and polite and nice he is

– his beautiful face

– did i mention his personality??

– or his smile??

– how about how perfect he is

– is there even a single flaw in phil lester?? i can’t seem to find one

– a flawless human being

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Your pick for Kamilah looks about what I imagined while reading your story! Btw if you don't mind a question (that you probably answered somewhere but) how did you come up with her first and last name? Like why Shadid specifically if u have a reason

Kamilah: flawless/perfect. She’s a perfect person in her own right, and even more so in Ana’s eyes.

Shadid: strong. She doesn’t see it herself, and perhaps clinically acknowledges it in some moments, but it took a lot of strength to go through the shitpit called her life. And she made it.

It’s honestly so annoying how the fandom portrays Hermione as a flawless goddess. She was mean to Fleur and Luna for no reason. She wasn’t supportive of Harry. She didn’t like Sirius even though he was trying to readjust to a normal life. She was a very cruel person. She let her own confidence issues be the reason why she hated Fleur (even Ron never did that). Then she got mad at Ginny because “HOW DARE SHE TELL HER THAT CALLING LUNA ‘LOONY’ IS WRONG!!!!!”. I only liked her because of S.P.E.W.

same as it ever was

Bruce Jenner in drag on the cover of Vanity Fair being hailed as ‘stunning and brave’, the week after Renee Zellweger was torn to shreds online for having plastic surgery. Bruce Jenner, who was possibly to blame in a fatal car crash, who was/is a deadbeat dad, who dressed up in his own stepdaughter’s clothes - is now Feminist Hero Number One. Buzzfeed publishes endless 'reasons why Laverne Cox is a flawless queen’, 'Caitlyn Jenner SLAYS like a goddess’ posts, whilst women who don’t shape their eyebrows are mocked (oh, that reminds me of another peak trans moment - seeing a trans activist saying that 'it’s ok for 'cis’ women to have body hair’ - what the fuck is this person on? In what world is it ok for a woman to have excess hair? Trans woman are hailed for breaking boundaries when they keep their beard, but Julia Roberts still has the fact that she didn’t shave her underarms for a film premier brought up 20 years later. Body hair/facial hair on women is dirty - but on trans/non-binary/genderqueer males, it’s revolutionary. Also, reading that it was, apparently, bigotry/Literal Murder/worse than Hitler to ask if Jenner was going to give his Olympic medal back. And pointing out that he still goes to a men-only golf club. But he’s SUCH a woman, guys! More of a woman than those horrible radfems, who are just being haters cos they wish they were as gorgeous as Caitlyn! (I have literally seen this argument over and over again.) Oh, and being told by trans women that we should find catcalling empowering/we’re lesser women than then because we’ve never had to 'fight’ for our womanhood (what the actual fuck? I take it they’ve never tried to get a referral for a female-specific medical issue.)