conradricamora: It’s #nationalcoffeeday and #HTGAWM day! What’s your go-to coffee drink? Mine: iced americano with whipped cream. ☕️. I have a long love affair with coffee and the places and people that serve it. I created a student run coffeehouse with my friend Tanya when I was an undergrad minoring in business at @queensuniv. And one of my best friends in Charlotte owned Dilworth Coffeehouse where I worked for 3 years.  My dream is to one day live above a coffee shop that I own/work at in the west village in NYC. We will serve a baked good called “puppyknuckles”. Our take on the bear claw. It’s a work in progress. ❤️

hopefully tumblr wont eat my quality.    First glimpse at Kaius’ tweened shadow for the forestfire scene (which you shouldnt know about but i’m telling you anyway.)  30+ tweens coupled with AE automations and basic Particle systems.  Need to add his labcoat tomorrow and the other motion pieces for his claw motion, but once thats done i can work on the main section of the animation and get this dumb thing out.

Btw, first ever attempt at character tweening.  Not bad for someone who has no freaking clue what he’s doing.

Villainkin that are awesome:

  • Super evil mega villains who burn down cities and murder in cold blood and are total evil badasses.
  • Less accomplished baddies who are still a work in progress,or never got their big heist, or aren’t as popular as others.
  • Sympathetic anti-heroes who’ve done some bad but have put that behind them.
  • Good guys turned bad,here to wreck stuff and kick butt!
  • Villains who have tragic, complex backstories, that drive them.
  • Villains who do bad for the fun of it.
  • The accomplished bad guys who want to stop.
  • Villains who can claw their way to the top without ever having to kill anyone.
  • All of them. Literally all of them.

(I’m using Bloo as an example, since the other Bander I did, Redd, did not change in terms of design!)

Been doing some musing, and I hit on an idea of sorts on how to sort out any future bander fursuits.

As you can see from the Works in progress photos (the two in the middle) Bloo’s arms and legs were built on foam - the claws are made from foam carved down, and the vinyl slid on top. The feet are a perfect round circle, save for the claws, and then made to taper with foam that was later added on.

The foam arms and feet led to a very monstery looking suit, as you can see from the completed fullsuit and the bodysuit photo I’ve included.

However, it does limit the person’s ability to hold items, since those claws extend further down the arms, and cannot be moved. They are also difficult to slide in and out (via zips underneath the arms) The hands can still slide out, they have a special slit,

Another problem of having the foam arms be separate from the rest of the suit is that the holes for the claws to slide through can sometimes not be placed right, and show foam gaps.

The first drawing shows the foamwork underneath the bodysuit, and as you can see, it can dramatically change a person’s shape. This is ALL of the padding I use inside of the bander suits, and will continue to be like this until someone requests for me to add additional padding (say, on their stomach, or chest)

The second drawing is basically a much lighter option - stuffed polyfil pillows sewn into a rough shape of the arm, and either attached to the sleeve of the underarmour via snaps or vecro, or held in pockets on the inside of the arm. The claws would be either made from expanding foam or fleece, with a small hollow at the bottom of the claws to help add some dexterity to the hands, which, while may not be much, would give the suiter much more ability to pick up items.

The arms would have a small amount of fur at the bottom of the claws to sew them onto the arms, so they would remain in place and not have to worry about the fur shifting into the wrong places.

The lower legs would remain the same method, it was more the arms I wanted to change.

I plan to test this theory at some point, possibly with another person who wants a bandersuit after discussing which method they’d like me to do.

The inspiration for this came from Piston’s Dagnabbit and Chie! 




Hello!  I’ve gotten a lot of requests to see progress pix or a tutorial of how I made Drogon for my Daenerys Season 3 cosplay.  A lot of work went into this thing, and over pretty fun and interesting experience.  My first time making such a large scale project.  Wire frame, batting, hand sewn skin, clay head, claws, and feet.  Hope this helps!


 It’s cold, although it is always cold these days. We can’t seem to escape it. It’s damp and biting and claws past your skin to settle in your bones, making joints ache and teeth chatter. Winter has always been a struggle. Master Splinter does his best to see us through it, but this year the snow keeps coming and the temperature rarely climbs above freezing. I try to stay positive. Spring always follows eventually. Winter can’t last forever. When the pipes glaze over with frost once more and even huddling together doesn’t keep the night-time cold at bay I start to worry that I might never feel warm again.

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A few progress shots of where I’m at currently with my Tiana painting.

I always loved the princess and the frog fairytale growing up and although the movie was very different I loved it too. 

Other than sketch and prep work I’ve only really managed to focus on the face so far, which is why her hand in the third one looks like a lobster claw 

I had a hard time picking the outfit I wanted to draw her in and went with the dress she wears when she buys her restaurant. It was an empowering moment to me and it’s the only thing she wears that isn’t a uniform or wedding dress. I almost picked the one she wore walking down the floor of her restaurant, but I wanted to portray her when she was happiest. Newlywed and achieving her dream. 

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“You still love him. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be hurting like this.”

Ben put his injured hand over his chest, clawing at it, pain seeping once more from his wounded fingers. His heart was beating fast again to the point of hurting, and it took minutes before he calmed down enough to search through his closet for a cloak.

What She’s Worth

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