I really got curious on Yufuin’s early designs and I did some editing to see the design clearly.

This is only I can make out after tweaking the bright and contrast settings to make a silhouette out of it. He’s like a wearing cape?? but more like a Medieval Prince-like style with those rocking white long gloves and boots. Unlike others designs, his are more sophisticated and more…PRINCE-LIKE vibe among all! What a beautiful prince ;A;

Gosh i tried to do this so fast the lineart looks crappy im so sorry…
but yeah! Happy anniversary to undertaleeee~
15 September!☆☆☆
I joined this fandom like, a year ago?
Well last year around December actually (god i reminded of my cringy art //cri)
Yeah so this is my fanart for today ehehe
Undertale by Toby Fox

our queen and heroine Kuchiki Rukia in some pink-ish/pastel-ish version of her bankai.

while drawing this (sorry for crappy lineart and simple-as-fuck background) i tought how Ichigo would react if he saw Rukia in this state…
so yeah, here’s my first (and i think not last) drabble-ish ichiruki fanfiction. i want to say sorry for my small dictionary, but anyway… enjoy, my friends!
also dedicated to my love @nekoshi-chan

untilted, 165 words

he din’t know, how to feel. is he proud? astonished? speechless because of how beautiful and calm she is?
she didn’t see him - her eyes shut and head down, her zanpakutō was held in her delicate, pale hands as confident as when she trasferred her own power into him. little ice drops were dancing in air, surrounding her.
she didn’t move, just like a statue of a beautiful, ice goddess.
his goddess. his queen.
she was everything to him.

so delicate and graceful, but powerful and dangerous. Ichigo glared at her, when she suddenly opened her eyes - her beautiful purple eyes turnet light violet, lashes were covered in snow and ice.
Rukia looked ahead and raised zanpakutō very gently. her face was full in determination, but fearless.
he didn’t know what she wanted to do, he was afraid she could harm herself. her body seemed so fragile…
but when he heard her voice, he stopped his breath for a while.

Hakka no Togame


~*Inktober Day 12*~

Based on one of first decent doodles of Ryuji/Skull I made, with said doodle posted again :v And here I was thinking I got better at drawing him… XD
//Also there’s just a normal crappy lineart there too, you’re free to color it or sth if u wanna :v Just let me know tho bc that would be cool XD//

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I challenge you to draw all yugioh dorks with important necklaces.. |▰◕△◕▰|


(though i get the feeling i might have forgotten some people)

uhmm,,,, heres some very bad line art of eridan based off of this fic which i’ve been followin for awhile now and i said i would do art for it and uhhh i hope the author likes it and ill think of maybe doing a finished version? sorry for the random purple colored bits, i just realized i forgot to go in and fix them oops (i also forgot that he dyed his hair violet but shhhh)