“Wrong”: An Arrow100 fic

There was an interview released in conjunction with Arrow 100 that mentioned there would be callbacks to key dialogue from previous seasons in the episode. (Of course now I can’t remember what article/interview it was). But, ever since reading that, this fic idea has been bubbling in my brain.

The beginning, particularly the part in italics may be hard for some people to read. But it’s necessary. So, please, bear with me. I promise to make it as quick and painless as possible. Plus, it gets us to where we want to be.

I hope you enjoy!

Oliver bolted upright in his seat at the sound of the doorbell, forgetting for a moment where he was. Blinking the sleep out of his eyes, he leaned forward in his chair to glance out the window toward the driveway below. The normally empty space was bustling with delivery trucks and personnel, readying the Queen Mansion for his wedding.

His wedding. 

With a sigh Oliver leaned back, letting his body sink into the armchair. His brief, unplanned nap had done nothing to lessen the dread that filled him. Scrubbing his hands across his face, he willed his mind to focus on anything but the anxiety that had flooded his body that morning and never dissipated. If anything, the feeling had only grown as the day progressed, sending a stabbing sense of panic through him every time he was reminded that his wedding was only a matter of hours away.

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literally the way they ended in that montage wasnt even bad vs the rest of the episode like they were still our john and sherlock at the very end (ignoring the voice over) which is what especially makes the middle parts so hard and confusing- even the beginning was better and they were more in sync- anyway the idea that its at least canon theyre living together again and seem to be happy is the one thing that’s gonna pull me through

“Grown men die under my command every day, Obi-Wan.  She’s a child.”

“As were you,” Obi-Wan said. “And younger than she.  Try to think of it from her point of view, Anakin. How would you have felt if I’d kept you from every mission I went on at her age?”

Again, Anakin was silent. Eventually he said, “I would have hated you.”

Obi-Wan hummed.  “Well that’s a strong reaction, but I suppose it only serves to further my point.  Her role is to learn from watching you and by gaining experience of her own.  You cannot deny her that right by barring her from missions.”

“I understand,” Anakin said, gazing at the matted floor.

Obi-Wan moved closer, wrapping his hand around Anakin’s flesh arm and squeezing gently.  “You should have more faith in yourself.  At the risk of enlarging your already swollen sense of self worth; you are a strong and talented Jedi, Anakin, and more than capable of keeping Ahsoka from harm.”

Anakin smiled.  “I never had any doubts about that, Obi-Wan.”

“Ah,” Obi-Wan let go of Anakin’s arm. “Let’s not also forget then that when your head inevitably explodes mid-battle from your own inflated ego, I will still be here to make sure your padawan is safe in the aftermath of the ensuing blast.”

New Beginnings Part 1

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It’s hard to know who to trust during the end of the days, when the dead walk among the living. Fight the dead, fear the living, they say. That’s all I seem to be doing lately, fighting the dead and fearing the living. I roam around town to town, mostly on my own, since lately my group has been slowing thinning out.

Either it was because we were dying from lack of food, water, or we just end up being lunch for the dead. Either way, it got to the point that we decided to split up and try to look for other groups. I had some skills, but not enough that I could survive on my own.

I was hoping to get to a place soon, since I was low on water and food. I was down to three bullets and my knife was getting dull. I saw a sign for a small rest stop up ahead, hopefully I could find something there. A course I did find something, but not what I was expecting.

“HELP!” I screamed as I ran, but my voice was cut off, by the sounds of their laughter.

New Beginnings Part 1

Chapter One

“Where the fuck is Dwight at?” Negan said, as he walked around the courtyard. “Hello fuckers, I’m fucking talking here.”  A few men in the courtyard turned to him and shrugged their shoulders. “Fuck, seriously? Why the fuck do I have you guys fucken around for?” Negan closed his eyes and shook his head at how annoyed he was getting.

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“Negan” A man called out from the catwalk. “Dwight is coming in now.”

“Fuck finally someone fucken knows something.” Negan said, walking over to the car port area as Dwight got out of the car, walking towards him. “Hey fucker, what fucken took you so long?”

“We ran into a situation.” Dwight said, then lean in close to Negan. “Now we have another situation.”

“What kind of fucken situation?” Negan said, seeing Dwight look over to the car and Negan looked over. “Found something?”

“Someone.” Dwight said, looking back Negan. “A woman, but she’s all cut up and beaten pretty bad. Also she’s..” Dwight looked back at the car.

“She’s what?” Negan said, clenching his fist for the fact a woman was beaten. He man be an asshole, but he had rules that he always followed. “She fucken what Dwight?” Negan grabbed his shoulders and made Dwight look at him.

“She’s pregnant.” Dwight said and Negan’s eyes widen. “Maybe six or so months, hard to say. I want to ask your permission to take her to Hilltop. They have the doctor there and she’ll be safe”

“Let me fucken talk to her.” Negan said, walking around Dwight but Dwight walked around, cutting him off. “What fucken now?”

“Just…Be gentle with her boss.” Dwight said, stepping aside.

“Don’t fucken worried fucker, I may be a fucken asshole, but I’m a fucken respectable asshole” Negan said, walking over to the driver side. “Most of the fucken time as least.”

Negan open up the driver side and he saw a young girl, huddle against the passenger door. She had cuts on her arms and face, along with bruising, some old and some fresh.

“Please…don’t hurt me..” She said, holding her stomach as she shred a few tears. “Please.”

“Don’t fucken worry doll, I’m not fucken going to hurt you. I’m Negan, what’s your name?” Negan said, giving her a small smile.

“(Y/N) She said, wiping her tears away.

“Nice to fucken meet you (Y/N).” Negan said, nodding his head. “Where’s your fucken baby daddy at? What’s his name?”

“I..don’t know.” She said, looking down. “He never..told me.. his name. None of them did.”

“I’m sorry Doll.” Negan said, letting out a sigh. “Look, me and fucken Dwight, along a few of things fuckers are going to take you to fucken Hilltop. They have a fucken doctor there that can fucken check you and your munchkin out. Sound fucken good?”

“Yes.” She said, turning to him and giving him a smile. Negan’s heart skipped a beat. “Thank you Negan.”

“Yeah.” Negan said, looking away as he cough. “I’ll get the fucken others just fucken sit here doll.” Negan close the door and walked off, with his hand on his chest “What the fuck was that?”

“You okay boss?” Dwight asked him with a confuse look on his face.

“What?” Negan said, looking at him. “A course I’m fucken fine. Get the fucken others and lets fucken go to Hilltop.”

Chapter 2

“Let me help you.” Dwight said, offering his hand to help (y/n) out of the car.

Thank you Dwight.” She said, as she took his hand and got out of the car.

“I fucken got it from fucken here Dwight.” Negan said, stepping in between Dwight and (y/n). He took her hand and led her inside. “I’ll fucken go in with you and fucken stay. If you want doll.”

“Yes please.” She said, looking around as everyone started walking off in a hurry as they walked inside the small compound. She looked up at Negan. “Why are they so scared of you?”

“Nothing to fucken worry about doll.” Negan said, looking down at her, smile. “Just fucken know, you’ll never have a fucken reason to be scared of me. Alright doll?”

“Okay.” She said in a small voice, as she turned and saw a man with a bread, leaning against the building they were walking up to. “Who’s he?”

That’s fucken Jesus.” Negan said, as they walked up to him. “What up fucker? Doctor in?”

“Negan.” Jesus said, looking at him and then to her. “Are you okay miss?”

“I’m fine. Thank you.” She said, huddling behind Negan.

Its fucken okay doll. He’s fucken won’t do anything.” Negan said, looking down at her and back to Jesus. “He fucken knows better to fucken try anything with me. Isn’t that fucken right?”

“A course.” Jesus said looking at Negan and back to her. “I’m sorry if I scared you. I was just wondering. I’ll walk with you guys and show you were he’s at.”

Chapter 3

They followed Jesus inside the building and over to the were the doctor had his office at. She laid down on the table as the doctor started cleaning up her wounds. The whole time, Negan kept her hand in his and his other hold his trustily Lucille.

Then came the part of the ultra sound. (Y/N) was nervous about the whole thing. Though she loved her baby, she was worried how she would react once the baby was born. Could she love the baby still? What if the baby looked like one of the men that had force themselves on her? Could she bare it? Would the baby survive this world?

“Its fucken alright doll.” Negan said, looking down at her smiling.

She looked up at him and nodded.

“Alright” The doctor said and they turned to look at the screen. “There is your baby, health and getting big. It looks like its going to be a boy”

Fuck, would you fucken look at that.” Negan said, smiling and pointing at the screen

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“That’s your munchkin doll. He’s going to be a huge fucker. Hell, he might kick my fucken ass one fucken day.”

“You think so?” She said, looking up at him and smiling.

“Fuck yeah I do.” Negan said, smiling down at her. “With my fucken help, he’s going to be the biggest and fucken badass fucker in this world.”

“Thank you Negan.” She said, wiping away a tear.

No fucken problem doll.” Negan said, winking at her and turning to the doctor. “Lets fucken wrap up this chick flick doc. I got to take doll face here fucken home so she can rest.”

“I thought I was staying here.” She said, titling her head to the side.

“Nah doll, you and the munchkin are fucking staying with me. That way I can fucken keep on eye on you two. I’ll get a fucken room set up for you down from mine. Sound fucken good doll face?” Negan said, with a big smile.

“Yeah.” She said, smiling and nodding. “Sounds good.”

New Beginnings Part 2

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Get to know me: Top Ten Female Characters that I’m in Love With: (6/10)
Mary Shannon, In Plain Sight

“I have no beef with humanity. It’s people I can’t stand.”

11 facts I share with BTS

So… I’ve been tagged by @mimibtsghost to share with everyone 11 facts BTS and I have in common. Not gona lie… it was easy to find HA HA HA! the hard part was to choose only 11…

Let’s begin, shall we?

1- Like Yoongi, I don’t judge, I don’t care where you come from, as long as you’re a good person. And like him, if I like you, I could do anything for you (but discreetly, because I don’t want you to think my swaeg is gone).

2- Like Yoongi (Yes, again! It’s not my fault he’s my soulmate/twin! HAHA) I don’t do aegyo or act cute, unless I’m forced under very specific circumstances… (Like save my life. Maybe…)

3- Like Jimin I’m super shy for compliments. Whenever someone tells me one, I blush, smile like a fool and try to re-axe the conversation about someone or something else. (I like them, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t know how to react ^^)

4- Like Jin I love food, taste different things, cook, discover new dishes from foreign cultures (on that fact most parts of my body are not really happy with me HA HA HA *insert Jin’s laugh*)

5- Like Taetae I have a tendency to say weird things out of the blue and nobody would understand me. I think I’m cabled differently than ‘normal’ people. But what is really normal these days, huh?

6- Like Jin I make puns and bad jokes. You don’t believe me, huh? Well, you ask for it then… What kind of mess is the most expensive one? … hers. Because Her-mess is really expensive. (Her-mess / Hermès, get it? HA HA HA … nope? Yeah, sorry for that…)

7- Like Yoongi (YES, a g a i n ! Fight me!) I’m really passionate about my art/work. I can work on something for hours and still think it’s not good. I will never share something I made until I think I can’t do better than that.

8- Like BTS I can be really messy, like end-of-the-world-messy. Remember their dorm in American Hustle Life? Well, same with my whole apartment. But, also like them, I’m very organised in my work… (I know, it made no sense to me either…)

9- Like BTS I’m a teasing person. I just loooooove to tease and diss my friends, it’s like a hobby (and not a Hobi… Told you I made bad jokes! Believe me now??) HA HA HA Those who know me well, know that it’s all for fun and that I never mean to hurt them though (thankfully I have open minded friends haha).

10- Like Hobi, I’m a very smily person. I can smile for no reason, I can smile alone surrounded by strangers on the bus, I smile when I see random things on the streets, I smile when I meet people… (I sound so weird now that I state all those facts together HA HA HA) In fact, the only time i don’t smile is when I’m sad or mad (duh!) But these days, it doesn’t happen a lot anymore ^_^

11- Finally, like Yoongi (oh c'mon, stop beeing surprised…) I love my sleep. It’s the most precious time of the day for me. If you intend to wake me up before I decided so, beware, you might get injured… I’m dead serious. I’ve punched people in the past. I’m not even sorry, they knew the deal.

Thanks for the tag @mimibtsghost, I had fun writing all of it down haha!

I don’t really know who to tag next, so I’m gona name blog I like ^_^

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Week 2 Multi View Orthogonal Projection

Part 1 The Trophy

This exercise is hard to begin with. To apply 3D object on to 2D drawing with accurate dimension is a little bit disassociated for me. It is difficult to imagine the front, top, and side view of the object with accurate lines and shape. I did two time of this drawing because the first attempt was wrong (by joining the side lines at the bottom to the side of the triangular prism in the front view drawing), however, after tutor explained I have accurately draw the all the projections out. I enjoyed the exercise since it let me practice how to communicate a 3D drawing on to 2D formate the annoying part is my lack of attention to details. If I have time I would like to produce a more precise lines and clearer labelling of the measurements. The key things I learnt from this exercise are the auxiliary projection of the object as well as knowing only few measurements on a shape to project other measurements without actually measuring the object. The auxiliary view was clearly explained by Rob and Will. It is important to go through text book for references, if it is still unclear it is better to ask tutor for help.

Part 2 The Stapler

This exercise involves self measurement. I realise I made a detail measurement at the beginning, but some of the parts I measure wasn’t even useful because I can project it from another view of the object. The hardest part in the stapler to draw is the curve appears at the top of it. After going through the text book and search on the internet, I finally made use of the flexible curve ruler. Posts from other students further confident my way of drawing this curve. If I have time again I would also like to include another bottom view of the stapler which also include on other student’s post.

“We’ll have to do more of that later.”

A/N: This is one of the first ones I wrote so I apologize if it’s not as good as my others. I had a hard time with the beginning, the ending is the best part in my opinion. I’m posting this while I work on the request I got, it’s kind of a hard one to write so it’ll take me a little longer. Enjoy this in the meantime! Leave some more requests too :) 

“(Y/N)!” Thomas shouts excitedly while jogging over to you. “I have to tell you something.”

You smile at your best friend as he approaches, “Can it wait? I’m trying to set up this shucking wood for the bonfire tonight.” You nod towards your pathetic arrangement of logs.

“I’ll help you then, trust me you’re gonna want to hear this.” He’s grinning and his brown eyes are sparkling with excitement.

The two of you set to work, attempting to arrange the wood so it would make a successful fire.

“Okay, what is it?”

“So I was going to Fry’s kitchen to grab a snack, but when I’m right outside I hear Newt and Minho in there, talking. I’m about to go in and join them when I hear your name mentioned, so I pause outside the door to listen.”

By this time your heart is racing because you think you know where his story is going, but you don’t want to get your hopes up.

“Minho asked him a question that I couldn’t catch, but it ended with the word ‘her’ and Newt paused for a second and then said ‘Yeah, a lot. I like her a lot.’”

“Oh my god,” you say in disbelief, “Oh my god.”

“(Y/N), the guy you’ve had a crush on since basically day one just admitted that he likes you!”

“Thomas are you sure? Maybe he was being sarcastic or–”

He smiles and rolls his eyes, grabbing you by the shoulders, “I’m positive. Trust me, I know Newt, he’s one of my best friends too, he said it in that real serious voice he has when he’s in full on leader mode.”

You chuckle softly, “Yeah I know the voice,” You shake your head, still not quite grasping this news. “I don’t understand, we’ve been friends for so long now, why hasn’t he said anything?”

He shrugged, breaking a log that wasn’t quite the right size, “Maybe there just hasn’t been a right time,” The two of you go back to your work in silence as you ponder what you’ve just been told. “Well, (Y/N), I can tell you right now the reason you couldn’t set this pit up right is because you didn’t grab enough wood.” He smirks.

You sigh, “Of course. I’ll go grab some, can you go get the matches? They’re probably in the Homestead somewhere.”

”Yeah sure,” He nods.

You turn around and walk the few feet into the forest, shuddering at how creepy it was at dusk. You grab branch after branch, picking up only the biggest and the driest ones. After you’re holding five huge logs in your arms you figure your limit had been reached – so you start back to the pit. Your heart jumps in your chest as you hear a sharp ‘crack’ like someone trying to be quiet had stepped on a twig. You whip around and scan the premise, but you find nothing. You try to convince yourself it was just a rabbit.  

You start again towards the fire pit before you hear yet more cracking and crunching, and there was now no doubt in your mind that it was someone’s footsteps. You turn around again, but this time you spot him.

“Ben,” You say, relief washing over you, but it only lasted for a fraction of a second, “Ben are you okay?!”

His skin was snow white with bluish veins protruding everywhere. His eyes were bulging out of his head and they were filled with a madness that would haunt you forever.

“I’ve always known you were trouble,” He rasps, spit flying out of his mouth.

“Ben, what are you talking about?” You demand, trying not to show just how terrified you were.

“This place is falling apart because of you!” He shouts, his bloodshot eyes bulging even further. Spittle dripped down his chin the more worked up he got.

Before you can even open your mouth to respond, he makes an animal like growl and charges at you. You shriek and drop everything you were holding, taking off towards the Glade.

“Help!” you scream, “Help! Someone please!”

Ben had longer legs and was much faster, he was gaining on you within seconds. Your heart sinks as you realize you had just sent Thomas all the way across the glade, there was no way he would hear you. You could feel his hot frantic breath on the back of your neck as he got even closer.  

“Someone please help!” Your shrieks turning more hysterical.

Your foot catches on a root and sends you sprawling to the floor, that’s when you know you’re done for. Suddenly Ben is on top of you and as much as you squirm and kick to get away, he overpowers you within seconds. His legs pin you to the ground, and both of his hands wrap around your neck, squeezing hard. Your hands reach out to try to grasp something, anything, that could save you, but all you can feel is dirt and dead leaves.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see someone leap onto Ben and suddenly he’s ripped off of you. You gasp as air is finally able to enter your lungs. As you stand and your eyes focus on the scene, you can make out Newt and Ben wresting on the floor in an intense struggle. More Gladers come running to the scene for assistance. You watch in horror as one of them takes a shovel and hits been Ben on the back of the head. There’s a sickening crunch and blood starts pouring out of the wound, but Ben still fights on. Ben had just received the upper hand on Newt, but the shovel came down once more, crushing his skull, and he drops to the floor, lifeless. You feel your dinner rise in your throat.

Thomas crashes through the trees a second later, Clint and Jeff on his heels. Newt stands, breathless, but unscathed from his struggle. You want to go over and thank him, but your dinner decides to make an appearance instead.

You lean against a tree as you gag and sputter, the horrible images of what just occurred flashing behind your eyelids. Suddenly, you feel a warm hand on your back and someone is pulling your hair back out of your face. You take in a shaky breath as the vomiting stops and you are half embarrassed and half relieved when you turn around to see Newt.

His concerned eyes study you closely, “Are you okay?”

A single sob escapes your body, but you do your best to hold the rest in. He envelopes you in a hug so tight it feels as if he is trying to squeeze all of your fear away, and it does work to some degree, there was just something about Newt’s presence that made you feel one hundred times safer. He holds you and soothes you patiently until you manage to stop shaking and slow your heart rate.

“It’s alright, it’s over love, I promise.” He murmurs.

“He’s dead, Newt. Dead.” You whisper, “He was stung.”

His face turns grave, “I know. We were about to give him the bloody serum too, but he went wild and escaped. We couldn’t find him anywhere.”

You shake your head, “Unbelievable.”

You finally break away from Newt’s embrace, but stick close to his side as everyone heads back to the Glade. Clint and Jeff had declared Ben dead and the Baggers were taking care of his body.

By this time, the sun was beginning to set and Gally and the others who were still at the main camp had already finished the bonfire that you and Thomas had started.  

“Is that Ben?” Gally asked as we approached, “Is he dead?!” He exclaimed.

Newt explained everything that had happened and Gally’s face turned into a mask of pain, a contrast from his usual angry look. You feel horrible, he and Ben had been quite close. Ben’s body was set aside to be properly buried in the morning, it couldn’t be done in the dark of night.  

The bonfire, which was usually a fun, festive party-like atmosphere, turned into everyone sitting in a circle around the fire, a respectful silence to honor Ben’s memory. You sit next to Newt, your body leaning into his with your head resting on his chest and his arm around your shoulders, pulling you into him. His thumb absently traced patterns on your arm, leaving pleasant chills wherever he touched. Your exhaustion from the horrific events of the day, plus the heat from the fire, and the security and comfort of Newt made your eyelids droop closed and you were only half-conscious as you sat with him.

“I think it’s time we get you to bed.” Newt laughs softly as he notices you’re practically asleep on him.

He stands and then holds his hand out to help you up. You blink to try and wake yourself up and accept his help as he pulls you into a standing position, but you were so sleepy you just sort of stumble into his arms.

“Alright, I’ve got you,” He chuckles, scooping you up to carry you off. “Goodnight everyone.” He calls as you set off towards your hammock.

Your head rests against his chest as he walks, your eyes still closed in a daze of sleep, and you were comforted by the steady beat of his heart and his breaths.

When you reach your hammock, you feel him gently lay you down and press a kiss to your forehead.

“Goodnight,” He whispers, turning around to walk away, probably assuming that you’re dead asleep.

“Are you leaving?” you whimper, eyes still closed as you’re not fully awake.

“Not if you want me to stay.”

You nod, finding it difficult to form words through your sleep.

You could hear the smile in his voice, “Of course I will.”

You scoot over in your hammock to make room for him, and feel him carefully climb in so as not to tip both of you over. You rest your forehead against his and will your eyes to open, his chocolate brown eyes were already locked on your face, his eyes gazing lovingly. Your eyes close once more and you connect your lips in a soft sweet kiss that makes your insides feel as if they were on fire in the most amazing way. It wasn’t a long or lustful kiss, but it was sweet and innocent and perfect and it made you crave more of him.

“We’ll have to do more of that later,” you mumble into his chest, and you hear the soft rumble of his laughter as you drift off, asleep within seconds.

For me and my baby, life began the moment I knew I was pregnant, and it ended as I watched the dark screen stay still. For another woman life may begin at conception, for another not until the baby is wet and wiggling in her arms. Each woman has a backstory, the things that came before the pregnancy, the things that will inform her feelings and her choices. My backstory — the fact that I was nearly done with my education, that I knew my family would support any decision I made, that I had made this baby with the man I loved and with whom I planned to make all my children — informed my feelings about my loss. A different backstory or a different time in my life might have made me feel differently.

I trust women to know themselves, to know their lives, and to make good choices for themselves. I know now too that making a family is hard, that the beginning of life is ambiguous, part science, part spirit. With something so fragile, so hard, we should do all we can to support women in their journey, to celebrate when they celebrate, to mourn when they mourn. I will always mourn the loss of my unborn baby, and I will always fight to keep women’s right to choose, and access to abortion, alive.

“It was a bit hard for me at the beginning coming up and being a part of a different place, a different scene. It wasn’t just a neutral zone, it was THEIR zone.” ~ (The Hidden) Eddie Vedder

“He was really coming from a different place that I didn’t fully understand. And I felt like he’s good and once I met him and saw how personable he was, and excited, and not fucked up…we sent him music and literally like 2 weeks later we had music back and it wasn’t Mother Love Bone. That was big.” ~ Stone Gossard

Writer Appreciation Week

Hello lovely followers! This is writer’s appreciation week so Christine and I decided to list some of our favorite stories and writers for you guys to read and to thank the writers for their time and effort to produce wonderful fan fiction. Thank you guys for your hard work!

Fav stories: lonestorm  - Somewhere to Begin (Nalu)-  The first part is probably my favorite NALU oneshot. All the angst and sadness and I just love Natsu so much. I could feel his pain and loneliness in my heart like it was my own which is an amazing talent for an author to have. -Shelbi

storyquipster -Taken by the Wind (Gruvia)- A wonderfully beautiful Gruvia story set in the Avatar universe. My favorite Gruvia story. Very heartbreaking but it’s perfect in everyway. Seriously do yourself a favor and read it. -Shelbi

msleadWhat’s A Witch (Nalu)- An amazing story with a creative plot and wonderful writing. It has everything, fluff, angst, as well as some Gruvia and Gajevy. Definitely a must read. -Shelbi

kanarenee - Seas of Change (Gruvia)-  A really creative Pirate AU for Gruvia! The characters are written so well and it’s so fun to see them in this type of universe. The author’s ability to build this universe astounds me! - Christine

 lonestormKeys of Fire (Nalu)- Cause obviously, has anyone not read it? A Ninja!Fairy Tail with tons of cute Nalu fluff? Yes, please. -Shelbi

proudtobeaginger -Silence (Nalu)- A super cute multichapter Nalu story where Lucy is mute but that doesn’t stop them from forming a deep bond. SO MUCH CUTENESS.-Shelbi

Miss Mungoe - Hard Liquor (Gajevy) - 1920s AU. My favorite Gajevy Fanfiction ever. It has amazingly written development and plot and I love it so much. If you’re a Gajevy fan, you have to read this! - Christine

squisherific - Space (Gruvia) - An adorable one-shot of Gruvia. One of my absolute favorite. Juvia decides to give Gray some “space” after an argument. His reaction is priceless. It’s just SO CUTE. - Christine

sad-axolotl - A Glitch (Gruvia)- SERIOUSLY ONE OF THE CUTEST GRUVIA STORIES BUT SHE LEFT IT AT A CLIFFHANGER AND I’M SO MAD! Juvia doesn’t believe that Gray could possibly be confessing to her so cuteness ensues.-Shelbi

gildarts - Irredeemable (Gajevy) - A Beauty and the Beast Gajevy AU! Need I say more!? - Christine

gildarts - Smokin’ Hot (Gajevy) - Another Gajevy classic. Firemen AU. The chemistry between Levy and Gajeel is so amazing in this fic. - Christine

celestialcontrail -Unwavering Acceptance(Gruvia)- A wonderfully sweet short story about Juvia’s reaction to Gray’s mark.

Favorite Writers: bonneyq - writes awesomely creative gruvia stories. I wish I had her imagination and skill, she’s incredible.-Shelbi

wordsofawitheringwriter - the first Fairy Tail writer I read, introducing me to the world of Fairy Tail Fanfiction and I couldn’t have had a better first impression. Everything she writes is perfection and so wonderful, so go follow her and gorge yourself on her amazing stories!-Shelbi

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There is nothing to ask permission for, don’t ask for permission. Half of us are waiting for permission; someone to say okay, someone to say do it, someone to say that is a good idea, someone to give you the money, someone to give you the resources. That’s all working from a permission-based way. When I just decided I’m just going to work with what I’ve got and give myself the permission, then it really started…How’s anybody going to stop me from making my thing. It’s not possible that you can stop me…You just got to start, you just got to begin…Once I started, I never stopped, but the starting was the hard part–just beginning with what you have…That’s the biggest tip: is to start. It may not be the dream project, it may not be perfect. Begin. Whatever it is. If it’s the writing, if it’s the acting, if it’s the directing, producing, whatever it is that you want to do, just get started.

Ava DuVernay

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150705 Super Junior-M’s Henry Cries Over Unhappy Memories While Practicing Violin on “Always Cantare”

Super Junior-M‘s Henry attempts to tackle a difficult piece on the violin in July 4′s episode of the tvN variety show “Always Cantare.” He works with a teacher to help him with a particularly hard part, but when he struggles with it he begins to look upset. He eventually stops playing and it’s clear that he’s started to cry.

“To be honest, when I was young I had an upsetting experience,” he explains in an interview. He says that when he was a kid, he spent a few months living at his violin teacher’s home. His teacher would sit next to him while he was playing and criticize him. “I know they were doing it all for me,” he says, “but when I was practicing earlier I suddenly thought about that time.”

His teacher sympathizes with him, telling him that she too had a scary teacher when she was a kid that used to make her really nervous. He eventually gets a handle on the difficult part, and takes a big sigh of relief and exhaustion.

In his interview, he talks a bit about his reputation as a musical genius. “Lately, some people around me call me a genius,” he says. “But I’m definitely not. When I was young, I practiced really, really hard. I don’t really think there’s such thing as a genius.”

Lastly, he adds with a smile, “And I’m still not that great, anyway.”

You can see Henry practicing with celebrity and non-celebrity musicians as an orchestra under maestro Geum Nan Sae every Saturday on “Always Cantare.”