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Hello! I'm making a playlist on spotify of good random songs and since I looove your taste in music I am going through all your make-up videos and I don't mind at all as you are an amazing person and I love you! ❤

CUTIE♥ and well some random songs i currently love to death are:

Bedroom Warfare by One Ok Rock
Echo by Jason Walker
Catallena by Orange Caramel (IDK I GOT NOSTALGIC OK)
Lonely Day by System of a Down
Believer by Imagine Dragon
Not Today by BTS
All I Do by MONSTA X
Apathy by Mr FijiWiji
Slut like You by P!NK
Live like Legends by Ruelle
I’m a Dragon by Apashe
Calm Down by MONSTA X
Iron by Woodkid
Until You by Shayne Ward
Ready or Not by MONSTA X (actually just listen to the whole album it’s perfection)
Baestation by Aloma Steele
Sweet Nothing (T-Mass Remix) by Calvin Harris
Taking Off by One Ok Rock
Wake me up by B.A.P
This is the Hunt by Ruelle


alex turner // everything you’ve come to expect // album booklet edits

photos: zackery michael

the signs as tracks from 'noir'
  • Aries: skydive
  • Taurus: 걸어가 (walking)
  • Gemini: killer
  • Cancer: i guess i need u
  • Leo: ribbon in the sky
  • Virgo: 주소서 (pray)
  • Libra: 지금 (now)
  • Scorpio: kingdom (kor. version)
  • Sagittarius: 걸어가 (walking)
  • Capricorn: le noir
  • Aquarius: chiquita
  • Pisces: fermata