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when davey says “they messed up his leg real bad, that’s why he can’t work” and jacks all “:///// yheeaa offo coruuse yehehah thaatsg a goododo raeonssn not llikee my bset frriennd sis a crppleie and slelss newwspspaerss everyt dya... right..”

jack wasnt very sympathetic thats for sure

Au idea where

Person A is known school wide for being a player/manwhore/ insert-label-here-that-means-dates-five-people-in-one-month. They decide to ask person B out, who promptly rejects them. Person B tells person A that they know how A is like, so sorry but no thanks. They can be friends though?

And so begins the start of a beautiful friendship. Person a encourages person b, often too much so, and wingmans for them. Person b calls person a out on their bullshit. They get to be surprisingly close friends.

And then one day person b wakes up and realizes:

Oh shit.

I like my player/manwhore/insert-label-here-that-means-dates-five-people-in-one-month best friend.

Cue glorious pining

(Of course, person A has slowly fallen in love with person b too over the course of their friendship. Except they’ve been rejected before by person a, and they do realize their own reputation of being a player, even if they actually want something more with person b. So they’ve been quiet on their end, but were they too obvious? Because person a has been acting kinda strange lately; maybe they figured out person a likes them? dID THEY SCREW UP EvERyT hI n G??!?!?!?)

It’s here!!! My Cheritz preorder~!!

The letter on top. I literally screamed lmao

Two sets of emoji stickers

A lil Jaehee pin. I’m curious for anyone else that pre ordered, is the pin a random character?? I’m curious to see the other pins people got! :D


Both sides of the Jumin mug! My new tea mug 👀👀👀

Side 1

Both sides to the couch cushion. The pillow is soft and firm, the cover is soft and has a bit of a velvety feel.

The body pillow I can’t manage to get a good picture of because it’s HUGE. I had bought a body pillow for the cover prior to getting it. The biggest size in stores around me are always a little to small for the covers but only by a bit so I don’t mind for the price I get them for. But this one has quite a lot hanging off. I might have to save up and order a larger body pillow online;;; The cover has a very smooth satiny feel

And that should be about everyt–


What’s this?

Hm, I don’t remember Cheritz saying anything else was coming with this order

What could it—


I love you Cheritz lol

Heat in the Night

Summary: Alpha Bucky finds his favorite omega taking care of a pup. The problem is, it’s not his and he gets furious.

As requested by @theloveofanauthor

Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Word count: 2.1k

Warnings: angst, some adult language

A/N: I hope you guys like it!

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Bucky sat in the front seat of Tony’s new Porsche smiling like an idiot. Normally he would’ve been more serious when coming back from a mission (or in Tony’s presence in general), but he was on his way to see his favorite omega, you. He had just spent the past year away on a top-secret mission and was excited. It was hard not to be near you, but since you two hadn’t bonded yet, he couldn’t take you with him. He quickly remembered all the times he locked himself up during his rut, called you while holding back tears, and wished for just a hint of your scent. But now, the agony was over. Bucky’s heart fluttered as he imagined your guys’ reunion. He thought of you running into his arms, him holding you tightly, both of you kissing and then furiously knotting. Tonight was the night. Tonight Bucky would confess to you how he truly felt. He was going to tell you that he loved you and that he never wanted to leave your side ever again. Bucky tapped his fingers against his thigh as he became more and more impatient. As he and Tony stopped at another red light, Bucky let out a small grunt.

“Anxious, are we?” Tony teased.

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I know that this isn’t really “fanart”, but I still wanted to thank Revelmode for everything they’ve done. 
Pax West, Cringemas, it all was so much fun and I still miss Revelmode everyday. 

Thank you guys, 
thank you for everyting. 

I think I get in now

We are saying goodbye to “Space Dad”

We’re finally gonna meet the real Shiro, the one that’s been hiding under all his perfect leader masks.

I’m so happy about this I cannot even describe!!!!

I will love real Shiro and his awful fashion sense

Because he’s gonna be the real deal. Finally!! And I can’t wait to meet him.

Good riddance Space Dad!! Love you, but knew you were fake all along.

Lotor with a child

A/N: I decided why not make a Lotor headcannon. But I didn’t want this to be like the ones I did for the paladins. So I was like, why not give Lotor a pregnant s/o?

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-I read a headcannon somewhere that Galra get very possessive of their s/o once their pregnant and this is extra true for Lotor.

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