7 Days of Who Day Two: Clara and the Doctor are going to SDCC! Who/what would they cosplay as? What booths would they visit?

It’s Day Two of the #7 Days of Who and we want to know what you think the Doctor and Clara would get up to if they went to Comic Con. If you think Clara would cosplay, who would she be? Would the Doctor spend his time hanging around the BBC America or Titan Entertainment booths? What panels would they attend? Would they spend a ridiculous amount of money on merch or commission an artist at Artist Alley? Tell us what you think!

Hello Whovians. This year at San Diego Comic Con we’ll have some time with Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, and Michelle Gomez for a Q&A- and when we’re done fan-adiposing over them and asking our own personal questions (What is Peter’s favorite ice cream flavor? How short IS Jenna, exactly? How different is Missy from Michelle Gomez, and how similar is Missy to STEVEN MOFFAT?)… we want to ask them questions from Whovians! 

Send us an ask or make a post using the hashtag #AskDW with a question directed at the entire cast or one of these beautiful people up here specifically by 12PM ET tomorrow, June 24th, and we might be able to ask it at the convention! We’ll let you know if your question was asked, but we won’t really be able to find out until we get there next month, so hang tight!

7 Day of Who: honestly, an AU where the Eleventh Doctor stumbles upon a sad post-5x13 Merlin in the woods and brings him to the future where Arthur has returned and shows him that no, his destiny wasn’t all for nothing and that they’ll be reunited eventually so that Merlin has hope and basically what I’m saying is give me a Merlin/DW crossover or GIVE ME DEATH.

7 Days of Who Day Seven: So, after all this, maybe you’re still not going to SDCC. Which DW character would you recruit to help you sneak in to the convention hall? If you are going to SDCC, who would you bring with you to explore the floor?

You’ve seen our SDCC posts all week and maybe you’re still feeling a bit down that you won’t make it out to Comic Con this year. Don’t worry, you’re crafty and resourceful and have hatched a plan to sneak into the convention! But you’re going to need a bit of help. Which Doctor Who character would you recruit to help you sneak into the Convention Center? Would it be Madame Vastra, a sneaky detective? Or maybe you’d rather partner with an Adipose as they’d be able to distract the security with their cuteness and charm?

However, say you ARE going to Comic Con. Congratulations! Who would you bring with you to explore the Con? Alpha Centauri’s multiple arms could prove useful for carrying all of the merch you’re probably going to buy, but also Tricey could be useful for clearing the crowds and allowing you easier access to your favorite booths. What do you think, who would you bring with you to SDCC? Let us know by tagging your posts #7 Days of Who!


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