Back at it again with the anime art of very detailed backrounds and simple characters. And I still don’t shade.

A little bit of a redraw of a piece I did for gruvia week and never posted for some reason? Regardless, the origional looks sO Gr osS I can’t believe I actually drew it. And just a few months ago? It’s from when I was first learning how to do digital art. I’ll put it under the cut, because I am proud of my improvement but the old version ruins the aesthetic. (tm.)

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It’s a long hiatus going on right now, and the Doctor could only trust one other Timelord with his beloved Tardis. That’s right, it’s a long, hot summer, and the vacation relief Tardis crew is in full swing. It’s so hot…

“There’s something strange in this town”

so guess what tv series i marathoned two days ago? yes…. so i really love this au… and i had an au in my mind that what if everything was the same but more like stranger things style (i also need to add more 80′s style in the drawing). Also what if ford accidentally opened the gate to the upside down causing the demogorgon to appear in the place (in short mystery trio au but im still thinking whether ford or stan gets stuck in the upside down,bc im leaning more towards on stan as the one who gets trapped). i will explain this au more in the morning, im so tired lol.

When will the day come that I don’t see annoying defensive amedot shippers. Please. The ships cute. Dont ship it, dont care much for it. The fandom makes me want to kill myself though


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“do you think acearo people belong in the lgbt community”

everyone tries to make it about visibility :// it’s more about our LACK of visibility because actually having sexual/romantic attraction is so aggressively normalized and pushed on us and when we stand up for our selves, we’re treated like we aren’t human, like we’re missing some key component

I MEAN….. like.. visibility is not necessarily a good thing for same gender attracted people tho.. im ace too but thats not why anyone would think i was disgusting or sinful or bad or whatever, i mean i totally get it, but also its good to remember that only a certain KIND of sexual and romantic attraction is pushed on us as a society.. like it was never EVER pushed on me that Ah Yes! You Are Totally Good and Normal for Crushing on your Girl Best Friend.. you see what im saying? like the lgbt community i feel like is… um.. a safe space for people who are actively oppressed, not necessarily JUST a “i deviate from social norms” club

I will always applaud all of the people (cast, crew, and writers) that worked on Merlin for not outright denying the fact that Merlin and Arthur are gay (or any other orientation that one might headcanon) and even encouraging that the fans consider Merlin and Arthur’s relationship strong enough to be thought of as romantic, unlike other people (*cough* Moffat) who flat out deny that their characters could even possibly be gay (or any member of the MOGAI community), both within the context of the show and as a commentator. 

so, what are the chances that the self-righteous hate against endogenic systems hasn’t led to at least one system forced into a survivor role that doesn’t help them, forced into a state of constant dizzying doubt about their memories (which, btw, might include memories of trauma), or straightup forced into false memories because fuck there’s gotta be something there right?

- Ace

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You want requests for the girls, and for angst? *Insert why not both gif here* Headcanons for Uraraka, Itsuka and Himiko on breaking up with a SO who they have been dating for, quite a while. Enjoy, and make us cry.

Oh my god I never thought people would combine this. Oh god, not my queens. Angst the boys I am actually very grateful because this is just  👌


  • She’s really good at keeping her shit together, even when she’s being dumped. She’s just gonna be the bigger person here and act okay and also has an internal monologue like ‘fuck you then if you don’t like me then that’s just fucking fine ahaha, just leave, that’s fine’
  • Surprisingly she doesn’t go crying to Deku about this. She goes straight to Iida. She needs some of his stupid straightforward logic. If anyone can make something make sense it’s him. Even if he can’t she just wants her friend for a cuddle and cry. 
  • Takes 72 hours to start feeling human again and really does try her best to get along with them. She figures that if she really loved and respects them then she will let them do what makes them happy.
  • “It’s okay, _____, really. It’s what’s best and maybe things can be fixed… just not if we’re together I guess. We’re still friends, right?”


  • Feels the briefest urge to slap you but instead buries those thoughts. 
  • She tries to keep you talking, to see if she can find the source of the problem. Desperately thinking she fix what’s already broken just by talking sense into you.
  • You’d have to walk away because she would have you there for hours and start bawling to try and make you see she loves you. It’s childish but sometimes she can’t stop her emotions from coming out.
  • Monoma is going to come tell you you’re an awful human being and to stay away from his friend because she didn’t deserve this.
  • “What? No, no you can’t do this. Not without a reason. You have to give me a reason so I can at leas- urgh stop trying to leave. Please… please tell me so I can change it.”


  • Oh boy. Sorry but you dead and gone and she’s parading you around in a wedding dress because she doesn’t handle rejection very well. 
  • Long story short she’s a villain and a pretty unhinged one at that with strange concepts of affection and boundaries. 
  • Later on, if you get away, she’s probably going to cry and scream, cursing your name and begging for you to come back. 
  • Facebook/social media stalking pro.
  • Can and will destroy the reason for the breakup so she can take you back and tell you that the reason you were sad is gone.
  • “You thought you could just leave me like that, _____??? No. That’s not how it works. We both know this is forever and I’m never letting you go”

i! feel! so! good!

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My husband and j have been together for 6 years and married for 2 and he still gets hard sometimes when we spoon and I think it hilarious. Do you think Harry still gets awkward boners even after him and the missus are married?

Aww! That’s actually really cute/sweet. OH MY GOSH HE DEFINITELY DOES. I feel like I’ve written this before somewhere. Maybe I haven’t when they’re married, but Harry getting awkward boners/getting hard super easily is a little bit of a running gag in the stories (’thanks for being mine’ & ‘confessions, apple crumb muffins’ for example). But he so does. And you know that if they’re spooning and she feels it, she kind of raises her eyebrows to herself and looks back at him with a smirk and he’s all trying to be coy like: ‘No, that is definitely not what you think it is’ and she says something like: ‘Still doesn’t take much to get you going does it, baby?’ Or he’ll come up behind her to hug her and she’ll be all: ‘Are you hard right now?’ YES. Even after 5 kids and a billion years together, the man gets boners like a teenager boy for her. xx.

10 questions, 10 tags

I was tagged by @gregorgregor

1. What was the last movie you saw?
Obvious Child. I liked it a lot.

2. What was the last song you listened to?
Call me by Blondie.

3. What was the last show you watched?
Schitt’s Creek.

4. What was the last book you read?
Let the Right One In.

5. What was the last thing you ate?

6. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be right now?
Somewhere that doesn’t feel like Satan’s balls in a jacuzzi filled with hot sauce.

7. If you could pick a decade to travel in time, which would it be?
Somewhere in the future. OR like circa 1993 to tell myself to take better care of my toys so I can collect them.

8. If you won the lotto and millions of cash, what would be the first thing you buy?
A nicer apartment.

9. What fictional character would you like to hang out with for a day?
Oooh someone who, in general, is not about to die at all points throughout their day.

10. What was the last fandom you joined?
Overwatch although I’m really getting into Paragon as well.

Do I have 10 people to tag…

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flames meet ice

dicks out for symbolism and soulmate au