Movie-Related AU Submission

• What do you mean you gambled away half of our rent money for this month last night because today is Rex Manning Day and you were ‘channeling your inner Lucas’?!

• You spent HOW MUCH on a signed collectors edition Lord of the Rings DVD box set?!

• I told you trying to access Platform 9 ¾ ‘just to be sure’ would end badly…

• I’m glad you enjoyed watching Mean Girls with me, but you taking the 'on Wednesdays we wear pink’ thing so seriously is beginning to concern me.

• You love The Lion King and I hate it but you refuse to watch it unless I’m in the room to let you know when Mufasa’s death scene is over so it’s safe to open your eyes and take your hands off of your ears.

• If you can’t handle my Johnny Depp shrine then I don’t think this relationship is going to work out…

• Our friends are looking at us like we’re idiots because we just had a domestic dispute over which Indiana Jones movie is the best and I’m REFUSING to speak to you until you admit that Raiders of The Lost Ark clearly triumphs over Kingdom of the Crystal Skull you bloody imbecile…

• You come across as quite a tough, stoic, not to be messed with kind of person, but I know your secret weakness is watching The Sound of Music and that you tear up as you sing (*cough* wail) along to 'Edelweiss’ and 'Climb Every Mountain’.

• No, no I will not let you buy this old half-demolished fire station to start our own Ghost Busters agency! Will you STOP prancing around and singing the freaking theme song for one flipping second?! - And those better not be personalised boiler suits I see you hiding sheepishly behind your back…

• We just got kicked out of a nice restaurant because our argument about Star Wars theories concluded with us having an epic lightsaber duel with assorted breadsticks while making the appropriate sound effects, which other customers apparently found disturbing. In hindsight, maybe answering the snooty manager’s questions Yoda-style was a bad call.

• Okay, wanting to have someone to cry with while watching Stand By Me does NOT classify as an emergency… But now that I’ve driven all the way over here…

• Somehow you’ve managed to convince me to walk into Starbucks, (where you’re sitting pretending that you don’t know me,) and tell them my name is Spartacus. Then wait until my order’s called out to yell “IM SPARTACUS!” at which point you jump up and yell “NO, IM SPARTACUS!” and then we hope other people will join in so we look less idiotic. Why do I like you again?

• I first met you when I was at a party and you, a very drunk, very cute, very odd stranger started serenading me with 'My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic, playing a recorder in between the singing bits. I think you threw up on my shoes at one point. It was a weird night.

//Sorry if these are utter shit. Hopefully there’s something half decent in here!//

Title: A Lie Less Ordinary (Chapter 3)
Pairing: Alex/Kara (Supergirl)
Words: 6k (Chapter 3 of ???)

Sometimes Kara bites off more than she can chew.

Goodnight Taylor, and thank you so much. I can’t explain how much it means to me that you took the time to read such a personal post about me, one that means so much to me. Sending you hugs tonight. I love you more than you can imagine.

Alright…beat my game of Civ. In two minutes, turning off internet distractions and gonna write, write, write…see how much I can get done…for some reason I’m intimidated by this prospect and I don’t know why. Brains are weird.

I may…I may have gotten another coworker into kpop…not definite but maybe like mild interest. Since there’s kpop playing now on the work radio poor ppl are forced to listen to it daily…
And she asked me what one of the songs was cuz it had a good beat hahah (it was brown eyed girls kill bill BTW)
Well…I am making rly good progress here slowly taking over this company it seems


Just hung up with daughter. She is in middle of area expecting severe weather today.

Coworker was half sick last night.

Other job is heating up.

I have no plans for days off, which means all hell will break loose probably.

Must get new phone soon, ugh I hate phone stores.

i’ve been thinking recently about getting an iphone. they just seem to function more smoothly than any of the droids i’ve had, and i’d be able to sync it with my laptop and keep track of things easier.

on an unrelated note, i broke my phone today.

4 windy, humid, tight legged miles today. the first half felt great, but the last 2 miles were basically shit. my legs were dead and i spent the last half mile struggling not to throw up. this is the second time i’ve nearly puked oatmeal on a run so i don’t think it’s a good pre run food for me😁

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3 miles today. i didn’t really want to run today but the weather was nice and i’ve only worked out twice (😁) this week plus i thought it make me feel less sad, so i did it anyway. i definitely didn’t get a runner’s high from it, but at least i felt semi-sane for like 27 minutes lmao

people in baltimore need to learn how to dig out parallel parkingspaces when it snows!! if you can get out but someone can’t get in, it’s not fucking finished. i’ve barely been home this week and 80% of that is because there’s never anywhere to park anywhere near my house and i always carry a lot of stuff with me i’m not walking two blocks when there should be three spots in front of my house and NONE OF THEM ARE ACCESSIBLE.


So today’s bath involved my last half of my Lord of Misrule (SOB). Anyway as you probably already guessed I LOVE this product, I cant love it anymore. To start the smell is so strong and amazing, it is villainy yet spicy, Pagen if you will. Now on to the colour, when you first put it in it seems very pink and has ‘strands’ of red until it settles it is such a deep red that it just is so indulgent. This product is value for money at £3.95, but sadly it is a winter exclusive.

Day Two Hundred Sixty-Two

Today was Callout. I made it for the last half hour or so. But I got to dance, so it was great.
Before that I had life group at a cool Mediterranean coffee shop and cafe. We began our discussion of Romans and talked about our spiritual goals for this semester. I had a gyro.
In the afternoon, Hailey submitted a paper to the Writery and I did my first response! So I made money today!
After Callout was Becky’s small group. We didn’t have much to talk about because we had only read the introductory chapter. But she mentioned something about letting godly virtues change who we are. It started me thinking about who I am and what virtues this current Grace shows. And maybe it was just that mood, but I don’t like what I saw in myself. It’s hard to describe how dwelling on that made me feel, but it wasn’t great. I started to wonder if this post-small group low would become an every-week thing. I hope not.
I’m meeting with Becky in the morning, so maybe she’ll have something to say that will make me feel… better, I guess.
Abba, I love You. Mold me to be more like You. Help me stay hopeful and faithful during that sometimes painful process. Amen.

Reflections on running

This time last year my Half Marathon Split Time was 9:30.

Today my HM Split is averaging around 8:15!!!

When I first started running in 2011, I could barely run a 5k. My asthma was horrible, my focus was nonexistent, and pretty much everything hurt.

Now, 5 years later, I’ve improved so much. Breathing is easier (even in winter!), I ache less (still a bit injury prone but I’ve always been), and though I still suffer from depression and anxiety, running is definitely one of the more stabilizing forces in my life. (I actually have some more negative thoughts about how running has impacted my life, but that’s for another post.)

I’ve come a long way, and hopefully in March I’ll run my first full marathon. I may have to stick to the half, though, due to a lingering knee injury, but whatever I end up doing, I’m proud of myself.