It’s the last month of the year and even when 2016 hasn’t been the best year ever I did had good times and most of them were only possible because I have very good amazing probably the best ppl around me and I’m very thankful for having them in my life!! So I decided I should do smth to let them know how important they are for me and how much they’ve contributed to my life, specially this year. More than a normal Follow Forever, this is a “Thank You For Being Here” thing promoted by the loud kid aka me. (PS: thanks Dona for the amazing adorable graphic <3)

@tiffanysbff – vanessa, remember when we skyped for the first time? Cause I dont think I’ll ever forget that. We’ve been talking for amost two years now and back then I already knew how beautiful you are - and the fact you are by far one of the most amazing person I ever got to know in my life just made you look even prettier to my yes, inside and out, but when I saw you that day I can pretty much say I fell in love for you skdfjgllj you are my best friend and every time we talk you make me love you more for so many different reasons. Thank you for being with me through this year, I’ll make sure this will be just one more from a lot yet to come. We make a beautiful garden, my sun.

@sooyyoung - asdfghjkl joana, my little joaninha, I swear I could spend the rest of my day only telling you how much I love you and how important you are to me, but I gotta do my best to someone who has only given me her best since the beginning. Jo, you’re truly one of the best things snsd has given me and you are one of the ppl I know I can count on anytime and for everything. I dont think you have an idea about how much you’ve helped through these years and I’m glad words are not enough to express how thankful I am for having you in my life cause that pushes me to always do my best for you. Please know you have your huge special place in my very tiny heart. I love you, thanks for being a constant presence of the light in my life.

@taeyeohn -  dona, I know you’re not the type to say that three-word-sentence every time but you cry when I dont send you hearts when I go to sleep lmao You probably dont know but girl, I’m grateful for having your cute ass around, you’re the one tru person I can always talk about taeyeon, it doesnt matter if it’s 2am or lunch time and that’s one of the best things ever, tbh we always end up crying over how much we love her, it doesn’t matter the topic, we can be talking about pineapples but her name will come up. I love how you’re always making me laugh and how you make fun of me and my gf but when you need help with girls and relationships you always come at me, I srsly love that lmfao. You’re my favorite fisherman and I’m still so honored for being the fisherman’s friend, ppl are jealous of me, you know? I love you and how you say you dont like cats but cant avoid them, I’ll be always here to help you with girls, animals and someday, who know, we’re gonna eat the thing chipmunks eat together (that was still one of the cuttest things you’ve ever told me)

@ayoshidae -  natata curupira el natcho aka natalia, the greatest. I still remember when a very excited kid suddenly direct messaged me screaming about taeyeon’s why teaser pics and at some moment you were like ‘let me cut this shit, I’ve seen you talking in portuguese here some times’ and started talking in portuguese with me, I knew back then that that was the beginning of a very interesting and amazing friendship and I was damn right. Since then we remained the same but we keep on getting better at supporting each other and making each other laugh, for real I’ll never forget that night where both of us seemed to be the craziest we ever were lmfao we just couldn’t stop laughing and I still have those audios saved, I listen to them whenever I’m feeling down and they always make me crack up hahaha Natcho I love you, you are such a beautiful human being, my favorite pokemon and my one and only curupira. I hope you let me be your one and only caipora for a very very long time <3

@bangsojin – I simply love whenever I’m chilling and I see a notification on my phone coming from “mariana banana” cause I know I’m either going to scream about beautiful cats or go crazy about how beautiful are the places you take pics of, for real, some of the most beautiful pics I’ve seen in my life were taken by you, my forever source for wallpaper pics of adorable cute animals. I love how we are always planning things, even if we are not going to make them at all or any time soon lmao talking with you is always a time where I can chill and just enjoy things and I really appreciate you for giving me times like these :’) Please, tell Lara I’m her biggest fan and that I’m sending her a hug just like I’m sending one for you  too <33

@panda-yul – well well well if it’s not the ultimate meme maker of this website and probably whole internet!!! Jokes aside, gaby, I’m just very glad our paths crossed some day in this life, before you I didnt know what tagging someone in stuff really meant and after you started tagging me in stuff it was like a whole new world was offered to me and now I’m a tagger trash (if this even exists lol). The one true person I can srsly talk about apink !!!! You have a very special spot in my heart also pls send Pandi a very warm hug, she can be a brat but she’s the cutest brat in the neighborhood :’)

@yoonsicyul – MY FLOWER!!!!! I know I’ve said this before but, jasmin, your name is truly so beautiful and it just screams the truth cause you’re indeed a flower, delicate and beautiful and chances of smelling good are high!! I cant quite remember how we started talking but it’s always so good to talk to you and your random letters always make me laugh fkghjlkfghjdlkfj I cant help but imagine you’re falling from your chair or smth like that lol forgive me <3 You were indeed one of the best gifts life has given me this year, I’ll make sure to give you all the chocolate you want everyday!!! Also I love you and frodo aka the cutest dog to ever exist on finland 💕

@jungmaomao - *inserts here some pic of a very delicious food you can’t have* lmao I just really like sharing food pics with you and I loved that night you sent me videos of a very beautiful cat and also of a shiba, I started wanting a shiba on that day and I blame you. You and Joana need to watch out on the overuse of the eyes emoji, that’s gonna drive me crazy some day.

@klmhyoyeon – teresa, *asks for a gay movie recommendation* *coments smth about a gay movie* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lmao what can I do? I guess we just have very interesting topics hahaha Even when we dont talk very oftenly I would just like you to know that I really appreciate you for being around and that every time I see smth hyoyeon related I cant help but think of you lkasjhgdl (ps: I rly love your ig posts!!) (ps2: seeing a post on your blog was what made me wanna watch the handmaiden so I guess I owe you a big one!!!!)

@kraistallize – you keep saying it’s nothing special but I do love when you send me vids of you playing guitar so I would like to ask you to not stop skdjhfafk you probably cant really see the change you did in my life back  when you told me some words months ago but I’ll be forever grateful for what you’ve told me, thank you. You’re a very sweet potato who likes to wonder about a lot of things and I really like having you around even when you ask me to watch videos of weird guys I cant find funny lmfao Jokes aside I’m truly happy for having your trust on me, I promise I’ll do my best to never let you down. PS: someday we’re gonna have all the ear piercings we want *crosses fingers*

@knapp-shappey – you whose eyes are the best thing to get lost on!! I’m so happy we started talking totally randomly someday in our lives!!! I dont know if I ever mentioned how I rly like your name so I’m doing it now dflkjhgsl it reminds me of a cake we have here in my country called caçarola so you’re always reminding me of sweet things :’) ily cause I can srsly tag you in everything and the same goes for you and we just really enjoy whatever that is. Thank you for happening in my life 💙

@snowfany – ALEX WE ARE ALWAYS TALKING IN CAPS AND I FIND IT SO FUNNY CAUSE IT LOOKS WE ARE ALWAYS SOO EXCITED even when uni has been slowly destroying us since I can’t even remember when lmao I still can’t believe we are talking again after so long and how it looks like we never really stopped hahaha You’re such a kind person I really wish you all the best for 2017 and the many more years yet to come (plus you’re going to make a lot of money and you will be buying all those albums and traveling the whole world)

@taecutie – I still cant believe I’m friends with the shiniest British cookie in this world, I feel so honored!!! It’s always a pleasure to talk about jennie kim with you and I simply love how you’re the best at initiating conversations, youy just go and send me “hello I love jennie kim” and that’s how we end up talking till late through the night. I’m sending Lumox a very warm hug right now, make sure to deliver it to him, ok? I’ll be checking. Keep yourself warm as well, I dont wanna see you cold again, you’re a cookie, cookies are good when they are warm :’) I dont know if I make it clear enough but I love you and I really appreciate having you in my life to talk about soft cheeks and pillows eheheh. Also: idk how you do it but you make perv sounds like a wonderful word and I love that

@stankpopgirls – hannah, ofc I couldnt let you out of this, even tho we’ve been talking since not long ago the amount of things we share in common keeps on surprising me day by day. I still remember when you tagged me in a cheng xiao post so I sent you a msg thanking you cause I was truly so touched by that and since then we havent stopped talking. You’re sweet and you can always count on me for anythinhg you need, it’s a pleasure to be your older sister <3

@h-yperbolicparaboloid – I wont live enough to thank you for teaching me all the things you’ve taught me but I would like to let you know that I havent found someone with such a beautiful personality like yours, you’re genuine and lovely and I wish you all the best this next year 💜

And I couldn’t end this without mentioning some more mutuals who are always putting some very high quality content on my dash and bearing my loud self around, I hope you have a very wonderful and peaceful next year and that you can fulfill yourself and make some dreams come true!!! (in alphabetical order:)

@candyeon@choisullis, @choiswimming@dearsantae@fany@gfsejeong@hyoyu@imgay4momo@interes-taeng@jihyoleader-nim@jihyo-s@jinglejoy@lisixnthus, @mngmeiqi@nabongsgf@neversvmmer, @santaes@satzulicious@snsdsp@sunmiah@wheeparam

animuchi  asked:

If Chuuya, Dazai ,Atsushi and akutagawa met the child/past selves, what would they say or do? (Also, please teach me how to post bold and crossed out words. I need help\(>w<)/

The character limit is still 3, but I make it short.

Also for the format if you mark a word a edit-bar will appear where you can format them

Chuuya Nakahara

  • he would totally say him NEVER cross ways with Dazai. Never ever in his entire life. Oh and wine is the best thing ever

Osamu Dazai

  • he would probably tell him almost every spoiler in his entire life, resulting in depressing lil Dazai and thats the start of his suicide attempts

Atsushi Nakajima

  • he would probably be remembered of his orphanage life and hugging his child self, saying everything will be fine

Ryuunosuke Akutagawa

  • since he seemed to try to forget his past, he will see his past self as weakling, not even worth to be looked at. So I guess he would ignore him or telling him he has to get stronger.
Dear Third Wheel,

I dont know how to express in words what you guys and thrilling intent has done for me. Ive struggled for so long with depression and comitment to projects, anxiety and the fear of being judged. But the joy and compassion you put into ti and comunity that has been created from it is so accepting and contagious that ive felt happier and more fullfilled in the last 5 months then i have in a long time. Ive reached outside of my comfort zone and made amazing friends, created amazing things, dedicated more time to writing fanfiction and drawing art then ive ever dedicated to anything else. Im inspired by all of you and encurraged each time i see my art at the end of an episide to keep going and keep creating. Im inspired by Jay to be the best damn GM ever, something i never considered before but cant think of not doing now. Im inspired by jackson to take on the challange of cosplaying those out there designs and dificult outfits. By Faust to go after what i dream and by matt to keep learn the guitar. i have so many plans for the next year and they can all be traced back to ti giving me inspiration and the fandom giving me motivation and ive never felt so accepted by such a large amount of people in so long. So thank you, for creating something so great and for being such amazing people.

Arrow 5x09”What We Leave Behind”: Should Be Better Than This

I don’t even know where to start for this episode. I truly don’t. (My thoughts may wonder; apologies. I tried to keep it all cohesive.) It was such a colossal disaster of epic proportions that they spiced up with not one but two fan service scenes. This was not the episode I needed while my passion for Arrow is teetering on the brink. I don’t believe it’s the show the fandom needed in general and that the writers think it’s their best MSF ever? No. It’s really not. Flip a coin between 4x09 or 3x09. This—this doesn’t even best 1x09. It is the last horse in the race—so far back you’d think it was part of another race.

Maybe it was.

Because this certainly doesn’t feel like the show I’ve been investing years of my life into anymore. These characters are not my characters anymore. What I do see on screen are things I often don’t care for or about; while the things I feel are necessary to keep the core of the show strong and push it forward I’m being told happen off-screen. On a TELEVISION show.

I don’t even know if the writers are aware of what their jobs are anymore.


I think it’s clear in my previous reviews this season I’ve been underwhelmed by Prommy. I also made it pretty clear I was keeping my theories for the season to myself based on the state of the fandom. Well, I’ll show my cards now because it’s clear I was wrong. I was putting far too much thought into Prometheus than the show writers were/are.

I didn’t buy into Tommy as Prometheus solely because I know of Colin Donnell’s contractual obligation to Chicago Med. That’s a full season show; he’s a cast regular and it’s also on a rival network—it’s not on the affiliated CBS—so all of those reasons never sold me on Tommy as Prometheus. Story wise? Oh, gosh that’d be fascinating to see how Tommy went dark and then redeem him. But my realist nature prevented me from investing.

So I went to two other theories: 1) That it was someone that we saw in season 1. I went back over season 1 episodes trying to figure out who it would likely be. I wondered if because this season has a real boner for S1, and the pilot in particular, if it’d be Adam Hunt related. Or maybe the brother to the guy who called himself a Savior. (I don’t recall them saying he and his wife had any children so I was thinking other relative). The Savior was someone who was inspired by Oliver’s first run as a vigilante who took the law into his own hands and dealt out his own justice. The Hood didn’t like that; and to save Roy, Oliver killed him. I kind of liked that idea too because it plays into legacy (family and the people Oliver has inspired, for good or ill. 2) My other idea was slightly similar to the idea of it being someone related to the Savior: I thought it would be Slade Wilson’s son, Joe. I can’t recall the age they said he was—and I didn’t feel passionate enough about Arrow or this storyline to go hunting—but I figured ten years might be enough to age the kid up. I really liked this idea better than the first theory simply because the show constantly sets Slade up as Oliver’s biggest nemesis. I certainly felt stronger about this idea after last week’s episode where he faced off against Slade in the hallucination. Oliver feels a certain guilt about creating Slade Wilson the villain; I just could see the parallels if Joe were to be Prometheus.

Anyway, clearly, I was wrong. So I’ll admit to my theories now and eat my crow pie or however the saying goes. Win some, lose some.

Originally posted by animatedtext

It clearly doesn’t matter who Prometheus is because the writers are making this stuff up as they go along. I was so frustrated to learn all about the possibility of Prommy being this Clayborne guy or his illegitimate son because we’ve never heard of him before. There is clearly no freaking way anyone could have come up with Prommy’s identity because they just made him up. Literally picked a name off a list. Do I really believe Prommy is Clayborne’s kid? Not so much. But what the show has done is make it not matter. There is zero investment in this guy because we know absolutely zilch about him. This comes from them playing with their cards too close to their vests. They really needed to loosen the grip a little because the audience is now just sitting here going, “Huh?”  

If it’s not someone from Oliver’s s1 past then pattern would dictate that it’s someone from Oliver’s current life. We have an abundance of new characters to pick from—though one less after 5x09. Though, let’s not rule out Billy having faked his death. Nothing would surprise me at this point with this show. But if it’s not Billy then that only leaves Adrian Chase as the new guy suspect. Or it could be a woman, but physically, the person appears to be a guy. But for equal opportunity, I’ll throw Suzie Q in the mix too.

However, Adrian Chase, I’m like 100% convinced is the Vigilante guy that just goes around shooting everyone up. Are we dealing with some kind of Jekyll and Hyde situation—or well, split personalities because there’s Adrian, there’s Vigilante and there’s Prommy and there isn’t a one of them I like? I don’t know. I’m super confused at this point.

I also don’t care because the writers don’t seem to care either. As Arrow focuses its seasons on the big bad they have once again failed. Season 3 was underwhelming to the say the very least. Ra’s Al Ghul/League of Assassins was an erratic villain—the rules changed every week on what the LOA could do. It was a hot mess that I went into further detail here in my meta detailing the failings of season three. Season 4 became a farce because Darhk’s magic never fit into the show’s landscape. It was solely Neal that pulled that off. Not to mention the rules of his magic were played pretty fast and loose. Arrow has not successfully set up a big bad since season 2. Merlyn worked in S1 because he was Tommy’s father. It was personal—same with S2 and Slade. I think they were trying to do this in S5 with Prometheus because he’s a consequence of Oliver’s actions but if the audience has no back story, there’s little investment. Prometheus has become another failed villain at this point.

Olicity/Oliver/Felicity/Billy/Adrian Chase/ And ton of misogyny  / Sorry this part’s a hodge podge

Well they’ve certainly made things more challenging for any reunion between them with this episode. I was very unhappy with the twist that Oliver kills Billy (you think that they decided that at SDCC?) because it’s an unnecessary obstacle for them when they haven’t cleared the last William Mountain problem.

Personally, I felt the Olicity S1 Flashback scene was ship baiting. I didn’t at first. I thought it might be a turning point for them. Here’s why: They lead into the FB from Feliciy’s POV off a line about being true to yourself. 

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nicholaspiberiuswildes  asked:

Love: Have you ever fallen in love? Describe what it feels like to realize you're in love.

How dare you ask me this

Well…I can’t really say for sure what love is supposed to feel like. But yeah, I’ve fallen in love before. 
You no longer feel alone, and you do your best in making that person’s day the best ever. Days to weeks, weeks to months, months to years, years to their entire life. It feels…like something new you want to jump at. Every time they’re sad, you’re sad (and it’s not forced, you genuinely feel like the worst thing and immediately get up to do something about it)
If they’re far away, everyday they’re gone you want to hug them and you keep on messaging them “I love you, I love you” every chance you get. Or even just start a conversation to make sure that they’re not alone. If they message you or you KNOW that they feel bad, you want to rush to them and smother them with all the love in the world. 
Teasing is great. I love to tease…and it’s my favorite thing to do w/friends. The one I’m….in love with. Hhhhhh it’s cute to do it aidksankdasnl

I wish I really knew…but from what I’ve felt so far, it’s a scary thing to think about. But blissful when both of you share that connection…?

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anonymous asked:

I don’t know you, nor can I fully understand what you’re going through. But I know your heart, even if only a little bit. I know the bit of it that you put into your fanfiction. I know the bit of it that you give to your followers. And I know each bit is tied to the larger whole. So I, and I’m sure all of your other soobaddies as well, will do my best to protect that bit of your heart that you’ve given us. Because it’s beautiful.

This has got to be the most amazing things anyone has ever said to me. I mean I’m just amazed at the sincerity and the love ❤️❤️❤️

anonymous asked:

Is there any response for that blind from the Nans? Other than "enty is an idiot, sceptics feed him lies" thing? I mean i can't fanthom it!! How could the world's best, kindest, warmest, nicest person ever force her husband to go to a RC event!! *gasp*

I don’t know if the Nans even circulated that blind reveal Nonny.  I don’t venture into NannyLand, so I only ever find out about what’s going on over there if you ladies and gentlemen tell me about it.

I do know Ben did something to celebrate the blind reveal though:

love post time i love my boyfriend he’s amazing and wonderful in everyday he gives me so much strength and he keeps me full of love and positivity!! he’s the best thing to ever happen to me im so greatful to having such a loving and caring person in my life!! he’s what gets m up in the morning just knowing that someday were gonna be lying in bed and drinking coffee and talking about anything and everything ! i wanna do everything with him !! i wanna kiss him and hold his hand\o/

anonymous asked:

Trans guy Dex who was THRILLED when he got invited to go fishing with his family because that's "man's work" and being invited to be a part of it was incredibly real proof that his family saw his gender as valid. The first one he pulled up that was legal size was his to eat, in keeping with Poindexter family traditions, and even though he doesn't usually like lobster, he swore that one was the best thing he'd ever tasted.


Trans guy Dex who likes fixing things because it’s a “mans work” trans guy dex who is always the first to move heavy shit. Trans guy Dex who genuinely loves doing these “masculine” jobs because they make him feel valid (and also because he genuinely likes doing them)


Selfies of 2016

Having started T this year and having more self confidence than ever before, it was impossible to choose just 6 selfies. I’m happier than ever and I truly love myself. What some may see as vain, is a freedom of self-expression and love that I was void of for a majority of my life. Although a lot of shitty things happened in 2016, it has been on of the best years of my life. Here’s to a better 2017!

I tag @outofchalk @milk-toothed @hemmo-pines @unclenicky @dapstrewl @lilliandisney @dr0wnedd @icyuri @swadlloon @bennysagecko @birdurer @peppermintgrumps @gaysfornatalie and anyone else who wants to do it!

Delicious A DISTANT SOIL Cupcakes

Siphrania has been scanning and archiving the fanzines from the old A DISTANT SOIL club days, and here is a really nice cupcake recipe with my illustrations of Seren and some selwits. This was never published outside the fanzine, which probably had a circulation of about 100 people back then. So chances are good almost no one reading this page has seen it.
I love this recipe, it makes the best cupcakes ever.

We’ll continue to archive old fanart and fanfic at this 100% not-for-profit fansite. I do not want anyone to think I am making moolah off their fan activity. This is entirely for the benefit of fans who want to see this material.

We were going to post the old zines in toto, but they contain lots of private letters. They include home addresses, and I don’t think that’s a cool thing to do. Boy have times changed.

So we are only posting fiction, art and fanac, not editorials or personal material of any kind.

If you have any contributions you want to make, do so. I make no judgments about the art or story content.

I’m afraid I do not have complete archives of fanzines and so on for A DISTANT SOIL. I must have had them at one point, but we had a flood in my studio some years back, and I assume the archives were among the casualties. I can’t recall. If you have any of this material, speak up so we can include it. Thanks!

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I was tagged by @brendon-urielectric (thank you, I appreciate it) to do 11 questions and tag 11 people so here ya go.

1. What is your favourite song?

Right now it’s probably either Turn Off The Lights by P!ATD, Brother by Gerard Way or Obsessions by Marina and the Diamonds

2. What is your favourite band?

Honestly, it’s probably the Brobecks. 

3. If you could meet anyone, ever, who would you meet?

Harvey Milk because I am currently writing an essay about him and he’s just a great guy 

4. How many piercings/tattoos do you have?

I had both my ear lobes pierced but they’re closed up now, whoops

5.What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?

Ngl, the first answer that came into my mind was when I won 5 times at the bingo… I’m not even old…

6. What is the meaning behind your Tumblr url?

I just really love the Brobecks and Bike Ride is one of my favourite songs 

7. Who is your favourite celebrity? 

Like… idk if y’all could tell… but Dallon Weekes…

8. What is your phone percentage? 

56%, my laptop is the same (it’s not relevant but I thought it was kinda cool?)

9. What is your favourite meme?

I’m going to be classic and say Pepe, but the roses are red meme is a good one too

10. What is the best concert you have ever been to?

Lmao P!ATD. McFly were pretty good too though. I’m going to see Blink next summer so I’ll update all y’all on where they place.

11. What is your opinion on Stranger Things? (Sorry I had to, with the number being eleven and everything, it would be a great opportunity missed)

I’ve not watched it all yet (I’ve seen like the first episode) but it’s pretty cool.

My 11 questions:

  1. Favourite song?
  2. Favourite colour?
  3. What colour are your eyes?
  4. What is your favourite quote/s?
  5. Are you religious?
  6. If you could only phone one person before you die (they would pick up) who would it be?
  7. Favourite holiday?
  8. Sparkly or matte?
  9. Who influences you most?
  10. Is home a feeling or a place to you?
  11. What’s your personality type?

I tag

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 @kingsmanarethenewknights: Hello again! since you done so brilliantly last time, would you mind doing another Red Dwarf imagine? Can it be where the reader is feeling a bit sad so Rimmer offers her a dance to cheer her up. thank you :) (btw - You’re so good at writing! i love your work)

My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday because I wouldn’t ever let him get between myself and my best friend (that’s the literal only reason) so this is actually the perfect thing right now for me to write, I need Rimmer cuddles and fluff. Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy my blog! This is written so it’s either romantic or just super super close friends; you decide!

GIF NOT MINE! - As always, gender neutral pronouns.

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You had snapped at Kryten for folding up your underwear.You had snapped at the Cat for yowling too loudly, right in your ear. You had ignored Lister’s cheeky grins and bad jokes, brushing him off and your guilt for doing so at the same time. You had told Holly to smeg off and leave you alone and to make sure everyone else did too.

You just wanted to be completely isolated from everyone for a day or so, you weren’t in the mood for anything but solitude and you had thought that finding your own little private bubble would be easy, considering you were marooned in deep space. 

But no.

The Boys From The Dwarf had pushed their comforts onto you, unintentionally pushing you out of your patience. 

And you’d snapped.

You felt guilty for it but you pushed the sinking feeling away, not wanting to feel anything other than your sadness. That was all you had room for, it was so great.

Hours had passed alone and you’d chosen to seek refuge in the Medi Bay, hiding behind the metal table where patients hopped up on to get examined. 

Through the sadness, which had faded only minutely, you also felt loneliness and regret. You regretted snapping at everyone when they had been trying to help, each of them understanding your all-consuming despair, for now you had no one. You were alone.

Or so you thought.

Footsteps were the first thing you registered. You strained your ears. They were at the end of the corridor, coming this way. The step was heavy, the sound echoing off the metal walls - so the person was wearing boots - that could be anyone, you reasoned. The step was light despite the boots, so the person was taking their time, walking slowly. 

Kryten had a slightly unconventional way of walking and the Cat would have announced his arrival, yowling, so that ruled out those two and left only Rimmer and Lister.

The footsteps were getting closer now, and you were hoping it was Rimmer. He always knew how to help you and if he didn’t, then he’d try to understand. 


Sure enough, it was Rimmer and despite it all, the sound of your name brought a smile to your face. 

His warm brown eyes scanned the room for you, and he spotted you curled up on the floor. He walked over to you and lowered himself to the floor, sat beside you, your shoulders touching you were so close.

“You’re really upset, aren’t you?”

You nodded, tears suddenly coming to your eyes, though they had refused to up until now. 

“I’m sorry I snapped at you.” You murmured, seeking comfort and leaning your head on his shoulder.

Rimmer shook his head, standing up to stand in front of you, his hand outstretched. 

Without thinking, knowing you were safe with Rimmer with everything you had, you took his hand and he pulled you up to a standing position. 

“I know what’ll cheer you up, Y/N.”

“What?” A soft smile was on your face, despite your mood.

“A dance.” He smirked and made several hand gestures near his face, not quite touching his skin, “pinkle, squirmy, blip-blap-blop” in time (*gif*). 

You stepped closer to him, a hand grasping either shoulder, and his hands came up to encircle your waist. 

And so you danced without music, your head resting on his chest, surrounded by his scent, touch, voice. 

You talked of what was bothering you and he offered a silent ear, his hands adding the smallest of pressures to his grip on your waist when he didn’t know what to say but needed to do something to offer you his support, and once or twice he could relate to you, giving you his own story.

As it had always been since the first days of a tentative friendship, Rimmer knew just how to bring you back to yourself.


Hi, everyone.
This is niemandswalzer aka Lien speaking.

Well, it used to be niemandswalzer. The thing is, I am impulsive and also kinda dumb and deleted my tumblr. I don’t excpect anyone to care, but I just wanna say, everyone who has followed me, everyone who ever send me an ask, everyone who ever liked or reblogged any of my works, I am extremely thankful and I love you all. I mean it. Thank you for following me. Even if I never had big following, I am still extremely grateful.

I am not sure if I will come back to tumblr. This side had helped me to gain lots of friends and became a second home to me, but it also made me very torn apart in away. So, I can’t promise to reappear, or if I do, announce that is me.

However, you can find me @ niemandswalzer on AO3 where I reposted some old works and will post new stuff. And all my old mutuals, I would happily stay in contact with on other platforms.

I really love you all. A big thank you to you.

Forever grateful,
Lien xx

eternallysantanassass  asked:

tell me a story about you

I underestimated how difficult it would be to decide on a story for this haha…

ok, so when I was a kid I was a complete tomboy and my best friend and I were obsessed with skate boarding. So we, as like 10 year old kids, would go to the skate park and try to do cool things. There was a guy there once who actually tried to teach me some real tricks but i was never THAT good. but anyway, we thought we were the coolest cats ever and decided to make a stunts video where we recorded videos of us doing “stunts” on skateboards, bikes, roller blades, etc. And we were so pro at video making that we had to get badass music to put in the background too, like we took it so seriously. I have no idea what our end goal was with that video but we were obsessed with it. The best part of the whole thing was that we had a bloopers section at the end that was just all of our wipe outs and we thought it was hilarious to watch ourselves doing stupid shit and face planting no matter how much it hurt, we thought it was the most badass thing to put in the video. So basically, my goal in life with all of that was to be able to skateboard as well as Agent Cody Banks in the beginning of the movie when he skates through the construction site doing all those tricks on the way, cuz obviously my goal in life when I was that age was to date Hilary Duff. Not sure where else i was going with that story, but I wish I still had the video because it would probably be hilarious to watch now. (pretty sure my friends dog ate the thumb drive that we saved it on tho… haha)

Sleep Over Asks

Re: Supernatural 12.08

I actually really hope that this episode was the end of the Lucifer storyline, so the show can concentrate on the British Men of Letters.  I think the best thing Dabb could do for this show is to keep the “myth arc” each season simpler than Carver did or even Gamble - Kripke went “big” in S5 because he was tying up a multi-season arc, but then the following show-runners tried to go big each individual season and it just got TOO big to ever tie-up.  Hence, Dabb is still trying to mop up stuff from S10 and S11.  So while some people are little annoyed by how low-key it was, I think if that’s all the more we see of Lucifer and it’s all BMoL from here on this season, it’ll be a lot easier to manage the storyline and the show will be better for it.