josuyasu week day 7

so me and my buddy @noctislucisbaelum came up with an Enchanted au 

basically josuke is a fictional prince that gets stuck in the real world and he stumbles into the chipotle okuyasu works at and he believes its love at first sight and okuyasu has no idea what to do


he’s not used to getting such nice treatment and compliments

Ah so this will be my last post for josuyasu week! :0 It was really fun! (Even if I was super tired and missed one day haha). It has been awesome to see all the art and fics that people have made! It made me feel happy all week ♥ ♥ ♥

anonymous asked:

Who's your favorite Diamond Tiara?

the older one who’s earned her tiara by expecting the best of everyone around her.  She may be a harsh mistress but that’s only because she knows what you’re capable of, even if you don’t.  She never asks more than what you can do.

(headcanon to be sure, but I do like the character she’s becoming and I hope I’m guessing somewhat correctly)


an anon requested some christmas iphone wallpapers! i hope these are festive enough. these ones are made for iphone 6+ dimensions, but as far as i know, they should fit most phones. please don’t repost; these took awhile. happy holidays!!