after my break i worked as one does and people were less mean i got some nicer customers and only asked a few questions.

then after my lunch that i had with my mom in the parking lot (lol) i did??? really well???? like i knew things??? i didnt have to look at my cheat sheet much like i realized i was starting to know things??? and the customers i had were so much nicer for the rest of the day…. plus jesse (my supervisor (i really badly want to be good friends with him (he’s gay (thats important later))) wasnt mad at me at all which was really nice to hear and we hung out when the store was dead for a few minutes. then another cashier that i work with whos super sweet and funny named madison (i also really badly want to be her friend (idk if thats how u spell her name there are so many different ways to spell madison)) came in and we were being friends and making jokes all together.. while joking around she joked and said “ugh great now we have a mini jesse! two much sass up here” what she was implying was that im gay like him and we’re just alike,. and i wasnt uncomfortable or anythin like jesse and i make very similar jokes so yea its easy to compare us!.. but all the other cashiers, some i knew, some i didnt, still were uncomfortable talking to me for some reason?? finally, a little bit before i left jesse asked me (before i say anything else let me tell you how glad i was that he asked me this because its a heavy question (sort of) so he definitely likes me and trusts me enough to be friends!!! eep so exciting) if i was gay. he actually didnt ask me he just said “everyone that youve met repeatedly asks me if youre gay” and i said “im only gay for lots and lots of money.” beacause im so funny. so then madison heard the whole encounter and she was like  “are you offended that people thought that, like, i thought you were straight but could be gay!” like girl lmfao hell nah ive heard it my whole life i literally expected everyone i work with to question it. so then madison “secretly” went and told all the other cashiers im straight and they immediately lightened up and started joking with me and we all became friends.. they werent uncomfortable because they’re homophobic or anything! they’re not! they just didnt know what to expect from me and didnt want to accidentally offend me. lucky all the cashiers working today were really cool bc there are a few duds… so yeah i became good friends with madison and jesse like i had hoped to and all of the other cashiers and i are on good terms! im very thankful the rest of my day went well because the first half was honestly just awful i was almost on the verge of tears.

If You Read this

“I dont even know where to start this
I can start where we started
we were two pairs of eyes that occasionally crossed paths
two elbows that sometimes bumped in hallways
four feet that stepped on the same floor
one day things changed
our eyes started to look into eachothers longer and our elbows bumped more. our feet headed in the same path.
I cant really pinpoint where things went wrong
but oh they did
this is where I get stuck because I feel like I’m the one that did the wrong here but why the hell did you hurt me so much?
I dont even know what you did to hurt me
I just knew when I thought about you it hurt
Thats what is bittersweet here
I dont even care that you hurt me
I still wanted to be the one that bought you coffee on sunday afternoon’s and listen to you talk about dead authors for an hour
Just to be a friend
I didnt want anything more.
So this is my apology I guess
I never really knew how I would do this
youll probably never read this but
I’m Sorry”

Tex is a little shit.  
Like I knew he was dense, but man. We’re working on cantering now and he kept tossing his head and trying to buck at the beginning of the transition. I pushed him past it and we cantered a few strides and thats when he took off, like full on bronc and running bucks. It wasn’t too bad because he’s too lazy/fat to get his feet up too high lol just scared me cause I was the only one at the barn.. :/ 
Really grateful that Levi is 100% dead broke

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((✌, ☃, and ♕!))

✌: favorite video game

Tied between Left 4 Dead, Yoshi’s Story, and Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

☃: five favorite movies

The Basketball Diaries, Stuck in Love, Blackfish (Does this count?), Panic Room, and E.T.

♕: why you chose the muse you did

I was a fan of Mandy honestly and I heard about her on the indie scene, let alone when I would catch InsideROH and saw her. And realized peoplebarely knew her and those that did were pleased with her, So i wanted to take on a character thats new to the whole wrestling scene. 

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16. Excluding romantic love, when was the last time you told someone you loved them. Who were they to you?

The girl looked down at the firefly cupped in her hand, smiling softly as she thought on the question. The soft spoken Mage looked up, still smiling. “ That is easy, that was The Matron that helped raise me. “ She looked up into the sky as she spoke quietly. “ She is dead now. I called her mother, she was the only one I knew anyway. “ She looked back “ She did my hair. “ 

Smiling proudly as she released the glowing insect and moving to watch it fly back to the others. She looked back to the sky and pointed. “ Thats her, right there. “ She giggled. “ She told me when we died we became part of the universe again, so that’s how I think of her now, a star, just as beautiful and bright as when she was here. “

She looked back down and shook her head “ So much confusing stuff for me lately, I just talk to her sometimes, get it all out of my head like I did before, only now I have to figure it out on my own. I-I don’t mind, I like it, its like a puzzle. I always did like puzzles. “ She laughed quietly. “ I always tell her I Love her. She knows. I know she does. Its really just to remind myself I am not alone. “ She shrugs and looks back, her eyes brightening. “ When we get done with the fireflies, you wanna see my hiding spot? “ …


When your ex of two and a half years mother tries to add you on Facebook like NO! I am HAPPY! Something that asshole couldn’t give me! Shit if i was still with him I’d probably be dead, it was that bad! I don’t want the have the reminder of that guy! Thats why when i was finally done everyone knew it when i started cutting things up, shredding pictures and throwing shit away. His mother was a great lady but i do not need that in my life. Sorry not sorry.