falselordzalzabar asked:

Boo! I am a False Lord; my favorite color is currently a nice neon dark blue; favorite ship is always a hard one because there are so many, so I think I'll go with the first real one: Bats and Cats (Batman and Catwoman); favorite ice cream flavor is probably moose tracks or Rainbow Cone... mmmm rainbow cone; and I have no cats since I too, sneeze a lot in their presence (I still want to pet them though...)

How do you get neon AND dark? Bats and Cats huh? heh. I don’t think I’ve heard of Rainbow Cone. Rainbow sherbet is pretty good though. :)

southcreekrp asked:

Hello love! We’re a brand new town roleplay with plenty of open fcs and were wondering if you could give us an opinion, pretty please? Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

I’d be happy to help, fam. Oh my god?? This is really cute which is weird since this looks like it might be a murder plot and murder based roleplays are usually really dark and unattractive. The color scheme on this is beautiful, i never thought i’d be this delighted by something so dark aha. The graphics are creative and inviting which is hard to do with such a gross plot—somehow yall pulled it off so props to whoever did the aesthetics!! I was really excited to read the plot since everything else was going so well, but i was a little let down. The plot has been done before and it’s pretty boring at this point—sigh. I’m not really sure why people only make rich areas the target of murders it’s almost like…the only people….that seem to get murdered…have loads of money…., but i would absolutely love to see a plot where the murders are done in a ‘poor’ area where the cases aren’t getting solved and the townspeople are the ones trying to figure out who did it and stuff but yea this stuff is corny and usually doesn’t survive long enough to even find out who the killer is so it stopped being interesting to me about 3 years ago wow i didn’t mean to rant like that i swear lmfao. However, this looks great so i’m sure you’ll get people applying to this in no time. Anyway i’m rooting for yall, good luck!!