💫🔮OA themed asks!🔮💫

OA: what are other names people call you?

steve: describe your crush/type

jesse: do you have any siblings? do you get along?

french: do you play any sports?

buck: how do you identify? whats is your sexuality and gender? 

bba: are you the mom friend?

homer: what is your favorite book?

scott: are you pessimistic or optimistic?

rachel: what is your hidden talent?

renata: have you ever travelled outside of your home country?

hap: who is your favorite fictional villain?

abel: pancakes or waffles?

nancy: whats a funny or bad lie you’ve told someone?

elias: come up with a different acronym for FBI (e.i. Four Boys Imagining)


Let’s get unconscious, honey…


HAppY Birthday to everyone’s favorite brit… Also yea two versions of th same pic bc i couldnt decide which i liked better

“Imo the Brits should worry less about MM’s race and more about her divorce. How can you date for many years, finally decide to get married and still end up divorcing shortly after? If/when her and Harry marry will she all of a sudden be “all in” because she will HAVE to? That’s something very important to think about, being in love isn’t enough. “Duh!” Well, it’s obvious the BRF don’t have good judgment of character with so many divorces under their belt. Their vows are just suggestions it seems” - Submitted by Anonymous


so  yes,  this is basically a  friendly  reminder that  my peter  parker  played  football aka  soccer in  high school.  now before  you go  ’james what  the fuck  he’s a nerd  you  can’t  do this’,  um yes  I  can.  why?  because my  version of  pete’s nerdiness  follows  the older  versions of  the  comics,  where he  was  more a  sassy  diva  than an  awkward  geek.  as  told  by stan lee  and as  drawn  by steve  ditko.  and  nerds  can play  sports,  right??  a subtle way to  one - up  and break  first  impressions,  preferably  getting through to the  jocks without  domineering  physicality. 

and no,  it’ll  surely not be  professional  as it’d  more - so be  during spare  time  and to let off  some  heat.  we all know that peter  has  other  commitments.

now,  why  soccer?  aside  from the  fact  that  I’m  a  brit,  I  love  the  sport  and know  more about  it  than  any other  sport.  also  aside from  the  fact  that  it’s  aesthetically  pleasing for my  pete,  given  his  build  and  height.  he’s  not lanky  nor  muscular,  somewhere in  between  and  nigh perfect for  soccer.  it’s  because  in  that  game,  he  can hide  his  talent. now  I  know that  basketball  fits  him better,  as it’s  all about  dexterity,  agility  and  reflexes,  but in  sports  like  basketball  for example,  with small  teams  and  individuality,  it’s  easy to  showcase  your  skills.  whereas  in  football,  you can  just be  assigned  to the  midfield  position  and look  decent.  good,  but  not much to  leave a  lasting  impression.  anonymity is  one thing  he needs to  get used  to,  given that  he  wears a  spandex  and mask,  so what  better way to  do that  than to  hide behind  star  players  where he  can be  one?

okay why is  this all  important?    because peter  uses this  as  a learning  experience.  it’s  his way of  a  learning  experience.  handling  time  and  working under  pressure,  controlling his  abilities by  keeping it on  the  downlow.  by  not  showcasing  his talents.  by not  letting the  rush and  adrenaline  get into  his  head.  remember,  soccer is  one of the  more  tactical  sports  games,  increases  your  vision and  awareness of  your  surroundings,  which is  what  peter  always  uses during  superhero  battles. AND  it  paves the  way for  sporty threads  which  i’d  like to do,  but  hey.