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coffeeshop au but its still set in the 18th century

i love you

Adam looked up from reading Evelina, or the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World.

“Belle? Do you fancy visiting a coffee shop?”

Belle emerged from her novel. “A coffee shop? You mean…hazelnut macchiatos, and cute baristas, and lowkey sexual tension? That kind of coffee shop?”

He seemed a little confused. “Is that how they are in those stories you read?”

“What do you mean, those stories I read? You’re reading a romance.”

“And you’re being taken to a coffee shop. C’mon; we’ll bring the staff with us. We’ll use the book to get there.”

Five minutes later, they’re in London.

The coffee house is thick, and dark with smoking pipes, and rich with the scent of ground coffee. Filthy, too, and crowded; men’s old wigs are seen in every corner, and handshakes flow freely between arguers and drinkers. The staff, arrayed in the bright blues and golds and pinks of French fashion, look out of place surrounded by brown and black coats.

Belle is fearless, though, and steps up to the counter.

“One hibiscus vente frappuccino, with skim milk and extra shots of caramel,” she yells over the ruckus.



The barista thrusts out one sweating hand. “ARE YOU A TRAVELING MAN??”

“Don’t…don’t take his hand,” whispers Adam. “He’s asking if you’re a free-mason.”


“How DARE you,” screams Lumiere, from somewhere behind them. Belle and Adam whip around to see Lumiere towering over a table of bristling English scholars. The floor is littered with political pamphlets, and to their horror they see the maître d’ start tearing up a newspaper.

“Frog-eater!” roars one of the Englishmen.

“Sacre bleau, you can take your opinions into the square, you—you stiff-lipped, gut-sagged pigeon!” From somewhere on his person, Lumiere draws out a croissant. No, wait, that wasn’t what he meant to grab—fumbling under his coat, Lumiere draws out a sword. “En garde!

“See, this is what we mean,” yells another patron of the coffee shop. “The dominance of emotions in current discourse; we must return to enlightened logic—”

“Ah, you’ll always take Kant’s side—”

“Well, you just spout off whatever Locke’s saying!”

The coffee shop is bristling with tension, yes, but not the kind Belle imagined. The barista slams down two dirty cups filled with bitter grounds.


“Can we go home?” whispers Belle. Behind her, Cogsworth is pinning Lumiere against a wall, as he flails and threatens; Plumette is in one of the philosopher’s faces, gesturing and pointing and slamming A Vindication of the Rights of Women down on top of his drink. The smoke grows darker, and the coffee shop grumbles like a thunder cloud.

“Home. Yes. Quick,” says Adam, and takes out the book.

They return to the castle like lightning. Cogsworth is still holding back Lumiere as they arrive; Lumiere grumbles and rips up the last of his newspaper.

“I think we all need a nice cup of tea,” says Mrs. Potts, calmly, and wanders off.

“Skim milk, with shots of caramel,” yells Adam after her. “With hibiscus, too!”

“Oh, shut up,” says Belle, but a smile flicks over her face.

Supergirl: Up, up and to the future. Season thoughts

So now that season 2 has ended on me needing to take out shares in a tissue company, I’m wondering what plans the producers/writers have for season 3.  So, here are my thoughts and these are strictly my own opinions.

Season 2 left a few plot holes, a few that should be thrown into a black hole and never brought up again. I’ve noticed a distinct trend with the CW that they were bringing in too many characters and given the limited time/budget per episode the show was getting a tad too crowded.

There should more on screen time given to developing a strong storyline focusing on Supergirl defending her home with the support of her family and friends. A proper support team with Supergirl as the clear leader.  By all means bring Mon-El back, but giving him a defining solid role as her support partner and using his powers more.  I think The Legion of Superheroes has too big a storyline and really could use its own series.

As a romance novelist, I am all for the romantic elements of any show. Mon-El and Kara’s romance with their couch scenes and bickering has been a delight, but…I’m the type of viewer that finds the on/off like a pair of knickers writing in on-screen relationships bloody irritating.  Yes there has to be conflict, it keeps the viewer eagerly awaiting the next episode. But what makes a relationship work is when they are so committed to each other that they need to work together as partners to get their happy ever after; or in a running theme with the CW network case…‘happy for a bit’ and its exactly that which really gets on my ample bosom! So if there are any of the writers/producers/execs actually reading this…develop their relationship and see it through. Stop faffing around!

Superman’s appearances in the show, have been slickly and brilliantly written. His changing relationship with Kara in light of her beating him would be something to explore in a few episodes perhaps.  However, Winn’s Supermanfandom has been epic and slickly written, I hope to see this again.

Like in a book or a film, keep the viewer desperate to find out what happens in the next episode, but stick to simple.  Attract the viewers attention from the very first episode. Build up the tension gradually toward the mid season hiatus with an OMG, didn’t see that coming. Return with a YAY or 'Thank Rao’ before building tension again to an 'awe and some’ season 3 finale.

It would be a corker of a scene if during the final episodes to see The Martian Man hunter, Superman, Valor and Supergirl all suited up together…now that would be 'SUPER’

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Any iwadai hcs for a trip to the beach?

ooh what a timely question since summer is coming ( ゚▽゚)

  • you know everyone there is going to be staring at The Beefy Boys :^)
  • they both tan very easily so they help each other put sunblock on throughout the day //wriggles eyebrows// they may or may not try to sneak a few kisses and start tickling each other under their beach umbrella as they do
  • when they go with their friends, they always have a beach volleyball tournament. everyone is fired up to win because the prize is usually food but also no one wants to lose because there’s always an embarrassing punishment for the losers (there was one time where iwadai lost and had to skinny dip at night. it would have been pretty romantic with all the stars and the moon shining so prettily bright, but it was freezing cold and they almost got caught by security. everyone else watched them from a distance cackling)
    • sometimes they’ll play chicken fight too if its not too crowded. iwadai are the undefeated reigning champs  💪 💪 💪
    • they also play pranks on anyone who ends up taking a nap, burying their bodies with sand and creating funny sculptures and taking pictures when they finish
  • when its just the two of them going to the beach, they lounge around a lot and take it easy. just relaxing under their umbrella, eating popsicles and watermelon slices, or walking along the shoreline of the beach chatting about whatever. they’ll swim when they get sweaty enough to want to wash it away with the cool waters. they’ll goof off in the water, splashing each other like children before then sneaking off to an area more discreet and make-out until daichi feels like the rock he’s leaning on feels like its burning his back
  • its inevitable that they both get hit on by both girls and guys
    • as ive mentioned in another hc post, iwadai are both pretty dense when it comes to other people flirting with them but they notice when someone flirts with the other
    • daichi doesn’t really get all that jealous. he actually finds it amusing that iwa is dense to strangers flirting with him so he stays quiet and watches as iwa unknowingly rejects strangers’ advances on him. daichi does get a little worried though when its a girl flirting with iwa, especially if she’s touchy. he’ll intervene then, being polite and coming up with an excuse to pull iwa away. iwa teases daichi, accusing him of being jealous and wanting him all to himself. daichi responds by saying, “and? is there a problem with that?” easily admitting it. iwa smirks all big, feeling absolutely loved
    • iwa, on the other hand, is incredibly uncomfortable any time someone flirts with daichi in front of him. if its a guy, iwa has no problem, saying straight out that they’re together. it gets daichi’s cheeks warm, embarrassed but happy when iwa takes hold of his hand and waves it around to make it extra obvious to the stranger that they’re interrupting their time together. daichi half-heartedly scolds iwa when they’re alone again because daichi is still worried about openly showing they’re dating. if its a girl flirting with daichi, iwa is a little more reluctant to be tactless. its hard to be mean when most of the girls that fall for daichi seem like the sweet type.
  • i like to think iwa is very athletic and good at any sport, so swimming is pretty easy for him. daichi is a slightly above average swimmer, but he tends to get cramps. iwa says its because he never waits the full 30 minutes after eating before swimming but daichi knows thats just a myth
  • they stay at the beach until the sun is about ready to set. there’s less people now, so daichi lets his guard down a little and allows for some sweet, sappy kisses
  • the next day they wake up in pain because they’ve got sunburns even though they spent so much time rubbing sunblock on each other. as they’re washing up they tease and admire each other’s tan lines

also have some chubby daichi + iwa at the beach too :>

  • chubby daichi is definitely more reluctant to go to the beach, but iwa convinces him to go since its really hot, and their ac is broken, and their apartment swimming pool is too small with all the residents occupying it
  • daichi wears a short-sleeved hoodie/t-shirt to hid his body. he hates how it gets him sweating 3x as much but he’s too self-conscious about his stomach chub that he’d rather die than take off his top. iwa doesn’t force him to take it off, but he gets worried daichi might get heat stroke
  • daichi spends the beginning of their trip sulking under their beach umbrella trying to hide away from the heat of the sun and iwa sits with him. daichi feels bad, but iwa doesn’t mind waiting even if it meant spending the whole day just chomping on ice and snacks under their umbrella.
  • eventually daichi feels confident enough to want to go swimming, but the heat makes him too exhausted to even want to move so iwa picks him up and carries him as he runs towards the waters. daichi is giggling like crazy when they splash together in the water. iwa still holding onto him as they float in the more shallow side of the water. daichi kisses him quickly, for once not caring they’re in public, thanking him for having to deal with his insecurities and for the many times he made him feel comforted.

 💫 who inspires you?

“Hmm… I would have to say my main inspirations to move forward are Sans, Dee, and the memories of my sons, my King, and Grillby. They are the ones who made me who I am, and I am better because of them. Their influence in my life has been major… And well, seeing them all be how and who they are inspires me to become better every day…!”

😪 what are you sick of?

“The Void. Feeling so helpless after seeing I’m…. not as strong as I thought I was… Virus.”

🎁 what never fails to make you happy?

“Ah… This may be predictable and a bit… cliche I suppose, but… My friends. My family. Being able to help anons who come to me in need. They’re all the light of my life!”

💙 what annoys you about some people?

“Those who take advantage of others who are not as strong as they are. Physically, emotionally, or mentally. It’s something everyone dislikes, but seeing how often it happens to those around me… I can’t help but feel this way.”

So. I ran into Martin Freeman on the tube today.

I was on my way to Heathrow, after the best week of my life, and there he was, sat right across from me. We went to get off at the same station, and when we alighted, I asked to shake his hand. Which he did.

I told him I admired his work, that he was brilliant and I wished him the best day. And he was very warm and friendly, and wished me the same, and then we parted.

And that, my friends, is how you finish a first trip to London.

Why people will be upset with the 2017 Tony Awards & Nominations

The 2016-2017 Broadway season has been unusually crowded with new musical productions. It’s like producers were waiting until the season after Hamilton in hopes of being up for some Tonys, knowing Hamilton would sweep. But by doing this, they failed to recognise many other shows were doing the same. Of course, some shows weren’t even ready last year, but let’s look at this objectively.

Shows that have the potential to be nominated for Best Musical:

  • A Bronx Tale
  • Amélie
  • Anastasia
  • Bandstand
  • Charlie & the Chocolate Factory
  • Come From Away
  • Dear Evan Hansen
  • Groundhog Day
  • Natashia, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812
  • In Transit
  • War Paint

Obviously not all of these shows will get nominated, only 4-5 will. Which is a travesty, as some shows that will miss out probably would be nominated in any other season. As for a winner, I’ll be surprised if Dear Evan Hansen doesn’t win. Although I will be RAGED if Amélie and Anastasia aren’t at least nominated.

Best Revival is unusually crowded too, with shows that might be nominated include:

  • Cats
  • Falsettos
  • Miss Saigon
  • Hello Dolly
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Sunday in the Park with George - although I think I read somewhere that it will not be eligible/they pulled themselves out or something.

Miss Saigon is most likely to take the win for this one. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I could be wrong

This is where it get’s really frustrating, because some amazing actresses and actors will not be nominated for Leading Role in a Musical, even though they carry the entire show on their backs. (I’m not going to list Supporting Roles, but I’m sure you can imagine the snubs)

Actress in a Leading Role in a Musical potential nominees:

  • Phillipa Soo
  • Christy Altomare
  • Mamie Parris
  • Jen Colella
  • Ariana DeBose
  • Eva Noblezada
  • Denée Benton
  • Patti LuPone
  • Christine Ebersole
  • Barrett Doss
  • Laura Osnes
  • Bette Midler
  • Stephanie J Block
  • Glenn Close
  • (Not sure which/if any of the Dear Evan Hansen girl will be up for this. Maybe Rachael Bay Jones or Laura Dreyfuss)

Actor in a Leading Roll in a Musical potential nominees:

  • Andy Karl
  • Derek Klena
  • Josh Groban
  • Ben Platt
  • Alistair Brammer
  • Nick Cordero
  • Adam Chandler-Berat
  • Christian Borle
  • Christian Borle (yes he’s up for 2 leading roles)
  • Andrew Rannells
  • Brandon Uranowitz
  • Corey Cott
  • James Snyder

I mean, it’s just INSANE how many snubs there will be this year for deserving actresses and actors. I just wanted to prepare everyone that not all of your favorites will be nominated this year. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the way it is. Show the actors your love and support on their social medias to let them know their work matters to you. And let’s be grateful for all of the new shows this year. Look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now.

Protest Tips

This is something my professor taught me. When in a large demonstration, you need to keep an eye on not just the public, but also your fellow demonstrators as well. Cops have a tendency to sneak into both.

Keep an eye on the people recording whatever demonstration you’re in, because there is a strong chance that person is an undercover cop. That person is looking for anyone, ANYONE that they can profile for when they start doing arrests. This is why you want to cover your face and blend in with the crowd. When you notice someone recording, do NOT look at the camera; it might well be an invitation for the cops to single you out. If this happens, you WILL be arrested if/when a disturbance occurs.

This leads me to your fellow demonstrators. Cops can (and have) snuck in and blended into those crowds too. Their aim is to actually START the trouble that will justify the arrests that will occur later. There are only a few telltale signs, so keep an eye out for:

1- Black sneakers

2- backpacks

3- covered faces

These undercover cops will wait for the right moment to strike. When you see an unusual amount of recorders, that’s a sign that shit’s about to go down. You’ll usually have a few seconds to react. The moment you see some of your fellow demonstrators go for garbage cans or heading towards windows, DO NOT FOLLOW THEM. Keep your cool. The instant you see someone start breaking windows, do NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, JOIN IN. Run. Get as far away from the ruckus as possible.

The undercover cops are baiting you and yours in that moment. At the very least, they’ll discredit whatever peaceful protest you may have been engaging in at the time. At most, they’ll bait a large number of protestors into becoming violent, leading to many arrests, just like they wanted.

Remember that the press is NOT your friend. They aren’t there for the truth, they are there for a story. If you talk to them, you do so at your own risk. Never give your real name. Conceal your face at all times. Wear NOTHING that makes you stand out or recognizable.

It’s a tough world out there. Protect yourself!

“Too dark skinned”, “Ugly” “Not his type” “Angry” “Too Independent” “Masculine” these are reoccurring themes in all of the racist comments I have seen on twitter, FB, and here on tumblr, those comments are rampid throughout the social media pages that are promoting 7X12. These comments are simply a mirror of where we are as a country and society and frankly where we have always been. Black skin has been degraded and criminalized in a way that regardless of how beautiful our kings and queens are they are met with the societal shackles of what they assume true beauty is. The “not his type” crowd say they aren’t racist but don’t face the reason why they say their relationship “doesn’t look right” or makes them “uncomfortable”. The “she’s to angry” crowd use a decades old sterotype margilizing Michonne because of her initial introverted and independent status. Yes, us black women know how to fight and make it, that doesn’t make us “angry” that makes us survivors. The “Too Independent” crowd blindly believe that being independent doesn’t warrant the right to find true love and vulnerability. The one that bothers me the most is she’s “too masculine”….this comes from the same individuals who praise our dark skin and features on someone else but not when it comes on us naturally. No, black women don’t fit into your blonde haired, blue eyed standard of beauty but in turn that’s what makes us beautiful…I say that to say this, we see all these comments everyday, we experience the microaggression everyday but we must lift each other up and also lift Danai up in these spaces. Never internalize any of the negativity, TO ALL MY BLACK GIRLS YOU ARE MAGICAL, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE POWERFUL, YOU ARE A FORCE, YOU ARE ROYALTY. Danai Gurira, I adore all you are and all you inspire me and so many others to be. Thank you for your brilliance, thank you for your gifts. God bless you and God bless all my kings and queens. Godspeed 🙏

A list of everything that happened at the Sydney concert

- Jin introduced himself as Mr. Worldwide handsome.
- rapmon introduced tae as mr. Alien
- rapmon messed up the intro to save me but no fancams captured it.
- the crowd chanted for min Yoongi before first love
- the crowd stayed completely silent when Yoongi was performing first love. Wanted to hear it all.
- crowd chanted for namjoon too.
- namjoon pointed into the audience and said “I wish I could love YOU”
- Jin got a read armband and cut it into two heart shaped armbands.
- jhope owned the fuckin stage
- jimin also owned the stage
- Jin did something to tae in lost that made him wink at Jin and have to walk off.
- “if I didn’t live in Korea I’d like to live in Australia.” Kim namjoon
- jungkook nearly tripped over a pikachu plushie
- suga dabbed nonstop during cypher.
- cypher was so loud that an international rugby game taking place at a nearby arena supposedly managed to record it clearly on their live cameras and Mics
- tae tried to eat confetti
- someone threw fake money on the stage so jhope and tae picked it up and started singing “money money money” - “Sydney is LeGIT!”- suga - I mean so much happened I can’t even list it all.

Hear The Sounds [S]

pairings/characters: myg x reader

genre: smut (with littlle to no context)

word count: around 3.4k?

summary: a little teasing can go a long way, especially if Yoongi can’t control himself out in the open. 


Warning: ummm very public sex, explicit descriptions, and images, slight degrading

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You thought to yourself, the feeling of his fingers so lewdly close to your core already sending shrills up your spine. It was a bad idea, sure, but you’d never expect him to go this far.

Fuck if anything you were in public, surrounded by thousands of people, right next to you. If anyone wasn’t too dazed by the loud music and flashing lights, they sure as hell would’ve noticed the very overt act that the both of you displayed to the whole lot.

It all started as a joke, what was supposed to be a chill night out with your overly exerted boyfriend turned into something so utterly scandalous that even the raging beats of the drummer up front couldn’t distract you from the way his breath hit the now heated skin of your neck.

“Baby girl you know you shouldn’t have.”

Hell you did, you knew it very well. The very moment you let your hand trail his jaw a second too long, you knew you were in for something tonight.

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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Animage 2017/01 (p20-23)

I was going to post this last week but gave priority to the BD stuff. This will be the final interview from the booklet that came with January Animage! There’s still an interview with Kenji Miyamoto left untranslated, but it will be taken care of by @whiteboxgems​ whenever she has time! I’ll reblog it when it’s around.

This is actually 2 interviews, I’m posting them together because they were one after the other and (main reason) because the second one is very short.
A few notes below to better understand the interviews.

The first one is with Yuuichirou Hayashi, the one who created the ending (ED = ending by the way) footage. I have the feeling someone previously posted translations of the captions under the ED screenshots, but I don’t remember where and I’m pretty sure it was just the captions and not the interview parts, so here you have it complete. This one is pretty interesting because he explains in detail how they created the ED, and has some extra information on cut scenes etc. Definitely a must read in my opinion!

The second one is a short interview with Kayoko Ishikawa, the one who did the costume designs. Here you might think: didn’t Chacott design the costumes? I’ll explain. It’s more or less like with Mitsurou Kubo and Tadashi Hiramatsu: Kubo created the original designs for the characters, from scratch, and Hiramatsu transformed them into designs specifically created for animation, therefore with simpler lines, detailed expression sheets and so on. Likewise, Chacott did the original designs for the costumes, from scratch, based on the indications by Yamamoto and Kubo, and then the anime’s costume designer simplified and modified them so that they would be suitable to be animated. (Before actually animating them there’s a further step: the anime’s color designer is going to decide the exact colors, shadows and highlights included, that will be used inside the anime. I translated an interview with the color designer Izumi Hirose some time ago)

I usually don’t add pictures but this time I felt that it would be better to add them as an immediate reference. However, they are just for reference and are not meant to be visually stunning, so please bear with the quality because I just took photos of the magazine with my phone and quickly edited them.

Translation under the cut! (kind of image-heavy)

***If you wish to share this translation please do it by reblogging or posting a link to it***

***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

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“Don’t bother,” he replies grimly, “I said I wasn’t interested in this. If we fucked, sorry for leading you on, if we didn’t, I don’t know why you’d want to be associated with me anyways.” And Harry wants this conversation to end right there, now that he’s said his piece, so he looks back towards Y/N and says, “These are organic grapes, no?”

The girl gets the hint, leaving with a huff and Y/N tuts her tongue at him.

“You’re so mean, Harry! What if she really liked you?”

Harry shakes his head, “She liked my cock not me.” He says apathetically, and Y/N’s face turns towards sheepish like it always does when the mere mention of his escapades comes to head (which it doesn’t often, but he knows Y/N has ears and she hears things), “‘sides, she was rude to you. I don’t like that.” He straightens out, “Did you take your medicine?”


Harry doesn’t really like people, but he likes Y/N

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How to Annotate Literature

Many times language and literature classes require students to annotate the books that are given to them, but in many cases tips and advice on how to do so is lacking. I will be sharing my personal strategy for efficient and successful annotating that will not only help your understanding of the text but also gain the love of your teachers!

The tips have been divided into 5 components, each with their own explanation.

Sticky Tabs are Your Best Friend

I don’t know how I would manage to annotate without my sticky tabs. They help me organize and navigate the book before the reading, remind me what to look for while i’m going through the text and help me find whatever I may need once I get to further analysis for the class. 

Create a key for your tabs, personally I use five colors each having a few specific purposes based on where I place them in the book. Most stickies are accompanied by a specific note that will remind me of what I wanted to point out, these stick out of the right margin. 

  • Pink- Anything to do with characters, be it development or certain traits to remember. It can also be used for when you have questions about character related aspects of the text.
  • Orange- Refers to setting, in plays it is also applicable for stage directions.
  • Yellow- Is used for literary devices and use of language (tone, diction, patterns) and syntax, if there is a particular word the author used or a structure you want to take note of, this is the color to use. 
  • Green- Applicable to any important plot events, notable scenes or things that you think will be significant later in the story.
  • Blue- Themes and context of said ideas, anything to do with time, place and space in which the text takes place. It can also relate to how your context (a student reading a book for a literature course) impacts your perception of the text.

These are the things teachers usually look out for and it is certainly useful in any kind of further task! 

The top and bottom margins can be used to divide the book in to sections, such as chapters or scenes, mark the most important pages and to also highlight text to text connections. These colors you can pick yourself!

I do not recommend having more than 5 sticky tabs per page, otherwise it gets too crowded and they lose their purpose! (but you will still need to buy aaa lloootttt)

This is my key for the book I am currently annotating, Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw. 

Don’t Overdo it With the Highlighter

Find one color highlighter that you like the most and use it to mark explicit words or phrases that catch your attention, you can also use them in correlation with you sticky tabs! 

I prefer to use a yellow highlighter because it seems to bleed the least, and I usually use it in relation to the the yellow and blue tabs because those are the ones that relate to the most detailed and minute parts of the text. Once again you can find your own preference! But don’t overdo it, otherwise, like the tabs, the highlighter will lose its function to highlight important points. 

This is an example of how much highlighting I usually do. For non-fictional texts or parts of a book (like in the introduction you see here) I reserved highlighter for dates and names. 

Have a Conversation With the Author

This is one of the first tips that my high school teacher gave me and it’s really one of the most important ones to remember. And I know, it may sound kinda silly, but I find that it really helps me in developing my ideas and remembering exactly how I felt about a certain aspect of part of the text. 

Whether the text is fiction of non fiction, anything in between, you can always do these few things

  • Ask questions- As if you were going to get an answer, ask questions, write them down and write down as many as you want. Writing things down helps people remember so then it is more likely that in a class discussion you will be able to recall your queries or wonders. 
  • If you don’t like something, or you’re surprised by something, write it down! Use exclamation marks, use words that you would use in a regular conversation. I always write ‘WOW!!’ or ‘OMG’ when i’m especially impressed, and having such vocal- well written vocally- emotions will bring you closer to the subject of the text. 
  • Talk to the characters as well, if you are questioning a character’s actions ask them and provide an explanation as to why you speculate they may have acted a certain way. Not only does that further contribute to your involvement (also making things more entertaining) but it also deepens your thought!

What i’m trying to say is write down anything that comes to mind, your first response is your true response, and it is a valuable addition to your notes! And if you want to write a whole essay in between the lines… Actually, i’ll come back to that later! 

Pens, not Pencils 

I used to make notes completely in pencil but my approach changed when I realized that overtime the pencil would rub off and get illegible. I think it was because I used my book so much, but having switched to pen I realized that it helps me in quite a few other things as well. 

The good thing about pen is that you can’t erase it and let’s say you started writing down a note, scan down the page and realize what you are taking a note of is completely wrong. That’s ok! That’s actually really good! Don’t scribble out what you just wrote down, but instead continue and explain why you may have thought a certain way and what your understanding is now. That relates really closely to the previous note. 

Evidently pen also appears darker on the page, then there’s no possibility of it ever disappearing. It also won’t smudge or bleed as long as it’s ballpoint! That’s a good thing when drawing arrows between lines, underlining in addition to your highlights and circling/boxing whatever you deem necessary.

Time, Effort and Commitment

It’s clear that this post took me a while to make, and it took me a while to develop this system with all of the things that I have considered. So it must be self evident that using this type of annotation won’t be quick. It might get tiring at some times, and for me it really does, but at the end I find that it always pays off! You have to stay committed to this technique, you have to put in the same amount of effort for every page, which means you need time. So here are a few final general tips I will leave you with.

  • Don’t procrastinate! As goes for any task, and this one more than any, don’t waste time getting to it! I advice you check how many pages you have in total and make sure that you do a certain amount per day (usually 5-10 pages a day is good!)
  • If you go off on massive tangents in the side bars, make sure that you don’t get too distracted by them because they will take up a lot of your time. But one now and then may be good! Be sure to mark it for later reference!
  • Play mind games with yourself. This one is actually pretty interesting but it personally gets me a long way. If you have 20 pages left, don’t look at it as 20 pages but instead as 4 times 5, then the amount will seem a lot more manageable! It’s a kind of self encouragement!
  • That can also be said by looking now and then at how far your bookmark has moved through the book and giving yourself a pat on the back for all of you hard work!

That’s all I have for now! If you have any further questions for advice or explanation please message me and I will be more than happy to help! And I hope that this helps some people out too! (I’m counting this as 21/100 days of productivity as all I did today was related to annotating.)

Misdialed Call (Part One)

Summary: After an overall bad day, you call your best friend to rant and to vent. But when you accidentally misdial, you end up talking to a complete stranger. What you don’t know is that this stranger may not be a stranger at all. He may even be the world’s first superhero. (Drabble Series)

Author’s Note: Hey guys. I’m back from my hiatus. I’ve miss you guys so much. I hope to continue writing for a while now that midterms are over and done with. I hope you guys enjoy this series and thank you for everything!
Also, special thanks to Combat Anon for the idea of this series!

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 934

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