The title of the album, Reputation, is also the perfect suggestion of Swift meeting her critics head-on in her new music instead of shoving it to the side and moving on. There’s no chance of Swift letting bygones be bygones here; whether on her first single or elsewhere on her new album, she is going to address the evolution of her reputation from America’s sweetheart to the subject of an #IsOverParty.

I took a walk to listen to this album and it was perfect. It’s raw, it’s open, tracks seemed to play seamlessly. #FLOWERBOY is out & you should go peep that! Tyler is the first carefree black boy I probably ever saw when I think about it. Never gave a f*ck but did at the same time. Heres to you🌼✨#sffb

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pop queens aka ariana grande and little mix are getting snubbed at music awards when they’re out here making pop perfection albums and breaking records and smashing the charts with their songs…….. both artists are extremely talented in terms of vocals and artistry, they both put on amazing performances that are high in production that even includes choreography while singing their lungs out…….. justice for ariana and little mix im so done with ppl sleeping on talent