Fake AH Crew Panel

So myself and actual-zevran-arainai have had the idea for a Fake AH Crew Panel for god knows how long (like at least a year), but after going to Metrocon and meeting even more AH cosplayers, we think we finally have a fanbase large enough to host a panel. If you’re an Achievement Hunter cosplayer in Florida and you want to be a part of a great panel, please let me know! 

The panel will have both scripted and improv scenes so you need to be comfortable with both of those things.
The con date is TBD after we have a cast, to ensure that we don’t have ridiculously small time restraints and that all cast and crew can attend the convention. However, the convention scene we select from will most likely be in the Tampa or Orlando area. It is extremely unlikely that it will be at a con in south Florida. 

To audition, it is required that you send us your skype name, a picture of your finished (or nearly-finished) cosplay, and any acting experience you may have. This ensures that your skype audition doesn’t have to be in costume (because honestly, doing that is a hassle). 
During your Skype audition you will be required to answer a couple questions, read some scripted lines, and respond to some situations in character. 

You can submit auditions to my blog, or (preferably) my email, Any questions can also be sent here or at my email. Make sure any emails (questions or auditions) are titled Fake AH Crew Auditions.

The characters we are looking for are: Gavin, Ray, Geoff, Jack, Ryan. We are not looking specifically for a Michael or Lindsay, but feel free to submit an audition. Just know that the chances of a Michael or Lindsay getting the part are quite low. We will also accept cosplayers of people who have been featured in heists or occasionally appear in GTA Let’s Plays (I.E., Kerry).

Auditions will be open for an indeterminate amount of time. Thank you all! 

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I saw your post about the season 6 finale and I agree 100%! Part of me will always want a reunion scene but it really was a great ending and it makes me sad that a lot of people seem to dislike it. I also want to say thank you for posting something White Collar everyday because I literally just finished the season a few weeks ago (because I don't have cable and it was only recently put up on Netflix) so seeing anything related to White Collar makes me happy!

That post was submitted by someone! Glad you could see your own perspective in it.
And thank you, it’s so nice to hear people are still discovering and loving the show! I’ve been absent on this blog for a long time but the queue is full of stuff at the moment, enjoy! :)


A short follow-up to The Contract comic. I kinda wanted to try and make an official-looking thing. 

Here’s the table scene from page 1 in full size, because it’s awesome. And I BET you’d like to read the stuff on the board.

And here’s the comic on DeviantArt if for some reason you’d like to see it there.


The landscape depicted in Horizons is an accumulation of organic and inorganic processes, which are linked to congruent and discordant conceptions of human presence in the natural environment. The photographs describe these forces in a compendious variation, extending from the evolutionary scale of ecology to the orderly logic of economic theory. The uniform frontality of each sequential view reflects an analytical perspective that is quintessentially modern, and yet finally incapable of synthesising so vast a terrain. The sharp limits of each frame, and the extensiveness of each scene are in this way emblematic of a tension between stasis and continuity – a tension centred upon the rhythmic stability of the horizon.

This contrast of extremes – which is better read as a dialectic of inherently dissimilar forces – characterises the strange mixture of rigour and poetry that underscores the broad sweep of this work. The most subtle, and yet persuasive effect of these tensions resolves in their affirmation that measurement is incommensurate with comprehension, and therefore human experience is irreducible to reasoning. If we are drawn into the depths of space these photographs describe, then only a corresponding movement of body and mind will brings us closer to some form of consummation.

“Working in series is one of the most important, interesting, and intrinsic aspects of the medium of photography. For me, it supports two of my primary interests: to picture the world and also to expand the range of what we can see. I try to create pictures, in the sense that multiple images can together form larger views, that broaden what we can see either through individual pictures or as individuals. Series allow for the visualization of forces that extend beyond the limits of the picture frame, and that are not considered purely visual—the workings of politics and economics, for example, and how these forces leave traces in the world around us.” — Sze Tsung Leong

— excerpted from “Horizons: a conversation with Sze Tsung Leong,” just published at

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So, I wanted to see what you thought about one specific scene in "Prince of Egypt" (Great movie btw) When Moses starts sobbing after seeing that his brother's son is dead, and the Pharaoh finally let the Hebrews go. It totally caught me off guard, but it speaks a lot about how much he didn't want any of that horrible stuff to happen. What do you think?

This movie is one of my all-time favorites. It makes me want to scream, cry, and dance around in circles because it is such a beautifully done work of art.

The scene where Moses starts crying and falls to his knees is so powerful. And it says so much about what he has suffered through for so long. This moment is the culmination of so many things, from the final release of his people… to the brokenness of his Egyptian family… to the emotional trauma of having fought for freedom for many decades.

Sympathy of a Brother

Moses and Rameses grew up as brothers - brothers who did a whole lot together. Basically, everything together, from what we can see. Moses always managed to drag Rameses into pranks and all sorts of ridiculous misadventures, and when their father called them down for it, Moses always sought to vouch for his brother’s case. When Ramses received a promotion, the first thing he did was promote Moses in turn. Even when Moses killed a man, which was punishable by Egyptian law, Ramses wanted to keep his brother close. These two were incredibly emotionally close growing up, brothers who were simultaneously best friends.

Then Moses disappeared. Biblically, he disappeared for forty stinking years. The movie does not depict him staying away that long, but you still see Zipporah’s sisters growing up, Moses’ hair growing out, and life passing considerably before he returns to Egypt.

The reunion between the brothers is at first happy. They are glad and excited to see each other, marveling at how much has changed and how they have grown over time. Ramses is flabbergasted to see Moses dressed in Midian attire, while Moses marvels that his brother has stepped up as Pharaoh. This is an important, emotional, wonderful family reunion from them at the start, and we can see that Rameses and Moses still care significantly about each other even after the long years apart.

Regrettably, the cheerful reunion ends. Moses’ adamant refrain to let his people go angers Rameses - for understandable reason - but that is the topic of another analysis. The point of the matter is, even though Rameses becomes infuriated, he still cares about his brother. And his brother, as much as it pains him to get on the Pharaoh’s bad side, would much emotionally prefer to laugh happily alongside him.

In fact, in the midst of the ninth plague, after Egypt has essentially been decimated by the horrors of Yahweh, Moses and Rameses are still able to share some tender brotherly moments together. 

It is during the ninth plague, the plague of darkness. Rameses is sitting up on a statue he has used since a young man as a refuge. He sits up there to get away from life’s troubles and reflect. Moses finds him there and remarks on how many memories he has of this place. The two of them then enter a period of nostalgia, reminiscing together of the past, and you can feel the fact that, even though they are at current odds, they still both care about one another. Even in the midst of Egypt being torn apart, even in the midst of Rameses’ heart being hardened against the Lord, they still are able to think back on when times were great between them.

In their hearts, both brothers still want that.

Now think about the moment that Moses cries at the end of the tenth plague. He is mourning the fact that Egypt has been destroyed and that his brother’s heart has been shattered in the process. He hates how much pain his brother is going through right now. In fact, when Moses see Rameses mourning the loss of his son, he tries to reach out to his brother’s shoulder. Moses’ first instinct is not to tell Rameses, “See? I told you more misery was coming. How about you just let the Hebrews go now?” Instead, his first instinct is to reach out sympathetically, mournfully, to try to comfort his grieving brother.

Rameses wrenches away. He finds Moses the cause of it and cannot stand to have the man indirectly behind this premature death touch him. He shouts at Moses to leave.

And Moses, feeling horrible about what his brother has gone through, falls down to weep.

Knowledge of the Upcoming

There is even more playing into Moses’ tears. For he knew what was coming before the tenth plague passed and killed all the firstborn children in the city. 

God told Moses how to prevent the angel of death from killing the firstborn children of the Hebrews. The blood of the lamb on the doorposts would prevent the Hebrews’ firstborn children from dying. This means Moses knew in advance that the Egyptian boys were going to die. Including his nephew. And it is very obvious he has this knowledge. During the plague of darkness, Moses makes it very clear he feared for his nephew’s life.

Moses brings this up first by telling the Pharaoh, “Rameses, your stubbornness is bringing this misery upon Egypt. It would cease if only you would let the Hebrews go.” Moses hates seeing Egypt in pain. This is his home, after all! He is watching the commoners of Egypt, the nobility, and all the people with whom he grew up suffer under traumatic plagues. Moses might be God’s spokesman, standing as the human representative during the ten plagues, but he wants these nightmares stopped just as much as Rameses. “This was my home,” he sings during “The Plagues.” “All this pain and devastation - how it tortures me inside! All the innocent who suffer from your stubbornness and pride.”

I believe Moses understands why Rameses is so angry and hardened against him. Rameses feels the pressure of being a great ruler. He also feels like Moses is betraying him by coming home years and years later… only to try to take away one of his sources of power. It really hurts Rameses inside that his brother would do that. He feels like his brother has come, turned around, and started to hate him for no reason. But even though Moses understands and sympathizes Rameses’ anger and obstinance, he just begs his brother to let go of his pride so that this misery can end.

Because Moses also knows more misery is coming. And once Rameses ignores Moses’ first subtle warning in the plague of darkness scene, Moses gets more blunt. “Something else is coming,” he warns Rameses. This is someone who desperately wants Rameses to avoid more pain! Moses pleas, “Something much worse than anything before. Please, let go of your contempt for life… before it destroys everything you hold dear. Think of your son!” 

Moses is basically handing it to Rameses. He is warning his brother that this little boy is in danger. He is telling Rameses what the next plague is going to do! And he does not want it to happen. He has seen Rameses holding onto the boy, laughing with him, comforting him. Moses would feel horrible beyond belief for taking that away from the Pharaoh. Consequently, he tries his very best to convince Rameses to back down before the plague can strike and take this boy away.

Unfortunately, Rameses does not understand the warning. He responds angrily to Moses, happy nostalgia time over, “My father had the right idea about how to deal with your people, and I think it’s time I finished the job. And there shall be a great cry in all of Egypt… such as never has been or ever will be again!”

That has got to be a horrible blow for Moses emotionally. Rameses is right that there will be a great cry in all of Egypt… it just won’t be the Hebrew people crying. The angel of death is going to come and make all the Egyptians scream out for the deaths of their firstborns.

But Moses realizes Rameses will not listen. He knows what is going to happen, but he cannot stop God. With great pain, he concludes, “Rameses, you bring this upon yourself.” 

And yet Moses cries horribly once Rameses’ son is dead. I am sure that Moses still feels more than a little responsible for what has happened. Rameses might have been stubborn and refusing to release the Hebrews, but Moses was the one in the first place who came with God and the plagues. Had situations played out differently, Moses might have watched his nephew grow up in prosper… rather than be the one with God bringing forth the very boy’s death.

Moses is crying because he has brought death to his old family’s household.

Back in a Full Circle

There is one more thing that makes this moment so completely horrible for Moses. Not only does he feel somewhat responsible for the boy’s death. Not only does he feel the pain of having known what would happen beforehand and not being able to prevent it. Not only does he wish he could have a solid family with his Egyptian brother. But on top of all that, he feels the pain of a cycle coming around again.

Moses’ life amongst the Egyptians began during an infanticide. 

Moses’ life amongst the Egyptians ends during a second genocide.

Moses’ foster father, the old Pharaoh of Egypt, ordered a widespread slaughter of Hebrew infants. Moses was spared because the Pharaoh’s wife discovered the baby Moses in the basket. This genocide came back to haunt Moses many years later. When he learned of what his foster father had done, he was terrified, and this knowledge was one of the key factors which caused him to run away to Midian and leave his life as a prince of Egypt. The death of all the Hebrew babies Moses considered an unforgivably despicable thing, so despicable he could no longer associated with the Egyptians he once considered family.

Now Moses is standing alongside God as his very deity does the same thing Pharaoh did decades ago: kill innocent children. God has the authority and the justice to give life and take it away, but that does not make it any easier for a human like Moses to stomach.

Moses in fact even sees Rameses refuse to back down in front of the mural depicting the Hebrew babies’ death. He is being visibly reminded that the Egyptian kids will go through a slaughter just like is happening on the wall.

He sees history repeating.

He sees Rameses pointing an order, just like his father.

Simultaneously he sees Rameses’ son standing beneath the mural’s dying babies. Moses sees his nephew standing near the crocodiles, looking like just another one of the kids who died in that day.

And Moses knows that the boy will indeed die like this tomorrow. The horrific painting on the wall will again become tragic reality.

Moses falls down to his knees and cries after seeing his dead nephew because of all the painful flashbacks it brings. The deaths of Hebrew babies should have been avoidable back when he was an infant. And the deaths of all the Egyptian firstborns in turn should have been preventable also.

And even though Moses tried, he tried to stop it, he had to witness a second genocide which occurred within his lifetime. Life came back in a full circle with the death of more innocents.

And with it, all emotions come crashing down on Moses. He feels the weight of the firstborns’ deaths on his shoulders. He feels the weight of his nephew’s death in particular. He feels the anger of his brother - the brother he wished could have been his continuing best friend. And I believe that the entire weight of the whole slavery ordeal comes crashing down on Moses at this moment when he cries. For Moses’ entire life, slavery has been an issue. And he has gone through a very long, very painful journey trying to end this. Now, the pain of all the plagues crash down on him now that all the plagues are done. He feels the weight of what he has done freeing all the Hebrews. The trials are over… and now that they are over, he can feel, feel, feel the pressure of what it has been to suffer this long ordeal.

I fully believe the plagues were traumatic to Moses. I believe that both from a biblical standpoint and from the narrative of DreamWorks’ “The Prince of Egypt.” Moses followed Yahweh’s command and obediently stood up to Pharaoh, telling him to let the Hebrews leave Egypt. But he hated seeing the plagues destroy his very home, his very childhood, his very family. As you say, Moses’ tears really speak to how much he did not want the plagues to befall his old home.

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What profession do you think double b and junhoe would do if they're not in the entertainment industry? (lawyer or banker etc) would be great if you can do all of them!

Hanbin He would pickup trash. Because he’s a trashbin

Bobby would be a stripper. Since he’s always taking his shirt off

Junhoe He would be a face model for a famous model management. Called Instagram

Yunhyeong would be an actor. A stuntman for the crying scenes

Jinhwan would finally fulfill his dream of working with cows. since he loves his cow pj’s so much

Donghyuk would be the president. Of a company

Chanwoo would work as a butler for Hanbin and work part time at a icecream store, only selling chococons.

Okay, the-sheillagh, so I had to group this together because it would have been an atrocious shame not to. 

So starting off with the first observation, I think the metaphor of a crystal shattering was of very great significance. It could stand for his anger - that all of his emotions finally came to a peak and he was breaking under the weight. But I also took this as a metaphorical limit to his powers. Think about it, let’s say that there were limitations to his powers, that he could only control certain part-water liquids, and his powers couldn’t pass that metaphorical boundary of control. I took that shattering feeling as Percy’s limit breaking. Meaning that he was desperate and angry enough that his powers expanded and that boundary shattered. Percy is extremely powerful on demigod terms, like extremely scary ‘i make the gods nervous and have been kid of the prophecy twice’ powerful. So for him to make it to that breaking point of having limitless hydrokenetic powers… it doesn’t really surprise me.

Also continuing with the glass metaphor and as if it were a broken barrier, that’s not something you could put back together and perfectly fix. When glass is broken it is always going to be broken, no matter how many times you glue or tape it back together. Which also leads me to believe that it wasn’t just Tartarus affecting Percy’s powers and that he could still continue to control all part-water liquids even after he left Tartarus.

I agree on the point you made that he wouldn’t have the best control over his powers. That scene with the Goddess of Misery - he was desperate, terrified, and most importantly angry. He was thirsting for vengeance. All of these I believe heavy influenced his powers, since his powers have always been thickly tied to his emotions.

So personally, taking that scene with Akhlys as a breaking of limitations to his powers, I believe that his powers will keep growing long after tartarus and boo. Maybe even graduating from control of part-water liquids and encompassing all liquids. 


Someone had mentioned the “I care for you” scenes some time ago on Tumblr, and I went back to GIF them. There are so many interesting parallels and differences in how Phryne and Jack respond to Lin and Concetta’s invitations. Phryne has certainly gone through many trials to finally learn how to be independent and make decisions that are healthy for herself and, what she knows in the long run, would be better for Lin. Jack, in a similar vein, tries to do the honorable thing for Concetta and what he believes will also be good for him. Again, echoing what so many have said before, this is one of the reasons why I love Concetta so much. She knows that this arrangement is not right for either of them and that it would really be for convenience, and won’t let Jack accept.

Two incredibly emotional scenes from two great episodes that end beautifully with some awesome Phrack time!!

can i say something about pll tonight, please?

That PLL episode was my favorite so far. It was so great, and finally we’re getting closer and closer to Charles and his mental state. That is what I’m interested in, because we know who he is, but not a face nor a real, true and honest intent. We’re only grasping at straws. My favorite scene was when Alison was in the evidence room with Tanner and she explained that Charles has to be brought to justice, for the suffering he has caused, and shone a different light that I didn’t even think about. Before I felt more sorry for Charles, after last week’s episode, because he wanted to trust Jason, and that whole birthday home video thing was sad. I can understand why he morphed into what he had become, but now, after Tanner described the whole rattle murder keepsake thing to Alison, I felt so different. Charles is a sociopath that maybe once had feelings, but has turned into a predator, a monster and sometimes people become those things because they have been hurt, but that’s no excuse. Life hurts everyone. Doesn’t give you an excuse. 

Charles put those girls through hell. Aria’s monologue about Iceland and being cold was so moving and I think anyone that goes through something so traumatic can relate to that feeling, that coldness. Charles has to pay for what he has put these girls through, and what he has done. Everyone has a sob story, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to go out and hurt people. We’ve all been degraded in our lives, everyone has, and sure, Charles has such a sad past, with his parents abandoning him and being just generally assholes, but of course, that gives no one the right to toy with your life. 

Still, I think Charles wants the girls back because he had his entire family taken away from him and I think he wants to take something away from Alison. He wants to harm her, make her feel bad, because she took away his parents in his eyes. It’s all about getting even, feeling like he has been wronged. 

I just can’t wait until they’re face to face with their tormentor and see that he is brought to rightful justice. I want the girls to get that justice, to confront him and hurt him in a way that they have been hurt, which is being stuck in a cell, rotting away for life. Jail will be Charles’s dollhouse and I’m just hoping for that.

Also, who the fuck is red coat? If it’s Mona, I’m going to kill everyone. 

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Hi Pm. Thoughts on Ant-Man?! Just curious. Have a great day <3

Hi anon!

First, I’ve got to do something very important: WE ARE GOING TO TALK ABOUT ANT-MAN SO,SPOILERS AHEAD (Well, in the second part of the review)


IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED THE MOVIE (Non-spoilery review)

To start with, one word: excellent! Ant-Man is inventive, original, the VFX are very impressive and pretty different in terms of colors, editing, and design compared to the other Marvel movies. The director used a rather dark/desaturated palette (very 1970’s), a dominant of red and grey until the final scenes, that are far more colorful. The whole production design is really good (set design, battle suits, CGI, music - very 1970′s too) and once again, the VFX will make you go “OOoOOoOOOOh!!” more than once because in this movie, we are in the realm of the “infinitely small”, not in the sky or space or in Asgard. It’s..“carpet level” fights and it’s amazing :D

The movie WILL make you laugh. A lot. ^^ The ants are cute, of course. You will want them as pet.

The only problem is that it’s a bit slow to start (you have a lot of introduction scenes, with new characters and all) but it doesn’t mean it’s boring or whatever. I just mean: don’t expect something like The Winter Soldier that starts right away with the battle on the Lemurian Star or The Guardians of the Galaxy with Star-Lord dancing on 1980’s pop.

The way the movie is connected to the rest of the MCU is also very clever. You have references to things that happened in other movies but also characters you have already seen and will be happy to see on your screen again.

Voilà, that’s all I can tell you if you haven’t watched the movie ♥

PS: There’s a post of angry fans making the round on Tumblr saying that they are going to boycott the movie because they are not happy with the way a particular character is treated/erased or I don’t know what BULLSHIT Tumblr loves to come up with every 5 minutes. Don’t listen to them. Once again, it’s a post that has been written by someone who, of course, didn’t watch the movie but heard rumors from the brother of the cousin of a guy called John whose son knows someone who works at a comic shop who may have met a guy whose wife went to the screen test projection. Tumblr reviews movies on rumors and loves being offended by material they didn’t even watch, listen to or read. I’m not saying you should never be offended or shocked by a movie content, nope. I’m just saying that for reviewing a movie you have to have watched it. It’s the minimum required if you want to be taken seriously. And if you don’t want to give your money to Marvel, you can still download it and talk about it later. But hey! It’s one of Tumblr’s bad habits: offended movie reviews weeks if not MONTHS before the movie hits the theaters.




What I loved:

1) All the VFX were impressive, particularly when Scott is tiny and runs with the ants through the house but one of my favorite is how they made Michael Douglas look young again. It’s very similar to what they did with Chris Evans and pre-serum!Steve: you have thousands of dollars and hours of works for a two minute scene, the version of M. Douglas on the screen doesn’t exist (well, not anymore) but if you don’t know about it, it’s invisible and that’s what make it absolutely amazing. The whole cinema was “WOW!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!”

2) The fight between the Falcon and Ant-Man. Sky versus…insects. Just extremely funny but a real badass fight nevertheless!

3) The Wasp. I loved the Daughter/Father difficult relationship and how the Wasp suit is introduced at the end. I think that with Peggy Carter, Hope Van Dyne is one of my favorite female character so far. I can’t wait to see her sporting her Wasp suit in Civil War, certainly.

4) The character of Luis. Far more complex than what it seems. Basically introduced as “the stupid guy”, I loved how the movie shows how resourceful he is. In short, he’s far from being the nice uneducated unidimensional idiot who helps the hero when he has a problem. In the last scene for instance, you learn that Luis, who went to jail because he stole soda machines, loves going to the museum, doesn’t really like Rothko and prefers neo-cubism (or the opposite, he was speaking very fast). I loved that!

5) The giant ant and the toy train. I don’t need to say more. I don’t even have a passion for ants and now I want a big one as pet. The train on the sidewalk made me laugh, you have no idea!!

6) The last scene with Bucky. Super happy because…Bucky! But a little bit disappointed because it was pretty frustrating. I watched this scene on Tumblr before even watching Ant-Man and I was looking forward to knowing more about these “agreements” Sam was talking about. Well, it’s not addressed in Ant-Man, we have NO idea what these agreements are about. This scene really settles the start of Phase 3 and what is gonna change in Civil War. Can’t wait!!

I’m sorry it was so long! Have a great day too anon! ♥

[Cam knew Lily didn’t like the party scene so he went to this one alone, and he’d loved it, and left knowing that he experienced one last great Alpha Beta party before he himself left for Boston. Also knowing that Lily wasn’t a fan of weed or alcohol, Cam asked his DD to stop at his place and he took a quick shower, which also helped sober him up a little more. After a quick stop to the 24 hour burger joint, Cam was finally at Lily’s house and snuck in successfully, but nowhere near as stealth as he was kidding himself into thinking. When he got into Lily’s room, seeing even just the outline of his best friend put a goofy smile on his face] I got you french fries.

every time i rewatch the scene in the s1 finale when sherlock is basically yelling at joan about how he was disappointed in her i’m like this is why this relationship is so GREAT because honestly if it were me i’d be upset and offended or SOMETHING by that comment and i’d like yell back but joan understands and sympathizes and tries to calm him down instead and i think that’s just goddamn beautiful 

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okok but I think, Shizuo striving for the peace and non-violent life he wants > Izaya getting what he deserves. x2 Shou shows so much of him has changed, like not tearing Izaya's door open ahhh.




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tbh ,for me, malia is just KILLING IT this season (shelley being a huge part of that) - I wasn't a malia fan when she first arrived, but to see the character finally getting screen time and her own plotlines independent of stiles - her own uncertainties and growth - particularly around the desert wolf question has made me so excited to see her scenes and what she brings to the pack dynamic - i love the way her character is shifting - idk im just so here for malia right now

SHE REALLY IS TBH. I’m loving malia so much this season, I mean I loved her last season too but they’ve developed her character so well and given her just great depth in her scenes such as showing how she’s still traumatized from the car accident, her erasing the ‘desert wolf’ off of stiles board because she realizes there’s more important things, HER FEELING GUILTY ABOUT TRACY, HER NOT KILLING TRACY, her being the first one to get up from the kanima hit….Like wow I AM SO HERE FOR MALIA TOO ANON i honestly don’t understand how people can hate her

I drew Elena from the Street Fighter video game series.
Reference used

Not to thrilled how her face turned out. 

EVO, which is a large international tournament for fighting video games, went on this past weekend.
I was kinda surprised to see Elena being used by a lot of top players for USFIV. I haven’t been keeping up with the scene for awhile so I didn’t know she became such a good counterpick character. Anyway the top 8 finals for USF4 was amazing. Congrats to Momochi and Gamerbee for the great grand finals match.

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So I finally decided to watch the 3rd Hobbit. It was so baaaad. I mean, the thilbo scenes were great, Martin Freeman was amazing, Thrandy was pretty and I have a mighty need to read some barduil now…but as a movie it was just really really bad and I’m glad I didn’t see it in cinema.

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How do you see the degrassi season ending with Zaya. I think it'll end with Maya reuniting Zig and his mom after Zig turns Vince in. I think it would be cute if their last scene took place on the same wall where the held hands in S12 finale.

Oh, I definitely agree that would be cute ❤️ Maybe they can bring up how Zig said he’d wait for her again and show a flashback or something (probably won’t happen but that’s my headcanon and it’ll just make me so emotional 😭😭😭)

And I think it’ll be great if Zig could move back in with his family and I’m sure Maya would stand by his side no matter what :)

Akagami no Shirayukihime episode 3 - Review

Fantastic episode! We got great character development and relationship development! Got to see more of Kiki and Mitsuhide, which was really good. Anyway let us begin!

So we learn about ID tags in this episode, which is how people get into the castle, Shirayuki is a special case due to being known as a guest of Zen even though she doesn’t have an ID tag. We also get introduced to Lord Haruka, he is such a jerk. He only pops out twice, so far. Don’t worry, the one who will make you want to scream, well… he hasn’t arrived yet. Anyway!

Finally get to see Zen doing desk work! He is exhausted and needs the Shirayuki effect, hence why Kiki and Mitsuhide called Shirayuki over. So many blushing scenes in this episode! Got more Zen and Shirayuki interaction, which is great… Zen took a nap. Oh and wonderful soundtrack! Oh my word, that soundtrack is beautiful! It fits so well.

FINALLY HE HAS BEEN INTRODUCED!!! OBI!! YOU WILL LOVE HIM, OBI IS LITERALLY ONE OF GREATEST PARTS OF THIS STORY. HE IS. I am so happy to finally see him animated and to hear his voice, see him interact with Zen. You did good bones. So on orders of Haruka, Obi has the mission of trying to prevent Shirayuki from seeing Zen, which.. c'mon let’s be honest… that’s not going to happen. He shoots an arrow at her to scare her off, doesn’t work.

Got some great character development from Zen, and he knows that because of how some people view him, he makes enemies easily sometimes. Which is true but, it’s also that some people with titles act very stupid sometimes. Perfect example: Lord Haruka. See the thing is, it’s not a matter of Haruka hating Zen, it’s that he has a wrong impression of Shirayuki. He thinks she’s only using Zen to gain more social power. Which is totally wrong because, we know from Shirayuki that she genuinely cares for Zen and wants to be by his side. She even said herself, “I found someone who I want to treasure my time with.” Which foreshadows her feelings for him, and keep that in mind because no spoilers but, their relationship is primarily based on profound respect for each other and how fond they are of each other.

Moving on, Shirayuki confronts Haruka and FANTASTIC CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. She freaking stood up to a sword point at her face! That! That right there shows her complete determination to follow her own path, her own way. *LOUD CLAPPING* Again, great job bones. Obi and his master, can’t wait to see their interaction. So we find out that Shirayuki is going to take the exam to become a royal court pharmacist (herbalist), this is when the story starts really moving along. Really good episode! Next week, we get to see Garack and Ryuu! And the greenhouse scene! Can’t wait for the next episode :D