Oh my god

so my brother was cleaning out our closeT downstairs and found THIS

which i mean




I open up the little instruction booklet that shows u how to make the different rocks

and just.

i never knew it was this easy to make Pearls

The thing about Rhysha:

I’m kinda super bummed to go through the tags right now because there is so much hate for all the Rhys and Sasha moments we got in episode three. I want to take four seconds to talk about why I don’t ship them but I freaking loved their relationship this episode. Beware, spoilers and character development below! Also, beware, this is long. I have a lot of thoughts.

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Drinking game: how overexposed do my selfies need to be to convince myself that I am a redhead

dislike “discreet” devices/aids im sure u are all shocked that between trying to hide a thing that still looks “off” and wearing it as loud&ugly as possible i choose the latter lmao

The air was cool and the evening crowd was starting to creep out of the walls, which meant Michael was both anxious to get home and itching to break up fights – only because it wouldn’t be kosher for him to start them himself. It also meant it was on high alert. Couldn’t be too careful in a city like this. Which was why, when he heard some poor soul behind him, he immediately paused.

“You got a problem?” Michael asked dryly, casting a gaze behind his shoulder. “Look, I’m not saying you are, but I am saying it’s pretty stupid to try and sneak up behind a police officer, you know?” He turned a little to face the unfortunate character that happened to catch him on what was surely their otherwise innocent walk.

psa. instead of leaving tumblr like I did last time I felt like this, I’m gonna stick around and take it nice and easy – I know, I know, it seems like that’s what I’ve been doing already but, to be honest, I’ve just been switching between blogs and being really upset at myself for not having the energy or muse to write. so !! what I’m going to do is, until I can crawl my way out of this restless, fickle funk, I’m going to put a few of my blogs on semi-hiatus for real this time and throw an official ‘super low activity’ on the rest. 

I’m still gonna be here, every day, doing things here and there. all of my dean blogs (littlehuntxr, mordiices, and hcund) will remain medium to low activity because if anything has become apparent the past few months, it’s that the only permanent muse I have is this turd (seriously – I try logging onto another muse and what do I see? dean’s face. who starts kicking me? dean). I’ll probably hop between these three doing random things, small opens, etc until I start really getting the urge to write again. as for everyone else, it’ll go as so:

doucheteethstill testing. 

i’m gonna further try, still, not to get involved with anything outside of my group verses and/or existing plots unless it just kinda happens because I really, really don’t wanna get anyone excited with something and then let them down. i’ve already done that a few times and i feel really, really, really bad for it. bUT!! I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE THIS TIME. so, y’know, there’s that. 

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Oh so that's what it was? I watched LMR from Sketchbook and noticed he was tired and barely singing but I figured he was warn out from Growl. I felt so bad for him cause I knew people would nitpick on his mistake :( Poor Se. He's my bias and love him to pieces and he's finally getting a bit more light. He even got to take Lay's part when he was gone! I'm so proud of him and wish people would stop shitting on him -.-

I don’t mind people critiquing him; just because you stan him doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to critique him. He has lots of room to improve, and I can see that. But people weren’t critiquing him at all and just being rude, and that’s where I draw the line. I heard his live and immediately knew as well that people would straight go and make fun of him for it, because that’s what this fandom loves to do. He really needs to work on his stability and breathing, and I hope that (and am sure that) he’s working on it and getting better. He has been getting more parts, and I’m proud because of that, and he should keep on improving so that his lives get better and consistently stay better.

Critique him all you want, constructive criticisms are a gateway to improvement. But the stuff this fandom has done instead is just shitty all around, and not at all positive but in every way negative. Some fandom jokes should just never surface, and this was definitely one of them. I honestly don’t care AT ALL if you meant no harm by it or if you think it’s somehow endearing to poke fun of him like that (which is ??? just no), because it causes harm anyways. And just because you think he doesn’t see this stuff, doesn’t make it right or you any better for laughing at it. 

so i’ve known for a while that the girl that played sam on icarly has the same birthday as me and then i found out the other day that ariana grande also has the same birthday as me and I read once from a shady tabloidish website that sam and cat ended because the two stars didn’t get along so i think it’s safe to say it was a birthday related dispute