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ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ “ They found love in the most improbable of ways, in the midst of hell, and now that they had it Alec figured it didn’t matter how they had gotten there, only that they did. His hold tightened on Jace, lips coming down to press a kiss to his parabatai’s temple that had all the feeling of a silent promise. It didn’t matter where they would end up from here, nothing did as long as they did it together. ” 

— A Eros!Verse AU written by dnteverdoubtme & ourheartsbeatas1

Summer Fling Series

Summer Fling Series: An Overture

Premise: Four gal pals return from an exhausting year away at college to their small hometown by the sea for summer break. While balancing their respective part-time jobs and casual social lives, each is met with the prospect of blooming romance… or are they mere summer flings? 

Annie works at her father’s ice cream shop to thwart boredom and satisfy her insatiable sweet-tooth… but ends up catching the eye of the new lifeguard. 

Ymir only looks out for number one, until she meets a guy who can actually keep up with her. She’s just as surprised as her friends are.

Mikasa enjoys working at the local beach club because it allows her to meet visitors and tourists from all sorts of places. But one stranger in particular makes a deeper, more intimate impression on her than she realizes.

Pieck is everyone’s favorite lazy goofball. Well, almost everyone… her co-worker at the local surf shop thinks otherwise. But damn, she’s starting to grow on him…

Author’s Note: So this is a new project of mine for the summer of 2017! This series will consist of chronological one-shots centered on the main characters and their love interests. Each little ficlet will be written from their point of view throughout the duration of their summer break; separated into the months of June, July, and August. It’s meant to be a short series just for summer fun!

Rating: T; for language and suggestive themes.

Pairings: EreAni, RivaMika, BeruYumi, PokoPiku

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Персонажи “Юрий на льду”: Отабек Алтын (суровый необщительный казах) и Юра Плисецкий (агрессивный мальчик с ангельской внешностью) - мой отп этого аниме!
Посмотрела это аниме пару дней назад, я в восторге! Фигурное катание я просто обожаю, сама занималась им с 4 до 7 лет (пришлось бросить). После просмотра так захотелось снова встать на коньки, как же я давно этого не делала (последний раз каталась лет в 11-12, если не раньше).
Плюс, в аниме крутая музыка и клевые персонажи! Самое приятное - есть несколько русских и даже казах! Казах в аниме))))! Очень жду второй сезон!
Ну, вы понимаете, что я не могла не нарисовать фанарты, пусть это всего лишь скетчи-недоскетчи.

Used photo as reference for 1st art

((things that kill me:

when I randomly start to think of AJ and Dash having a cute ass love story like AJ’s parents do. having a love just as strong as theirs, even if it’s not necessarily as outwardly sappy. the subtle teasing is definitely them, though.

dude just imagine after hearing their story Dash keeps slipping into her thoughts. bonus for Mac and Sugar Belle too I suppose. while Mac’s just flustered though AJ slowly goes more bonkers because she can’t focus on anything else and it’s driving her insane. lmao. 

when I then think of AJ telling her girlfriend about her parents and it being really bittersweet. Applejack has no doubt in her mind that they would have loved Rainbow and vice versa.

or on a happier note I could think of her absolutely hitting it off with Rainbow’s and actually adoring how… overbearing loving they are and considering them family as Buttercup did with the Apples but waaaay before marriage even 

tbh even in the canon I think if AJ knew how Rainbow made her parents cry she’d get pretty ticked))

OTP Questions: Sanvers PT 2

1. Who likes to kiss the other before going to work? Detective Dimples. Of course Maggie would kiss Alex before going off doing her good old detective work. She says it has nothing to do with trying to figure out the best way to kiss Alex with their difference in height.

2. Who would accidentally fall asleep on the couch and the other one would carry then to bed? Maggie is so smol and easy to move, but it would be hilarious to watch Maggie try and move Alex from the couch. ALEX WINS!

3. Who likes to lay ontop of the other? Again, Maggie is smol, so she lays on tol. NEXT

4. Who snuggles up to the other in bed? Actually, this one is Alex. Alex has had this part of her life missing for so long, she always wants confirmation that it is still real and will stay real.

5. Who always compliments the other in the morning? Maggie. While Alex has been proven to take the first step romantically, I think Maggie would have the cutest little compliments in the morning.

6. Who leaves sweet notes everywhere? ALEX. When she has the time, that is. They both work so often, it is hard for these kinds of things. But she puts them in the best places, like on the ceiling. It gives Detective Dimples motive to search for more.

7. Who always forgets their keys? If Alex forgot her keys she would just pick the lock. Maggie has a bunch of pockets. Neither of them are more likely to forget the keys. Alex just said she keeps losing the key to her heart but Maggie keeps finding it. Maggie just left.

8. Who always makes the other a certain type of sweet? THEY ARE SO SWEET FOR EACH OTHER. Now, Detective Dimples seems like a very serious person, but when she is with Alex her dimples make dimples.

9. Who would run a bath for the other? Maggie doesn’t like baths. She says it’s like sitting in your own dirt. Alex says she doesn’t have time for baths. Maggie just confirmed that she takes showers as long as baths, she just sings in the shower.

10. Who gives the other a piggy back? I’d love to see Maggie try and carry Alex around. Alex just teased Maggie that she can’t carry her. Now Maggie is trying to pick her up. This could go on for hours.

Any more questions? Additions? Oppositions? Let me know!

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