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Listen... no offense but if DCEU decides to cast every known JL member down the line (Green Lantern, Shazam, Martian Manhunter etc) it'll get WAY too crowded in the shared scenes. It'll be basically 7-8 noisy people arguing and overlapping each other's voices.

what do you think the justice league comics are like

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Seeing how the Marines cheered at Dressrosa, is the Kuzan-Cora pairing also well-liked in the Marine community? They do have whether... unique personalities - how surprise was everyone about the pairing at first? And did anyone started a bet on when they will finally get together considering how long it took?

Rocinante: Kuzan was a very popular admiral. There are a lot of Marines further down the ranks who like not having to go with absolute Justice.

Kuzan: Roci was pretty popular too, in the same crowd. And given Fujitora seems to be of a somewhat similar stance to me and probably has  a lot of my former subordinates working for him, they probably either knew or at least we totally going to be fine with it.

Mihawk: Shanks, stop giving me that look-

Shanks: All I was going to ask was-

Mihawk: I am not going to track down Fujitora to ask if he ships it.

Kuzan: And thank you for that, Hawk Eyes.

“Fucking rain,” Sirius muttered under his breath and rushed to the bus stop, dreaming of his sweet home and a long hot bath. The fortune wasn’t on his side since morning: he slept late for work, had a crazy day with too many customers and found out he forgot to take his umbrella. The sky was threateningly black all day and of course it was stupid to hope he could reach home without getting wet. At least he wasn’t too far away from the bus stop and had to put up with his hair sticking more and more to his forehead and his mascara becoming black stains over his cheeks only for a couple of minutes.

Or more than a couple of minutes. All space under the roof was crowded with people, too many people. No way could he get under there. Fuck. Sirius was almost ready to die out of despair on the spot when he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

A very tall man with adorable and dry sandy curls and dimples was standing in front of him, smiling. Sirius was starting to think he wanted to make fun of him or something when he noticed his face wasn’t wet anymore. Well, it still was but the rain wasn’t making it more wet. He looked up and finally noticed that the stranger was holding an umbrella, a ridiculous purple one with black paws, above both of them. 

“Oh, thank you so much,” Sirius sighed in relief, “I thought I was going to drown here.”

“Don’t ignore this opportunity, we both still can drown if this waterfall doesn’t stop soon,” the man grinned. His voice made Sirius’s ears melt, low and husky.

“Well, if we’re going to die together, I might as well ask your name?” Sirius tried to sound flirtatious, but quickly remembered that he still had mascara on his face and immediately dug into his bag for a tissue and maybe a mirror.

“Remus,” he said, looking amused by Sirius’s actions, “And you?”

“Sirius,” he mumbled in response, hoping that he was too cold to blush, but still feeling his cheeks heating up. 

“Want me to hold it?” Remus asked with a chuckle as Sirius tried to hold his bag and the mirror while cleaning his face with the tissue.

Sirius silently shoved the mirror in Remus’s free hand, too embarrassed to speak. 

“You are good,” Remus said and smiled reassuringly when Sirius tried to rub his face for the third time.

“Sorry,” Sirius smiled back hesitantly, putting his possessions back in his bag.

“Oh, don’t be,” Remus shook his head and stopped his gaze at Oscar Wilde’s book that stuck out of Sirius’s bag. “Good choice.”

A bus stopped next to them, but Remus didn’t make a move and Sirius, even though the bus was good for his direction, stayed too. It seemed impolite to leave and he didn’t actually want to leave.

“Yeah, I like it. Don’t think I’d like those back in childhood though, they don’t seem like actual kids stories,” Sirius shrugged. 

“Kind of dark, aren’t they?” Remus agreed. 

Sirius nodded, not sure what else to say, but in desperate want to continue the conversation. Remus was really nice.

“So,” he started uneasily, “Are you going home from work or?”

“I am going from work, but not home. Well, not my home. To my friend’s house,” Remus explained lightly.

“Oh, good. I’m living with my best friends, so basically I go to my friend’s house every day,” Sirius grinned, “Though with my today luck I won’t be surprised if I get killed by lightning somewhere along the way.”

Another bus stopped, but Remus didn’t move. So didn’t Sirius. 

“Bad day?” he asked sympathetically.

“Kind of,” Sirius sighed, “I really love my work, but not when there are so many people and I wanna sleep.”

“Where do you work?” Remus asked, placing his hand on Sirius’s shoulder to put in order his t-shirt’s sleeve that slipped down his arm.    

Sirius leant closer into touch, Remus’s hand feeling incredulously warm on his cold skin. “Ah?”

Remus smirked, keeping his hand on Sirius’s shoulder longer than necessary. “Where do you work?”

Sirius tried to concentrate. Where did he actually work? Remus wasn’t touching him anymore and still he had a hard time thinking. 

“Mm? Coffeeshop! I work in a coffeeshop,” he sighed in relief, embarrassed by his reaction. But Remus had soft hands, it was all his fault. 

Yet one more bus reached them and Remus didn’t even look at it, only shooting a strange glare to Sirius. But he was willing to stay more, if Remus didn’t want this one.

“Coffeeshop?” he smiled, “I should visit sometime.”

Sirius nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, definitely.”

“I’ll bring you actual stories for kids. I work in a bookshop.”

Sirius grinned. “Nerd, huh?”

“You don’t want to know about me knitting,” Remus rolled his eyes. He looked too cute for his own good even like that. 

“Amazing,” Sirius laughed quietly. “Where does your friend live though? Three buses, you didn’t get on one.”

Remus blinked. He was looking at Sirius dumbfounded and with every second his eyebrows were raising higher. “I was waiting for you to get on a bus.”

It was Sirius’s turn to stare now, trying to find the explanation. There was a chance Remus didn’t want to leave him, but Sirius knew all consequences of wishful thinking. “Why?”

“Because I’m the one who has an umbrella?” Sirius looked up, as if only now understanding that the rain was still there. “Really, I didn’t want you to get wet. More wet,” he added, taking a look at Sirius’s soaking clothes. 

“Oh… Oh! Right! Sorry, I’m sorry,” Sirius exclaimed, a little disappointed. Disappointed a lot, to be honest. 

“And also I didn’t want to stop talking. Do you want to give me your number when we get on the next bus?” Remus asked with a broad, but unsure smile.

“I do, I do,” Sirius answered quickly, “And we really should meet again. As a date,” his cheeks were burning at the last words, but he looked straight in Remus’s eyes to find him grinning sheepishly.

“Yes, I think we just have to.”

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emm .hi ... (I'm so embarrassed <////< ) I'd like to see G suddenly surrounded by girls and he does not understand why. (This is actually because he's too cute)

The crowd is too rabid…so we can’t get closer than this it seems.

original G!sans belongs to Borurou//inspiration from @junkpilestuff


Sufjan Stevens @ Pitchfork

This was hands down one of my favourite concerts of all time. It was incredible. Sufjan sounded so so good and I’m still finding it hard to believe that I witnessed a show like that. I staked out at the front with a bunch of people I met that day and we spent the day eating Popsicles and talking about sufjans music. One of the best days I’ve ever had ❤️

In this Australian KFC ad, a very white dude finds himself sharing bleachers with a bunch of considerably less white dudes, who are being all loud and nonwhite-like. The protagonist covers his face with his hands to indicate his displeasure, as if his look of quiet panic wasn’t eloquent enough already.

The man addresses us to ask, “Stuck in an awkward situation?” And then, with the supreme confidence of his colonialist ancestors, he produces a signature bowl of deep fried chicken out of nowhere and holds it up as a silent offering to his captors. Suddenly, the crowd is soothed. “Too easy,” he tells us.

When the clip went viral, KFC apologized unreservedly and explained that it wasn’t really racist at all, because they were unaware of the “black people can’t resist fried chicken” stereotype and would never, ever demean minorities. We’d be more willing to believe this if 1) this hadn’t aired in notoriously-racist Australia, and 2) this was the only time KFC tried to tell us that the only way to communicate with black people is through chicken

Shockingly Offensive Ads From Way Too Recently


Original quote is from The IT Crowd (Season 1, Episode 4)

[By the way, I did change the original quote slightly because in that scene there were actually three characters having a conversation rather than two, but I didn’t know who to add as a third for this thing]

also let’s ignore that this is actually aoba’s bedroom for the sake of humour :P


because it’s not the fall that kills you. it’s not the fall, it’s never the fall. it’s the LANDING.

I woke up to all these encouraging comments on the GISHBUS fan art post, and I was half in tears, half wondering if I was still dreaming.
I actually go to every reblog to read your comments and tags too!

Thank you, every single one of you, for your kind and encouraging words.

As scary as it is to be blessed with a fleeting chance to meet Misha, I’m overwhelmingly panicked by the crowds and overall craze of SDCC (believe me, I usually avoid downtown SD this time of year).
Even IF I DO get there, I just have this inkling I’d be too nervous to try to push through the crowd and get to talk to Misha (or the GISHBUS team) to give the picture to them.

I just tweeted it to… I dunno, just anything to give me that insane courage to say “’Thank You’ for portraying depression (especially around 11x06) in a very subtle, believable way.” And thank him for everything he is and does.

Again, Thank YOU for your extremely kind words of encouragement.
Every one of them is like a good luck charm for me.
Thank you so SO much.

lance craves physical connection in the purest form. he had a big family, and probably at most times his house was crowded with people which means he probably didnt have too much personal space outside his room. he could sit on the couch and have people on both sides of him and in front of him on the floor. there’d always be some sort of light physical connection and Lance grew to get used to it and actually really like it.

Now up in space with the others, he craves the physical connection he got from his family. This leads to “accidentally” bumping into the others time to time. “accidentally” hitting pidge’s hand when going to grab the same thing. “accidentally” bumping shoulders in the halls with shiro and allura. sometimes even purposefully setting keith off because he knows he’ll do something physical like grab his shirt or punch his arm and at this point even the painful physical connection feels good. Considering he’s known Hunk the longest of all of them, he’ll do more obvious + comfortable things like sit too close to him so their arms/legs touch or when they lounge he’ll sit with his legs across hunk’s.

He’s being really obvious so of course Hunk notices his antics first and confronts him about. Lance gets a little teary eyed over his family but he doesn’t cry. he explains it to hunk and hunk immediately pulls him into a hug and lets his arm linger around his back because this has been what lance has been needing for a long time. Now when the group is standing around and Lance needs that slight physical connection, he’ll lean into hunk and hunk will put his arm around him or lance will grab his hand and hunk will squeeze lance’s hand for comfort + assurance. it’s really nice and Lance is happy to have such a good boyfriend like Hunk.