Hugh Aynesworth: You don’t look so hot today. Have you been staying out late again? Here’s your CARE package for today. You can have my cigarettes. I’m going to quit.

Ted Bundy: Just give me the opened one. I can always buy those here. I’ve got a little money in the account. There’s a few people who still love “The Bun.”

Hugh Aynesworth: I’ve heard.

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This is kinda silly but have you ever thought about drawing your Summoner with Hector (and Ike)? I dunno I was thinking about your post with Hector and Ike and like your Summoner walks in on them holding hands or smth and Hector's like "ITS NOT WHAT IT-" but pussyslayer's like "nah fam tbh I'd cheat on you with ike too"

Pu$$y$layer still loves the boys (and yes they’re still S supported lol)… to the point where he maxed out their SP/HM and… rarely uses… any other units…

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Hi, I've been following you for a while and I don't see pictures of you and your boyfriend anymore. How is that going?

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Ok. Fine. Because ya’ll been messaging me about this for months. We broke up y’all. WE BROKE UP. WE AIN’T TOGETHA. IT WAS A LOT GOING ON.


Last week we talked. I told him I still loved him, he told me he was still in love with me. We agreed to talk once he’s back in the city since we both still in love and what not. I snuck in an “I love you” when we got off the phone, he told me not to do that and didn’t say it back even though the nigga had just professed his love for me with his backwards ass.

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I woke up to this the next morning: 

I was petty and sent a picture of him kissing up on me cuz he loveeeee me. He sent me a picture BACK bitch. I was shocked. Flabbergasted. 

We’ve been broken up for a minute and he still has pictures? Lol 

Anyway idk y’all I think he my future husband and father of my unbornts but he playin. 

We’ll see.

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It's so dehumanizing and telling that so many people in fandom don't consider Magnus part of Alec's family, and don't see him as a priority for Alec. I'm not surprised but it never stops making me sad how little his feelings matter to a lot of fans, even Malec fans. The show literally told us that Alec can live without one of his siblings (Jace) while he thinks he cannot live without Magnus, and people still make up "reasons" to be against immortal Alec. Siighh

I don’t even have anything to add. Like it really is telling, they really show their asses when they insist that Alec’s siblings are more family to him and mean more to him. Like that boy didn’t tell Magnus flat out he didn’t think he could live without him.

I think it’s truly telling to see where some malec stans fall. Like they do realize what they’re doing? That even though they ship malec and supposedly love Magnus it still really says something about them if they too think but he’d have to watch his siblings age and die!.

On the totally factual front… he will watch them age and die no matter what? It’s literally life? Unless some of them die younger. Always possible with shadowhunters. So like literally this argument has no logical standing. None.

And you aren’t alone, it makes me really sad to see some of the shit that gets said. Magnus deserves better. So does Alec, for that matter.

headcanons for a nice saturday morning over at the tozier household

- richie gets up first because his youngest wakes up at the crack of dawn and he doesn’t want her to terrorise eddie who came home late last night after a long shift at the hospital

- but he cuddles his husband for a good ten minutes first. eddie is soft and small and will knee him in the balls if richie continues to suffocate eddie with his body, so richie chooses to bugger off

- richie presses a kiss to hospital and vanilla smelling hair and puts on some sweatpants and a shirt

- maggie (4) is a fucking pain in the ass. why?? because she’s half tozier half marsh that’s why. thanks for nothing beverly marsh

- he still loves her with all his goddamned heart

- richie and maggie make coffee for eddie and then go and walk the dog

- eddie n richie’s oldest, jessie (8), wakes up and hobbles over to her parent’s room and tucks herself under eddie’s chin and falls asleep again. eddie curls himself around her and continues to sleep

- richie and their dog, Crawford, has to chase after maggie because the damn kid thinks it’s funny to disappear in fuckin Derry, Maine of all places

- they find her up on a tree and richie’s never hated his genes so much than at that moment

- “Margaret Ann Tozier! You get down there or I’ll call your fuckin’ Pa!”

- people look at him because he cursed.

- “the fuck you lookin at ?????? my kid’s fuckin tree’d !! i don’t think you got the fuckin right to be morally superior right now!”

- by the grace of god and the threat of eddie’s wrath, richie manages to pluck his kid off the tree.

- “hey kid we do not speak of this with your papa ok? he’ll chop my dick off and we don’t want that.”

- “ok daddy.” she looks pensive and scheming and just like him, and thats when richie tozier knew he’s got a child that ain’t no snitch

- “alright let’s get ice cream for breakfast.”

- when he gets home eddie gives him the Dreaded Look of Suspicion and richie feels as if he should look into funeral plots.

- imagine his relief when eddie just hands him a plate of pancakes and fruits

- eddie gives him a nice maple syrupy kiss and says “good morning” against his lips

- maggie looks disgusted and jessie just looks incredibly pleased

- jessie somehow looks smug but suspicious. she’s eddie’s complete carbon copy and it scares richie sometimes. the world doesn’t need two Eddie Kaspbraks (he took richie’s last name. fuck if richie knows why)

- yeah eddie found out that him and the whippersnapper had mint chocolate chip for breakfast

- they all eat bfast together and damn is richie fuckin happy

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My boyfriend cheated on me twice. We've been together for four years, and he cheated the first time early in the relationship and again just recently. He confessed everything to me a few days ago. But because I am so forgiving and loving, I accepted him still. Which I think, I shouldn't. When can I know if I'm "too nice" like what my friends tell me.

dear—what is this “too nice”? so a person should not be nice? should not be kind? if you are taking the person back in again, then you shouldn’t even have slight doubt; you said you accepted him, but you shouldn’t have? so you are confused about yourself too; dear—is that love? is love confusion? if you love him truly, you’ll love him no matter, either you are with him or not, that’s love, unshakable, immovable, and please don’t listen to me or your friends, take a good look at your feelings, what is going on inside you, ask yourself—

“A few months before I started to go to my #1 university choice as a freshman, I found that Monsters University really resonated with me; I understood that there would be anxiety, as I tend to have a lot of it on a normal basis, but I had a feeling I’d get through it. I’ve watched it a number of times during the summer, and I still love it. When I finally moved into my dorm, I brought the DVD with me; I couldn’t bear to leave it home.”




summary: spot has it bad: the sequel

**a few people asked for this so here you are!! (also the ending’s p. bad sorry)

The strike wasn’t going too well. Despite not having the support of Brooklyn, or any other borough, it went ahead. Which was a bad idea.

Dozens of goons pummeled the newsies, kicking them to the curb. Crutchie was beaten and dragged to the refuge. Bruises covered pale, dirty skin. And Jack Kelly, the so-called “union leader” was nowhere to be seen.

So things were pretty bad.

If there was one thing Y/N didn’t want to do, it was return to Brooklyn. Never because she was intimidated or afraid. Just because she really didn’t want to put up with Spot Conlon’s flirting again. But here she was, begging her so-called “friends” not to send her back.

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There are tons of things I love about the BB-8/IV development in Poe Dameron #20. For instance.

  1. BB-8 has a partner. OMG.
  2. Poe’s bemused reaction to the whole thing.
  3. The fact that apparently IV knows that the way to get in with BB is to get in with Poe, and the way to get in with Poe is to fix his ship. (OTP)
  4. BB-8 is only an okay mechanic and Poe still loves him the most. <3
  5. And perhaps my favorite: after all the kerfuffle before the Poe comic started that OF COURSE the comic would HAVE TO give us insight into Poe’s romantic life (cue me rolling my eyes), here we are in issue 20 and Poe’s droid is getting more action than he is. <3333333

gods I wish I had an actual scanner

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It’s amazing how Rick, a intelligent man who is able to cross into multiple parallel universes, is attached to Morty. I know you’ll say something different but how I see it is this. He is attached to him for partly being his grandson but also because Morty is the one person who has the humanity to love life, love love, even still wanting to be with his grandfather despite everything. Morty is the person Rick wish he could be. But he can’t because he’s a broken man.

Close, but not quite. Morty is the only person who will go fursuiting with Rick