let me ask you something,

do you think you would float around in a dream too?

do you think i’m nervous because this is my first love?

I think you are the answer to all of my questions.

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Samples from my sequence on “The Killing Joke”. This moment is such a horrible, but integral part of the story. So graphic and violent in nature. Yet, had to be adapted from comic panels into a moving picture, with room for creative compromise. Which is why it meant so much that director @_samliu_ trusted me with this iconic but brief scene. This was quite taxing to board and not in a fun way. A rough subject to be immersed in for 6 weeks at a time LOL. Well, I hope I did it justice. Not just for work benefit, but for the fans as well! More to come later! #thekillingjoke #joker #wbanimation #storyboardpro

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How do you have such good graphics?? Mine when on highest the game gets very slow!!! Do you have monitor or a portable computer ??

I don’t know lol I don’t even play on ultra xD I don’t use a laptop/portable computer and I don’t play on laptop mode so I guess that helps. 

I have most things set to medium but sim detail and edge smoothing (maybe objects too) are set to the highest. Those are most important because your sims will look sharp and the edges won’t be pixelated. 


Romantic!” He sparks a joint to illuminate a stubbled boomerang jaw, plus a brown suede shearling jacket that swells him to the rough scope of a weedsidaisical Saint Bernard. He doesn’t seem too anxious, moving with the loose-hipped swagger of someone used to walking in fake wind. He looks, as he would say, sick.

So, this is my first follow forever lol at my graphic hahaha and I am too lazy to tag you all These are the guys I love even though some of them don’t even follow me back, but I don’t care. I also follow some because of their perfect blogs and edits. To the people I talk on here are so nice to me. I made this follow forever to appreciate y'all. I met new, awesome people and I want to thank you. You all mean so much to me. I love every single one of you flawless people sakdasdld

If I forgot you (and I hope I forgot no one), just tell me and I’ll add you

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Eren Jaeger Smiling masterpost

(includes smiles, laughs, and strange grimaces resembling smiles)

So a while ago I saw someone suggesting that Eren never smiles in the manga…and now I had the strong urge to prove ‘em wrong haha. A total of 72 smiling Erens (12 smiles alone from ch72…a real goldmine!). Also only 6 in the clash arc, and 2 in the uprising arc…not much happiness for Eren in season 2.


filming “Dunkirk” | july 28th

I think no one can be that charismatic on stage and not transfer it to film acting. Chris [Nolan] would not cast someone unless he knew that they could do it. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he can do in the movie. He’s a great kid, and we’ve had a lot of fun together.” (x)

We love it when awesomely huge things are put into relatable perspective, but every once in a while the results are also very unexpected. 

Case in point: We all know Godzilla is incredibly tall, but the original Godzilla from the 1954 film was only 50 meters (164 feet) tall. Japanese Twitter user Shinobu Yoshino recently created this graphic which places a scale version of the first Godzilla in modern-day Tokyo. Today the city’s numerous buildings are so tall themselves that Godzilla looks positively puny in comparison.

Shhh, no one tell Godzilla he’s short. We don’t want to hurt his feelings.

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supernatural hiatus creations ~ week twelve

“I could go with you” (Dean x Castiel) 

When school comes around, I have this mentality that I don’t have time to be healthy, and I completely ditch the good eating habits I’ve been developing over the summer. This year I want to change that, so I made this masterpost to look back to when I start thinking “healthy is too hard”.

p.s. this is my first time making a graphic or using photoshop at all so it’s not that great. lol i tried.

p.p.s. I find that when I don’t eat any animal products, I have so much more energy and I feel so much lighter so none of these recipes contain any.


Drinking water is super important!!!

Multiply your weight(in lbs) by 2/3 and that should be around how many ounces you should drink per day. For every 30 minutes that you are active, you add 12 oz to the daily intake. For example, if I weigh 110 lbs and I worked out for 45 minutes today, then I should be drinking 92 ounces.

Tips to drink more water:

  • Drink one-two cups of water before every meal, especially breakfast.
  • Treat yourself to a nice bottle!! This is weird, but for some reason it worked for me. I got a s’well as a present and I started drinking so much more because I would take it with me everywhere. Really any bottle will do, but it’s nice to have one that keeps your drink cold and doesn’t leak in your bag. Here are some that I like:
  • You can always spruce up your water by adding sliced lemon, other fruits, and maybe even spices.
    • My favorite combination is cucumber, lime, mint, and strawberries.
  • Use an app as a motivation. There’s this great app called plant nanny that tells you how much water to drink and if you don’t log enough each day, your plant starts to die. It’s really cool.

During the school year I usually have 15 minutes max for breakfast so I used to usually end up just eating an apple, but that definitely did not keep me full until lunchtime. These recipes definitely do:

  • Banana nice cream. OoOOO u have to try this. I genuinely like this better than ice cream and it’s SOOO easy. Basically all you do is slice then freeze a couple of bananas the night before and the next morning all you have to do is pop them in the food processor and it’s ice cream!! If your food processor sucks at blending like mine, just add a splash of almond milk or any milk to make it faster. The best part about this is it’s completely customizable I love adding ripe mangoes to the food processor and putting cherries and chia seeds on top and it’s HEAVEN.

  • Avocado toast. love this and it’s super easy. Toast some toast then add avocado on top with whatever spice you like and other veggies if you want. I like putting cherry tomatoes, and cracked red and black pepper.

  • Muffins. Occasionally I would make a batch on Sunday so I can eat them for a couple of days afterwards for bf, I just put them in the toaster oven. A good recipe.

  • Smoothies. Super ez and gr8. My go-to formula is a liquid (ex: almond milk, coconut milk, oj, etc), a frozen fruit, a normal fruit, a green (I like spinach), and some chia seeds on top (after blending).
  • Apples with pb and granola. 

  • Breakfast bars. Nowadays, most protein or health are more like candy bars so I like to make my own, and it makes the morning soooo much easier.  A very yummy recipe.


 Some recipes recipes that you can take to school.

  • A salad. You might be thinking that making a salad before school is definitely not quick but THIS THING MAKES IT OMG IT’S AMAZING. I bought mine out of the states and it was cheaper but basically all you do is wash some veggies, cut the bigger ones in half and pop them all into this slicer and you just spin a couple of times and you have a salad! 5 minutes tops. I like putting sesame seeds on my salads.
  • Leftovers. If you eat something for dinner the night before that you know will be good the day after, heat it up in the morning and bring it to school!
  • Wraps. Get a tortilla and put whatever you want inside, supah easy.

You can always add some fruits on the side, some popcorn, or those yummy bars you made before *wink wink*

Study Snacks

Gotta feed the brain!!!!!

  • Apples, bananas, or celery w pb
  • Carrots and celery(or pita chips maybe) w hummus. (If you want to get really fancy, you can make your own. here’s how.)
  • Fruit salad. this doesn’t have to be super crazy or anything, my favorite combo is blackberries and bananas.
  • Tea. I love tea.
  • Nuts. Almonds go really well w blueberries
  • Popcorn. Since I was really little I’ve always liked my popcorn either completely plain or w cayenne pepper and peanuts (idk y but it’s good).


There are so many options for dinner, these are my all time favorite recipes.

  • Zoodles. sounds weird, but so delicious

  • Buddha bowl. Basically you take a grain, some veggies, some beans, and you put it all in a bowl. Real easy and real good.

Well that’s it, hope you enjoyed and I hope it helps.

[exit tunes presents actors: duets 1/?] blackjack – ichijoudani rei and kiyosu takato (cv. midorikawa hikaru and toriumi kosuke)

“we’ve been seeing each other a long time now. i know his hacks.”

                          ANATOMY OF A CHARACTER.         |           jessica rabbit     ! ! 

i dont understand reposters like why take the time to save and repost something AND THEN say “this isnt mine” like?? wouldnt it be easier to reblog the original post? and reverse image search is a thing u know so dont try to excuse yourself by saying “i dont know who made this” or “credit to whoever the owner is” because its literally. so easy to check. im tired

this goes for anyone reblogging art/graphics/etc too. if youre not 100% sure that what youre seeing is posted by the owner themselves or that the reposter has permission (this is usually only for art and photography but u kno), please check and make sure so reposters wont get credit for the work that other people have put so much time and effort into creating


To my ever wonderful dad, ( I know I posted a gifset already located in here for your birthday but whatever lol )  Leafy… erm Cyber-Hitler, Faze_ChickenNugget, Lizard Cunt, The Cyberbully, Illuminati Puppet, George W. Bush, and/or Reptilian King. This is like the second graphics I made for your birthday hahaha I just love making graphics for you. Sorry. 

But anyway, Happy 21st birthday dad. I love you and take care of yourself, because honestly we’re sick worried of you, so please don’t push yourself too hard. You might see this or not, but thank you for all the help that you give to me ( well you saved my life for so many times now ) so thank you, thank you a lot. I know it would be impossible for me to talk to you or well meet you in person, but from the bottom of my heart. Thank you so so much. ( @leafyyishere )

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rucas 140? I feel like that would be really cute and funny lol thanks!!! :)

I got this prompt request twice, so I hope I did it justice! 

Lying on the couch together in Lucas’ apartment, the couple sat snuggled next to each other while watching a new episode of Criminal Minds. Riley wasn’t necessarily watching as she was more focused in hiding her face in her boyfriend’s shirt; that show could be graphic. He chuckles when she winces in fright and kisses the top of her head.

“It’s just a show Riles, no harm no foul.”

“That sounds more like something about baseball rather than this scary show,” she huffs, pulling the sleeves of her shirt down further and tucking her hands in them. Lucas looks down at her and arches an eyebrow.

“I can get you a blanket,” he smiles.

“No, it’s okay. I’ve got you to keep me warm!” she exclaims and he just grins at her, focusing his attention back on the show. Riley continues to watch with one eye peaked and Lucas takes notice of that. He shouldn’t do what he’s about to do but he does it anyway because hey, what’s life without risks. With the assumption that something was going to jump out any moment, he shifted slightly, Riley following with the motion and then grabbed her waist when the music intensified and a dead body fell from a closet.

Riley let out a scream and kicked the smoothies that were sitting on the table in front of them, spilling them all over the floor and herself in the process. “Lucas!” she yells, standing up and he can’t help but laugh.

“I’m so… sorry… I didn’t think you would freak out… like that,” he says, trying to regain his composure. Riley just pouts and stomps her foot when Lucas gets up. “Awe come on.. it was funny,” he smirks, holding her face in his hands. He brushes the little bit of strawberry smoothie off her cheek and eats it. “How about I clean this up and you can go take a shower. You know where my clothes are,” he smiles, kissing her cheek. “What a waste of a smoothie,” he chuckles and she playfully smacks his arm.

He watches her walk away with a smug smile on his face and then goes to pick up the mess she made. She walks down the hall and to the left into Lucas’ room and moves around his bed to get to his closet. Her fingers run along the fabric of his shirts and she can’t help the huge grin on her face when she realizes he really does wear so much blue. She decided on an old Knick’s t-shirt and a pair of sweats that don’t look like she’ll drown in them. Then she goes to his bathroom and starts running the shower.

“Hey Riles,” she hears faintly from the other room. She stops reaching for the hem of her shirt to go to the door. “There’s my girl,” he smiles and she smiles back at him. “I got it all cleaned up, but I’m gonna be in the basement if you need me, I need to look for Zay’s Game Cube.”

“His… game cube?”

“Yes, yes, I stole it back during a prank war him, Maya, and I were having and he wants it back.” Riley just giggles and nods. “When’s your dad coming to pick you up? Is your car still in the shop?”

“Well if my dad is coming to pick me up then wouldn’t you think my car is still in the shop?” she smirks and he rolls his eyes.

“Okay, okay sassy pants,” he says and walks towards the bathroom door. “So that’s where I’ll be if you know… a spider crawls up the drain.. someone breaks in… you slip and fall.. that’s where’ I’ll be.”

“My hero,” she swoons. And then he leans in for a kiss. She pushes his face away. “Go, go I have to shower.”

“But my wips,” he puckers, and she just laughs and gives him a kiss. “Love you.”

“Love you too.”

After Riley’s shower, she changes into his clothes and then goes down to the living room, checking her phone to see if her dad had texted her. He did. Be there in twenty. And she didn’t respond, but kept her phone unlocked to scroll anyway.

“Oh, I like it when you wear my clothes,” she hears behind her and she turns over her shoulder and laughs.

“Oh thanks.”

“You’re wearing my Knick shirt, of course,” he chuckles and she chucks a throw pillow at him. “Hey now!” he exclaims. “We don’t need another mess.” He picks up the pillow and sets it on the couch. He then sits down and pulls her down into his lap, kissing the side of her head. “ETA on dad time?”

“Twenty minutes,” she shrugs, grabbing the remote and turning on the TV to something other than Criminal Minds. She decides on reruns of Victorious which Lucas isn’t opposed to, he’s not even watching it really. “Stop,” she giggles, as he presses his lips to her neck and collarbone. “That tickles.” He moves his hands underneath her shirt and his hands are cold and her skin is warm, she shivers at the contact.

She turns into him and connects their lips just as she hears a knock on the door and Lucas gently moves her off his lap. Lucas gives her an apologetic look as he jogs to the door and opens it, a smug look on his face.


“Cory,” he laughs.

“Is my daughter here?”

“Of course! Where else would she be?” he asks, opening the door further for him. As soon as Cory caught a glimpse of his daughter in her boyfriend’s clothes he, being Cory, automatically assumed the worst. His jaw opened and shut a few times, trying to form words but all he was doing was sputtering.

“Why is she wearing your clothes?!” he finally spews and Riley hangs her head, muttering to herself before getting off the couch.

“Daddy it’s not what it looks like.”

“Oh I sure hope not! Because it looks like -“

“Daddy!” she interrupts him. “We did do anything,” she hisses, putting a hand on his chest to push him out the door. “Let’s just go.”

“Not until I get some answers young lady,” he says, standing his ground and putting his hands on his hips.

“Sir I can - “

“Ah ah,” he tisks. “Quiet Mr. 36,” he finishes, keeping his focus on Riley. Riley pulls her messy clothes from her bag and gestures with them.

“I’m a klutz and spilled a smoothie all over my clothes. So he let me take a shower and borrow a set of clothes,” she says, putting her clothes back in her bag.

Cory’s face falls. “Oh.”

“Yes, oh, daddy,” she laughs. “Nothing happened.”

“No hanky panky?”

Riley flushes a dark shade of red, “No. Dad.

“Everybody woop-dee-woo?”

“Everybody woop-dee-woo,” Lucas replies with a chuckle. “You can just give me the clothes back at school, Riles,” he smiles, stepping forward to kiss her cheek.

“Okay,” she smiles widely and then looks back at her father and grabs his wrist, pulling him out of his apartment as Lucas laughs. “Hanky pinky dad!?” Lucas hears from the hallway. “Seriously you are so embarrassing.”

“But I wouldn’t be your father if I wasn’t.”