Holtzmann handed her a large, cumbersome proton wand that looked like the business end of a vacuum cleaner. It was attached to a flexible tube that was in turn attached to the proton box. And even for its size, the wand was surprisingly heavy. It took two hands to lift it.

“This will shoot a proton stream, so just aim it at the ghost when I say. Oh god, I almost forgot—”

Aim it at the ghost? Erin thought incredulously as Holtzmann clapped what looked like a metal neck brace around her neck. A look of horror crossed her face as she realized it was attached with a thick wire to the machine.

“Just a little bit of grounding,” Holtzmann explained. “Okay, don’t move too much. Or talk. And definitely don’t sweat.”  

 – Ghostbusters Movie Novelization by Nancy Holder


[ remember children. mitsuru is your mom. she will provide you a good educational method, give you presents if you get good grades at school, welcome you home everytime you return, teach you right and elegant manners to adopt in front of guests or adults, complain the way you dress although she lacks of fashion sense but you should at least wear a shirt or something because she wants you to stay warm and comfortable, panic in front of your messy room and call the police if you happen to disappear with an untidy bedroom left behind, teach you self-defence, execute any kind of p e r v you might meet AND F-ING THREATEN AND SCOLD INCOMPETENT TEACHERS, WITH NO SE L F   RESta ints. bc she can . she cares. that’s her way to show you she cares yes.

MItsuru before the June Full Moon: “ah you want to know what happened to the professor? oh. i see. well, sometimes there are things in this world that are best if left unknown. this is one of those times.” ]

if u were a gifted/talented child who passed tests without studying and now never studies and barely passes tests bc u don’t know how to study clap your hands

We Always Do This

Odd enough, this is because of a song. I was listening to Maroon 5: One More Night and inspiration came. I used to write a lot of song fics, and I might start back. Until then, here is something for you guys. I hope you like it. 

She sat on the edge of the couch, finally watching Rain’s long awaited drama, and some crap was going down. What was happening? No, Rain don’t cry. She wiped at her tears, with her over sized sweater sleeve, and tried to suck up her tears. 

A huge clap of thunder, made her jump and her TV flicker, as she sat in her Seoul apartment, alone on a Saturday night. 

“No! Please, don’t do this!” She almost knocked over her bowl of Udon, as she tried to look out the window. 

The rain had been coming down steadily, but now it kicked up. She was hoping those distant claps of thunder wouldn’t get closer, but she was too absorbed into her show to realize that they did. 

The TV stuttered once, more and then every light went out. 

“NO!” She screamed, throwing her head back on her sofa, finally aware of the sound of the rain beating at her window. A thunder clap rattled the windows, and a bright flash of lightning, brightened her living room. 

She sighed, sitting up, finishing off the broth of her Udon, with a huff. Time for bed, she supposed and slowly walked to the kitchen. Her eyes adjusting to the darkness, she rinsed her bowl, and placed it in the sink for later. She rummaged through a drawer and found a flashlight, sighing. 

She clicked it on, thanking heaven the batteries seemed fresh. Walking to her back porch, she moved the curtain, and stood on the patio. The humid night air would cause havoc on her thick curls if she stayed too long. She hadn’t even tied her hair up for the night. Grunting, she surveyed the street below, and every light was out. Emergency lights on the corner of the streets were on, she squinted her eyes looking at the building across from her. Totally dark, she could see flashlights through people’s windows sweeping around. 

Closing the patio door, she turned back to the living room, and was about to go down the hall to bed, when a heavy knock sounded at the door. Once, then twice, she bit her lip, raising an eyebrow, walking to the door looking out the peeper. 

The black, perfectly coiffed hair could be no one else. She sucked in a breath, feeling her heart race as he turned his sharp lined jaw to the peeper and knocked again. 

“Jagi! Open the door, you have nowhere to go anyway.” She could hear him muffling a burp. 

She said nothing, pressing her forehead to the door. Why was he here? Why did he have to come back? She pressed a hand to her stomach, feeling queasy just looking at his face. She could say she didn’t love him all she wanted, the heart was always going to ring true. 

“Baby, I know you’re there.” He knocked again. 

She had to answer, her neighbors would get pissed if he stayed out there and he would. She licked her lips, trying to get her face to look as unimpressed and passive as possible as she opened the door. The LED emergency lights lining the hall, shone on his perfect face as he smiled at her. 

“I knew you were home, let me in.” Just like him to give her instructions and not ask, she rolled her eyes at her ex boyfriend, Choi Seunghyun also known as TOP. 

“What are you doing here?” She didn’t let him in, holding the door still, as she glared at him. 

He reached into the crack, thin fingers touching her chin. “Don’t be a brat, jagiya. I’m soaked, I have no cell phone, I’ve been drinking.” 

“All the more reason, for you to walk home in the rain and sober up.” She opened the door more, looking down at the puddle he was making on the floor of the hallway. 

He raised an eyebrow, groaning then pushed open the door and pushed her out of the way and into her home. She was half shocked he even did that, but knew that she could stop him…if she had wanted. Why didn’t she try harder? 

He took off his coat, and shoes, then his socks. He balled them up and stood up to look at her. “Should I give these to you?” 

“I’m not your maid or your girlfriend. Go to the sink and ring out your socks, leave your shoes there, and hang up your coat.” She reached behind him and locked the door, then walked toward the living room. Keenly aware, she wasn’t wearing pants, only underwear under this sweater. 

“Why wouldn’t you let me in?” His deep voice behind her, as he made his way past her into the kitchen. 

She sighed, sitting down on her sofa, head in her hands. “I told you, I didn’t want to see you again.” 

Seunghyun laughed, a deep booming sound. She heard the water, hit the sink. “You said that what? Four months ago? We met up 2 months ago in Paris, at that fashion show.” 

“Correction, Jiyong was with us.” She could feel the layer of ice around her heart, start to melt. The first ice cold drip landing in her stomach. 

“He was. But he wasn’t in the bed with us that night. Or the next night.” She knew he was looking at her, she could feel his dark eyes burning on her. 

Washing his hands in the sink, she heard him rip a paper towel, and then she heard his belt buckle. 

“What are you doing?” Her head darted up in time to see him rounding the corner in nothing but his boxers. 

“I was soaked, I had to get out of my clothes. I’m pretty sure you have some of mine here.” He took the flashlight from her hands, and started to walk past her and down the hall, to her room. Formally, their room. 

“TOP.” She stood up, trying to pull down the sweater, that stopped just at her butt.” “TOP.” She called, just as he opened the door to her room.

He went directly to her closet, shining the light to see into a corner, with his name on a plastic bin. “What?”

“You can’t just come in here like you live here and start rummaging through things. Invading my privacy. Coming into my life.” She leaned against the door frame, crossing her arms, the long nails tapping on her arms. 

He picked out a pair of cotton pants and a shirt. “I’m staying one night. Don’t start on me with that shit.” 

She threw her hands into the air, just as the thunder rolled again. “Who said you could stay? I’m calling you a cab and youre going home, you aren’t staying here!” 

He said nothing, getting dressed, and she turned towards her bed grabbing her cell phone. 

“It’s dead.” He said, just as she realized that it was. “I called you three times. Straight to voicemail. That’s how I know.” 

Gritting her teeth, she plugged in the phone. “When the power kicks back on, it will charge.”

“That’ll be in the morning. The power probably won’t come back on tonight.” He put his hands in the pockets of the cotton sleeping pants, staring at her. 

“Wipe that smug ass grin off your face.” She sat down on her bed, head in her hands. She felt the ice on her heart crack.

She could hear him close the door, and the flashlight shined on her. She didn’t move as he sat next to her on the bed, the mattress dipping from his weight. 

“I’ll sleep on the couch, since it bothers you so much. You don’t have to be so mean to me jagiya.” She felt his fingers brush at her hair, he was twisting a loose curl around his finger. “I still care about you, you care about me.” 

She blinked her eyes, refusing to cry. This was bad. They were bad together and for each other. “We care about each other, we hurt each other. We are toxic, we are dysfunctional. We need to stop.” 

She heard him groan. “Not this again. We are creative souls-” 

“Shut up” She stood up, looking down at him. “Don’t start that bullshit with me again.” 

He smiled at her, shrugging his shoulders. “It worked last time. So fine, we won’t get into that. How have you been? What have you been working on? Who have you been seeing?” 

Her face was one of shock. Did he really expect her to jump back into a plain conversation with him, like they had no connection? She leaned her head back, groaning loud. He laughed. Laughed at what she was doing. Then his arms were around her waist, he was pulling her down on the bed, to sit on his lap. 

She struggled to get up but he held her tight. The feel of his body against her, warm and solid. His wine scented breath near her neck, she turned her head away, the grip of his fingers in her sides. 

“Let me go.” She said, breathing heavily from the struggle. 

“After you calm down, and we can talk like two sane adults.” He had a point. She shouldn’t be putting up this much of a fight, it only confirmed to him, what she already knew. 

Once she settled, he set her on her own, taking her hand in his, he turned her hand palm side up and traced the lines on her hand. “I know you and Seungri went out a few times.” 

She snatched her hand from his. “And?” 

His eyes dark, he looked up at her. “One of my members? Really?”

She scoffed. “You’re so conceited as to think, I wanted to date Seungri to be close to you?” She laughed haughtily. “Don’t flatter yourself, TOP, he asked me out, we went on two dates and neither of us felt it. Leave Seungri alone, he’s sweet.” 

“Stop calling me TOP.” He snatched her hand back, massaging her fingers. “Call me Seunghyun, you know that.”  

“That’s reserved for friends.” She let him massage her hand, knowing he’d just take it back again. The first chunk of ice fell from her heart.

“And we are?” He pulled her closer by her wrist, his lips next to hers.

A memory flashed, of them kissing in Paris. He promised not to the same person, he swore. She made a promise to be more vocal, that she would different. Things would be different. He made love to her on the veranda of the house they were staying in. 

She turned her face, as he tried to apply pressure, kissing her cheek instead. “We’re something else.”

Seunghyun smiled, she always did play hard to get. It just made him work harder. “I haven’t had anyone since you.” 

“Don’t lie to me TOP, I’ve seen the women you’ve been pictured with.” She stood up, and she felt his fingers ghost down her thighs. 

“They aren’t you. They are toys, simply for pleasure.” He was so sure of his statement. 

“You’ve always had a few toys haven’t you?” She couldn’t stay in her room, walking out, to get a drink the kitchen.

He followed her, his footsteps heavy, she knew he was angry. “Don’t start shit with me >>>, you know you were my only one. I never cheated on you.” 

“Never said you did, doesn’t mean I liked your groupies.” She grabbed a bottle of water, realizing no electricity meant no AC. It was getting warm. 

TOP sighed. “I miss you.” 

She drank the water, relishing the cool taste on her tongue. “Fuck you.” She put the cap on the water, taking it with her as she walked past him. 

He grabbed her arm, pulling her in close to his side. “That can be arranged.” 

He held her tight, moving his grip from her wrist to her elbow, then her arm. She shivered, an electric chill going down her spine, she felt her body loosen, the ice gone now, her heart thumped in her chest. His other hand on her lower back, he moved the sweater his hand on the top edge of her panties. He sucked in a breath, moving so she was between his legs, his hand coasting up her back. His tan flesh against the brown of her skin, she could see it. She could see him like he was in Monaco, behind her hand skating up her spine, as she pushed into her. 

“We always do this. Aren’t you tired of this game between us?” She looked up at his eyes, her own brimming with wetness. “We never really change, we are who we are, and maybe it’s best we are alone.”

He kissed her, and she allowed it. She let his lips touch her, this was going to be harder now. “We are kindred souls. I’m always going to yearn for you.” His hand was on her stomach now, his thumb bumping over the hold of her belly button. 

“I can’t do this again. You’re killing me.” She hung her head, thankful that her curls hid her face. 

“You act like I haven’t died because of you.” His fingers dipping into her panties, he barely touched her and she was on fire. “You resurrect me, with you by my side, I’m a phoenix.”

“We aren’t good for each other, Seunghyun. You know that.” He turned her towards him, his hand cupping her sex, the other lifting her chin. 

“We’re dysfunctional, I’ll admit it, but I keep coming back to you.” He kissed her, deep. She didn’t even try, her mouth opening for his tongue, he wiped his tongue over hers, and then down her throat. 

It was over. He took the bottle from her, cupping her ass in his hands, he picked her up. Slender legs around his waist, he massaged the flesh of her ass, moving back to her room. Her arms clinging to him, she moaned as she felt him stiffen in his pants, there is was. The feeling that this was different and everything was ok again. The feeling of him being different. Her being different. No more yelling, no more screaming, no more wandering eyes from him, no more lonely nights, and misunderstood feelings. 

He laid her down on the bed, hands on her thighs, he pulled her panties down, breaking the kiss to press his fingers to the wetness of her core. 

She groaned, lifting her hips, and he obeyed, pressing his fingers inside of her. Just the first two, his thumb he pressed on her clit, and she tried to close her legs. Using his left hand he held them open, lifting her leg to place it on his shoulder. Kisses on her calf, she moaned.

Eyes open she watched his face, she watched a single bead of sweat drip down his face, on his nose and fall. Eyes closed, the memories of them in the back of a car windows fogged, him tossing his wine glass as he yelled at her for being too friendly with other artists. 

His pants off, Seunghyun had his eyes open. Watching her body undulate under his touch, his fingers curled inside her touching the apex of her sweet spot. Eyes closed, he lowered his body over hers memories of her naked in the moonlight as his hand dragged down her stomach, goosebumps in the trail his fingers left. 

Eyes open, she watched him as he lined himself up with her core. He watched her nod her head yes, mouth open as he pressed himself into her. It hurt, but it was so good. Spreading, the feel of his shaft in her channel. He backed out, then slid in. Again and again. 

The rain still beating on the windows, her hands behind her on the pillows, holding on for dear life, his face just above hers, he moaned, her back arching off the bed. 

A flash of lightning illuminates the room, and the shapes of them are cast onto the walls. His hips moving in fluid motion, arms on either side of her body, she lifts her legs. One on his back, rubbing her calf on his ass, the other in the air, toes pointing the ceiling.

Seunghyun knows what that means, he increases his pace, the sloppy sound of her wetness in the room, her ragged breathing makes a symphony with his groans and moans. The constant slap, slap of skin meeting and he leans his head back, the rhythm stutters, and he jerks inside of her just as she finally touches him. Her hands on his buttocks, pulling him in close as she finds her own release. 

He’s smoking, as she lays on the rumpled sheets. The heavy scent of tobacco in the air, she watches him, take a drag, the red cinders glowing. What should they say? What should they do? He knows she doesn’t feel the same, she knows he wants to stay, to try again. So, he says nothing, putting out the cigarette, he lays down next to her, cuddling into her side. She closes her eyes, feeling his hand on her face. 

They always do this. When will things change?

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animooislife04  asked:

Yay!! requests are open!! Can i have the GOM reacting to their s/o belly dancing to Shakira Hips Don't Lie. Thanks love your blog

{Sure thing my guy}

Akashi Seijurou:
Akashi admires the control you have in your body as you dance before him. His eyes take in your every movement, every breath, and every twist of your gut as Shakira belts in the background. When you are close to finishing, he claps with an interested smile on his lips. “You’re quite skilled at controlling your body, _____,” He murmurs before standing up and approaching you, putting his hands on your hips and pulling you towards him with a smirk, “Just what other fascinating positions have you been hiding from me…shall we go find out?”

Aomine Daiki:
Aomine is fixated on your hips the entire time you’re dancing. He dares not to move or even breathe for the entirety of the song, too scared that it might be some sort of wild dream that he’ll regret waking up from. Though near the end of the song, he can’t help himself. He stands up and approaches you mid-dance, putting his hands on your moving hips and whistling low, causing you to shoot a quizzical glance as he smirks. “This tease is pretty great,” He admits before kissing your neck hungrily, “But I kind of want to move on to the main course~.”

Kise Ryouta:
Kise loves the way your body moves, and he loves the song you’re dancing to. He can’t stop himself from standing up and dancing with you, using his talent of copying to copy the way you were moving your hips. He was a natural, and you could not help but watch the way he moved and ground his hips to the beat with you. The two of you shared a delighted gaze, laughing and singing the song together until the belly dance turned into just the two of you moving your bodies in whatever way you felt like. He spun you around at the end, falling over with you from getting dizzy while laughing breathlessly. “Let’s dance like that more often _____cchi!” He insists after the two of you calm down and the song ends.

Kuroko Tetsuya:
Kuroko’s face is dusted a bright pink the entire time you dance in front of him. He watches intently, admiring every curve of your body and observing the way you move with careful eyes. When you finish and ask his opinion, he smiles brightly at you. “You were really incredible,” He compliments in his soft voice, “Really…You control your body well and the…the song was catchy.” That part seems to be the one he’s most embarrassed about, making you giggle as he asks if you can play it again. You teach him how to dance as you did while he hums the song to himself.

Midorima Shintarou:
Midorima watches you through glasses fogged up with the heat of his blush. His face is entirely red, and when you peer over to him in between beats, he looks away in an instant. You can’t help but giggle and tease him more as you approach with your hips still swaying. It’s at this point Midorima sits up and sputters out some nonsensical word or two, adjusting his glasses a before clearing his throat. “That dance and this song are…a bit lewd, nanodayo.” He murmurs, “But they-you-! Have clearly practiced a lot! Your body control is amazing.” It was adorable to see the normally composed Midorima so flustered. You made a mental note to dance like that more often in front of him.

Murasakibara Atsushi:
Murasakibara watches you with a poker face of slight boredom the entire time you dance, making you a bit nervous both from being watched and from his lack of reaction. Still, when the music continues and you feel yourself getting into it, his look melts away into awe at how excited you seem to be dancing. You barely notice when he gets up and makes his way towards you, engulfing your hips into his large hands and stealing them while you look up in surprise. He looks down, touching noses with you and humming slightly. “____chin’s body moves so nicely, I wanted to feel it,” He states easily, thumbs rubbing against your hips gently, “Don’t stop dancing just yet.”

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top five moments in shadowhunters??!

Oh my God this is so hard???? There are literally so many moments that I love ah

1. The Malec kiss because it literally is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life and has had such an amazing impact and honestly I started screaming with joy when I watched it because I was so proud of Alec and was so happy that malec was official okay bye
2. When Clary slapped Jace and they had that whole dialogue and he was like “Babe! Come on!” I DIED
3. When Alec tried to flirt with the police officer and he knocked over the water on purpose and took all of those pamphlets and was like thank you so much my MY LIL CINNAMON ROLL
4. Magnus, Isabelle, and Lydia’s speeches at the trial. Like honestly I was clapping and screaming PREACH IT at the television
5. When Simon found out that Clary and Jace are “siblings” and Luke was like I got you and Simon was like everything is beautiful I love life idk I just thought it was funny

“Here we are at Sea World, Hinata-kun!” he said so thoughtfully, so emphatically. Hinata was mad. His breasts were sore because he was ragging it hardcore. Komaeda was very excited to be at Sea World. He jumped up and down and clapped at every fish tank and screamed and laughed on every ride. “Boy, does Koameda-chan love the Disney World of fish.” Hinata was disgusted. He hates fish. Komaeda turned to him making little gill movements with his hands on his jaw and he said, “What’s wrong, Hinata-kun?” And Hinata said “You inconsiderate microwaved piece of soap! You know I hate fish more than I hate myself even please lets go.” Komaeda got sad. He said, “But Hinata-kun, I won free tickets to Sea World and knew I should take you! It was just bound for us! It was a couples ticket anyways. We’re on a date, Hinata-kun! Besides, you look! The fish love you!” Hinata-kun turned to see all the fish in the tanks looking at him. He felt his ahoge twitch. “No… No. This… This is impossible. This can’t be! This is tHE WRONG ANIME? SOMETHING IN JAPANESE WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? SOMETHING ELSE IM NOT A FUCKING FISH DONT TOUCH ME” He pulled his pants up and ran screaming, using his fins as air-paddles to propel himself forwards. Komaeda laughed and chased after him with arms wide open. It was a peaceful day.

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Oh did you see the video of meek in the strip club? People actually commended meek for not looking at the stripper but I'm like this is a 30 second clip he could've been looking at her the whole night. Where is nicki that's all I care about?

All i know is, is that nigga rolled up to a strip club in queens and was theowin cash on a bunch of naked women and watching them dance for him and make they asses clap