Anatomy / Facts about Nal’Enthine.

Head: What may be notable besides Nal’s fleeing mane of porcelain may be his licorice black horns jutting out from his cranium. Nal’s hair in itself begins atop his head and spans down, past the small of his back to about his arse. It is silken and rather kempt most of the time, the only unkempt region of Nal’s hair are at the roots of his horns that begin at each temple. Nal’s horns curve backwards towards his tail, the root begins, the horns curve and mast outward. Each antler of Nal is symmetrical, each is about a foot long and four inches if not closer to five in diameter. They are kept clean by Nal, one’s reflection could even be seen within them, though this does make sleeping on your back rather problematic for Nal.

Face: Nal’s face is smooth and appears juvenile, there is but a solitary, almost indistinguishable scar across the bridge of his nose. Nal’s nose itself is slightly prominent, his mandible is inward and symmetrical with the other hemisphere, Nal has dimples in his cheeks when he smiles, overall his face is impeccable. Nal’s skin itself is wheat by default, it has lightened substantially as he remains in the dark, gelid recesses of the First Circle of Hell, Limbo, with scanty sunlight. As one would’ve expected, directly contact with sunlight causes Nal’s skin to darken into a fallow color, a darker brown, his skin is sensitive to light which causes this drastic change in coloration. Nal may seem white at times and brown in other instances.

Eyes: Nal’s eyes aren’t too far apart, nor are they too close together, they’re spaced perfectly upon his face. Nal’s sclera or white part of the eye is yellow, each sclera is yellow in lieu of his Siblings, whereas their sclera is black. Yellow sclera implies disease in Demons, or some ailment, or simply stress. The eyes fluctuate depending on the severity of it, yellow sclera being the second most severe next to red, red sclera implies something of utmost severity. Ample time given to recover will bring Nal’s sclera back to the black coloration. Nal’s cornea are chartreuse yellow and his pupils are vertically slitted like that of a Cat as it is a necessity to perceive things in the perpetual dark of the First Circle.

Physique: Nal stands at around 5′2 flat, the curvature of his horns, if included, add about an inch and a half of high which may give the impression Nal is taller than he is from afar. Nal’s physique is positively toned, a well chiseled abdominal region that is on par, in terms of musculature with his legs, bulkier than his arms, though both biceps and triceps are well defined, not to the absurd degrees. As a Judge of the damned, mental strength as well as physical strength is a necessity to continue serving properly without ailments as it is a struggle in both senses to deal with the damned souls that belong to Gehenna now. Nal, however still remains quite thin, not some bulking mass, some amalgamation of a Judge like his Father was, far taller and bulkier than Nal was, though weaker mentally.

Tail: Nal’s tail has similarities to his horns in both the hue of it and the texture. Nal’s horns have the texture of porcelain, though said horns are far more difficult to shatter, a smooth feel to it. Nal’s tail is jumbled with ‘‘plating’‘ that is made of the same osseous matter as his horns, a licorice black tail and horns. Nal’s tail is wholly designed for balance, though can be used as a defensive measure or an extra hand seeing as how it is prehensile. The tail in itself is about 4′4 and it ends off with a spade, it usually drags along, behind Nal when he walks. If it is too much of a burden, Nal will wrap it around his waist like a belt of sorts.

Blood: Nal’s blood is AB- negative and made out of nicotine, the fluid version of nicotine that WILL kill Humans almost instantaneously if imbibed. If Nal bleeds, his blood produces the aroma of a cigarette, a lit cigarette. It is used as a defensive measure to obstruct the damned that may attempt to physically hurt Nal, the blood to them has been altered to degrees, so that it is harmful to most if not all imbibes, including mostly intangible essences or just corporeal forms such as souls, spirits, ghosts and some deities.

Accent / Tonality: Nal has a coarse tone of voice as if he’d been a smoker for decades, raspy constantly, husky as if he were a teenager that just hit puberty and was trying out his new voice. Nal too has a British accent to follow it, it is lighter though noticeable if you listen in on it. It is Nal’s preferred next to Scottish-Gaelic, Nal can mimic several accents that include German, Russian and Italian. He has derived many of them from talking to the damned in Limbo.

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*nudes meme* - herr-eriklehnsherr

Send an “Ѡ” for my muse’s reaction to being sent accidental nudes.

It’s his own fault, really; he’d been the one to suggest Erik take pictures of his new, ah… appendage. For scientific reasons, of course, to better understand how a cat’s tail could suddenly fuse to a perfectly normal human’s body. For better or worse, a simple picture will ensure Erik gets to keep his pants on, and Charles’ curious hands off.

When his phone vibrates in the breast pocket of his jacket, Charles assumes it’s a waspish text message allowing him to re-enter the bathroom. What he doesn’t expect to see is Erik’s pants bunched around his knees and his well-muscled back turned toward the mirror, displaying the cat tail – and the perfectly sculpted curves of his arse and thighs – to the world.

Charles comes perilously close to swallowing his own tongue.

[text: Erik] I’m assuming you meant to save or else delete that photo.
[text: Erik] Either way I’m keeping it.